The Girl She Used to Be

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David Cristofano has earned degrees in Government Politics and Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park and has worked for different branches of the Federal Government for over a decade His short works have been published by Like Water Burning and McSweeneys He currently works in the Washington, D.C area where he lives with his wife, son and daughter.

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  • Hardcover
  • 241 pages
  • The Girl She Used to Be
  • David Cristofano
  • English
  • 10 February 2017
  • 9780446582223

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    Oh, this book The concept and plot of this book are interesting, I just wish someone else had written it It s written by a man, but as a first person narrative, with the narrator being a woman this isn t horribly uncommon, and some men handle it deftly Sadly, Cristofano wasn t one of those men His dialogue is heavy handed and his male lead is a little too sappy I found myself rolling my eyes and groaning at the cheesiness than once I m all for the alpha male exterior belying a deeper, soulful perhaps even somewhat sensitive man, but I kept wanting to scream WHO SAYS THESE THINGS And further, WHAT WOMAN SWOONS UPON HEARING THEM I m not sure who the target audience was for this book, but I m guessing I m not it But I m conflicted Because really, I like the ideas behind the book The plot was engaging In the hands of the right screenwriter, this could be adapted into a highly entertaining movie, especially if they focused less on the star crossed lovers aspect and on the WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IS SHE DOING aspect But I just can t get past the cheese Oy.

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    Before I go any further, I feel I need to let you know, Cristofano and I are represented by the same literary agency, but other than that, we have no ties whatsoever Of course, now I m a major fangirl, but that s a whole nother topic.This book was sent to me as a thank you gift I was immediately drawn to the cover and the concept So I took it with me to Orlando with the thought that I would read it over the week.I almost finished it that day And I was so moved and so haunted by the story that I seriously wanted to flip back to page one and start all over Instead I gave the book to Maria so she could experience the book that melted my cold, black heart.Melody Grace McCartney has had eight aliases over 20 years She s lived eight false lives because at the age of six, she unfortunately witnessed a gruesome murder by mafioso Tony Bovaro Whisked to safey under the Federal Witness Protection Program, Melody has never felt safe nor protected Especially once her parents were assassinated twelve years into the program by the very family who they were supposedly being protected from.Melody just longs to be Melody again, but knowing that can never happen, she decides a new identity is still better than the one she is currently living with, so she fakes danger, calls her Marshal for protection, and is again whisked off to safety.Except this time, she s intercepted by the son of Tony Bovaro He promises he will never hurt her, never allow harm to come to her as long as she is with him, and when he uses her real name she can t help but believe him.Jonathon Bovaro is the anti hero in this poignant and riveting tale He is violent and angry, but he is also honest, compassionate, and he has a plan to offer Melody freedom and protection within the family so that she no longer has to run He never lies to her and she knows she can trust him something she s never felt in 20 years on the run.This story is a must read It is compelling and heart wrenching I had no idea how Cristofano would end the story, but I was crying buckets by the time it was over One day, I hope to write a story that will affect someone the way this story has effected me.Buy it today You won t be sorry.

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    I have to say right off the bat that I loved this book First of all the plot is something completely fresh and different It isn t your usual romance and not your usual mafia type book, and yet it combines both elements in a story that is outrageous at the same time that it makes perfect sense David Cristofano is definately an author to keep watching The story he s woven here is nothing short of amazing and even after reading the description of the book isn t what you expect when you start it There are twists and turns that the reader most likely won t see coming Expect the unexpected with this book This is Cristofano s first novel and he s hit one out of the ballpark with this one This is a book everyone should be, and will be reading in 2009 The book isn t a huge read at 256 pages, so it s a good rainy Sunday, curled up on the couch kinda book I hope you all pick up a copy and get to read it If you do, let me know what you think of it I m betting you ll be a fan long before you read the last page.

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    Lately I have been reading quite a few books where the story starts off great and then goes downhill at an incredible pace This book tops that list.The first part of the book is really good I really liked the protagonist Melody, and it was easy to sympathize and understand her situation But after Jonathan Bovaro shows up, I found myself completely bewildered The first scene with the two of them was pretty interesting, and I could sort of see why Melody was acting the way she was But the subsequent parts of the book are just ridiculous It turns into a horrible and cheesy romance novel The bad guy who is not really bad, the make over at that point in the story, a little part of me died , the sacrificeoh God But the single most horrendous part of the book was Melody s attitude towards the man who murdered her parents and destroyed her life That just totally destroyed the book for mealthough I think the make over part also contributed heavily.

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    This book is easily easily the worst I have ever read I m a big fan of police procedurals and picked it up because I thought the premise would be interesting Not only was I wrong, I was on a cruise ship surrounded by ocean with no other novels in sight So I pushed forward in hopes it would get better It didn t As another reviewer pointed out, this is a book told from the perspective of a woman but written by a man Many, many authors play with this combination and succeed What you get from Cristofano is bad dialogue no man would ever say and no woman would want to hear The love story is absurd, boring and predictable The main character is so mind numbingly stupid I was actually rooting for the mobsters who killed her parents to finish the job She s certainly not a role model for any woman I know.Not every book has to be a classic, and there s a market for easy to read romance novels that don t require any heavy lifting But even within that genre, there s plenty of quality reading material Bypass this book or just chuck it overboard.

