Deadfall Twin Brothers Ty And Cory Bic Are On The Run When They Encounter A Dying Deer In The Middle Of A Remote Mountain Road With Fresh Tire Tracks Swerving Down Into A Ravine, They Know They Have To Help But When They Reach The Wrecked Car The Vehicle Appears Empty, With Signs That The Driver EscapedUntil They Hear A Sound Coming From The TrunkTy And Cory Are Escaping Demons Of Their Own But What They Discover In The Trunk Puts Them In The Crosshairs Of Something Darker And Sinister Than Their Wildest NightmaresTold Through A Gripping, Lightning Fast Narrative That Alternates Between Present And Past, This Unputdownable Survival Thriller Unravels The Tangled Circumstances That Led Ty And Cory To The Deer In The Road And Set Them On A Perilous Course Through The Wilderness Of The Pacific Northwest

I wrote freelance in the health and fitness industry for twelve years before re committing myself to my first love writing fiction After publishing several short stores for kids, I wrote and published my first novel, POD Penguin Ace , a YA scifi survival story set in Prosser, Washington and Los Angeles, California My second novel, BAD CALL 2017 with Disney Hyperion is a YA s

[Ebook] ➯ Deadfall  ➮ Stephen Wallenfels –
  • Hardcover
  • 372 pages
  • Deadfall
  • Stephen Wallenfels
  • English
  • 19 May 2018
  • 9781368014267

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    Coming off an eight year break from his 2009 young adult debut, Pod, Stephen Wallenfels released two novels in two years, culminating in Deadfall The narrative switches between the past and present, two situations in which teenage twin brothers Cory and Ty Bic are at risk from a variety of felonsincluding their own father Cory and Ty are in a hurry as they drive along the secluded mountain road in a stolen car The last thing they want is a delay, but they come upon a dead deer in the road and see skid marks from a car heading over the ravine Anyone in that vehicle must be dying or dead, and Cory s conscience won t let him leave the scene Cautiously the brothers make their way down to the abandoned car, but don t grasp what they ve gotten themselves into until they hear banging on the locked trunk Someone is tied up in there, the only person except Cory and Ty, now who can attest to the driver s crimes The driver doesn t intend to let anyone leave the scene alive What led Cory and Ty to this place The road to hell began sixteen months ago Benny Bic never treated his sons well, but on their sixteenth birthday he brought them to these mountains to show off a nifty hideaway he once found, camouflaged inside a tree stump Stumptown has furniture, tools, and other amenities, and Benny wants to move here someday Life hasn t been the same since Cory and Ty s mother left, but putting up with Benny was never easy, particularly for Cory The heavier, mentally softer twin was always their father s literal and figurative punching bag Before moving to Stumptown, Benny needed to make some good money, and he hit on a scheme with the help of a shady old friend named Tirk Cory didn t want to know the details of their father s business Benny attended to at all hours of the night in the shed outside their house, but it led them into something nasty That s why Cory and Ty are running from a murderer sixteen months later near Stumptown, hoping Benny s crimes won t cost them their lives Can the prey survive being stalked by a predator clever than they know Half of Deadfall is flashbacks that eventually bring us up to date on what s happening now, so I won t divulge any of the plot The elements for a quality psychological thriller are present, but the story is complicated and relies heavily on coincidence, which docks its believability than a bit Still, Stephen Wallenfels has talent, and I m close to rounding my one and a half star rating to two Matt Griffin s cover art for the first edition is superb, the car idling under dark, menacing trees, headlights obscured by fog It gives the feel of an eerie suspense novel Deadfall lacks excitement, but there s some entertainment value to be had, and that s worth something.

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    It was a little confusing but I loved this book I felt so bad for Corey and Ty They deserved a better life and I m happy they got it I m happy that justice was found and Cory can be who he wants to be Benny was a dick and deserved to get burned I m happy there was a divorce and they got a good home I m trying to be vague but I m really happy about this book.

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    This was a tough read lots of heavy material trigger warnings drug use, abuse, sex trafficking to name a few.This story follows twins Ty Cory Mostly told from Cory s perspective the boys have been dealt some crappy cards their whole life starting with an abusive father, a mother who left them and eventually foster care after a crazy turn of events.The story intertwines the events leading to the present in an alternating present past chapter format The way the story was written kept me reading as I had to know what happened I was really rooting for the boys the entire time as all the cards were stacked against them They took their experiences and used them as fuel for survival and seeking justice.As I mentioned, due to the subject matter I would qualify this as a heavy read, but completely worth it I really enjoyed my first Stephen Wallenfels novel and would definitely read him in the future.

