Trickery Willa Knight Dweller Slave Non Magical Being In Minatsol, Being A Dweller Means That You Are Literally No Better Than Dirt In Fact, Dirt Might Actually Be Useful Than Willa Her Life Will Be One Of Servitude To The Sols, The Magic Blessed Beings Who Could One Day Be Chosen To Become Gods At Least Her Outer Village Is Far Removed From The Cities Of The Sols, And She Won T Ever Be Forced To Present Herself To Them Until One Small Mistake Changes Everything, And Willa Is Awarded A Position To Serve At Blesswood, The Top Sol Academy In The World A Position That She Definitely Did Not Earn Under The Sudden, Watchful Eye Of The Gods, She Will Be Tasked To Serve The Abcurse Brothers, Five Sols Built Of Arrogance, Perfection And Power They Are Almost Gods Themselves, And Under Their Service She Is Either Going To End Up Sentenced To Death, Or Else They Are Going To Ruin Her So Badly That She Will Wish For It Either Way, She Is In Trouble This Is A Full Novel Words Book Of In The Curse Of The Gods Series

Jaymin Eve is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and sci fi novels filled with epic love stories, great adventures, and plenty of laughs She lives in Australia with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and a couple of crazy pets To date, she has sold close to two million ebooks, and still can t believe that she gets to create fantasy w

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    This book is hilarious At first I almost DNFed because it seemed like the main girl was so stupid that I didn t think I could take it But, I have seen how much everyone loved it and decided to give it a chance I m so glad I did.Yes, the heroine is clumsy She s a walking disaster area who is a danger to herself and anyone around her Actually, walking disaster is inaccurate because she never makes it than a few steps without tripping, running into something, or falling down stairs How the hell have you stayed alive this long he asked.I shrugged, trying to catch my breath No idea, it s been a rough road Willa gets chosen to serve the gods in training at some special god school These semi gods have powers and are hoping to be chosen to live in their own version of Mount Olympus someday Willa is such a nightmare everyone around her has a tendency to get hurt or bald that her town actually celebrates when she leaves.Upon her arrival at the school, she draws the attention of five brother not gods who are known for breaking their servants They start a bet over who can get her a death sentence the fastest Luckily, Willa DOES have a brain in her body because she enters this bet and because of this, her and the brothers end up friends Cuz, who doesn t like someone who is willing to take a death sentence on a bet Personally, I can understand this a little My family is willing to take jokes too far I think that there have been plenty of times when we would have been sentenced to death for offending rooms full of people if that was a thing I m remembering a certain 9 11 joke I told that didn t go over too well That was an uncomfortable Christmas And muttering, too soon afterwards never seems to help..Anyway The brothers are awesome They have no respect, are super hilarious, and dangerous in every way Willa ends up becoming their little pet And, all I could say was, Way to go, Willa If I had to be someone s pet, these brothers would be my top pick as owners I really want her to end up with all five of these guys Is that wrong Well, maybe not such a great idea after allI would highly recommend this book if you need to be cheered up and want some silly fun There were fights, blood, and other serious elements, but the best part was the humor.

