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Out of FocusFor The Last Twelve Years, Ryan Angel Morgan And Dante James Have Been Partners In Every Sense Of The Word They Re Lovers, They Run A Successful Photography Business Together, And Couldn T Be Happier The Only Problem They Re Both Dominants Who Crave Submission Solution Bring In Submissives For Sizzling Hot Threeway ActionWhen Jordan Steele Hires The Photographers From His Sister S Wedding To Shoot Some Promo Pictures Of His Stallions, The Sparks Fly There S Something About Them, Something That S Anything But Vanilla, And He Wants A Taste Of It He S Inexperienced, But Curious, And Angel And Dante Are Than Happy To Show Him The Ropes Jordan Is Exactly What They Need And They Re Exactly What He Needs, But When Emotions Come Into Play, He May Be Than They Bargained For After All, The One Thing Angel And Dante Can T Give Each Other Is Submission If One Of Them Can Get Love And Submission From Jordan, Will The Other Be Pushed Out Of The Picture This , Word Novel Was Previously Published Loved Honestly, she s another author jam Never disappoints Several of her books have become comfort reads This is one of those. Holy shit, I can t wrap my mind around the fact that I just read this now, 6 years after it was released I love emotional, kinky BDSM, passionate threesomes and I simply adore LA Witt s writing so the fuck Anyway, 5 stars and it goes on the absolute favorites shelf.If you haven t read this and like BDSM, threesomes and LA Witt, don t be an idiot like I was Read this NOW Highly recommended This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews 4.25 starsHot, sexy, and only a little angsty, this is everything a menage story should be Alternating first person POVs pretty much guarantee a personal connection with each MC Doms Dante and Angel, who have been together for 12 years and are life, as well as business, partners, and Jordan, the bride s brother Dante and Angel meet at a wedding they shoot they are professional photographers , who turns out to be the perfect sub and The men start off as friends, with Angel and Dante photographing Jordan s horses, but the sexual tension between them is palpable The scenes here were intense and vivid, but the emotions were not swept aside The book dealt realistically with the implications of a menage relationship the new person not wanting to feel like a disposable third wheel, the long term partners not wanting to be replaced, the risks and possible repercussions of fully giving your heart to not one but two lovers.Gorgeously written and evocative, Out of Focus offered a glimpse into the inner workings of a relationship that very much proves the Rule of Thirds in life as well as in design sometimes the unbalaced and unexpected works precisely because it pushes limits, creating beauty in imperfection As a bonus, there were plenty of cute critters, including bossy cats, one loyal dog, and baby horses Loved this one. 3.5 STARS Dante James and Ryan Angel Morgan have been together for twelve years They have a photography business together and are both doms It s been a while since they have had a submissive They have had quite a few throughout the years with the same rules that none of them are to get emotionally attatched One day while working at a wedding, they think they have found one The only problem is that the guy they want is the bride s brother Which means, the only relationship they can have, is a professional one, for now anyways.Jordan Steele is ready to move on from his ex, even if his ex won t leave his house yet He finds he is very much attracted to both Dante and Angel He hires them to take promotional pictures of his stallions The domininant sides of Dante and Angel is what lures Jordan in and calls to his submissive side They give in to the sexual tension and it works out just fine in the beginning But what will they do when emotions start to get in the wayHolding my gaze, he said, Do you trust me Of course I doThis book started really great I was intrigued, excited and trying to figure out how they could have a sexual relationship with two doms in the picture Then when I realized that we were getting all of their POV s, I was so freaking happy But then not so much any Why Well, because it became really hard to know who s POV I was reading, especially when it would change within the chapter It was in first person, which I have never had a problem with, but in this book I did As I continued reading, I got a bit better at figuring out who I was reading, or when it finally mentioned which characters he was looking at But other than that, I did enjoy getting into each of their minds It helped a lot to understand where they were coming fromAngel s mouth against mine and Dante s lips against my neck was pure heaven.Dante nipped my earlobe So, would we have to twist your arm to get you to stay a while longer If you two keep kissing me like that, you ll have to twist my arm to make me leaveThere was quite a bit of sex in this book without it being overwhelming After all, that was what their agreement was about, a purely sexual one Jordan needed to trust Dante and Angel, so they played alot The sex was of the BDSM kind, and I don t know if this because I am a pervy weirdo, but it was a bit on the light side I was waiting for something intense to occur and it didn t really happen, I needed Still, the sex was all kinds of steamy Dante and Angel were great doms and Jordan was an enthusiastic submissive I like the pace in which their relationship developed, making it believableBut God, I loved them All the trust and the intimacy, all those conversations The way they could be so gentle and so rough The way they d never made me feel like the outsider I was Commanding, never belittling Dominating, never domineering How could I notfall in love with themWe re both in love with you We both love you, Jordan We re not going anywhere Despite having all of their pov s, I couldn t really connect with all of them completely, at least not until things started getting emotional towards the end I did however, feel Jordan s doubts at making their relationship work beyond sex Not because they didn t get along, but because Dante and Angel had been together for twelve years, that s a lot of history for Jordan to just waltz in on I felt like he could easily have been the third wheel, but I am happy that didn t happen I LOVED the fact that they COMMUNICATED It was wonderful when they could tell each other just how they were feeling.Jordan had an ex boyfriend Eli who was still planning on moving out of his house, but hadn t gotten around to it because he was jobless To be honest, I don t know why Eli was even in the book, he didn t really add to the story, they just made fun of him all the time It was to the point where anytime Eli showed up, I just rolled my eyes because I knew what was comingLying here with them, all I could think was that Dante was absolutely right this was worth the risk I couldn t predict the future, but I was content with the present and what I stood to gain if it worked out Yes, this was rightOverall, this book was quite an enjoyable one Sure, it didn t have enough of the BDSM I am use to, but still plenty of sexiness I liked reading about all three of them interacting I also liked that each character had their own personalities that made them different from one another, but also had things that made them all connect The ending was a good one and it left me wanting to read about the love they had for eachother There wasn t any angst in this book and I never got upset with any of them It was just a good read.

L.A Witt and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun She now divides her time between writing, assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold, wondering where to put her next tattoo, and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon Rumor has it her arch nemesis, Lauren Gallagher, is also somewhere in the wilds of New England, which is why L.A is al

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