Snowbound at Hartfield (Sweet Tea Stories Book 4)

Snowbound at Hartfield (Sweet Tea Stories Book 4) Colonel Fitzwilliam Should Have Been Happy Facing Retirement No Napoleon, No Tromping The Continent, And His Distant Cousin Had Unexpectedly Left Him An Estate What Was , Two Of His Favorite People, Darcy And Elizabeth, Were Travelling With Him To Visit His New Home But The Colonel Wasn T Happy, Not When He Was Forced To Watch Darcy Exchanging Enad Glances With His Wife No, He Wanted To Pitch His Cousin Out The Window It Didn T Help When Darcy Kept Lecturing Him On The Joys Of Wedded Life As If Women Like Elizabeth Darcy Grew On Every Tree Then The Snow Started Now They Were Stranded At The Home Of George And Emma Knightley, Another Intolerable, Blissfully Wedded Couple Who Wanted Nothing Than To See His Bachelor Days Come To An End Thank Heavens They Never Thought Of Matching Him With The Proud Spinster Who Had Also Been Caught In The Storm That Would Have Been Utterly Intolerable Or Would It A Jane Austen Inspired Sweet Regency Romance

Though Maria Grace has been writing fiction since she was ten years old, those early efforts happily reside in a file drawer and are unlikely to see the light of day again, for which many are grateful After penning five file drawer novels in high school, she took a break from writing to pursue college and earn her doctorate in Educational Psychology After 16 years of university teaching, she ret

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  • Snowbound at Hartfield (Sweet Tea Stories Book 4)
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  • 19 October 2018

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    I just love Maria Grace s creativity In this novella, she takes Colonel Fitzwilliam, Mr Bennet, and Mr and Mrs Elizabeth Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and then she takes Miss Elizabeth Elliot and Sir Walter Elliot from Persuasion, and she strands all of them in the middle of a snowstorm at the same inn, but there are no rooms available Fortunately, Mr George Knightley, a friend of Mr Darcy from Cambridge, happens to be there, and he generously invites both parties to stay at Hartfield, which is close by Thus, they all enter into the world of Emma. At first, due to the raging blizzard, that only involves interactions with Mr Knightley, his wife Emma and father in law Mr Woodhouse However, by the end of the story, various neighborhood characters have been present with all their endearing and annoying qualities in full display, especially Mrs Elton.The point of view, very effectively, shifts back and forth between that of Colonel Fitzwilliam and that of Elizabeth Elliot To minimize the confusion that would invariably result from having two characters named Elizabeth, Mrs Darcy becomes Liza, which takes a little getting used to Miss Elliot has had to face up to the consequences of her haughtiness during the events of Persuasion. At age 30, with both her younger sisters married, she is feeling decidedly on the shelf and in grave danger of remaining a spinster Elizabeth recognizes that the elitist sensibilities she always shared with her father have created their current difficulties Sir Walter now sounds as ridiculous to her as he does to almost everyone else Certainly Mr Bennet derives a lot of enjoyment from baiting him Surrounded as she is by the happily married Knightleys and Darcys as well as thoughts of her sister Anne and husband Captain Wentworth, Elizabeth fights against feelings of jealousy.Colonel Fitzwilliam shares Elizabeth s pangs of envy as he observes all the irritating domestic felicity He doubts that he will ever find such happiness because he bears both physical and, disturbingly, emotional scars from his wartime experiences Reading the reactions and thoughts of these two damaged individuals is interesting, making them easy to understand and relate to Elizabeth may seem oversensitive, but she is still smarting from Mrs Clay s betrayal over William Elliot, with whom Elizabeth expected to be married by now Meanwhile, even though he s pleased to be taking over his own estate, Fitzwilliam is overwhelmed contemplating these new responsibilities, and his instinctive response to certain stimuli continues to sap his male ego.The premise is developed beautifully with various surprising plot twists, including Sir Walter s plans and their results Characters are true to canon except Elizabeth Elliot, who is given convincing motivation for the changes in her personality Ms Grace s writing, as always, is of the highest quality There s believable dialogue and reactions, delightful moments of humor, and sweet romance What could you ask

