Hopeless Kingdom (Hopeless #2)

Hopeless Kingdom (Hopeless #2) What S Powerful Than Magic Revenge King Tristan Wasn T Prepared For A Prisoner Quite Like Zakara Storm The Three Beautiful Fae Men Led Her To Her Imprisonment And It S Hard To See Who Is Friend And Who Is Foe In The Dangerous And Destructive Kingdom A Savior Is All The Humans Want Freedom Is What The Fae Seek Survival Is All Zakara Knows She Ll Survive, Even If She Has To Watch The Whole World Burn To Ash This Is A Reverse Harem Series, Recommended For ReadersAnd Over

A.K Koonce is a USA Today best selling author She s a mom by day and a fantasy and paranormal romance author by night She keeps the fantastical stories in her mind on an endless loop, while she tries her best to focus on her actual life and not that of the spectacular but demanding fictional characters who always fill her thoughts

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 208 pages
  • Hopeless Kingdom (Hopeless #2)
  • A.K. Koonce
  • English
  • 08 April 2017

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    I just love A.K s Books and this series is my favorite of hers I love how the deeper we get in this world the curious I get about it I hope we find out in book 3 because even though this reads as fantasy I can see something maybe dytopian ish about it too I can t wait for book 3

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    Another book that you don t really have to focus on There are a lot of adult themes but I am starting to really like the characters The storyline isn t strong but honestly, if you re reading a book like this, there usually isn t.

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    This was good but I got a bit frustrated with the characters It was as if they all knew something but it wasn t being addressed in the story Why they returned willingly and seemingly surrendered didn t make much sense, especially why they didn t tell Kara beforehand Kara forgave their deception too quickly as well Other than that it was good and I ll carry on with the series.

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    4.25 Stars I really liked this installment in The Hopeless series It was fast paced, constantly had my attention, and I did not want to put it down for the life of me Time just flew by while reading it and before I knew it, I was finished.I complained in my last review about Zakara I found her annoying because she let her pride get in the way of her personal well being If she needed help, she would not ask for it, even if it got her killed in the process While she was still like that in this book, her I don t want your help personality was definitely toned down It made her character a lot enjoyable for me.As far as the guys and her relationships with them go, they are progressing well enough I love the love hate relationship between Zara and Darrio They always push each others buttons in the best of ways and I highly enjoy their relationship As far as Daxdyn goes, I like the way that his and Zara s relationship is developing, but I do have some problems with it I feel like A.K Koonce just decided to flip a switch between them in the middle of this book There has been an attraction between Zara and Daxdyn, but I don t feel like there has been enough build up between the two of them to constitute as a relationship.So far, I have felt an extreme disconnect with Zara s relationship with Ryder Just like Daxdyn, there has barely been any build up between Ryder and Zara besides attraction I need their relationship to develop a lot if I am going to connect with it.Overall, I really enjoy this series so far While I have been having some disconnect with Zara and her relationships, the plot to this story has been great Though, I do have a small complaint about the beginning of this book The flow between the first book and this one felt a little off for me I wish that A.K Koonce would have transitioned between the two a little better On a happier note, I will be reading the next book, Hopeless Realm.

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    3.5 starsThe storyline isn t strong but it was a fun and enjoyable read for me.

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    I ll have to use the only weapon I possess My alluring and delightful charisma, of course eye roll.Darrio seem like he threw his bother at her and then has the audacity to say Choose one I like the series just not everything.

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    Well now she is a prisoner and has to save herself go figure Men should really be useful especially with multiple around but what can you do I was loving how she stayed mad at them but not to the detriment of the story Great world building, lots of action, and some awesome steamy scenes I am so hooked on this series by this point and look forward to book three Highly recommended to fans of paranormal reverse harem romance novels I loved it so i give it 5 5 stars.

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    Kindle Unlimited.The plot doesn t become any clearer in book two If anything, it becomes convoluted with twists, but no satisfactory resolutions This is especially disappointing because I think this premise had potential to be very fun.

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    3 Why Were They There So Long Stars So I really, truly, very much HATE Tristan and his kingdom It feels like a waste that a WHOLE book was spent on this part of their journey I thought they d get out of there sooner Annoying Although, I don t want to give up any of the glorious scenes we were gifted with in this book So I love these three men, they re characters have only gotten better We saw a completely new side of Dax in this one Saw truly what his power takes from him We got closer to both him and Rio Not a lot about Ryder was revealed in this book Even with it taking place in his once kingdom Who his real mother I just wanna know I m curious how the powers each fae receives is decided Rio mentioned that fire fae can t reproduce but then how the frack does he exist Like how they made Really, someone please tell me Mind fuck right there Super glad that b Alexia is dead Bye, Felicia I really hope something truly dreadful happens to Tristan and Anna They deserve nothing less They re just the embodiment of the truly despicable And clearly cray cray Blindly worshipping something they don t understand, in the least.

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    A.K Koonce has done it again She has a way of using a writing style that is easy to follow along with, both for story development and character personality, but also allows you to be able to immerse yourself into the world she has created Great to see development for Kara and her men, though we are kept on the edge of our seat in regards to just what is happening After the way Hopeless Magic ended, and subsequently how Hopeless Kingdom began, it was really becoming hard to see just who was on Kara s side, and who opposed her With the way we ve ended this book I m intrigued to keep the story alive with Hopeless Realm when it lands

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