Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Meth Addiction

Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Meth Addiction With A New AfterwordNow A Major Motion PictureWhat Had Happened To My Beautiful Boy To Our Family What Did I Do Wrong Those Are The Wrenching Questions That Haunted David Sheff S Journey Through His Son Nic S Addiction To Drugs And Tentative Steps Toward Recovery Before Nic Became Addicted To Crystal Meth, He Was A Charming Boy, Joyous And Funny, A Varsity Athlete And Honor Student Adored By His Two Younger Siblings After Meth, He Was A Trembling Wraith Who Lied, Stole, And Lived On The Streets David Sheff Traces The First Warning Signs The Denial, The Three Am Phone Calls Is It Nic The Police The Hospital His Preoccupation With Nic Became An Addiction In Itself But As A Journalist, He Instinctively Researched Every Treatment That Might Save His Son And He Refused To Give Up On Nic

David Sheff is the author of the 1 New York Times bestselling memoir Beautiful Boy Sheff s other books include Game Over, China Dawn, and All We Are Saying His many articles and interviews have appeared in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Wired, Fortune, and elsewhere His ongoing research and reporting on the science of addiction earned him a place on Time Magazine s list of the Wor

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  • Paperback
  • 340 pages
  • Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Meth Addiction
  • David Sheff
  • English
  • 25 October 2018
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    Posted at Shelf InflictedI never understood the appeal of meth It s made in clandestine labs using an array of chemicals that are flammable and hazardous to your health The drug is highly addictive and has dangerous side effects Your teeth fall out, your jaw collapses, you get those ghastly sores and ulcers, your cheeks become hollow, and your eyes are sunken in And that s only on the outside On the inside, your brain looks like Swiss cheese, you become paranoid, irritable and even violent At one time, cocaine was my drug of choice No fancy paraphernalia, no needles, and it s a plant derivative The high doesn t last as long and if I want to stop, there are no physical withdrawal symptoms Plus, it had the added benefits of keeping my weight down at its lowest, making me the life of the party, and acquiring friends than I knew what to do with So it has to be healthier for you, right Who was I kidding My job performance suffered, I became paranoid, I was hardly eating at all, and I slept only sporadically There were nosebleeds, jitters, dry mouth, running nose, and depression There was the scary emergency room visit for an asthma attack during a party where drugs, alcohol and cats were rampant My neglect to mention my drug use to the doctor treating me nearly caused me to have a heart attack One morning I woke up and decided enough is enough My love affair with the drug was over as quickly as it started Since that day, I never touched the stuff again I ve read stories about drug addicts, but none told from a parent s perspective Nic Sheff, a college student in his early 20 s, continues to battle his addiction This is a beautiful and painful story told by his dad He s not a perfect man and he s made a lot of mistakes, but there was never a doubt in my mind that he loves his son dearly Through the ups and down of Nic s addiction, his dad s constant worries and fears ultimately affected his health until eventually he sought the help he needed and learned to create healthy boundaries I m looking forward to Nic s story what made him start using, his relationship with his parents and siblings, and the effects his parents divorce had on him All I can say is I m glad I don t have kids.

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    I checked this book out of the library after hearing David Sheff and his son Nick interviewed on NPR I found this book annoying and unrevealing for a memoir and yet I couldn t put it down David Sheff discusses his own drug use and alludes to his immaturity commitment issues as a factor in his divorce from Nick s mother which he blames mostly for his son s drug problems, but he never discusses the root of his issues or even specifically what they were beyond immaturity or how they affected his parenting style or even what his parenting style was beyond hanging out and having fun during his time w Nick it appears he only disciplined Nick when he was caught w drugs You learn nothing about David Sheff s childhood and I only found out that one of Nick s grandparents died from alcoholism from reading Tweak Let me also add that after the divorce David Sheff regularly took Nick to adult parties and dinner parties, treating him like a friend A fact also glossed over by Sheff in his memoir but revealed in Nick s memoir Tweak So clearly there are many layers like being able to set appropriate boundries as a parent to this story than Sheff is willing to admit to or write about Instead he writes family scene after family scene of Nick being this golden boy as a child teenager which becomes annoying because clearly Nick had problems beyond the divorce when he was a young child A memoir may be an author s recollection of past events but is David Sheff really that clueless about the effects of his own behavior on his son beyond the obvious On the plus side, you do pull for Nick to get his act together through various rehabs and relapses which kept me reading until the end, and the info research on meth is really interesting and scary informative, especially if you have children.