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    Battle scarred and battle weary, our dear Colonel Fitzwilliam longs for peaceI approached this book with trepidation How on earth was it possible for there to be anything between two diametrically opposed personalities as our dear Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Elliot I simply could not see it however, my faith in Maria Grace was strong I hold that she possessed the talent necessary to pull the embers of a story from the fire and create a HEA for her JAFF fans But, it was not going to be easy bridging the gap between these two characters from two different Austen stories The first hurdle the distinction of having two women with the same first name You can t have Elizabeth this and Elizabeth that and not be clear on who was doing what So, in our dear Colonel s mind, Elizabeth Darcy was Liza That was what he called her to annoy his cousin Darcy Now, that leaves the use of Elizabeth in reference to Sir Walter s daughter Unless Darcy is speaking of his wife Gad Next, we have POVs His and hers This threw me at first I stopped reading in chapter 2 and started at the beginning again It was so confusing, until I was clear on the Liza and Elizabeth first name deal Thoughts were not always clear at first Who the heck was talking or whose thought were we hearing I had to really concentrate The word father was another problem When spoken aloud it could have referred to Sir Walter, Mr Bennet, or Mr Woodhouse see There were three daughters present with their fathers However, if it was in thought, it could only be the POV of Elizabeth Elliot Lawd Note Our dear Colonel Fitzwilliam is a beloved PP character that holds the distinction as a primary character in the hearts of JAFF fans Even though he is secondary to Darcy and Elizabeth, he rates right up there with a fan base of his own Therefore, fans are very protective of our dear Colonel Authors know to tread lightly with his happiness and well being In this story, our Colonel was battle scarred and battle weary Although he was home, he still was fighting the demons of war We watched him struggle with signs of PTSD, the clinched fists, rapid heartbeat, labored breathing, flinching at loud noises, attacks of panic, and that far away look that overshadowed his countenance He was tired and tired of being tired A distant relation had passed away and left him an estate As they traveled to see his inheritance, they were caught in a sudden blizzard Mr Knightley, a school mate of Darcy s, invited them to stay at a nearby estate at Hartfield Elizabeth Elliot was traveling with her father Sir Walter, when they were caught in the same blizzard, arriving at the Inn just behind the Darcy s They also accepted Mr Knightley s hospitality as there was no room at the inn She too was battle scarred and battle weary Her life was not what she would like and recent events had changed her forever Marriage of convenience What was to be considered in marriage Charlotte Collins n e Lucas, only wanted a comfortable home Elizabeth Darcy n e Bennet, would only accept a marriage of love, while her silly sister Lydia Wickham only wanted a handsome husband in a red coat Three different expectations from girls raised within the same environs of Meryton But what of Elizabeth Elliot, what did she want I want a home of my own with someone whom I can like and respect Our story paints a dramatic picture of Elizabeth s recent disappointment Her cousin, Mr Walter Elliot, had attempted to court her younger sister Anne, then took Elizabeth s companion, Mrs Clay, under his protection, and separated from the head of the family She was devastated First, because Lady Russell and Anne had tried to warn her, and then Anne married Captain Wentworth Now she was stuck with her father, Sir Walter Elliot Two scarred and weary lives that meet in an oasis from the storm What was it that drew them together What did they see when they looked into each other s eyes Perhaps a comrade in arms, another wounded soul, or a haunted look that was all too familiar Whatever the cause that brought them together, it was a most excellent story I loved how our author eliminated their differences and accentuated their similarities I really enjoyed this clean story Even though we see our dear Colonel react to his experiences from the horrors of war, we never go into detail So, the rating remains clean There are hints but we never go there With our PP characters in Emma country, we had visits from familiar characters What fun to see our characters interact Our dear Colonel s inheritance was located very near Emma s father house What fun to see the vicar Mr Elton and his wife interact with Mr and Mrs Darcy Yeah, that was good I just wish there could have been less confusion Other than that, I loved it.

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    Today I have a 4.5 star review and giveaway for Maria Grace s new novella, Snowbound at Hartfield, a delightful mashup between Pride Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion

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    I love the Colonel so pretty much there is nothing that could stop me from loving this book I loved E s response to his PTSD Just loved the whole thing.

