Political and Economic Dynamics of the Eurozone Crisis

Political and Economic Dynamics of the Eurozone Crisis This Is The First Book To Provide A Full And Dispassionate Account Of The Politics And Economics Of The Eurozone Crisis, Focusing On The Interlinked Origins And Impacts Of The Euro Zone Crisis And The Policy Responses To ItThe Book Is Distinguished From Existing Research By Its Avoidance And Rejection Of The Too Often Simplistic Analysis That Has Characterized Political, Media And Regrettably Some Academic Coverage, And By Its Attempt To Escape From The Tyranny Of Day To Day Events And Short Term Developments Each Of The Contributors Identifies An Important Question And Undertakes A Careful Empirical, Theoretically Informed Analysis That Produces Novel Perspectives Together They Seek To Balance Many Of Theexisting Accounts That Have Rushed To Sometimes Unwarranted Conclusions, Concerning, For Example, The Locus Of Institutional Power In European Crisis Management The Power And Centrality Of Particular Member States, Notably Germany Which Has Been Attributed With Hegemonic Status The Supposedentrapment Of EU Policy Makers By An Austerity Ideology And The Deep Flaws That Apparently Afflict The Solutions To The Crisis Put Painstakingly In Place, Such As Banking UnionWhile It Will Be Some Time Before The EU Can Put The Crisis Behind It, And The Dust Finally Settles On The Revised Institutional System That Emerges, The Political And Economic Dynamics Of The Eurozone Crisis Marks An Important Step Towards A Considered, Reflective Analysis Of The Tumultuous Events And Developments Of The Crisis Period

James A Caporaso Ph.D University of Pennsylvania is professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Washington He is a specialist in international political economy and international relations theory He is a past president of the International Studies Association 1997 98 and past Chair of the European Union Studies Association 1995 97 In 2003 he received an award f

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 313 pages
  • Political and Economic Dynamics of the Eurozone Crisis
  • James A. Caporaso
  • 12 May 2019

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