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    2.5 stars Please note that this review pertains to the series as a whole than book 1 specifically CotG is like the gateway drug of this genre Hordes of people stan this series Over at RHR we hear this story a lot Before I read Curse of the Gods, I didn t even know reverse harems existed Now I read piles of RH This phenomenon relates to what irks me about the series Allow me to make my case about why I believe CotG is passively hurting the RH genre.Curse of the Gods is missing vital components of what makes up a good series.Most notably character development Willa Knight is the heart and soul of every book Most if not all conversations are about her The way we glean information about side characters is through their reaction to her The plot follows her around like a lost puppy Considering she is the biggest force in the book, Willa should be complex and interesting enough to carry the book Willa s got a lot of spunk She speaks up, she acts out, she can raise a lot of hell if need be Here s the issue she was that way at the beginning of book one Four books later, Willa remains the same sassy girl Her personality, her lack of flaws, her moral compass, none have shifted even after four books worth of plot Common advice often given to authors to develop character arcs is to consider this question If your character were to face the climax conflict at the beginning of their journey, would they have reacted the same way If the answer is yes, then the author has failed to infuse their character with adequate and story relevant development Unfortunately for Willa that answer is yes Yes YES The Abcurses love Willa pretty much the moment they meet her, so she underwent no changes to gain their love Confrontations with baddies are generally solved with Willa s unique personality the one she s always had or whatever new superpower she gained that book please note that Super Special Super Powers SSSPs do NOT count as character growth A lack of character development is a huge problem in a character driven series because things get dull real fast Every quirk that was once entertaining becomes tired and overused Willa is like an old dog that can t learn any new tricks Take the I have a weird quirky thought 3 so all the Abcurses chuckle and get distracted routine used it many times so far The Oops I tripped and fell into his chocolate abs spiel we ve seen it plenty, Willa Or the Let me shock these baddies into speechlessness with how mouthy and nonsensical I can be trick getting real old CotG also lags in terms of plot structure and active protagonists Willa and the Abcurses mostly meander around the globe, reacting to whatever situation is thrown at them in that particular moment It s difficult to determine their motivations and goals, and that makes it difficult to root for them Aside from not getting hurt or killed, and not getting separated, the Abcurse family doesn t actually strive towards anything That makes for boring plot and uninspiring characters All these issues are not so dire when we re talking about book 1 But Strength, which I just read, is the fourth installment and still there has been no improvement.If you ve stuck with me this far, I promise I have a point Here it is I ve already mentioned that the Curse of the Gods draws many readers into the RH genre It is the only series in this niche genre that claims mainstream popularity, and therefore it is the face, gold standard, and centerpiece of reverse harem works Consequently, Curse of the Gods sets the bar for all other series in the genre And that bar, my friends, is very low.RH authors witness the popularity it has garnered and aspire to match that standard They assume that what readers want in an RH series is hot cookie cutter men and picture perfect heroines They also assume they can forgo essential literary elements plot structure, character arcs, character depth the same ones lacking from Curse of the Gods As a reader community, we should be demanding from our authors We should want our books to have qualifications than just as good as CotG.But maybe you re not concerned by this Maybe the only reason you read RH is for man candy and self indulgent heroines Obviously there s nothing wrong with that sentiment Plenty of other genres are guilty of relying on those elements Bodice rippers, Scifi romance, and contemporary smut are especially common perpetrators, and I read those books for a mindless escape every now and then But those genres aren t defined by one series like RH is And those genres all have authors who often go above and beyond to produce gorgeous novels of high literary worth Take the Victorian Rebels series, or The Ninth Orb, or Sparrow as a few of many possible examples In my dream world, RH books would aspire to be consistently better than the trendsetter, CotG They would boast not only hot men, but also complex characters, gripping plotlines, and meaningful themes In the true spirit of the reverse harem, I want not just one but ALL of those things eatALLthecake

