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Confessions: Robbie Relationships Are ComplexLove Ever ChangingAnd When It Comes To Rules Of The Heart,they Were Made To Be Broken That S What Robert Antonio Bianchi Was Telling Himself, AnywayOtherwise, He Really Had No Excuse For What Or Who He D DoneNo Excuse, Except For His Lonely Heart, A Pitcher Of Margaritas, Four Bitter Bitches, And The Apparent Need To Confess All His Weaknesses To The Two Men He Knew Would Bring Him Nothing But TroubleBut Trouble Was Nothing NewJust Ask His Crazy Sisters Or Any Of His Friends, And They D Be The First To Tell You If There Was A Bad Decision To Be Made, Robbie Always Had A Knack For Making ItAnd Thus Begins The Story Of The Priest, The Princess, And The Prick

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co author of the fan favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict A life long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction.

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    I absolutely loved the Temptation series and I have been a big fan of Robbie, since he was introduced in Try I loved how he loved Logan, and I enjoyed his teasing ways ,when it came to Tate But what I really wanted for him, was to find someone to call his own and boy did he He didn t just find someone though.he found two someones Those of you, who have read the last book in the Temptation series, already know Julian The Prick and Joel The Priest I was so very surprised to find out at the end of True , that these two were marriedand to each other no less But what shocked me most was their desire for Robbie to join themin ways than one.I am always a bit concerned, when I start a book about a Polyamorous relationship I always worry, that one of the people involved, will feel left out for some reason In this case, Priest and Julian were already married for quite some time.I didn t want Robbie to feel like he was an outsider I shouldn t have thoughNow, I don t want to spoiler this book too much, but I do want to say, that I felt like these three really did belong together They balanced each other out real nicely and I never picked up on any jealousy or unhappy vibes The only thing I picked up on, was lots of UST But as he knelt there between two men he never could ve imagined himself between, he felt as though he d finally found home This book was sweet and funny and extremely HOT and I can t wait to find out about these three men I know they all carry around lots of baggage, and I for one am very curious about their past.An awesome start to a new series Highly recommended

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    Audiobook Review6 stars for the AudioCharlie David was He brought the characters to life I loved Priest s deep commanding voice , Julien s French and Robbie s sassiness This is the best MMM Erotica romance ever Book Review5 stars Smile, mon cher petit You make everything that s dark fade to nothing when you smile Warning This is Gushing I call review.I LOVED LOVED this book.When you have, a sassy, loud mouth who takes no shit from anyone Italian Princess, A French chef with dimples who oozes sex from miles and a Dom serious no nonsense loyal with an adorable side that he only shows for the one he cares about. you get Robbie the Princess, Julien the prick chef and Joel the priest and Holy Batman, Bruce Wayne on a Marvel movie This book was HOT HOT Like really HOT ROBBIE WOKE TO a warm set of lips moving down his spine, and as his eyes opened, he saw the sun was already up and streaming in through the window He stretched his legs under the sheets, and as he burrowed his face deeper into the soft pillow, he could smell Priest s soap, and Julien s shampoo, on them or was it the other way around He didn t know, but a stupid kind of smile hit his lips when the sheet was tugged free and a warm body came down over the top of his When I saw it was MMM, I was a bit worried, because I feel someone is always left behind Here. that did not happen These three men had some serious chemistry GOD YOU TWO are so fucking beautiful together, Priest said in a gruff tone, and Julien s ass tightened around his cock Robbie raised his head, his lips now swollen and wet.Priest s eyes lowered to Robbie s delectable lips, and he growled, I want that mouth Julien moaned and shifted, making Priest grunt and withdraw, and then Priest cupped the back of Robbie s neck and hauled his face over Julien s shoulder to suck on his lower lip.Robbie whimpered and cradled Priest s face, and as Priest shoved his tongue in that sweet mouth, he also drove his stiff dick back inside the sexy man between them I have loved Robbie since he was introduced in Try The cute guy, with a mouth that rivals the suction of a Hoover and who had a HUGE crush on Logan that made Tate jealous I am so happy he got his book and TWO men to love him He deserves that.The romance part was so well done, I connected with each character I was not even bothered that we did not get much about Priest s background We have 2 books The sad part is the WAITING WAITING for book 2Logan It is always nice to see my favorite character Yap He is number 1 always and forever I love how protective he was of Robbie and so glad they talked These two have become good friends.Julien speaking French and all the food talkPriest Priest and Ms Ella please write the next book faster and release it early, i have no patience left Robbie is that you We have a cover

