Renegade Star (Renegade Star, #1)

Renegade Star (Renegade Star, #1) A passable Space Fantasy with the Protagonist Star Ship Captain channeling Blue Collar Philadelphia Lots of zingers and busting of chops Doesn t pretend to be original or profound, your standard rogue with a heart of gold storyline Got through books 1 6 before opting out. This first book of the series is fantastic, full of mystery, intrigue and fun The main character Jace, a true Badass Renegade with a splendid AI, Sigmond get themselves involved in impossible and impressive situations I had great ride with them Fast paced, action guaranteed, maybe a Kickass heroine too Amazing tech, not too heavily described which makes it an easy and fun read. They Say The Earth Is Just A Myth Something To Tell Your Children When You Put Them To Sleep, The Lost Homeworld Of Humanity Everyone Knows It Isn T Real, Though It Can T BeBut When Captain Jace Hughes Encounters A Nun With A Mysterious Piece Of Cargo And A Bold Secret, He Soon Discovers That Everything He Thought He Knew About Earth Is Wrong So Very, Very WrongClimb Aboard The Renegade Star And Assemble A Crew, Follow The Clues, Uncover The Truth, And Most Importantly, Try To Stay AliveExperience The Beginning Of A Sprawling Galactic Tale In This First Entry To The Renegade Star Series If You Re A Fan Of Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Or Indiana Jones, You Ll Love This Epic, Space Opera Thrill Ride Warning This Book Contains Action, Cussing, And General Badassery Read At Your Own Risk The story of the whole series was cliche, the world unrealistic maybe one day, space opera will learn that the galaxy is massive and won t use FTL travel as an excuse for shrunken solar systems and near instantaneous weapons delivery While there are opportunities for wrestling with complex issues of rule of law and the nature of evil or the Hobbsian and Malthusian Traps, the author expects the reader to take it on faith that the antagonists are bad and the protagonists are good, even though the good guys are oftenviolent the main character, a Han Solo Malcolm Reynolds wannabe, is a jerk to his own crew under the guise of straight talk and hard truth, and the main villain and accompanying villainous government are strawmen erected to highlight the goodguys vague moral quality of freedom at any cost, up to and including murder and abduction The Stockholm Syndrome is strong with several of the abductee characters There was no character arch, and no credible motivation for any of the players No secondary characters provide any conflict, being cardboard cutouts to frame the main character s violent virtue as yes men There was plenty of opportunity for sexual and romantic tension, but those opportunities were rarely taken and always fumbled tl dr No redeeming qualities don t bother. Fantastic new series This one has tight writing and feels like old school scifi I got Waterworld and BSG vibes, mixed with a bit of space western If you ever wanted to see Han Solo in his prime, I d say Jace fits that description quite well I can t wait for the sequel. Extremely short, lacking pretty much any exposition, with characters and even plot elements seemingly lifted wholesale from Firefly. Fast paced, fun story,No long boring missile launches, with ship fleet movements, no extraneous filler Couple of minor typos Character development is light I expect that to fill out in next book The main characters colorful language reminds me of several acquaintances of mine I enjoyed this one and will buy the next one. This is a 5 star book marked down to 4 stars for vulgar language I get it I really do Jace is a renegade, a crude outlaw Nevertheless, the language could be toned down.Great characters, great plot, lots of action and mysterious threads running through the story I really enjoyed this book. Jace Hughes is a hired gun, known to steal, loot, smuggle and even kill if the price is right a true renegade in the galactic system In debt for a hundred thousand credits and only two weeks left to pay, he s in deep A job escorting a nun carrying food and medicine off the planet, sounds like easy money But the moment he meets Abigail Pryar, he knows she s lying about the cargo she s carrying The discovery of the true cargo is extremely dangerous, but provides a payout that would be worth it if he survives Between the Union ships and marauding ravagers after him and the cargo he s carrying, there s a very good chance he won t J.N Chaney s newest novel is a rip roaring adventure that s a cross between a space opera and space thriller, with a captivating array of characters Action packed and full of suspense, RENEGADE STAR is a wildly fun filled read that will captivate its audience from the very first page This reminds me of how Han Solo would have been in his early days It s a fantastic, fast paced adventure tale that doesn t hold back in any way I love how it started out kind of light and got dark and heavy at the end This is a complete story, but it left me dying to know what happens in the next book

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[PDF / Epub] ✐ Renegade Star (Renegade Star, #1)  ☃ J.N. Chaney –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 257 pages
  • Renegade Star (Renegade Star, #1)
  • J.N. Chaney
  • English
  • 24 May 2018

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