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    David Sheff didn t miss a single experience of having a drug addicted son He seconds guesses himself repeatedly David reads about it, asks questions, studies new and old treatment, loses sleep, abandons himself of loved ones, sets apart his life over and over again David is depressed He makes himself physically sick He can t turn to God Sheff didn t miss a fucking beat I ve had this book for a year before I could bring myself to read it I regret putting it off so long.

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    The Battle Beautiful Boy is a non fiction story about a fight a desperate father and a doped son embarked in a battle against methamphetamine.The refered battle could have been shorter if father and son didn t waste so much time battling each other instead of acting as a team towards the devilish meth Not that they were kicking nor biting one another, but there are other ways of fighting, like when a guy does one thing, whilst the other does exactly the opposite, which was definitely the case All in all this is a book about the devastating effects of drug addiction both against the direct victim, and a caring relative.Another scope of the book is showing the aftermath triggered by the continued consumption of meth The author did enough research to scare rats, sharks and elephants, which is my own private metaphor for everyone under the sun

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    This is a book full of numerous examples of how over idealization of a son by his father can cause as many problems as insufficient attention paid to the child If you can believe this father, his son was nothing short of the second coming No wonder the son became a lying, stealing, self absorbed addict who took multiple rehabs to kick a habit This is a cautionary tale for parents Okay, I just re read what I wrote, and I know it s probably too harsh But I really believe it s harmful over indulgence to so glorify our kids importance and intelligence To me this son s supposed brillance came off sounding smart alecky and self important Plus, I don t think the author actually ever gets what he could have done to speed up his kid s coming to grips with addiction The dad was a master enabler to the son s detriment.

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    I liked this book a lot better than Tweak The father is a great writer, and he did a great job making me feel as if I was going through the experience with him He also presents a lot of research on crystal meth and its effects on users I changed my rating from a 5 to a 4 after I read Tweak however After I read Beautiful Boy, I was really freaked out about the accessibility of drugs, and the father made it seem as if everyone in the world will eventually try drugs at least once in their life and that all kids are experimenting no matter if they ve been told that it s bad or not He was not telling the entire story about his son however In Tweak, Nic reveals some very graphic events in his early childhood, and his father exposed him to too much I do not have a doubt in my mind that that is part of what steered Nic to drugs I don t think many parents realize exactly how important those early years are in a child s life Their minds are like sponges Nic s father would take him to adult parties where he would meet druggies He was able to watch movies only appropriate to adults There were few rules and boundaries when it came to the relationship Nic had with his father Nic even admits in his book that he felt like he grew up too fast, that he didn t have a normal childhood Throughout Beautiful Boy, the father plays this Woe is me battle, and of course I had sympathy with him because I cannot imagine being a parent and watching your child destroy his life, but I just think there was a little to the story that the father did not reveal in his book that was important as to why Nic started doing drugs in the first place This review sounds really harsh, but I just get so upset with how parents raise their children sometimes, and then they wonder why their children are getting involved with drugs, sex, and fighting when they re older.

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    NO SPOILERS This is so much than a straightforward memoir about a father struggling to save his drug addicted son Most strikingly, it s a heart rending testament to the unconditional and powerful love a parent has for a child I was deeply moved by Beautiful Boy and know I ll never forget it The account is made even tragic by how journalist David Sheff set up the narrative He started from the very beginning, when his beloved son, Nic, was born, showing well how this all American golden boy, who was whip smart and well liked, seemed destined for the happiest and most successful of futures Sheff implied that Nic was the kind of kid no one expected would become a drug addict This account underscores well the important maxim that addiction doesn t discriminate Beautiful Boy is a tremendous accomplishment and a revelation Sheff held nothing back, from trying to survive each day to his most vulnerable moments the tense and sometimes heated conversations with Nic, his paralyzing fear, self blame, desperation, and the torturous worry his most loyal companion As Sheff says later in the book, Nic s addiction became Sheff s obsession, an addiction all his own The memoir s poignance comes from a raw candor Sheff is a humble narrator who shoulders some of the blame probably than he should for Nic s addiction, and he spoke with total openness When I am alone, however, I weep in a way that I have not wept since I was a young boy Nic used to tease me about my inability to cry On the rare occasions when my eyes welled up, he joked about my constipated tears Now tears come at unexpected moments for no obvious reason, and they pour forth with ferocity They scare the hell out of me It scares the hell out of me to be so lost and helpless and out of control and afraid.Al Anon meetings, where he openly cried on than one occasion, became essential All the while, his son lived on the streets of San Francisco, a shadow of his former self.Sheff s son was primarily addicted to methamphetamine, and in the course of trying to save him, Sheff researched meth Know your enemy, was his thinking He included much of that research in Beautiful Boy The drug is unlike any other destructive, especially difficult to quit Research has proven that it s neurotoxic, physically changing the brain far than cocaine and most other drugs do The brain damage may be permanent, rendering the addict unable to ever recover Reading this, knowing how hopelessly addicted Sheff s son was, pushes Beautiful Boy into the realm of frightening Many addicts have written memoirs about their struggles, but how their loved ones struggle is of a mystery This memoir fills an important void, because, as Sheff revealed, their suffering is life altering and nightmarish too, just in a very different way, and they need validation and support Addiction hurts than just the addict Beautiful Boy is a profoundly moving experience.