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    Alex Roe as Rome 4 AMAZING, Yet unsafe STARS Coming from my monogamist, perverted little heart it s almost like a gazillion stars I m not joking, when a book is tagged as romance I get picky and I need possessive heroes and commited heroines I rarely give 5 stars to unsafe books ACOMAF was a glorious exception unless there s something outside the romance and that something has to be really amazing to impress me.Well, ladies and gentlemen, Trickery is an amazing book I m impressed I ll say this book is the perfect choice if you want a light fantasy book to take with you to the beach You won t find complicated world building You won t find poetic prose and heavy social issues You ll find a story of friendship, bravery and the eternal mystery of why opposites attract And of course you ll find 5 hot guys completely devoted to their heroine.I like the world building I know that some fantasy readers prefer overdescriptive, detailed worldbuiding and everything explained in book 1 of the series, but I don t I don t want to know the whole history and politics of the world in the first books of the series I prefer the kind of worldbuilding that has the potential to grow throughout the series Think Harry Potter, and Hunger games Book 1 didn t explain the history and politics of the world but we the impatient readers eventually discovered what was going on as the series progressed This one has potential to become really epic.Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington provide us readers with enough information of their magic world Minatsol, to understand Willa s position and why the Abcurse brothers infatuation with her are a big deal.Minatsol is a world where not everyone is equal Willa, a walking disaster, cheats during her exams and therefore she gets a high ranking that gives her the privilege of travelling with her sister to a very exclusive academy Not to study but to serve the demigods who attend the school there.I disagree with anyone who calls Willa stupid She is quite smart actually There are several types of inteligence Willa has interpersonal and intrapersonal, skills She s also good at language, I mean, all her witty comebacks Poor Willa just doesn t have the kind of intelligence that allows normal people to put one foot in front of the other without tripping That s the kinesthesic intelligence, but other than that she s quite smart and I like her I guess some people will find her sense of humor juvenile, but I think that s what really made me enjoy this book I had the most amazing pic to fancast the other abcurse brothers but for some reason it s not working It must be that Willa s pull for chaos is rubbing on me.Anyway, I think this book is different I don t think it s romantic, and I m uncapable to root for Willa with all the brothers I prefer possessive, strong heroes and I think Rome is the one who really seemed affected by the fact that Willa has a thing for ALL THE BROTHERS I hope he eventually finds someone else or that Willa chooses him, but that doesn t seem the point of the series The whole point seems to make the reader laugh so I ll read the next of the series and hopefully I ll enjoy the sequels as much as I enjoyed this one even if there s not a single couple to root for or maybe there are too many of them. I might even preorder Seduction, book 3 of this series because my friends are all hyped about it I think it s the most anticipated November release in the YOung adult section.I m not writing a parental guidance alertyet because this book was clean, but I don t know whether the authors will try to be like Tahere Mafi and Sarah J Maas and change genres, from clean YA to raunchy no fade to black during sex scenes New Adult later in the series Do you need a laugh A mindless YA Juvenile jokes and hot guys Read Trickery.Pre reading thoughtsI wasn t going to read this because TRIANGLES AND POLYGONS AREN T MY THING But I need a light young adult fantasy and My dear friend Karen says that this Fantasy book is the opposite of a Sarah J Maas books and that ingrigued me How is that even possible I also pick a popular overly anticipated series once in a while to read and Seduction book 3 of this series is coming in November I don t think I m exaggerating that it has to be the MOST ANTICIPATED YOUNG ADULT FANTASY NOVEMBER REALEASE, judging by the level of interest amogn my friens Before Seduction appears all over my newsfeed with me not having an idea of what s going on I decided to step out of my confort zone of safe romances and go for something that everyone says is quite funny and different I honestly hate reading on going, unfinished series because I hate cliffhangers But usually Young adult Kindle unlimited authors finish their series quickly so I m here ready I m not expecting romance How could it be with so many love interest Wish me luck I really want to love this one.Note Unsafe means that there are other partners activities meaning kissing, watching naked and I usually hate that so I wonder how I d feel about this one.

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    HILARIOUS HEROINE WHO LITERARLLY FALLS INTO ADVENTUREBEAUTIFUL COVERREVERSE HAREM WHEN THE F CK IS BOOK 2 COMING OUT Meet Willa Knight the quirky, ultra clumsy, sassy heroine you haven t read yet Fuck the gods, I said again, a little louder this time Just double checking Fuck the fucking gods I screamed I had no excuse for that one It just felt good It was only a childish prank to graduate Just mess up the computers Improve her grades She didn t realize it would send her off to Blessmont People are chosen for their grace, elegance, intelligence everything Willa s tendency for disaster overshadows Once sent the academy, you either stayserve or get sacrificed No joke if she pissed someone off she dead I mean I know things have happened so fast, but did you consider turning it down I hadn t Not even once, actually Which was odd because I was pretty certain I would die there Last quote about Willa s character, honestly I just loved her She was clumsy She was fearless She was prideful She had nothing left She kept fighting Which actually wasn t a bad idea I mean I had a candlestick, and Fakey made it look super easy to use as a weapon I could totally take Point on this And, let s not forget that I had stabbed a god before That practically made me an expert in god fighting Now lets meet my boys and yes they are mine fight me Willa Aros golden boy , Rome protective giant , Siret trickster Yael flirty boy , and Coen quiet snarky mobster It wasn t the tree that had surprised me, though It was the guy tied to the tree, and the guy standing before him, holding up a crossbow He was blindfolded, and the guy tied to the tree was laughing All the brothers possess unique personalities that really differed them but all in all they are arrogant rebellious souls who don t give a f ck about the rules.The clumsy dweller amuses them so they bet how long it would take for a teacher to sentence her to death for breaking the rules The sols admittedly looked a little put off, but I was sure it was only because they hadn t actually thought that I would try to get myself sentenced to death Pfft They clearly didn t know me Muahha they underestimated the power of her clumsy curseHow I rate any book is 90% based on the quality of banter In that case this book is a 5 but Yael was meeting my stare, and he had this knowing expression on his face that made me want to sucker punch him in the face.So Yeah.That s how I ended up sucker punching a sacred sol on my second sun cycle By far, this was my favorite scene I knew that he was moments away from kicking the door down like a crazy, deranged sol, so I quickly raised my fist and knocked They all turned to stare at me, looking like I d just stolen their favourite toy and ripped its head off What I asked defensively Just trying to be polite We re here to kill her, Siret reminded me, his voice a frustrated groan There were honestly so many hilarious interactions with this group that at times i was rolling on the floor laughing like a maniac I gave him a surprised look, but he only met my eye stubbornly Challenging me to argue with him Well I wasn t going to argue with him before, but he challenged me, dammit I m just saying, a girl could get use to be pressed against an Abcurse chest whenever crazy shit started happening At times the plot seemed like random situations that Willa fell into and the guys laughed ran after her for pure entertainment I tossed out my hands to catch myself, forgetting that I was holding the knife And that was how I stabbed a God in Topia However, I began to see the guys were part of a bigger adventure that i hope we ll find out about in book 2 And over time they began to care for each other.which they expressed thru sassy comments and threatening glares There s a knife in your chest, you idiot I realised that screaming at him probably wasn t going to help the situation, but I couldn t seem to control myself I really really loved these guys they were interesting characters with backstories and schemes and each were so unique and hilarious I was honestly jealous of Willa at times definitely recommend