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    Review initially published on at Hartfield is a crossover of books and characters that I never thought possible, but maybe the issue is with my imagination because Maria Grace made these characters interactions completely plausible and interesting.Pride Prejudice will meet Persuasion and Emma when both Mr.Darcy s party and Sir Walter Elliot s are trapped in an inn during a snowstorm without any rooms vacant Luckily this inn is close to Hartfield, and Mr Knightley, who is Mr Darcy s old friend, invites them all to stay with him and his family until the storm abates.It is due to these circumstances that we will have in the same house Mr Darcy, Elizabeth, Mr Bennet, Col Fitzwilliam, Sir Walter Elliot, Miss Elizabeth Elliot, Mr Knightley, Mrs Emma Knightley and Mr Woodhouse I m sure you re starting to imagine how much fun it will be to have Mr Bennet and Sir Walter Elliot in close proximity But Sir Walter will not even be the only person who will contribute to the amusement of Mr Bennet, the Knightley s neighbours are, after all, perfect to make sport of, and Mrs Elton will always be a source of amusement for some and chagrin to others wherever she goes.The originality of bringing all these characters together and developing a very different and unexpected couple has to be praised The romantic couple in Snowbound at Hartfield is one I had never seen portrayed and would never think of, but Maria Grace made it work by showing us a deeper and darker side of these characters, one that is not often shown to us and will make us think of what is beneath the character s usual fa ade In fact, she picked up one of my least favourite secondary characters from Austen, and made her the love interest of one of my favourite characters succeeding to make me wish they would find happiness together.That wasn t an easy task, and I still can not say Miss Elliot is a favourite of mine, but she deed redeem herself in this book, and Maria Grace s approach to this character was remarkable.The love story between Col Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Elliot will be very different from what we are used to, but they will be presented to us as two broken souls who can mend each other, and we can not stop thinking that they will do very well together.Elizabeth Darcy and Emma Knightley are secondary characters in this story but it was very amusing and fun to see them described as matrons Snowbound at Hartfield is a creative, fun and romantic novella which will fill our hearts with the hope that it is never too late to find happiness I recommend this book to any Austen fan who is looking for a secondary character story to read This story is a quick read that will bring several of Austen s characters into a new light, it is perfect to be read between two Darcy and Elizabeth centered books, and I m sure any Austen aficionado will enjoy it.

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    Review originally posted on Diary of an EccentricMaria Grace s new novella, Snowbound at Hartfield, is a delightful mash up of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Emma, told from the alternating points of view of Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Elliot.A blizzard finds Colonel Fitzwilliam, Mr and Mrs Darcy, and Mr Bennet stranded in Highbury on their way to the colonel s newly inherited estate, Listingbrook Meanwhile, Elizabeth and her father, Sir Walter, are traveling to visit their Dalrymple cousins when they are caught in the storm Fortunately, Darcy runs into an old friend, Mr George Knightley, and he invites both groups to stay with him, his wife Emma, and her father at Hartfield.It s not long before Colonel Fitzwilliam and Miss Elliot, having briefly met a few months prior, begin a careful assessment of each other, as spending several days at Hartfield with happily married couples and irritating fathers take their toll Both have been hurt the colonel by the war, Elizabeth by her cousin and her best friend and they begin to understand one another in a way that only people with their own baggage and their own ghosts can But can they get past these obstacles and learn enough about each other to build a foundation for a lifetime of happiness before the snow melts and they go their separate ways I couldn t wait to read Snowbound at Hartfield because I love Grace s writing and was curious how she would combine the characters from my three favorite Austen novels, and I m happy to say I wasn t disappointed I love Austen inspired tales that put the secondary characters front and center, and Grace s take on Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Elliot was spot on, in my opinion A haunted, scarred Fitzwilliam embarking on a new life after his military career seemed authentic, as did an Elizabeth Elliot crushed by the betrayal of her friend, the marriage of her two younger sisters, and her diminishing prospects for marriage as she nears 30.I also loved seeing a Mr Bennet amused by Sir Walter and Mr Woodhouse, and I laughed out loud several times as he baited the status conscious baronet It was also entertaining to see a friendship develop between Mrs Darcy and Mrs Knightley and see them both happy in their marriages.Snowbound at Hartfield is my favorite in Grace s series of Sweet Tea novellas and short stories, with plenty of romance and humor to balance out the serious aspects of the plot It was fairly short but satisfying, and I savored it over a period of a few days because I didn t want it to end.