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    A bit of a disappointment and didn t live up to the promise conveyed in the synopsis The story started out strongly and I liked Melody s portrayal and the reasons behind her inclusion in the Witness Protection Programme Had no problem identifying with her desire for a normal life and to be herself The main issue for me was when she met up with Jonathan Her actions and thoughts just didn t tie in with how she was presented early in the story To my mind it was Jonathan who was the weak link He was supposed to be the bad guy but he just came across as wishy washy, not the son of a ruthless Mafia boss.Some of the scenes and dialogue between them lacked substance and IMO, chemistry at times.The novel is written from Melody s POV and I think that attributed to some of the flat and unbelievable dialogue It just did gel Not a keeper.

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    From the book jacket When Melody Grace McCartney was six years old, she and her parents witnessed an act of violence so brutal that it changed their lives forever The federal government lured them into the Witness Protection Program with the promise of safety, but the program took Melody s name, her home, her family, and ultimately her innocence Now twenty years later when the feds spirit her off to begin yet another new life in yet another new town, she s stunned by a man who accosts her and calls her by her real name Jonathan Bovaro, the mafioso sent to find her, knows her, the real her, and it s a thrill Melody can t resist.My reactionThat last half sentence from the book jacket should have warned me that is, if I d read the jacket in advance But I ll get to that later.On the positive side, Cristofano writes a fast paced suspense filled story full of twists and turns Like Melody herself, the reader doesn t know whom to trust, which story is factual, which person truly has her best interests at heart I was quickly hooked and turning pages far into the night But then That thrill that Melody feels coming from the Don s son, Jonathan Sure he buys her nice clothes, corrects himself when tempted to swear in front of her, comes to her defense when a college boy bothers her in a bar, and buys her wonderful meals with fine wine But he s hardly a candidate for best boyfriend WHAT is she thinking What is HE thinking The situation just stretches credulity too far in my opinion At the end I m left just shaking my head and muttering Huh

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    Raised in the Witness Relocation Program after she and her family witnessed a gang land murder, Melody Grace McCartney wants the life that was denied her After twenty years, her family is dead and her original case worker has retired Tired and bored of her current cover, Melody lies to the authorities about a threat, not knowing that the crime family had indeed found her.Spirited away by her new protector Sean, Melody finds herself attracted to the young agent Yet, when Jonathon, the son of murderer that wants her dead finds Melody, she is attracted to him as well Sean promises her of the same, Jonathon tells her he can end her misery and life in protection, yet how can she trust the man that is supposed to kill her Davis Cristofano has constructed a taut thriller that keeps pace with anything currently being published Fast moving and intelligent, the story does not follow the usual thriller patterns, becoming pleasantly unpredictable Melody becomes a believable character and the tension is felt by the reader Usually, I read several books at once Chapter here, chapter there I must admit that I read this book yesterday in one seating, by the fire as it snowed throughout Atlanta A perfect book for a day in and a wonderful replacement for the Television, after I had finished with the story it felt like I had been to a movie I found the writing that vivid, I could actually visualize the action The interplay between Melody and her two men is almost as good as the interplay inside of Melody She sees herself as a helpless victim, until her own actions are brought to life through the story Cristofano has written a wonderful debut novel and I eagerly await any follow up.

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    Oh my God, this book was sooooo bad The characters were like paper dolls and the dialogue was unbelievable The whole plot was just unreal, too Are there people that dumb in the world I hope I never meet them.The only reason I finished the book was to see which macho man the tall, built, sweet government guy or the sensitive but tough mafia due was going to win the damsel in distress at the end I uh, won t spoil it for you in case you, too, want to muddle through it to find out for yourself.

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    I don t understand how this book could be highly rated by other readers The story line is so ridiculous that the book is laughable.The novel starts off well It is a very interesting premise The main character is a woman who has been in Witness Protection for most of her life She and her family witnessed a brutal killing by the mafia The author does a good job in describing the heartbreak of a child growing up in the Witness Protection Program In the present day, her parents are no longer alive Her loneliness is palpable She taps into the lives of other families through the use of a baby monitor, and pretends that those families are hers The book opens with the main character as a High School teacher She is bored with her life She even explains to the reader that when she gets bored she contacts WITSEC, claims that someone has discovered her identity and then they relocate her She has done this on numerous occasions.If the story had stayed on this path, it could have been quite good However when the son of the mafia family who is looking to kill the main character, finds her and asks her to come with him to meet his family and all will be forgiven, the book becomes improbable and childish The characters are falling in love with each other without hesitation She feels safe in the mafia guy s presence, which is so absurd because his family has been tracking her for practically her entire life in order to kill her.The officers from WITSEC are made out to be incompetent bad guys, and the mafia, or at least some parts of the mafia, are made out to be the misunderstood good guys.To be fair, there were some interesting parts as for example their visit to a Hotel Spa and the way the mafia guy wines and dines her and takes gentle care of her.The ending could have made the book bearable if the author had made Jonathan the mafia guy not what he was presented to be throughout the book, but even that fell flat.I would not waste your time reading this book unless you like fairy tales.

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