Three Trials (The Dark Side, #2)

Three Trials (The Dark Side, #2) So, I Ve Checked Off Some Life Goals And Added A Few New Ones To My List Goal Get Out Of Hell S Belly Without Letting My Ungrateful Charges Die Goal Get A New Name That S Badass Goal Stop Wasting My Breath On Lectures And Start Annoying The Quad Hell Squad Every Time They Annoy Me Fight Fire With Fire Ha Another Hell Pun Goal Find Out Who The Hell Killed Me I Ll Add I Don T Want To Overwhelm Myself Before I Even Finish Checking Off My Old Goals But Seriously, I Really Do Need A Badass Name, Considering How Much I Have To Keep Saving My Damsels In Distress I Probably Shouldn T Call Them Damsels, Since They Re A Little Murderous And All Maybe I Should Add Seeing A Hell Certified Psychologist To My List Of Goals Sexual Situations Content Reverse Harem Dark Humor Galore Language Warning

Kristy Cunning always loves a good laugh, and lives and breathes the emotions of the characters she becomes attached to Though she came from a family of musicians, she has zero abilities with instruments she sounds like a strangled cat when she sings and her dancing is downright embarrassing Just ask anyone who knows her Her creativity rests solely in the written word Her family is grateful

[Ebook] ➩ Three Trials (The Dark Side, #2)  By Kristy Cunning –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 210 pages
  • Three Trials (The Dark Side, #2)
  • Kristy Cunning
  • English
  • 10 October 2018

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    If you didn t know, Kristy Cunnings also writes as, C M Owens and S.T Abby Pick any book of hers and you will get stories that are insanely fun, engaging, with characters that are multidimensional And although I enjoyed the first book Four Psychos immensely, this otoh is indulgent and vapid, which made it quite tedious to finish.

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    4.25It s official I m in love with this series and these characters We get some answers in this installment as to what Keyla actually is, and why she has a connection to the boys The story is unique, the characters are hilarious, and the romance is hot I had a ton of fun reading Three Trials, and I really wish I didn t have to wait for the next one The author said it shouldn t be too long, and I sincerely hope she means that If you like paranormal reverse harem, you do not want to miss this one

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    Blog post for the first two books here.Here we are Back in hell again With Keyla and her boys It s just SO GOOD.Well, we get a lot of answers here, but you are still left wanting MORE I don t even have much to say because it would all be a spoiler and you should just READ IT and then you can know how awesome it is.It s funny, sexy, and it s about Satan s children and some HOT dudes who love this awesome chick There are no annoying tropes, no angst, no contrived drama 100% entertainment and I can t get enough.Buddy read with Reverse Harem Revolution February 27, 2018.Four Psychos Dark Side 1 Only 0.99 on US Kindle

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    Re read 10th 11th August 2018.Original review.I m absolutely loving this series but this book went by far too quickly, I tried to slow down but I couldn t since my curiosity to find out what happened was stronger than my need for this book to last longer.This picks up where the previous book Four Psycho s left off with the third trial yes you must read that first and it s brutal, designed by the devil himself It soon becomes apparent that no one is meant to survive this trial and Keyla has her work cut out for her keeping the guys alive.Keyla is slowing winning the guys over although Jude is holding out not wanting to risk their bond This book is a funny entertaining read I love Keyla and her constant costume changes and the guys, all of them to the extent where I can t pick a favourite and that s another thing I loved, the way she changed her favourite all the time.In this book we find out who the guys really areokay so we ve known that all along but we also find out who Keyla is and her link to these four and that I didn t see coming.So now I m waiting not so patiently for the third book, I wish I d checked before I started reading I would have held off until the whole series was finished but it s too late for that now.

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    Even better than the first one Our heroine, Ghost Girl, is snarky and hilarious The four guys have become less assholish, which is awesome, but they are still a bit on the moody side Luckily, Ghost Girl figures out their mood swing problems See, they are VERY bonded and they live together and do everything together What happens when girls do this I think I know why you re all so moody You all have your man periods at the same time.Episodes of homicidal rage Uncontrollable lust Middle of the night pizza cravings..Yep You re all totally synced up It s hell.Speaking of hell this book gives us a lot of answers to the questions we had from the last one, like who the hell are these guys and does Ghost Girl have a real name She does, and it s appropriate.But, I still think she s adorable I totally approve of her T.V viewing choices my attention snagged on the weird cat on TV as he tries super hard to get some lasagna Why have I not seen this cartoon sooner I can so relate to this cat.There is smut, course language, violence, murder, hell, blood, the devil, and tons of vagina talk, so if you have any sensitivity stay away If you can find the humor in all of that you need this series in your life.

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    I love this series This book did t disappoint, it made me laugh from the start, I was so hooked I couldn t stop.Entertaining, humorous, sexy A great second installment The book starts right where the first one left off So much so, that if you read them back to back you won t even realize that the story is separated in different installments I only wish we could have had in depth development of each of the guys so we could know them better I can t wait to read the next one.

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    Still really weird Finally this book has a real plot And it s getting interesting

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    Just a suggestion When the Devil says, Lets the games begin, see if you can run in the opposite direction. If book 1 Four Psychos was the book of questions, book 2 Three Trials is the book of answers And Shh Don t tell that I told you it is the book that the guys will finally grab the ghost girl.With an even intriguing book cover and a title that includes the word trials it is obvious that games will be integrated in the main characters attempts to learn who they really are A fast paced story which happens mostly in the interesting, vast, unpredictable and dark area of HELL The four guys will discover new allies The girl will discover her real family, her preferable family, her nickname and her true name which name will make sense somehow Hopefully we will have book 3 soon Please.

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    Wow, lots of new secrets in here Three Trials by Kristy Cunning takes the story even farther and deeper into Hell More secrets about the guys are revealed, the girl, and details about the trial in Hell One of the five is attacked, one dies, so you have to read to see who, what, when and where Very exciting This book gets very steamy

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    I m just sitting here trying to pick a favorite psycho People If you like supernatural romance with a heavy dash of reverse harem and you re not reading this series then you are TRULY missing out.In book two we get so many answers to ghost girl, and the four psychos pasts presents I honestly had no clue what any of them truly were, but once the author lets us in on their true back story it all makes perfect sense.The tensions from book one are fulfilled and I will say it was well worth the wait There s a bit action in this book, less story building, but lots of info giving All very entertaining and interesting.All in all if you like PNR, with detailed back story that s actually as interesting as the romance and naughty bits, then The Dark Side Books are for you Check out this fab edit I made on IG

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