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    My Rating 4.5 rounded up to 5 Another wonderful novella from Maria Grace This time Colonel Fitzwilliam is in her sights and she provides an interesting mash up with characters from Emma , Persuasion and Pride Prejudice The Colonel has inherited a small estate and is on his way to visit it with Mr Darcy, Mrs Darcy Eliza the Colonel s name for her and Mr Bennet But their plans are waylaid by a severe winter storm and as luck would have it, in Highbury Mr Knightley happens to be a school chum of Darcy s and he invites them to stay at Hartfield until the storm passes However, they are not the only ones stranded in this storm Who should also be invited are Sir Walter Elliot and his daughter Miss Elizabeth Elliot The interactions with all these characters confined together were definitely entertaining The Colonel has returned from war in France a changed man I could just feel the tension flowing off him His patience and civility are on a short fuse, though he strives to contain them He has had prior encounters with the Elliot s in Bath, however, he happens to take a discerning look at Miss Elliot and does not find her wanting Miss Elliot herself has gone under a material change as well Fire by debt, betrayal and spinsterhood I really enjoyed seeing her perspective of her life What I liked best, was her willingness to try to be a better person and to truly see her father as the selfish egotistical person that he was As they each deal with happily married couples and three father s with disparate characters, they learn what is important to each other and themselves.Ms Grace writes with a deft hand the inner turmoils of these two vulnerable individuals But fear not, that it is just a serious story There is a delightful sense of humour throughout Toast with butter and sugar stands out as does Mrs Elton, peacocks and other game birds My only quibble and it is very minor and happens when I would like the story to be longer I would have loved further development to the Colonel s and Miss Elliot s interactions after the incident.

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    4.5 rounded up to 5 starsI followed this story as a WIP on Maria Grace s blog but never read the last chapter and epilogue So, having secured the published edition to read it in its final version I may now post a review.The title tells us where we are Elizabeth Darcy becomes Liza to the readers as the colonel s POV allows that he calls her that since her marriage to his cousinand because Elizabeth Elliot is present through out and we also read her POV It is rather ironic that several author have recently written stories about this lady She is not very likable in canon.Stranded due to a snow storm, Mr Knightley invites his old university friend, Darcy, his wife, his cousin, the colonel, Mr Bennet, and the equally stranded baronet, Sir Walter Elliot and Elizabeth Elliot to stay at his and Emma s home, Hartfield The Darcy party is there b c the colonel has inherited some property, Listingbrook, so Darcy will help the colonel inspect it and learn to manage it while Mr Bennet is along to learn about estate management himself The Elliot party is on their way to visit Lady Dalrymple as Sir Walter plans to offer for her daughter.While using time to go over paperwork and visit the estate the colonel also becomes interested in getting to know Elizabeth Elliot better He needs a wife will she do BUT we also learn he suffers from PTSD and at times loud noises, even thunder, have him diving for the trenches This was a journey which changed my opinion about Elizabeth Elliot while we read of her own views about her father and her two married sisters In the end she comes to understand why Captain Wentworth make PDA to Anne.I enjoyed this short story.

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    Avid ReaderThis is my second reading of this book, but my first review I rediscovered it on I checked my Kindle and immediately began to read it The chapters merged seamlessly as Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Elliott found their happiness I loved the way Colonel Fitzwilliam out Sir Elliot and Mrs Elton in their place At one point I thought the Colonel would scream at Mrs Elton as she insisted on introducing him to someone to marry while Elizabeth was present during a tea at the Knightleys Then when he told her that she couldn t strange their wedding breakfast, she screeched, but he was immovable Loved the ending

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    This was an interesting premise, what would happen if Elizabeth, Darcy, Mr Bennet, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth Elliot and Sir Walter got stuck due to snow and the only place for them to stay was Hartfield The answer, chaos.I did like the interactions between Mr Bennet and Sir Walter, the inclusion of the colonel suffering from PTSD was interesting and important.

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