His Highland Heart

His Highland Heart Shipwrecked In Enemy Territory, Euan Brodie Fears The Rest Of His Crew Are At The Bottom Of The Moray Firth While He Searches For His Crew, The Youngest Barely Twelve Years Old, He Must Evade Clan Ross Warriors Yet When He Sees A Lass About To Drown In The Incoming Tide, He Risks Capture To Save Her Along With Two Other Munro Lasses, Muireall Munro Was Taken By Clan Ross Raiders Nearly A Month Ago She S Yet To Be Claimed As A Ross Bride Still, After Two Failed Escape Attempts, Her Hope Is Waning Of Ever Seeing Her Home And The Younger Brother She Was Raising But The Stranger Who Pulls Her From The Surf Will Change Her Life Forever If Muireall Reveals Who She Really Is, The Delicious Man Who Just Saved Her Life Will Want Nothing Further To Do With Her Yet She Needs Him If She Is Ever To Escape Her Ross Captors If Euan Reveals Who He Really Is To The Woman He Saved, He Risks Not Only His Life, But His Clan Left With No Choice, Can They Save Each Other While They Fall In Love Book One Of My Exciting New Scottish Historical Romance Series

Willa Blair is an Award winning and Barnes Noble 1 Bestselling author of Scottish Historical, light Paranormal, and Contemporary romance She has been featured on and contributes to USAToday s Happy Ever After romance blog, Savvy Authors, Romance University, and .Her books have won numerous honors, including the Marlene, the Merritt, National Readers Choice Award Finalist, The R

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  • Paperback
  • His Highland Heart
  • Willa Blair
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9781946153036

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    The story opens with Euan Brodie being shipwrecked on Ross lands, he is in hostile territory and has been separated from his crew He is injured and wracked with guilt over the loss of his ship and crew His first encounter with Muireall Munro is when he saves her from being swept out to sea Muireall was taken captive almost a month prior when the Ross clan raided her lands and stole her and two other girls as brides Muireall has yet to be matched with a Ross clansman, but that will change in a matter of days if she cannot escape She has tried than once and has the marks to prove it When she is cut off from the cove by the rising tide, she is sure that she will die But Euan risks his own safety to save her and she feels a glimmer of hope that she might be able to get home.Muireall and Euan don t exactly trust each other, but they work together to reach caves above the tide line and hatch a plan to escape the Ross As much as she doesn t want to, Muireall agrees to return the village and will try to persuade Ella, one of the other Munro girls to leave with her and to aid Euan escape.After Muireall returns to the beach, she is immediately caught by the Ross laird, who promptly gives her to his second in command as a bride Euan lets her go, but has promised to return her to her family When she leave the cave and he doesn t hear her, he follows her Once he knows she is back in the village and decides to search for food and water and ends up finding Calum, one of his lost crewmen.When Muireall is cornered by the Ross laird, she runs in the woods trying to find Euan When she stubbles upon him, the Ross laird and his guard ambush them In a fight for his life, Euan ends up killing the Ross laird and escaping with Muireall and Calum When they make it to the cove to steal a boat, they find another crewman, unfortunately, he did not survive Euan has promised to take Muireall home, but he must first return James body to his family He asks her to try and be patient just a little longer.When they arrive back at Brodie, Euan immediately wants to go back and find his other missing crew members, but Iain Brodie, Laird Brodie refuses to let him go, he also refuses to return Muireall to Munro until he knows what is happening with the Ross clan.Over the next few days, Muireall is cared for by the Brodie clan and grows closer to Euan, but she just wants to go home, even when the Brodie clansmen return with news and Ella, she is impatient to leave.When a Ross warrior shows up and tells Iain that they have one of his clansmen and will kill him if the man who murdered their laird and the girls are not returned to them, Muireall is frantic she will not return to the Ross clan and she doesn t want Euan to go either Iain refuses to admit that they had anything to do with death of the Ross laird and sends the warrior back empty handed Again Muireall asks to be sent home and is again denied.When Euan is able to redeem himself and with the help of Muireall come up with a plan to make a peace offering to the new Ross laird, Iain gives Muireall permission to return home Before they leave, Euan admits his feelings to Muireall and is hurt that she doesn t immediately agree to marry him He returns her to her family and again makes his feelings known and is again rejected.He leaves to return to Brodie and they are both heartbroken, until one of them finally swallows their pride and returns to their love Even when our lovers are reunited, Ms Blair isn t finished with the story and throws in another twist or two.This was a well written book, it flowed nicely, had a lot of tense moments, a lot of heartache and a little steam I did feel like Muireall was unreasonable at times and maybe a tad selfish And towards the end of the book, she really became annoying, rejecting Euan, yet being upset that he didn t ask her father for her hand If I was confused, I can only imagine what poor Euan was feeling All in all, it was a very entertaining read and I would be happy to recommend it to anyone who enjoys highland historicals Review was done as an editorial review for Romcon and originally posted at

