2061: Odyssey Three

2061: Odyssey ThreeThere really wasn t any reason to write this book besides cashing in on its very well know predecessors 2001 and 2010, both of which are supported by two very different but decent movie adaptations.I dont remember a single event from the book, but just remember getting it for Christmas and being excited by the cool cover Fairly disappointing, really. third book in Clarke s Odyssey Sagashort plot description set obviously 51 years after the events in 2010 Odyssey Two we meet again Dr Heywood Floyd, now 103 years old Mankind has build bases on the moon and Ganymede where a scientist makes an astonishing discovery about Europa and advances in science have made interplanetary space travel economical feasible, which paved the way for private enterprises One of them is Tsung Spacelines where Chris Floyd, grandson of Heywood Floyd, works on one of their space ships named Galaxy Tsung Spacelines has finished building another ship named Universe and invited several celebrities, among them Heywood Floyd, to the maiden flight which includes a stop over at Halley s comet But things take a turn for the worse when the Galaxy is hijacked and crash lands on Europamy thoughts I felt a bit disappointed since the story dealt only marginally with the mystery of the Black Monoliths and their builders and the overall story arc doesn t get advanced that much.That out of the way we get some typical Clarke enthusiastic and optimistic about space exploration, the science as always accurate The characters are varied than usual, instead only a crew of capable scientients and officers we get some colourful civilians on a pleasure cruise thrown into the mix.But all that including the plot sometimes takes a backseat to Clarke s imaginative descriptions of some places in our solar system Ganymede, Europa, Halley s comet and some developing lifeforms are brought vividly to life.Add some funny musings about the problems on the mundane aspects of future space travel e.g you can get an insurance policy from Lloyds but is hijacking covered and you have a good and actual believable book on the exploration of space.my advice can be read stand alone Clarke dedicates a couple of pages at the beginning of the book to get the reader up to speed but it s better to start with 2001 Arthur C Clarke, Creator Of One Of The World S Best Loved Science Fiction Tales, Revisits The Most Famous Future Ever Imagined In This NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller, As Two Expeditions Into Space Become Inextricably Tangled Heywood Floyd, Survivor Of Two Previous Encounters With The Mysterious Monloiths, Must Again Confront Dave Bowman, HAL, And An Alien Race That Has Decided That Mankind Is To Play A Part In The Evolution Of The Galaxy Whether It Wishes To Or Not This Text Refers To An Out Of Print Or Unavailable Edition Of This Title Jos jedna ineresantna knjiga prepuna originalnih ideja i lepih scena citav deo oko Halejeve komete je izvrstan ali sve ukupno ipak ostavlja daleko slabiji utisak nego prethodne dve Jednostavno mi nekako fali na osecaju velicine, monumentalnosti Ka SF roma je odlican ali mi je nekako suvise konvencionalan za gosn Klarka Vise mi dodje kao neka medju prica nego pravi nastavak.Nemojte me razumeti pogresno knjiga je vredna citanja, naravno, ali treba smanjiti ocekivanj sto ja nisam odradio.ocena bi pre bila oko 3 ili 3.5 ali ipak je to Klark pa ne mogu P THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS Very elderly Dr Floyd is invited to join a pleasure cruise to land on Halley s Comet, which suddenly turns into a rescue mission when his grandson s ship is hijacked and crashes on Europa According to the first two books, this was supposed to be a really bad deal.So I kept waiting for the ship to be destroyed or the people to get eaten by the previously malevolent Europansbut nothing happens The hijacking plan is never explained and no one is ever held responsible The celebrities were worthless We don t even get to hear about the actual rescue Dr Floyd doesn t hook up with the actress celebrity which at his age probably would have killed him, but still why spend all this time talking about how he was crushing on her and do nothing with that It s like Clarke got bored writing the book and and said The hell with it Let s just wrap it up There were a lot of interesting directions this book could have gone, and unfortunately for me he really dropped the ball It makes me a little afraid to read 3001 but I probably will still check it out. 2061 may seem like a random date in which to continue the Space Odyssey story into a third book, but there is a very good reason for it the return of Halley s Comet.Amazingly Dr Heywood Floyd, middle aged in the first two books, is still going strong aged one hundred and three, thanks to half a lifetime spent in low gravity, orbiting Earth in a space hospital after a bad fall His grand son is also an astronaut and they are about to meet up after a space jacking in the Jovian system as all eyes are again turned to Europa, the moon that the makers of the monoliths had warned the people of Earth to leave alone.I really enjoyed Odyssey Two, which Clarke never thought he would write and which came a long time after 2001 Despite the delay, the plot was superb, the ending spectacular and the overall scope of the story was enhanced.This third part, however, which came soon after the second, is a pretty feeble effort, adding little to the legacy The plot is a flimsy, tensionless affair, the resolution wholly underwhelming.The inclusion of a landing on Halley s Comet is interesting enough in itself I suppose, but it has nothing to do with the wider narrative Worse yet, whole portions are simply lifted verbatim from the previous book