Christmas at Carnton (Carnton, #0.5)

Christmas at Carnton (Carnton, #0.5) A Christmas Novella To Launch A Brand New Three Book Series The Carnton Novels Amid War And The Fading Dream Of The Confederacy, A Wounded Soldier And A Destitute Widow Discover The True Meaning Of Christmas And Of Sacrificial Love Recently Widowed, Aletta Prescott Struggles To Hold Life Together For Herself And Her Six Year Old SonWith The Bank Threatening To Evict, She Discovers An Advertisement For The Women S Relief Society Auction And Applies For A Position Only To Discover It S Been Filled Then A Chance Meeting With A Wounded Soldier Offers Another Opportunity And Friendship But Can Aletta Trust This Man Captain Jake Winston, A Revered Confederate Sharpshooter, Suffered A Head Wound At The Battle Of Chickamauga When Doctors Deliver Their Diagnosis, Jake Fears Losing Not Only His Greatest Skill But His Very Identity As He Heals, Jake Is Ordered To Assist With A Local Women S Relief Society Auction He Respectfully ObjectsKowtowing To A Bunch Of Crinolines Isn T His Idea Of Soldiering But Orders Are Orders, And He Soon Discovers This Group Of Ladies One, In Particular Is Far Than He Bargained For Set Against The Backdrop And History Of The Carnton Plantation In Franklin, Tennessee, Christmas At Carnton Is A Story Of Hope Renewed And Faith Restored At Christmas

Tamera Alexander is a USA Today bestselling author and one of today s most popular writers in the inspirational historical fiction genre She and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee, not far from the Southern mansions that serve as the backdrop for six of her award winning novels.

[Read] ➪ Christmas at Carnton (Carnton, #0.5)  By Tamera Alexander –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Christmas at Carnton (Carnton, #0.5)
  • Tamera Alexander
  • English
  • 14 March 2019
  • 9780310293248

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    I chose to read this book from my picks because it mentions the Battle at Chickamauga, Chattanooga and some other places The Chickamauga Battlefield is about 15 minutes from our house here in Chattanooga and this is one of the places me and my dog used to hike, dad would come with us a lot as well I wanted to add some pictures of us but they are all on cd s unfortunately At the Battlefield there is a lot of land and trails into the woods where you can hike or ride your horses We would go on the horse trails a lot because they have some steep ones and I loved walking up those hills and we would sometimes get to meet the horses and people along the way We would hike from 2 to 4 hours, that is how big the Battlefield is but you could easily hike longer than that They have monuments all over the place, even in the woods There is also a visitor center where you can buy different things This story takes place at the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN I have never been there myself but it s still there Aletta Prescott lost her husband, Warren to the war Now she has to leave their home as she has no money to pay for it She has a six year old son, named Andrew and a baby on the way I felt really bad for her to be kicked out of her house that she lived in with her husband for so many years but that s the way it goes Luckily, Aletta gets a job as a cook at the Carnton Plantation and a room to live in for her and Andrew She s also helping with the Women s Relief Society auction to help the troops Captain Jake Winston gets sent to help the women after he is wounded in battle He was one of their sniper s and a hit to the head stopped his career as his long vision sight was ruined It s a bitter sweet story of people helping people and finding love and friends in time of need Thank you to BookLookBloggers for a print copy of this book Mel MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    Come on weatherman,Give us a forecast snowy white.Can t you hear the prayersOf every childlike heart tonight Rockies are calling,Denver snow falling,Somebody said it s four feet deep.But it doesn t matter, Give me the laughter I m gonna choose to keepAnother tender Tennessee Christmas,The only Christmas for me Songwriters Amy Grant and Gary ChapmanThis is a novella, a prequel story meant to tug at your heartstrings, and it succeeds A story that is partially about the loss and cruelty of war, set in a bygone era, on the Carnton Plantation, which really exists, in Franklin, Tennessee It is also partially a love story, a story of love, and loss, and opening your heart again to all the possibilities of life The details of wars change over time, place, but the despair, heartbreak, and worry by loved ones at home remain fairly constant This story takes place as Thanksgiving is about to take place and continues through the holidays that follow Recently, before I read this, I d seen Ken Burns America s Storyteller American Sampler PBS which, unsurprisingly touched on his Civil War Series Included was a narration of a letter written by a soldier, Sullivan Ballou, a Major in the Second Rhode Island Volunteers, to his wife during the Civil War Reading this story felt a little like listening to the reading of that letter The reflections on the past, the uncertainty of the tomorrow, and the fears for the future, yet, it never felt bleak.

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    I just thoroughly enjoyed reading about a slice of life taking place at a slower pace than we do now Where people had time for each other and really cared enough to listen to what you said The novella I just read is a prequel that sets up the story so you can enjoy the other 3 books in this series The next book releases in Fall of 2018 I am so impressed with the research Tamera Alexander puts into not only this book of hers but all of them It makes it so much enjoyable to read all of her books Historical fiction is a favorite genre of mine to read and I am always looking up details of what I read on my computer and there is no denying her research is tops I experienced so many emotions while reading this, in fact it even made me cry Heartache,despair,warmth,compassion,loneliness,faithfulness and are emotions you will experience as you read this.In my own research I found out that Carnton Plantation is a real place that still stands and offers tours Carnton is a historic plantation house and museum in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee, United States The home was turned into a make shift hospital during the Battle of Franklin 7 generals were laid out dead on the front porch during the Battle You can still see blood stains in the wood floors under the upstairs windows where amputations and surgeries were performed for the natural light coming through the windows A large confederate cemetery is also on the property.Highly recommended book Pub Date 03 Oct 2017 Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson FICTION for a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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    Christmas at Carnton is a lovely introduction to the Carnton series upcoming from Tamera Alexander Though it s called a novella, it s actually a quite complete story, with very little feeling rushed or glossed over Perhaps in comparison to one of the author s full length books, it s short, but happily it s a full story Aletta is an admirable lead, pressed into hard circumstances as a widow in the middle of the Civil War The mother of a precocious six year old and a baby on the way, her determination to find a way to provide for herself and her children is compelling.Jake, a wounded Confederate soldier, is tasked with helping the Women s Relief Society with their auction, however, he is doubtful that it will do any good Though at first I felt a bit cool toward his character, he goes through plausible changes of heart that really endeared him to me His sweet way of dealing with Andrew, Aletta s little boy, warmed my heart for sure.As usual with this author, the historical details are wonderful I love that there are real historical figures included in the story, and I appreciate how careful Alexander always is in her Author s Notes to explain what is based on fact and what is fictionalized She has provided great set up for the first full length book in this series, and I am already so eager to read it If you have a bit of room on your Christmas reading list, definitely consider adding this gem In fact, if you enjoy historical romance at all, at it to your list.I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher I was not required to post a positive review this review is my honest opinion.