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    READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOG Regrets only happen when you aren t brave enough to try something that scares you Confession nope, no pun I have never read MMM Heck I don t read MMF or MFM all that much It s the idea of one person usually being added to an established relationship It makes it difficult for me to believe that all partners in a three way relationship are equally well loved and there is no imbalance and one of them is left behind, emotionally So going into CONFESSIONS ROBBIE was a bit of challenge for me but since Ella Frank has written one of my favorite MM series it was a no brainer that I at the very least TRY see what I did there.

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    4.5 StarsI doubted it would ever happen, yet here I am, shocked stupid by how much I found myself enjoying a romance that revolved around three men forming a committed polyamorous relationship Trust Ella Frank to be the one to knock me on my ass and win me over with a theme that previously and repeatedly just hasn t proved to be my thing She made me root for Robbie, Julien and Priest, and the burgeoning relationship they were tentatively building together here a relationship full of open communication, trust, commitment and unwavering support for all parties involved I liked all three men as individuals and even better as a throuple I experienced their shared chemistry like it was a tangible entity pulsing off the page, and as their relationship became physical HOT DAMN , I had no doubts that their emotional connections were growing just as authentically.They felt like equals, which is an element of huge importance to me, both in real life relationships and in fictional ones, especially if I m to buy into the realistic durability of this kind of complex relationship working long term Basically, I bought that these three men belonged together As such, I believe Ella did a fantastic job in making me not only understand the hows and the whys of the way all three men fit together, but she also made me want for them to be together, truly getting me invested in their prospective HEA I ve seen people mention that not much happens here, but it s the same sort of not much happening that readers have experienced in previous contemporary series from Frank That s to say, there isn t any crazy action or suspense, or any psychotic OTT plots involving extremely unrealistic side characters running amok and causing trouble for our leads that might come later though, who knows Instead, this is just a simple romance story grounded in the everyday, and one that is wholly relationship focused Granted, it s a romance involving three hot as sin men, two of whom are already married to each other, which is honestly already well and truly than enough drama and intrigue for little old me to handle on a good day, so I didn t feel the need for .Having said that, I bloody well want page time with these guys, particularly considering that as expected this first story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger a mini one of sorts don t fret and leaves the reader with many open ended questions about our heroes So much is left unanswered, not only where the trajectory of their relationship is concerned, but also when it comes to the reader needing detailed insights into each man s personal backstories Needless to say, I m eagerly anticipating the sequel.P.S This might just be my favourite M M cover of the year thus far A better Robbie cover model couldn t have been chosen, I m certain Absolutely stunning P.P.S Logan Mitchell, baby

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    I think I loved this one even the second time around Bumping up to 4.5 Stars And now I reaaaaaally can t wait for Julien s book 4 Stars I haven t read Ella Frank in awhile And while I really loved the first two books of the Temptation series, by the third I was kind of over it The fact that it ended up being 6 books overkillSo, with that being said I didn t know who Robbie was Truth be told I found him a bit bratty throughout the first 40% or so of this one He was mouthy and everything he said just seemed flippant and kind of immature He grew on me some by the end of the book And I did end up liking this one as a whole quite a bit I was engaged throughout And curious about Robbie, Julian and Joel and how their relationship developed or would develop.And true to Ella Frank form, it was smoking hot The three of them together were combustible for sure I would assume this series will be at least three books as well, with each guy having a book My only fear is that I will once again lose interest with each book But as of now I am curious, and committed and want to know Especially after the carrot we were dangled at the end of this book.

