The scarecrow: A novel

The scarecrow: A novelA friend recommended this book The first time I tried to read it, I hated it I don t know why It bugged me I read a couple chapters then stopped I tried to give it back to my friend and she say, You hold onto it and pick it up later I swear you ll love it It sat on my shelf for 3 years Then I picked it up again and LOVED it It is a great story that kept me totally engaged Funny how your head space at the time can change how you experience a book I finally gave it back to my friend with a big thank you. A sensational book, full of crackling live wire writing, adventurous inventive vocabulary and a story stuffed full of vivid and wild characters It s classic noir New Zealand style, and as fantastic and great as any pulp fiction I ve ever come across Eddy is a small town youth, son of a useless drunken junk dealer and nephew to an evenworthless scoundrel, Uncle Athol Buoyed by his best friend Les and sister Prudence, Eddy manages to scrape by in the dusty burg of Klynham When a scary necrophiliac bow tie wearing magician worms his way into town, he s just another stranger in this strange little world It s every man for himself, and every man for the luscious young Prudence, who can t help but attract all their attention like a walking magnetic teenage whirlpool It s just funny enough, and just scary enough, and just outrageous enough, to grab your attention and hold it closer and closer to the final flame. Wonderful Easy 4.5 What a grimy, unpleasant book Excuse me while I dramatically wash my hands of it now that I m done with it.Okay So The Scarecrow isn t a bad book, but there was a lot I didn t like about it I suppose what muddied my enjoyment of it the most was the book s skeevy preoccupation not to mention the protagonist s preoccupation with the sex life of the protagonist s 16 year old sister Prudence For me, Prudence was the only character worth giving a toss about, as the rest were too one dimensional or unlikeable Or both The protagonist had his moments, but the scenario closer to the beginning that almost led to a view spoiler gang rape hide spoiler it s meant to be a sort of crime thriller except it basically forgets about that for most of the time to focus on a pair of disgustingly stupid and hornt 14 year olds and the absurd and grotesque characters in the town which is probably good because the book has enough distasteful moments as it is, and it helps lift it above just another terrifying stranger comes to town story.while a lot of it is clearly meant to be funny, the humour hasn t aged terribly well or at least hasn t travelled terribly well either way i m not au fait enough on life in 1940s small town New Zealand to pick up on any particularly sophisticated social satire but the narration has an appealingly dry style to it, the dialogue is sharp, and on the whole the book is a really effective piece of modern gothic that s vaguely reminiscent of Bradbury s Something Wicked. A brilliant, sometimes jarring mix of coming of age nostalgia, cartoonish horror and grim realism a tale of lechery, alcohol, murder, rape, and small town charm Think Ray Bradbury s slightly unhinged cousin Neddy Poindexter s narrative is a delight, a bit innocent and naive with a tendency to exaggerate and a kinda disturbing fixation with his sister Through him Morrieson captures that horrible, mulchy mysteriousness of sex when you re a 14 year old boy, and creates a vision of small town New Zealand which somehow feels both sentimental, disgusting and eerily magical. St sts risin s Jaunz landes mazpils ti Klinem un st st t js ir etrpadsmitgad gais Nedijs St st ir draudz ba, c ni i ar Lin a bandu, seksualit tes apzin an s, nelaimes gad jums un da as baisas slepkav bas, kas sace k rt gu v tru mazpils t un oti tie i skar Nediju Viet m v st jums iet t ds neveikls, bet tas piedod tikai ticam bu tam, ka tas ir etrpadsmitgadnieks, kas to st sts. The Same Week Our Fowls Were Stolen, Daphne Moran Had Her Throat Cut Neddy Poindexter S Sister, Prudence, Has Turned Sixteen And Is The Prettiest Girl In Klynham Neddy Can T Protect Her From The Men In Town, But Can He Protect Her From The Killer On The Loose Part Boys Own Adventure, Part Small Town Comedy And Part Horrifying Thriller, The Scarecrow Is Of Its Own Kind, An Unexpected And Irresistible MasterpieceOne Of The Most Unusual And Original Novels Published In This Country For Many A Long DaySydney Morning Herald I ve just finished The scarecrow A novel and I m not sure that I d recommend it Still considering whether to give it 3 stars and be generous, or stick with just 2 Although funny in places,often than not, the humour didn t work for me It felt too laboured, self conscious, and at times, very uncomfortable rape necrophilia have never been particularly chuckle some in my book It was written in the sixties, so the sexism is to be expected, but I did get sick of it Having read back over what I ve just written, it s lucky to get 2 stars Edit Just about to administer my measly 2 stars and took a look at the glowing reviews on Goodreads were we reading the same book Had Dickens begun his career in the twentieth century and with a novel whose major theme was sex he might very well have produced a book like The Scarecrow MeanjinInfectious warmth and gusto one of the most unusual and original novels published in this country for many a long day Sydney Morning Herald

James Ronald Hugh Morrieson died at 50, a sad and disappointed man His remark, I hope I m not another one of these poor buggers who get discovered when they re dead became a self fulfilling prophecy.Morrieson was born on 29 January 1922 and lived his entire life in the house built by his grandfather at the corner of Regent Street and South Road, Hawera A novelist and short story writer in the

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  • Hardcover
  • 181 pages
  • The scarecrow: A novel
  • Ronald Hugh Morrieson
  • English
  • 23 July 2019
  • 9780868636771

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