Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms A Groundbreaking New Reporting Of The Historical Drama Linking The Kennedys And The Castros That Sheds New Light On The JFK AssassinationUsing Breakthrough Reporting And Interviews With Long Silent Sources, Russo And Coauthor Stephen Molton Have Crafted A Dramatic Retelling Of The Time Before, During, And After The Kennedy Killing The Book Centers On The Two Opposed Sets Of Brothers The Kennedys And The Castros Who Collectively Authored One Of Modern History S Most Dangerous, And Tragically Ironic, Chapters Bobby Kennedy Pushed For The Murder Of Fidel Castro And Instead Got The Death Of His Beloved Brother, A Psychic Blow From Which He Himself Never Recovered Lee Harvey Oswald Killed An Admired President And Traumatized A Nation, But In So Doing May Have Prevented A Third World WarBuilt On Thirty Years Of Intense Research Including Discoveries So Significant That They Have Rekindled CIA And State Department Interest In The Kennedy Assassination Brothers In Arms Is A Vivid, Character Driven, Almost Cinematic Narration Of A Singularly Fascinating Time For Neophytes, It Is The Most Accessible And Informed Single Volume On The Assassination For The Many Readers Fascinated By This Story, It Provides Extraordinary New Facts That Will Force A Reconsideration Of How And Why The Kennedy Murder Came To Pass

Gus Russo is a veteran investigative reporter, musician, and author His first book, Live By the Sword The Secret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK Bancroft, 1998 , was praised by the New York Times as compelling, exhaustively researched and even handed Kirkus Reviews called Sword, Probably the last book on the Kennedy assassination you will need to read.Gripping and convincing T

❰Ebook❯ ➩ Brothers in Arms  Author Gus Russo –
  • Hardcover
  • 545 pages
  • Brothers in Arms
  • Gus Russo
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9781596915329

10 thoughts on “Brothers in Arms

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    This was a chore to get through and I almost gave up at least two times I personally would recommend skipping this one Also, some of the facts presented seem dubious at best.

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    Dry readtook a long time to get through Interesting theory though.

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    Very interesting work I m no conspiracy theorist, but the case this author presents seems pretty plausible.

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    Looking back on my original review below , a little over a year later, I have to admit it s fairly terrible Don t get me wrong, I still think this book was crap even so now but I don t think I did a very good job explaining what made this book so unreadable Not too long ago, though, I stumbled upon an article that really breaks it down and I thought I d share.http site Be warned, it is lengthy but well worth it in my opinion Definitely better to read this review and not the book than the other way around Original Review This book was a joke It is like the he said, she said of The Kennedy assassination Some 400 or so pages in and I finally had to give up on it And I now know to avoid anything by Gus Russo like the plague As far as historical accuracy it felt like half the stuff in the book was made up Every eye witness account is taken as the complete and honest truth Well, that is unless it is coming from someone in Cuban who isn t a defector Then it s an all out fabrication All official and unofficial word from our government officials at the time also have 100% credibility Really I wish I had taken down notes of all the things I took issue with so that I could share them here and hopefully spare someone else this complete and utter waste of time Anyone who refers to an enemy of the US state as evil almost every time their names are mentioned, cannot be taken very seriously as far as I m concerned The world isn t that Manichean And to turn around and give the Kennedy administration a free pass when it was guilty of the very same plotting that Castro s government was up to is laughable And to be honest I don t read history to listen to the author pass judgement anyway But now I know, this wasn t meant to be historical to begin with.

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    This type of historical writing has become fairly commonplace but has never sat well with me How can a writer of non fiction, in good conscience, write things like I m making this up because I already returned the book but it s typical this Fidel s weary eyes then met Che s slowly For a moment the two men were of one mind, then eye contact broke Fidel took a long pull off of his cigar and looked up at the mahogany ceiling, cherubs and grapevines carved there in ornate patterns I ll do it he thought, and coughed before speaking I mean seriouslycan we document eye contact Exact conversations Especially when we re talking about happenings in countries as inaccessible as Cuba and Soviet Russia This book is based entirely on eyewitness accounts, which we all know to be fantastically unreliable, and two sketchy, vague sources inside Russia and Cuba The rest is filled in by the author s imaginations, with no qualification of these ornamental, but fabricated, details.The bottom line is this read this book, it s not a bad one, but take everything in it with a huge grain of salt Even all of the claims about Fidel, Che and Raul s bloodthirsty nature are contested and unprovable It s funny that a book about official deception, propoganda, misinformation and double agents takes standard American government accounts of the Cuban regime at face value.I understand books like this sell better than books that say well, this is how we think it was, but this, this and this are also possible so you, the reader, need to be able to ask those questions yourself.

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    The author argues that Lee Harvey Oswald was closely linked with the Castros Using evidence from Soviet and Cuban archives, he presents a compelling case The biographies of Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy, Raul Castro, Fidel Castro, and Lee Harvey Oswald are detailed and well written By far the most interesting aspect of the book is the argument that Lyndon Johnson feared the assassination of John Kennedy would spark a global war in the same way that Franz Ferdinand s assassination in 1914 sparked World War I I had never read that before, but it made sense given that the fiftieth anniversary of Franz Ferdinand s assassination had led to a number of new books about the events leading up to World War I.

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    Too much conjecture and closed off conservatism to the policy line on Oswald made this non fiction book dull and inappropriately imaginative Doris Kearns Goodwin, Mr Russo is not This was supposed to be a parable about the dynamic parallels and antagonism between the Castro brothers and the Kennedy brothers but it all kept getting distracted by the buzzing about of endless tedious leafs of paper on what a lost dullard Lee Harvey Oswald was.Honestly, I only got a little over half way through this book, it just annoyed me and pushed me across the line too far and I wound up withdrawing all my ships and missiles from the island.Sorry.

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    A very interesting look into the lives of the Castro brothers, the Kennedy brothers and Lee Oswald Not a book full of zealous claims of conspiracies but written rather with a resigned air of what could of been I really did enjoy reading this book it took me a long time with a couple of books read in between but I am glad I didn t chuck it and stuck with it.

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    Very convincing analysis of the Kennedy assassination that doesn t blame the Cubans so much as show that they and the Russians knew what Oswald might do, but he still carried it out himself The US whitewashed this info to avoid war.

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    Along with Live by the Sword this is another Russo excellent analysis of the facts swarming around the conspiratorial Kennedy brothers This one also does an excellent overview and explanation of the rise of LBJ and the decline of RFK.

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