Four Psychos (The Dark Side, #1)

Four Psychos (The Dark Side, #1) There was a lot of things I should have been doing today, but after waking up not feeling well, I said, fuck it I m staying in bed and reading I still feel bad, so this is going to be super short and sweet Reverse Harem is my crack, and I love whenever I get a chance to read it My friend from Instagram recommend this to me, and I m so glad she did It was exactly what I needed to make my shitty day a little bit bearable 4 hot guys that work for hell preventing damned souls from getting out into in the world live together in a house haunted by a ghost that has no idea who or what she is She doesn t remember being alive, and she doesn t remember dying either After watching the guys for 5 years, they are finally able to see her when she uses powers she didn t know she had to save them Instead of being grateful to her, the guys are immediately suspicious It s not long before they realize that they are the only ones that can see her, and they have some sort of bond between them We get trips to purgatory and hell, comedy, action, suspense, and steam Bottomline, Four Psychos was fun, sexy, held my interest, and left me dying to read the next one In case any of you don t know, Kristy Cunning is a pen name for C.M Owens I didn t even now she wrote RH I really hope she keeps it up If you are a fan of paranormal reverse harem, this one is for you I saw a bunch of reviews for this one that made me think I needed it in my life They were right I just didn t know that I needed a book about four man whores and their ghost girl protector But, life often works out that way, doesn t it I mean, look at an artichoke Who the hell thought of eating that thing And yet artichoke is awesome.But really, how hungry was the dude who ate it first Mayo Ugh No Butter, you Neanderthals Usually I tend to skip books that are helly and demonish and devily It must be my Christian background guilt Of course, that guilt doesn t seem to make itself known when I read utter smut or do many many many other bad things So, now I m reading a devil book with tons of smut too Take that, conscience Not your decision, jerk I still have a chance I can be nice I give to charity Sure, it s the girl scouts and I get cookies out of the deal, but still it s the thought that counts right sigh At least I like hot weather.In this book, you do get to visit hell quite a bit, and purgatory Also, there is the devil, and you won t believe it, but he s kind of an asshole I know, right There was tons of humor, tons of smut, and a lot of good killy fun The ghost girl is awesome, and the four psychos really were psycho ey They were down with the whole Bros Before Hoes thing, which I liked because I hate when books have the guys all acting like the girl is the most important thing on earth even though they ve been friends for hundreds of years Ghost girl was just kind of adorable in a way I know that s a weird word to use, especially since she is all about having 5 way sex with the psycho brothers But, she s so naive at the same time that you can t help but like her Also, she s got the crazy jealous girlfriend thing going that I admireTry to bring home a woman, and I ll make farting noises while wearing a dolphin costume and acting like I m humping each of you See how long you can hold an erection thenThat s some good crazy right there.She s right, John Nobody likes a little bitch.So, do you want to read this book If you want super smut, hellish stuff, lots of blood, plenty of humor, and an ending that is open for the next book then yes Yes, you do. I m neither here nor there Alive nor deadThis is book one of a four book series by CM Owens The heroine is very funny and lovable I simply adored her It s actually not packed with sex scenes and fyi didn t have any though it was very angsty Definitely a well written and enjoyable read that left me interested to see what happens next DIS WUZ GUD So Flipping Good The author NAILED the chemistry and banter between the female lead, Keyla, and her boys This is a slow burn, so there was so actual sex in this, but yet a couple steamy scenes It s definitely NOT a young adult reverse harem.There is humor, great dialogue, sarcasm, good foundation for a series this will be a four book series and three are already written by the author two released I usually don t like ghost stories, but it works SO WELL here and Keyla is definitely not your typical ghost and changes as the book goes on.The guys Total jerky horndogs who don t want Keyla around, but yet can t live without her They aren t happy about it They are some form of a grim reaper or some fallen angels we don t know yet But they are strong and maybe immortal Neither they nor Keyla remember where they came from and are trying to piece together the mystery.Lucifer and his offspring are supporting characters Keyla fumbles through her being a sometimes ghost, sometimes physical being It s so entertaining I haven t had this much fun reading a book in awhile It is seriously great If you are new to the reverse harem genre and would prefer an adult version, I would recommend this one.Buddy read with Reverse Harem Revolution starting February 23, 2018. I M Not So Different From Most People Like Everyone Else, I Have Life Goals Goal Become A Real Girl Instead Of This Invisible Ghost Thing I