Turn Coat

Turn Coat Accused Of Treason Against The Wizards Of The White Council, Warden Morgan Goes In Search Of Harry Dresden In A Desperate Attempt To Clear His Name And Stop The Deadly Punishment From Taking Place In This Latest Thrilling Addition To The Dresden Files Series

Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently

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  • Hardcover
  • 420 pages
  • Turn Coat
  • Jim Butcher
  • English
  • 04 April 2018
  • 9780451462565

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    I often have a difficult time reviewing books in a series, so I ll just say this one thing I m continually thrilled by the fact that every event in the Dresden Files series is relevant to the struggle in Turn Coat So many authors miss the why why start a series at a certain point in time Why is the main character the focal point, how are they special Why does anything happen Jim Butcher has an answer for each question and I want to hug him for it Once again, he serves up sacrifices and tough blows along with the victories, and it s become clear to me that Butcher and Joss Whedon have a lot in common.Okay, when s the next book coming out

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    There are bad things in the world There s no getting away from that But that doesn t mean nothing can be done about them You can t abandon life just because it s scary, and just because sometimes you get hurt

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    4.5 Stars

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    I KNEW IT Well part of it at least.I never guess the bad guy and I guessed it here pats self on back Though the simple solution is never the entire answer, thanks to the brilliant mind of Jim Butcher What can I say that I haven t said before This was another expertly narrated audiobook by one of my all time faves, James Marsters, who was in fine form Brilliant, moving, twisty and turny just another excellent addition to the Dresden Files series, which has become one of my all time favorites I hope this series stretches on and on so I can get older with Harry Dresden by my side.

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    Another question for my non southern friends is it really a problem for you if a man opens a door for you Because Harry keeps saying that he s a chauvinist for doing things like opening doors for women, and that Murphy gets mad when he does it for her, but that s just crazy talk to me Crazy talk Because, here in Texas, where I live, a man is expected to open a door for a woman It doesn t matter what age either the male or female is, or the health of either If you have a penis, you are the designated door opener I don t care if the guy is blind with only one leg He d better hobble on over to where he thinks that door is if he smells the scent of a woman s perfume It s his duty I haven t opened a door for myself in 18 years I don t think I know how to do it any If I m out alone, I have to just stand there in front of an establishment until a nice man comes along and opens it for me Thank the good Lord for strong men Bless their hearts As I have said before, Harry would fit in well here Hmm, except for the godless thing We d all have to pray for his pagan soul But, other than thatOn to the book So, I have been hoping that things would change a little in the Harry Dresden formula You know, the Harry gets a case, Harry fights the scary monsters and wins, Harry solves the case thing Like Scooby Doo And, it looks like we might be heading that way Because things didn t go so well for Harry this time There are also some things that could be foreshadows of future bad things They d been a problem, the past several months increasingly painful migraines. it doesn t just mean he needs aspirin Harry s main goal in this book is to find the killer of one of the members of the White Council, which is the wizard s senate And, yes, they are about as effective, corrupt, and out of touch as our politicians Oh, and hundreds of years old like our politicians The main suspect in the murder is Harry s old nemesis, Morgan the guy who has wanted to kill him since he was 16 It is Harry s perfect chance for revenge Now, Morgan has the death sentence Harry can sit back and let heads roll Morgan s head, that is But, Harry is a boy scout and can t let Morgan take the fall because he s innocent What a softie So, he is helping Morgan and trying to find the real killer Things get complicated real fast And, surprisingly, things get dark in this book People die people that we have gotten to know and like And, things don t end well At all.I m glad to see this departure from the usual Harry Dresden formula, although there were some sad moments I can t wait to find out where this goes next.

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    For once, Harry Dresden was minding his own business when trouble showed up at his doorstep Morgan, one of the wardens of the White Council who has hounded Harry for nearly his entire life, needs saving from the wardens of the White Council Oh how the mighty have fallen.Why would Harry stick his neck out for one of the few men on the planet who has never liked him Because Morgan wouldn t break the Laws of Magic, I said quietly Not even if it cost him his life pg 19, ebook.Something strange is going on and, as usual, Harry s going to get to the bottom of it But, this time, the solution comes at great personal cost and Harry s life may never be the same.Excellent entry in the Dresden Files which, despite concerns that after 11 books it may have become repetitive or go off the rails, continues to impress Jim Butcher seems to have found a sweet spot between bringing in old characters and plot lines while introducing new twists It is an urban fantasy reader s treat There are bad things in the world There s no getting away from that But that doesn t mean nothing can be done about them You can t abandon life just because it s scary, and just because sometimes you get hurt pg 45, ebook.The lines between good and evil are truly becoming blurred as the White Council continues to be assaulted from the outside As a reader, I thought of the wizards of the highest council as unassailable gods, but in Turn Coat, they are revealed to be as human as the next person They can be confused, manipulated and used for other ends Harry s sardonic humor is in evidence throughout this tale, delivering his one liners with his usual flair They always have good coffee here, Ebenezar said a few moments later And they don t call it funny names, I said It s just coffee Not frappalattegrandechino pg 138But as the story lines get darker, I can t help but wonder how much Harry can take before he snaps Or the bad guys finally win the day Everyone dies, honey, I said, very quietly Everyone There s no if There s only when When you die, do you want to feel ashamed of what you ve done with your life Feel ashamed of what your life meant pg 338, ebook.Highly recommended for fantasy fans.

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    In absolute fairness my reading of this novel suffered from two things.First and foremost this is the only Harry Dresden novel I have ever read While enjoyable I am certain that I would have benefitted greatly in knowing about Dresden s world from the earlier novels in the series Secondly, I started this right on the heels of having read On South Mountain The Dark Secrets Of The Goler Clan a vile true account of what life was like for the children of the Goler Clan of Nova Scotia It has seeped into my pores and wreaks havoc on my soul even now.That said, it seems to me that Jim Butcher has a winning series going on here and some day I hope to visit the earliest novel in the series and gain some much warranted background.My favourite sequence in this offering was the battle between Injun Joe and the naagloshii Loved it, oh and Toot toot too.3.5 stars which I am sure would be a certain 4 for a seasoned Dresden reader.

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    Ok that bit on Demonreach was epic.

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    God, it was great reading about Harry Dresden again This one was spectacular Lots of magic and Harry s humor It also kept me in the dark for quite a while.The hunt for the Black Council continues so it seems, and I will certainly be reading all about it I closed the door behind me, while life went on.

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    Things are getting pretty serious in the Dresden Files as Harry hunts down a traitor in the White Council of wizards When Morgan, the warden who once wanted to kill Harry, turns up on his doorstep hurt and on the run from the White Council Harry knows something is seriously wrong as Morgan has been accused of a crime Harry knows he would never commit The White Court of vampires have also been set up by someone in their ranks and form an uneasy truce with Harry and the wardens to flush out the traitors Still plenty of fun and wisecracks from Harry in this episode as he sets about looking for the dark forces at work He is also being hunted by a large, scary shapeshifter from Indian mythology and must use some ingenious magic to escape and protect those around him No significant new characters in this one, although we do get to learn a lot about some of the other wardens and their magical talents and get to see their headquarters in Edinburgh Harry not only takes some heavy physical hits in this episode but also some heavy personal ones An entertaining episode moving the plot along to the war that is sure to resume between the wizards and the red vampires.

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