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    3.5 StarsBeautiful Boy is a memoir written by David Sheff about his experiences as he tried to save his teenage son from drug addiction Beautiful Boy was an incredibly informative reading experience for me personally This book may do a better job at capturing the attention of readers who are parents themselves or have a family member or friend who suffers from addiction The emotional toll addiction takes on loved ones was documented well and provides a wealth of perspective and information The main drug discussed is meth methamphetamine , but the journey through addiction can crossover to many other drugs of choice The moral of this story is to stay educated, act immediately if someone under your care has risk factors for shows signs of drug use, and don t give up Additionally, self care, boundary setting, and continuing to nurture other relationships are crucial for the caregiver David appears to have many regrets over parenting style choices that likely had an impact on his son Nic, but based on this self written account, he did everything he knew to do in order to help his son Genes versus environment Addiction as a disease is genetic, but the onset of drug use is environmental Say no to drugs, kids and adults.I read this book in anticipation of the film adaptation due to be released in October 2018 Although, I predict the film will be emotionally heavy given the talent of the cast, the reading experience wasn t in my opinion The father discusses the pain, grief, and fear associated with watching a loved one battle this disease, but I think it was easy at least for me to remain objective because of all the segues into research journalism Emotion was continually interrupted which I personally appreciated and I think it was the best writing style for this type of book so it could be a learning experience for readers first and foremost Overall, Beautiful Boy was a well written and well researched memoir that I m glad I read I also plan to read the son s memoir Tweak which is Nic s own account of growing up with addiction My favorite quote Sometimes it startles me that life goes on, but it does, inexorably

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    This family has incredible moxie, man The strength it would take to throw your mess out to the wolves hoping it could help a few lost sheep is awesome Not to mention, the father and son both did it I love that The juxtaposition between the two books is amazing.I see a lot of mixed reviews on this Some people are pretty condemning towards David s failures as a father Some people completely lack empathy towards Nic I understand the difficulty they have, but until addiction hits you an a personal way, you will only continue to pick apart the details of why instead of having empathy to be effective, or helpful, in the situation now David did things wrong He messed up Absolutely Nic did too But here we are, so where do we go from here I saw the face of hundreds of my own patients in this story This is real No one is harder on them in times of attempted rehab than they are on themselves Typically No one carries blame like the loved ones of the addict Typically The theme that I loved in David Sheff s book was, Don t become addicted to your loved one s addiction Yes, yes, yes This is huge My heart goes out to the Sheff s faults, mess, imperfections, and all If you have never had exposure to substance abuse, either as a user or the loved one of a user, read these books Heck, even if you have Read these books They can be hard to get through But they re important And give the Sheffs grace They never pull punches about their flaws We don t need to add to their struggle I d rate this book an R for explicit drug use, sexual references, and thematic material.

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    Finally I Am Done.I swear this book took me a month to read Maybe longer I just could not get into it I read the companion, Tweak, written by his son, and I thought it would be interesting to hear the other perspective Blah What started as an article for The New York Times Magazine, the overwhelming response prompted Sheff to write a whole book Bad idea It was obviously stretched beyond it s means, and Sheff often relied on random quotes from movies and songs to fill space I would really only recommend this book to those who have an addict in their lives it will probably provide them with a lot of comfort I didn t get much out of it.

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