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    Review to come

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    Hard hitting thrillerTRIGGER WARNINGS Emotional, physical and sexual abuse, implied rape, sex trafficking, violence.This was a dark, difficult book for me to read Don t get me wrong it s an excellent book But know that just because this book has two teen brother protagonists, that doesn t make it a teen book.It bounced back and forth between the past and present events in Ty and Cory Bic s lives, which I thought was handled very well by the author And the momentum and suspense kept building in intensity until a thoroughly satisfying conclusion It was difficult for me because this book triggered some very panicky feelings in me The reasons aren t important but just go in forewarned this is one intense story.I received this book from Disney Books through Net Galley in the hopes that I would read it and leave an unbiased review.

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    Warnings child abuse, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, violenceThis mystery thriller delivers its story in two timelines the present where these twins find a girl trapped in the boot of a car in an accident, and their life 16 months before, counting down to how they came to be on that road Both timelines are through Cory s perspective, but the present is in first person, and the past in the third person, a choice that felt a bit jarring in the start but which I got used to as I went along Their story chronicles the birthday trip that their abusive father takes them to, before moving them to another town, getting mixed up in shady stuff and dying, then the boys being delivered into a foster home of a would be politician who seems too good to be true the main mystery of the story being what made them run away and be on their way to their father s hideout, and who is the one who kidnapped the girl The book builds up suspense well, and with the alternating chapters usually ending in cliffhangers, it just keeps you reading and reading As the story progresses, many thing emerge that could be the reason for them running away so it always seems like is this it Also, the now chapters are like a survivalist thriller, Cory and Astrid trekking through a forest mountain trail, with her injured and them low on supplies and the threat of her kidnapper loose and probably about to attack just adsd to the tension Cory is a smart protagonist, cunning but also a gentle soul His and Ty s relationship seems distant at times, to the point where it seems like Ty could be bad, but then there are instances where Ty shows where his moral code lies The twists are not all that surprising, because there are plenty of clues leading up to it, but it is nevertheless exciting because of the writing itself Bonus there isn t a romance sub plot In short, a tense mystery to keep you entertained Is it diverse The book has a gay and fat main character Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review from Disney Hyperion, via Netgalley.

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    Stephan Wallebfels Deadfall is a survival action horror book that is a fresh change of pace compared to the other books I have read this year The story is about two brothers, Ty and Cory, which find themselves in a predicament when they investigate a car wreck The brothers notice that no one was injured and the driver managed to escape the wreck They both think everything is okay until they hear a noise in the trunk There is something new about the imagery in this book whether it s the writing style or the general theme of the book, this alone makes the book worth reading The book will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire way through The characters are well developed throughout the story and it builds a connection for them and their situation The book switches between the past and present perspective throughout the book which adds to the overall understanding of the book The flashbacks let the reader know all the events that led up to the two brothers committing multiple felonies on an otherwise normal day The book is told through flashbacks all the way up until the present day of when the brothers find the wrecked car in a ravine The situation adds the psychological thriller element to the book I would recommend this book to just about anyone because of its uniqueness you don t really have to have a specific taste to read it Overall a good light read that is suspenseful with a hint of mystery and action.

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    I really, really liked this book I read the author s other novel, Bad Call and liked it as well But Deadfall was on a whole new level of awesome.Deadfall is told by alternating between Cory and Ty s current situation finding a car accident with someone tied up in the trunk and the events leading up to it If Hatchet, The Outsiders, and Breaking Bad had a baby, this would be it I loved the slow buildup of tension, the alternating timelines, and the way everything played out I loved the dynamic between the twins and their awful father, their foster family, and each other Ty is trouble, just like his dad He has anger issues and violent tendencies But Cory is soft, sweet, and wants to be a chef The story is told from Cory s point of view, so we get to see how his kind and gentle nature fares against the awful things surrounding him.Content Strong language, lots of f bombs, kidnapping, violence, murder, and child abuse This is definitely a book for older teens Ages 16.Source The publisher sent me a copy of this book.

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    This story was a good survival story and a good story about trauma in children and overcoming bad circumstances Mind you, it s a very dramatized story about that, but nonetheless it worked The actual thriller aspect was a lot less heavy than the synopsis suggested However, the writing style of flashbacks was great storytelling and the characters, especially Cory, were pretty well rounded I really enjoyed this one, even than the last Stephen Wallenfels I read, and look forward to from him.

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    The change in chronology from about sixteen months ago to the present is what kept the action moving as twin brothers discover a girl in a trunk and are then part of a sinister plot that leaves them battered and broken when that sometimes seemed tame to the things they experience from their deadbeat and abusive father It s a bit bloated but felt action oriented and thriller esque for fans of this mystery thriller genre with typical elements to help master the trope but some unexpected discoveries that shock readers.

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