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    An excellent shorter Christmas story Aletta is a young widow in 1863, partway through the Civil War facing the birth of her second child, the loss of her job, and foreclosure of her home, all at the same time For a novella this book is pretty chunky, which makes me quite happy Oh, if only it would be published in one of those darling mini hardcovers Jake has a new future to find after a head injury leaves him with impaired vision and an inability to shoot It s devastating to the sharpshooter to realize he s no longer useful for the war effort His general orders him to a house party as an ambassador of sorts, or as a sort of thank you to the women s aid group so the general can show his gratitude by letting them meet one of the soldiers He definitely didn t expect to run up against a fetching young widow and her energetic son and to feel his heart stirred by thoughts of home and family for the first time.Aletta s son Andrew quite steals the show for me, also He s such a vibrant and typical six year old There is so much I enjoyed about this book Very good job, Mrs Alexander And I can hardly wait for that real life love story we ll be getting next year, in the first book of the series Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free review copy.

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    Tamera Alexander purely knows how to tell a good story Beginning a new series with this novella which felt like a full length book, by the way , she sets her story in the last 2 years of the Civil War, a time of unrest and great deprivations in this nation of ours She writes with deep feeling and has created a cast of characters that were so easy to fall in love with, for this reader I loved every single minute I found myself crying through the last portion I love it when an author brings out such emotion in a reader Don t miss this one, folks I was given a copy of this book from the publisher via Net Galley My review is my own honest opinion.

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    Christmas at Carnton is a delightful holiday Civil War novella I will admit that the plot was a bit of a reach but that was okay with me Look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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    See full review at Bundle up and get ready for a Christmas story you won t soon forget With the perfect setting and dynamic, resourceful characters Tamera has set the perfect backdrop for a perfect cozy Christmas story and the introduction to her newest series.The next book releases in 2018 and I am excited to read about Carnton Plantation and discover about the people who called the beautiful plantation home.Aletta s husband has died, leaving her and their 6 year old son, Andrew to survive the civil war on their own With the mortgage due, groceries to buy, and winter clothes needed for Andrew how will she manage to make it With prayer and hard work, will Aletta find employment at Carnton Plantation Will it be enough to save her home and see her and Andrew through Christmas Captain Jake Winston is a well known and decorated sharpshooter, but an accident causes him to be sent to Carnton Plantation to assist in the Ladies Aid Society He is less than thrilled about the assignment, but determined to make the best of it and sets out to help with the work at Carnton.With 256 pages and 23 chapters, Christmas at Carnton is a nice beefy novella The end wrapped up nicely while still giving you glimpses of what is to come in the future for Carnton Plantation.As a special bonus, the end of the book includes favorite holiday recipes to bake and enjoy with family and friends I receive complimentary books for review from publishers, publicists, and or authors, including Netgalley I am not required to write positive reviews The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    A lovely start to a new series Set on the Carnton estate in 1863 just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, in the middle of the Civil War I love how this author ties together real people and places with her own set of fictional characters, making it feel so authentic Her characters struggle with real life problems foreclosure, widowhood, single parenting, loss of income, poverty, pregnancy, loss of health something many can relate to today even They question their faith, but come out stronger for it, learning to trust that God has a plan for them despite difficult circumstances, especially in Aletta s case even though she didn t know what the future held, she knew who held it The group of women who gather to bring support to the troups are inspiring too, as they rally around each other and unite in their purpose they were fighting on a battlefield of their own, as Jake realizes The romance is sweet and tender, and though it develops quickly, not unrealistic due to the circumstances Some interesting history, plus delicious recipes are included at the end too I look forward to this new series with a little tie in to the Belle Meade stories Readers who enjoy historical Christian fiction with a romance will want to add it to their reading list An e book was provided by NetGalley and Thomas Nelson publishing All opinions are my own.

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    I enjoyed this was well written story set in the South during the Civil War, but the author made some very strange choices that really bothered me and undercut the romance for me view spoiler I didn t like the fact that Letta s husband had only been killed a MONTH earlier, and she was PREGNANT with his child, when she fell in love with a new man, Jake As a romance I think the story would have been much effective and sympathetic if she had been widowed for longer, and only had her small son It seemed very callous to me especially because in the beginning she went on and on about how much she loved her husband If her relationship with Jake was based on sheer practicality here I am a pregnant widow with no way to make a living and here s this handsome man willing to take me and my son and my unborn child then it would have been palatable to me And then she could have fallen for him after making that pragmatic decision But instead it s presented as straight romance Oh, such a shame my awesome husband died last month but I m crazy in love with this new guy now hide spoiler

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