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    FREE July 1, 2019 on US Kindle My first foray into reverse harem eatallthecakeI m in love with this book It was hilarious So, this chick is a dweller, right They are like the servant class, and then there are the sols, the elite people who have gifts and if they are super lucky, the gods will pick them to go to Topia, aka heaven Each year, from every village, two lucky people are picked to go to the cool college where they get to serve the sols and eventually earn a job in a wealthy household serving some sols hahaSo, Willa Will Knight and her adopted sis get picked and they go Willa meets these five brothers and ends up becoming their side kick and shenanigans abound I freaking LOVED this Willa is a TRAINWRECK The most awkward, bumbling, clumsy chick ever I felt a kindred vibe with her since I myself have been known to run into things completely sober from time to time that magically just appear out of nowhere Seriously, it wasn t my fault that wall or chair moved in front of me notmyfault I mean, you seriously should only read this if you willing to throw everything out the window It s preposterous She gets FIVE demigods at her beck and call, and they are constantly throwing her over their shoulders, pawing at her, pressing her between them to shield her It s ridiculous LMAOI LOVED EVERY SECOND.I want my own harem of five hot godlings I wouldn t exactly call this YA Willa is 18 and there are a few f bombs and talk of butts and nipples and kisses and rubbing and silliness No sexy times or anything and not even any romance It s this weird balance where they are attracted but nothing happens and the guys joke around and call her their pet and toy.I don t even know what this is BUT I LIKE IT.I wish I was Willa I like ALL the Abcursed brothers All five Mine They each have a gift, like strength, persuasion, pain, illusion, seduction I mean, seriously, this book is ridiculously silly But SO.MUCH.FUN.The guys do help Willa but she also helps herself, so she s not some dumb damsel in distress either I want The cover is weird because Willa is like dressed shabbily and either dirty or all ripped up with messy hair throughout the whole book I think there is only once where she has a nice dress on and I guess that is what the cover is supposed to show.