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    Another action packed Highland romance This book has danger, the need for survival, tons of drama, suspense and romance The characters have wonderful personalities with complex emotions that are easy to identify with Our Hero Euan, feels bad luck is always surrounding him His last decision caused the wreck of his boat and the death of some of his men and one young boy Shipwrecked on enemy soil, he rescues a maiden, Muireall Muireall was kidnapped by the Ross clan from her Munro clan along with two other women After receiving harsh treatment for trying to escape she is now faced with her savior, a stranger Although, Euan is not sure he can trust Muireall to help him, he has no choice Muireall faces fear that Euan will not take her with him when he escapes But she helps him anyway Although Muireall is hiding things from Euan, they devise a plan to rescue themselves When Muireall returns to the Ross camp she is punished by their wicked Laird They humiliate her by stripping her in front of the village and to bath before them But this is just the beginning of their ordeals They still have to get away from the Ross clan and return to the Brodie clan Muireall is annoyingly persistent that he takes her back to Munro, but Euan must return to Brodie as soon as possible This is an exciting action adventure that takes the couple from Ross to Brodie to Munro and back to Brodie There are several subplots that add to the danger, suspense and romance This is a very good read I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book via Hidden Gems and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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    Emotional Highland romance with a dash of thrilling political intrigue Euan Brodie finds himself shipwrecked in enemy territory, and is shocked to discover he s not the only one trying to escape Muireall Munro was kidnapped from her own clan a month before, and she s willing to risk anything and everything in order to escape the Ross clan s plan for her This story kept me glued to each page as Euan and Muireall navigate an assortment of dangerous situations on their way to freedom And the adventure doesn t stop once they reach the safety of the Brodie keep, as there is still the matter of the ongoing Ross threat as well as the unknown fate of the Munro clan to keep them both from being free to follow through on their soul deep connection This is so much than just a simple romance, as the story involves the fates of several of the family members from each of the involved clans The story deftly shows the intricate and delicate political balance that enabled neighboring clans to live in harmony, and the devastating consequences when that balance is destroyed It s an edge of your seat ride across both sides of the Moray Firth that will have you feeling like a fellow clan member before you get to the thrilling conclusion I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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    This is dramatic, suspenseful and romantic Euan is stubborn, impulsive, caring and protective Muireall is strong, brave, determined and resilient When Euan s ship wrecks on the shores of the treacherous Ross clan, he finds himself rescuing a woman from drowning, then hiding with her in a cave Muireall, and two other women, had been stolen from their clan by the Ross and she was trying to find a way to escape She convinces him to help rescue her, but instead of taking her home, he brings her to his clan They end up spending a lot of time together and fall in love, but Muireall just wants to go home The storyline is full of shocking surprises that make it hard to put down, and the characters are interesting and a little engaging.I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hidden Gems This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.

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    If you enjoy the Outlander Series, you will not be disappointed in reading His Highland Heart The story takes place in an earlier time period than Outlander, but is filled with the same clan loyalty, code of honor, and adventure Muireall, the main character is rescued from a horrible situation by a handsome Highlander that she is immediately drawn to However, her obligations to her own clan, and especially a secret about herself that she cannot share, are threats to their relationship Plus, the possibility of an impending war between the clans is another cause for consternation As the plot unfolds, there is plenty of mystery, intrigue, and romance to keep you thoroughly entertained.

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    This one had a descent plot and character development It was slow at times but overall it was good The conflict is believable and strong The dialogue was good and the tension between the two main characters did add to the overall development of the storyline I did think that there were parts that could have been stronger this one didn t grab and hold my attention like other historical romances It did have some passion, though it did stick to the tame side of it It wasn t my favorite but of the three I read for NERFA this one was the best because at least it did have some passion and the plot was believable and well developed if not intense.

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    You will love this story and its characters The story will hold you until the climax The fact that she is the laird s daughter should have Euan run for the hills, but that s not even in this thoughts when he returns her to her father It s a little bit of a let down, but a man in love will overlook almost anything That s just one small thing in this story, and the action and excitement is in the intrigue of the clan Ross.

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    Unusual circumstances bring Euan Brodie and Muireall Munro together He is shipwrecked, and Muireall and two others have been kidnapped to be Ross brides Trust isn t easy to come by for either Euan or Muireall They have great chemistry, and the romance flows well despite the bumps along the way Highly enjoyable and very recommend This is a voluntary review of an advance reader copy.

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    This wonderfully written tale of adventure has it all Read full review in the

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    I really liked this fast paced historical read Muirell and Euan have great chemistry and the story has plenty of twists and turns with lots of drama I found the story entertaining but wish the romance between Muirell and Euan was a bit stronger Overall, a good read.

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