Shot Girls

Shot Girls A Dazzling Collection Of Fiction That Leaves The Reader With A Shimmering Psychological Experience Of These Turbulent Narrators Kim Chinquee Writes Tenderly About Tough Women Soldiers, Cops, Survivors Of Violence And Brings A Fierce Empathy And Lyricism To These Stories Of Hardscrabble Lives Shot Girls Is A Remarkable Collection Chinquee Is An Important And Necessary Writer For These Times Dan Chaon, Author Of Ill Will And Stay Awake Kim Chinquee Is An American Original In Shot Girls, She Adds To Her Already Sterling Body Of Work, Using Spare But Sublime Prose To Tell Gripping Stories That Reveal Much About Life, Love And Our Common Humanity Ben Bradlee, Jr, Author Of The Kid The Immortal Life Of Ted Williams And The Forgotten How The Abandoned People Of One Pennsylvania County Elected Donald Trump And Changed America The Girls And Women Breathing Through Chinquee S Pages Grapple With The Casual Cruelty Of Lovers, Parents, And A Soul Shattering Culture Hands May Be Calloused And Hearts Broken, But Pervading Every Bracing, Beautifully Crafted Sentence Is A Quiet, Insistent Strength These Are Women You Know Maybe Yourself And Shot Girls Is An Unsentimental Declaration Here I Am See Me Dawn Raffel, Author Of The Secret Life Of Objects And Carrying The Body Kim Chinquee Is A Master Storyteller She Brilliantly Balances Short Short And Longer Stories Shot Girls Is A Sensory Delight Brandon Hobson, Author Of Where The Dead Sit Talking Beautifully Honed Stories About Lives On The Verge Of Free Fall Shot Girls Is Merciless In Its Frank Depiction Of The Way Our Messy Lives Careen Off One Another, Bruising Everyone They Touch These Are The Stories That Raymond Carver Might Have Written If He D Grown Up Female, Was From The Midwest, Joined The Military, And Lived Into The St Century Brian Evenson, A Collapse Of Horses And What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Bookmarked Kim Chinquee S Stories Are Raw, Bold, And Shocking, And Her Characters Seem Like A Lost Generation Cut Loose From The Values And Verities Of Their Midwestern Forbears But Her Clear Eyed Style And Calm Voice Compel Our Empathy And Understanding One Of Her Lines, Lightning And Thunder Busted The Sky Wide Open, Could Well Describe How These Hard Edged Stories Work The Stories Are Masterful And Original The Title Story Rips You Right Through The Heart And Gut Bobbie Ann Mason, Author Of In Country And The Girl In The Blue Beret These Bold Stories Delve Into Farm Work, Bloodwork, Bar Life, Military Service, Sex, Love, The Possibility Of Men And The Agility Of Women Chinquee S Wit And Speed And Clarity Is Thrilling Pia Ehrhardt, Author Of Famous Fathers Other Stories Kim Chinquee S Shot Girls Flings You Into The Jittery Lives Of Women And Menacing Men, Of Women On The Brink Of Disaster Or Anomic Drift, The Stink Of Smoke And Drink, Of Bad Or So So Sex Wafting All Around Alternating Between Lapidary Flashes And Short Fictions That Read Like Novels, Shot Girls Is A Sledgehammer Strike Against Patriarchy, Chinquee S Deftly Drawn Dreamers And Schemers, Drifters And Grifters, And Gone Nuclear Families Are Living, Loving, And Lying In American Pre Fab, Its Sordid Bars And Motels, Empty Parking Lots, Imposing Offices, Cold Hospitals, And Strangling Military Strongholds Keenly Observed And Deeply Affecting, Shot Girls Is A Marvelous Haunting, Its Author A Master Of Loneliness, Beauty, Desire, Sadness, Loss John Madera, The Big Other It S Always A Thrill To Read The Evolving Work Of Kim Chinquee In Shot Girls, She Often Writes In Longer Forms, But Retains All Of Her Characteristic Boldness, Wit, And Commitment To Idiosyncratic Logic This Book Is A Treasure Paul Lisicky, Author Of The Narrow Door A Memoir Of Friendship I Have Admired Kim Chinquee S Work Ever Since A Friend Handed Me A Copy Of Her Vibrant Oh Baby Since Then, My Admiration For Her Writing Has Grown Exponentially I Have Handed Her Books To Family Members, Friends, And Students, Because I Believe In Her Vision In Her Prose Poems And Flash Fiction, Kim Chinquee Pulls Off In Two Pages What Most Writers Struggle To Accomplish In Twenty A Ferocious And Compelling World Erupts In The Reader S Imagination In A Kim Chinquee Story, Due To The Velocity And Precision Of Her Language, And In A Short Span You Can Feel Your Mind And Heart Changing In The Best Possible Ways Greg Ames, Author Of Buffalo Lockjaw And Funeral Platter Tiny Stories Written Like Jewels, Long Stories With Endings That Snap Into Place Terese Svoboda, Author Of Anything That Burns You And Bohemian Girl Stories Full Of Danger And Electric Writing Searing Brilliant Susan Henderson, Author Of Up From The Blue And The Flicker Of Old Dreams