Currently Am Goal Convince The Four Men I Ve Been Haunting For The Past Five Years To Pick Me To Be Their New Toy After Goal One Is Complete Goal Figure Out Who What I Am And Why I Can T Remember Anything Past The Five Years I Ve Been Haunting This Quad Goal Eat Popcorn See Perfectly Normal Sort Of Gotta Start Small, After All It S Not Like Anyone Else Is Perfect Either Sexual Situations Reverse Harem Dark Humor Galore Language Warning I need the second book like super fast Paranormal with a dash of quirky Pure fun UPDATE SAFETY INFO courtesy of the always wonderful, safetygang pal Kara Thank you so much Unsafe read because view spoiler When heroine meets her harem they re having sex with other women and apparently these scene go in detail I usually don t have problem with sex with OW as long as it isn t graphic and it happens before heroine and H kiss for the first time So tecnically it isn t cheating, but for my safety gang friends who prefer no OW after meeting, this is a revese harem story where the heroes have sex with OW I ve read this book is like Trickery, another reverse harem story, but Trickery heroes, at least in book 1, have eyes for no one except the heroine That s not the case with this book so I ll skip it hide spoiler Re read 9th 10th August 2018I decided to do a re read before starting the third book I loved it just as much the second time round.Original review.The first few times I noticed this book I happily skipped past it since neither the title nor the cover appealed to me But then the reviews started coming in and they were really good so I looked again and put it on my to read list Then friends started talking about this book saying they d loved it, it was funny, dark and delicious They have a darker taste in books than me so I didn t take too much notice at first, but after a while I got curiousAnd here I am loving every minute of itThe point is, we can t enjoy a woman, unless we enjoy her together It s part of the bond None of us have ever had a woman on our own So if you were a boy band, you d be One Erection,I d honestly no idea what to expect, even after reading the reviews I wasn t sure but this book is a delight, it s funny, addictive, different and I m hooked.Keyla name given to her by Ezekiel has no idea what she is or who she is, she has no knowledge of anything before she found herself watching these four guys and she s watched them repeatedly for over five years I m neither here nor there Alive nor dead I don t even quite know who I am I know what century I m in, and who the American president is I assume that means I m American, especially given the fact English is the only language I know But me I have no clue who I am I know all that other seemingly less important information, but not where I live, or what I do, or even my name And I have no clue who these four are, other than the fact they re not entirely human, though they look like the finest specimens in the world.She needs contact with these four and the contact she has the stronger she gets.The four in question are 1 Gage2 Ezekiel3 Kai4 Jude These four guys are hot as hell and even annoying which is appropriate since they work for hell keeping damned souls from escaping They are as much a mystery as Keyla and I can t believe how much I m enjoying this series I ve just checked and I ve previously read 3 books by this author C.M.Owens and all were 5 not a rating I give often or easily so now I m asking myself why on earth haven t I read This book isn t perfect but I m giving 5 for sheer enjoyment factor, it was a delight to read and I m moving straight onto the next one now. Reread as a BR with my fellow RH junkies J U D E What s that spell Major dick, yes, sir ree Rating 5 starssass fun smart ass heroine douchebag males awesome first bookYou learn a lot about your moral compass when yours is the only opinion that matters Turns out, I m an unapologetic psychopath.THIS BOOK IS SO MUCH FUN Hooked from page 1 The plot is very mysterious Keyla is an awesome character She s fun, she s kind of naive, she wears sexy outfits to piss the four psychos off and it works and she relates to Pinocchio And we have no idea what she is The four psychos deserve their surname They re assholes, major dicks, ungrateful brats, they act like horny beasts definitely don t deserve Keyla And we have no idea what they are It s a four books series and book two is already out It has a bit of a Curse of the Gods feeling so I couldn t not like it It s really funny Really really funny And entertaining And did I say it was funny And therefore, my epiphany has been that none of you deserve me You can look You can fantasize Like I ve had to Try bringing home a woman, and I ll make farting noises while wearing a dolphin costume and acting like I m humping each of you See how long you can hold an erection then You might also like Trickery Gypsy s Blood Signs of Cupidity

Kristy Cunning always loves a good laugh, and lives and breathes the emotions of the characters she becomes attached to Though she came from a family of musicians, she has zero abilities with instruments she sounds like a strangled cat when she sings and her dancing is downright embarrassing Just ask anyone who knows her Her creativity rests solely in the written word Her family is grateful

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