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    4.5 Stars It seems like it has been a long time since I devoured a book this book written by Ella Frank captured my attention and then some I couldn t put it down if my life depended on it It also has been ages since I have read a m m romance Robbie is a m m story and it involves three men and an unconventional situation Apparently Julien, Priest, and Robbie were introduced in Logan and Tate s series, and because of that I feared I might not be able to read this series without reading the other I can honestly say that I had no problem picking up on all the details, and I wasn t confused in the slightest This story is for readers that are willing to think outside the box I m fully invested in what has transpired and I can t wait to see what Julien s book is going to bring to the table I have to add for the readers who have never experienced a story written by Ella Frank, that she writes sex scenes that go way beyond hot She s the best of the best when it comes to her those scenes Whether it s all male or female vs male the scenes will get you all hot and bothered I highly recommend any of her stories Thanks Steph for the Buddy Read and I apologize for my turbo reading with this one I seriously couldn t put it down

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    This is my first Ella Frank and it sent me into the reading bat cave There s not a much higher compliment I can give than that.However, if you are like me and have not read the Temptation series, be prepared to be a little off kilter Priest, Julien and Robbie seemingly were all introduced in that series and have history, which made me feel at a disadvantage I was able to glean some but I now feel I need to backtrack and read that series to fully grasp their backstories.Priest and Julien are married and have an open relationship They evidently have been intrigued by Robbie for a few months but left the proverbial ball in his court Robbie is not a huge fan of Priest initially due to something having to do with his cousin, but he is keen on the temperamental celebrity chef Julien, who he s been crushing on for years Robbie drunk dials Julien one night and the game is afoot If Robbie showed up at their place again, they would take him They would take him, make him theirs, and there would be no turning back What surprised me most about this book was not only how much I found each of these men fascinating or how much chemistry they have or their synergy but the fact that the French dude wasn t the one I was drawn to the most IKR No one was surprised by this development than I, but Priest ate up the page He has such a presence gawd, he s intense Also, ginger Excuse me, BOSSY ginger.We ve only just scratched the surface of Priest and Julien s past and I have a feeling this is going to be a long hurt comfort game with a hefty dose of feels These three communicate well so I know they will make it though I m sure they will be tested along the way You will never find another person who cares than Priest If there s someone he can help, someone he can make a difference for, he ll do it He s not easy to understand, that s true But once you do, you ll wonder why it took you so long I want that darkness, particularly Priest s darkness and FYI, this installment ends with a huge dangling carrot where Priest s past is concerned What makes the three of them so special is they all have baggage but that baggage seems to fill in the spaces of the others Robbie needs to be needed and make others happy Priest needs control and to protect those he cares for from harm Julien needs a family that is his safe harbor I love it when not only do partners need want each other but are good for each other and as good as Priest and Julien clearly are for one another they need some light to balance out the dark and Robbie is like the sun, chasing away the shadows with his joie de vivre Smile, mon cher petit You make everything that s dark fade to nothing when you smile Considering how sexy this story is I was pleasantly surprised by how nuanced these characters were And it is sexy AF The UST builds to epic proportions and when the bough broke it was explosive There is some mild D s happening which I m hoping will intensify as their story evolves I know Shocker What does happen between them will most likely inspire some ah, science breaks.Hurry up, May Hurry the fuck up.Recommend to MMM and hurt comfort romance fans.

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    4.5 Stunned but I should know better Stars Most people who know me know that I like my romance pretty staid That doesn t mean boring I like it just as sexy and explicit as the next person but when it comes to a dynamic that involves than 2 people, that doesn t automatically float my boat At all.Whelp I m eating my own words because Ella Frank is pretty much a freaking genius She made me accept a married couple who is very much in love with one another, made me understand why such a devoted twosome would want to bring in another to complete them, and let me tell you Robbie is the luckiest fucking man alive to garner such attention from men as gorgeous, delicious, and dominant as Priest and Julien Unf This is classic Frank, which is a romance that involves all three points of view, and the burgeoning dynamic and feels play out over a very short, but very delicious, week of foreplay, banter, and multiple culminations Uh huh So if you like Frank s step by step, play by play way of unfolding a relationship, then how Priest and Julien entice and woo Robbie into their arms was simply unputdownable So hold onto your hats for a fabulous ride Poor Robbie not really He never had a chance.Overall, I still prefer that love should be monogamous between two people However, Frank has definitely opened me up to something different that was believable and rang true, and I fell hard for all the men involved Priest and Julien know their faults and failings, and they have an individual depth to them that brought complexity to their backstory that has yet to be fully revealed What s clear is that because of their angsty pasts, they know what they want and need to make themselves happy, and that person is Robbie, who would perfectly complete their love circle like no other.I admit that I seriously balked and was quite indignant initially when I found out that Robbie s story was going to be a m nage, but I m no less surprised, and very pleased to be so totally in the wrong This was compelling, of course it was hot as fire, and it made me swoon There s so much to come, and May is going to be a tortuous long wait ahead