Kim Chinquee s fiction has appeared in over a hundred journals and anthologies including The Nation, Ploughshares, Storyquarterly, Indiana Reveiw, Noon, Denver Quarterly, Conjunctions, Mississippi Review, New Orleans Review, Fiction, Willow Springs, and others She is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize and a Henfield Prize Her collections OH BABY, PISTOL, VEER, SHOT GIRLS, and WETSUIT were publish

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  • Shot Girls
  • Kim Chinquee
  • English
  • 11 April 2019

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    Shot Girls Kim Chinquee is a writer who dares The word dare as a verb means having the courage to do something Its synonyms be brave enough, have the courage, pluck up the courage, take the risk, venture, have the nerve As a noun dare means a challenge, especially to prove courage Synonyms are goad, taunt, gauntlet, invitation, ultimatum, summons Shot Girls is all these things Each story in this collection is a dare, a kind of goad, a taunt, a gauntlet, a challenge etcetera to the reader to think beyond what is written on the page Chinquee writes about women, men, and children in trouble, on the cusp of destruction and or danger, most of it self imposed The heroines and heroes of these stories have created their own chaos for the most part and their biggest challenges are in facing themselves in the situations they have created I say heroines and heroes because there are no victims plying reader sympathy here Of course, these characters are victims of the worlds they grew up in, but most importantly, they are survivors Some of them have learned to take care of themselves and others Some of them are not capable of that In The Meat Place the heroine in it, a damaged person, is taking care of her dying aunt It s a beautiful hard story It comes early in this collection of long stories interspersed with micro stories that spark Chinquee is the mistress of the micro and here they re used to give the reader breath and humor The Yellow Glittery One between longer tales The book ends with Darling a story of a divorced mother taking care of her young adult son who is having a panic attack The story opens in her car as she drives him to the hospital In the course of the story, we learn his diagnosis In the midst of the chaos of a sick child the narrator calmly reveals the deeper story of her life without her son It s a brilliant way to tell a story Both stories epitomize hope and love despite the hardness of the lives of its people Interspersed in and around these are other stories of women and girls navigating the world of men and their wants Pool Party , The Cookie Room, Rayon are my three favorites These stories seemed real to me almost like disguised memoir which they may or may not be It doesn t matter What makes fiction real and real fiction is firmly in the hands of this writer Kim Chinquee is one of the most powerful writers writing today The image of the three early teen girls in Pool Party taking off on their bicycles after a harrowing first sexual adventure will stay with me forever The bikes give them their power back, the power to leave In doing that Chinquee offers the greatest gift of all to her readers the gift to choose what it is you will or will not do These are not easy stories but fiercely written and imagined stories that will make you feel fully alive as you read them.

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    Shot Girls was gritty, brave, heart wrenching, and strong I loved the lines planes vanishing like big metal souls ascending to heaven.

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    As I read through the short stories and snippets of flash fiction in Shot Girls, I slowly realized I was trying to identify some odd thread that laced these stories together The tales are about different people at different ages in different locales Most of the female protagonists are troubled in some way, and have been around the block than once But that wasn t the thread I was looking for I paused after each story and pondered, trying to puzzle it out The exquisite writing is precise and careful, almost photographic with deliberate details to stage the situations, and set the tone of these vignettes We get a slice of these characters offbeat lives, and are allowed into the bedrooms, back seats, sleazy bars and all the other places where men are hitting on women and women are expecting and inviting it There are relatives and spouses, siblings too Some women have children some women are children The dialogue doesn t pull punches, the hard realities of life are not cloaked from us But this thread that runs through is a ghostly, mysterious piece of this book It s as if the inner lives of these girls and women remain submerged, not only off limits to the reader, but to the characters themselves Their self destructive actions, their carelessness, their disdain for rules or danger seem to impulsively originate on the spot, on the surface of their beings, without introspection or even regrets My reading was a slow accumulation of alarm as I realized that in the climate of American life today, this is the norm This is the thread running through our drug ridden, liquor soaked, sex crazy, television addicted, all but numbed out society Shot girls, all of them, are in some way fearless and also unconscious If there is such a goal as self actualization, these characters seem hell bent to avoid it This creates open ended endings and a very strange aura of foreboding without Chinquee needing to say another word It s a masterful piece of writing and will leave you thinking about it for days.

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    Kim Chinquee writes like the daughter of Mary Robison and Raymond Carver but born during a wildfire Or a bar fire Or a fire fight These are beautiful, heartbreaking stories about the confusion of being alive, the pain of not knowing, and the pain of knowing Longer stories are interspersed with short shorts, much like Hemingway did in In Our Time, with similiar affect The characters in this book are fearless and their fearlessness pulls them into dangerous places, and dangerous places show us the beauty and the terror and honesty of being alive, sometimes in the same second Characters in these stories have jobs, a rarity in American literaure They are bartenders They work farms They are accountants They will peel your heart from your chest with their tales of cancer and bad dates and worse dates and, somehow, the charm of that They are Air Force med techs, they are vets I ve never read stories of women in the military before, and these are powerful and heartbreaking In Shot Girls, the title story, people fall in love for all the wrong reasons and don t bother to fall in love at all because, honestly, how could they If you want to see America, read these stories Be sad Be so sad Then be joyful that someone notices we re alive.

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