A lazy disappointment. This was incredibly slow moving It also felt confusing, and the characters don t come alive very well Clarke has two plots going at the same time and the effect of going between the two ships is confusing There isn t much of a plot and nothing of very much interest happens Even the hi jacking feels cheesy Having said that, Clarke is of a scientist than a writer and what captivates me is the astronomy, the science, the feeling of space travel and descriptions of outer space as well as future technology some of which has come to pass that he had predicted in 1987, such as the internet and social media Here is Floyd observing a fellow passenger He found it both sad and fascinating that only through an artificial universe of video images could she establish contact with the real world What a prediction for our time Clarke sprinkles his knowledge sometimes even insider knowledge , his scientific expertise and his humor into this minor story as part of the Odyssey series But the plot limps along and then doesn t really go anywhere He has lost the wonder and majesty of 2001 A Space Odyssey Perhaps he answered too many questions, and the answers are actually dull Once he lost the mystery, this story became merely second rate science fiction But I do need to read the final installment, hoping for closure with these themes and characters sigh. Have not read all of the books in this series, but of course this one is in the shadow of the original 2001 was such a realistic yet profound SF book So can the following sequels still feel fresh and surprise After the second book, which I did not feel gripped me as much the film either , this next one again is similar The writing style of Clarke is always a good crafted standard, but is dating now There is mystery in this next book, though it does move along a little slowly until becoming entertaining near the end If you like 2001 or other well known Arthur C.Clarke books, you will probably enjoy this. 4.5 Stars Loved it DJust like its preceding book 2010 Odyssey Two, this is a book full of wonder, awesomeness, vivid imagery and adventure.Preferring to rate books independently, I really liked this one The landings on Halley s Comet, and Europa, along with their vivid descriptions of the landscape and life forms make it an engaging read filled with wonder Based on certain facts and conjectures, Clarke has written some good stuff using his wide imagination Celestial mechanics seem to be authenticate enough But I would not worry about that.As a sequel to 2010 Odyssey Two, I liked the progress of the storyline Although the monolith is not shown to be involved much in this part of the series, all else was nice, including the space hijacking part view spoiler Although the perpetrators of the latter remain unknown by the end of the book, I believe it to be intentional and not a cause for concern, showing that not every crime can be solved, but those circumstances could be avoided the next time hide spoiler Dr.Heywood Floyd, is back for the third installment of the 2001 series,still vigorous at the ripe old age of 103.Apparently the good Dr requires excitement to live.His next mission is to land on Halley s Comet, in the year 2061.When the most famous comet there is, comes back,past the orbit of Earth, which it has done for 20,000 years.AS A CELEBRITY,HE GETS A FREE RIDE ON THE Spaceship Universe, a luxury liner,Heywood has been in a lot worse crafts in his trips.The best feature in the space liner is a swimming pool Yes,you read right Because of the continuous thrust of the rocket, there is gravity on board.The passengers, a mixed group ,a movie star,science commentator ,musician ,astronaut, the first to land on Mercury and even a lowly writer.The five celebrities, are ironically not as well known as the sixth Floyd,who doesn t consider himself one any.Dr.Floyd calls Universe a Ship of Fools.Captain Smith has his hands full trying to control these egomaniacs Oh,and some men of science are around too.The touchdown on Halley s is surprisingly dull,just the way the captain likes it.This dirty snowball, has a few interesting things to see.Geysers,that shoot out water,which quickly turns to vapor and ice and goes out into endless space , never to return.Natural structures that look unnatural.Caves are found and the scientists, of course, need to explore them.The real reason for this voyage, knowledge, the naive men believe.A strange light at the end of a cavern is spotted but a message has been received, an emergency.They have to leave this colorless but novel place immediately Their sister spaceship,Galaxy, crashed landed on cloud covered Europa, a former moon of Jupiter,which aliens have turned into a second Sun,Lucifer A Forbidden World, that no one for fifty years,has had the courage to visit.With weird Mount Zeus towering miles high above the surface of the satellite.And also an ocean, formed there, with giant sea creatures,below,the Galaxy floating on top Nearby enormous Jupiter Lucifer,warms the sphere, as strange a place, as exists in the whole Solar System.Something doesn t make sense about the accident.The rescue ship Universe, will demand a thorough investigation But how will the aliens react By the way, Dr.Floyd s estranged grandson, is on board the Galaxy.

Arthur Charles Clarke was one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century science fiction He spent the first half of his life in England, where he served in World War Two as a radar operator, before emigrating to Ceylon in 1956 He is best known for the novel and movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, which he co created with the assistance of Stanley Kubrick.Clarke was a graduate of King

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