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    5 stars Regrets only happen when you aren t brave enough to try something new My heart Holy Jesus Don t read this in public, guys LOLI ve been waiting for Robbie to get his book for the longest time, since I met him in the Temptation Series You also meet Julien and Priest in those books as well If you ve read those books you also know that this is a M M M series.And I couldn t have loved this book if I tried You looked good down on your knees just now Robbie s eyes narrowed a fraction, and Priest smirked You disagree Yes, Robbie said I look good everyfukingwhere Robbie was sassy, amazing, and hilarious who works at Tate s bar Priest is a lawyer who works as a partner in Logan s law firm And Julien is a famous French chef with a new location opening in Chicago I have to say, I loved how well Robbie worked with Julien and Priest and their relationship Everything between them just worked, like it was the one thing they needed to make it whole If that makes any sense As Robbie walked off down the hall Julien thought, not for the first time, that destiny had a way of giving you exactly what you needed when you most desperately needed it And tonight, destiny had brought Robert Bianchi to their door, exactly when they needed him the most This was than just sex It was about them figuring out how and what worked with 3 people in a relationship And the fact they don t care about others opinions An icing on the cake It was crazy steamy The story itself was great, and I loved every second of it I love Logan and Tate and there s no one who can take their place in my heart but this comes a close second It might be one of her best work yet Oh and there s a mild cliffhanger It s not that bad so I m happy about that and I can t wait to read the next two books Smile, mon cher petit You make everything that s dark fade to nothing when you smile An arc was provided in exchange for an honest review

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    We re back in the world of our darlings Logan Tate Well, not really this is a spin off thingy, but we all met and fell for Robbie Priest Julien in the Temptation series.If you haven t read TRY TAKE TRUST TEASE TATE TRUE you should definitely do it it s not necessary to understand this, buy why would you want to miss meeting those guys Huh READ THOSE BOOKS Robbie The little barkeeper troublemaker who was in love with Logan Now that Logan Tate are happily married, he has two new men to worry about.Logan s law firm partner Joel Priest and Priest s famous french chef hubby Julien.Robbie kinda mega flirted with Julien and was already halfway in love with him, when he found out that he was married to Priest PRIEST of all people The one person he can t stand He just rubs him wrong Even though he kinda secretly wishes he would rub him in some private places.Grrrr.But what he could ve never imagined those two married guys want him HIM BOTH OF THEM WHAT LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN We ve been wanting to hear Robbie s story for so very long and now here it is YAY And I loved it.Both Priest and Julien have some very dark secrets and sad pasts and both are pretty dominant that is why they re always looking for someone they can take it out on in a very pleasurable way Someone to make their love life a bit less intense So far it was only ever one night with a stranger but now they finally found the one person in the world that would be their perfect fit But of course they need to take it slow they don t want to scare poor Robbie away by revealing everything about them too soon.But so far he s still here He s very interested.Let s hope it stays that way.VERY EROTIC and adorable and funny story With some very sad and moving and serious moments thrown in Those three boys will have a LOT to deal with in the next 2 books But of course there will also be some very sexy times just like in this first book I really enjoyed reading it and I can t wait for book 2 JULIEN to get here in May There are some tiny little things I didn t love love but don t worry that s just me I m very weird I already had that one problem with other M M books I would prefer them to be in the first person POV because as soon as we have than 1 man being talked about it gets confusing for me with all the HE S HIS HE HIM stuff And here we have 3 guys Very confusing you sometimes just don t know who is talking or thinking or who is talking about which of the other 2 guys Very confusing for this easily confused reader.The second thing Priest is an amazing guy A hot and sexy lawyer very dominant ovary exploding material BUT WHY OH WHY does he have to have red hair It s described as auburn here, but it s still red and I hate that I just can t imagine a hot red haired guy I always picture guys like Boris Becker or Pumuckl if you don t know Pumuckl google him I have yet to meet a hot, sexy, dominant alpha guy that could be my romance hero with red hair Show me one please OK that s it nothing to complain about I really loved the book and I guess it will only get better with book 2 there s still so much story to tell about those guys

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