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    3.5 stars, maybe Trickery was chaotic And I haven t decided whether in a positive or negative way It s your own fault, Will What did I tell you about walking That I should leave it to the experts Willa Knight is a freaking disaster of epic, almost get impaled burned killed on a daily basis proportions She lives in a world divided between sols, the superior beings that strive to become Gods when they die, and dwellers, their servants slaves who are equal to dirt Andthat s pretty much all the world building we get, at least in the first book of the series Of course there are also the actual Gods, but the information concerning their whereabouts is scarce and mostly confusing But I ll come back to this later Our aforementioned protagonist finds herself in a precarious situation well, precarious than usual when she is chosen to attend Blesswood Academy as a servant to eligible future Gods, and is assigned by mistake, mind you to take care of the Ab b curse Brothers Siret call me Trickery , Yael call me Persuasion , Arol call me Seduction , Rome call me Strength and Coen call me Pain , who are extraordinarily gorgeous and suck Willa into their divine world infused with super powers, devious Gods and secret missions Sounds like a fun ride, doesn t it And it is a fun ride The reason I picked Trickery besides the cover was the desire to read something similar to Demons at Deadnight by A.E Kirk, and the truth is that the authors indeed delivered a lighthearted, entertaining story that makes you chuckle at Willa s precious inner monologues and penchant for nudity and disaster, and thus you inhale it in one sitting Add to the mix mythology and rivalries between Gods and five seriously hot dudes, and that s the recipe for success At least it should be, but sadly I am a tad underwhelmed.Like I said before, the world building needs further exploration My brain hurt from the confusion over the country of Minatsol, its history and its origins It wavered between high fantasy and urban fantasy, there were trains and shorts and then godlike powers and swords but no explanation regarding this world s creation, only some vague and inadequate references to the past And then there is the mythology It was utterly underdeveloped and weak we know there are Gods with varied abilities cue some random names , and that some prominent sols become gods, but the reason of the division between sols and dwellers is a mystery to be solved.The second thing that bothered me was the Willa boys relationship I loved their dynamics and their banters, and frankly, I loved all the guys even though I have a crush on Siret , but the tension, the angst and the sexually charged atmosphere between Willa and all of them was cringe worthy I d preferred if she picked one, hell I d even preferred a love triangle at this point, but being equally attracted to five brothers And all of them attracted to her I m about to believe that all those raging hormones will lead to a kinky sex pentagon hexagon and I m not very comfortable with that idea view spoiler Don t get me started on Willa getting angry about their agreement to not kiss have sex with her Apparently she digs said kinky hexagon hide spoiler

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    4.5 starsI felt like reading manga and I laughed so hard because Willa is so funny TEAMROME

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    I loved absolutely everything about this book.The world building, the dweller sol gods set up, all 5 brothers, clumsy sassy Willa, the flirting, the group dynamic, the humor just everything And I cannot wait for the next one especially if that pact they have going on crumbles.

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    Wow, I actually liked this book A lot Willa Knight 18 and the Abcurses Coen, Rome, Siret, Yael and Aros were awesome The book actually reminded me of Demons at Deadnight by A.E Kirk with Aurora and the Hex boys, just a bit mature I adore the lightness, the funniness and hilariousness, the jokes and the mystery the book got going on Some things in life were a given It was a given that the sols were the bridge between the dwellers and the gods. I love all the Abcurses equally, which is a shock because I always, always choose just one that I love than the others, but not here They were all great I did like Willa, a lot, though sometimes her clumsiness became a bit too much, but in the end it all worked I m extremely excited to see where this series is going, so I hope we get book two soon, and fast Dwellers would always be worthless to the world, and I would always be worthless to the worthless. WHAT I LIKED The boys The funniness The lightness The story The friendships The easiness Did I mention the boys WHAT I DIDN T LIKED The clumsiness became a bit too much The idiocy Willa acting dumb at times.Quick basic facts Genre YA NA Paranormal Romance Mythology Series Series, Book OneLove triangle view spoiler No, not yet at least The boys made a pact hide spoiler

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    2.5ish 3.5ish reverse harem starsTrickery isn t as good as I was expecting but is still exactly what I needed after abandoning two books by Sarah J Maas in a row Nothing against those flawless characters of Mass or her tendency to manipulate the plot to favor her favorite snowflake Maas writing is very good, but I just needed A light young adult fantasy read A relatable working class heroine, preferebly someone flawed I could see developing over time A group of male characters with an equal chance to impress me without the author manipulation I didn t need poetic prose or complex worldbuilding I needed something fun and for once clean I read Young adult when I need a rest of sexy smechxy books.Reading trickery was eerily as ticking one by one the list pointed above Long story short, Trickery is the exact opposite of Maas books Whether this is bad or good is for you to decide I recommend this book if you like shoujo manga and anime.Trickery isn t perfect I was expecting something like Hana Hori Dango in a fantasy setting and instead I found a TSTL heroine and a lot of description of muscles.We follow Willa Knight, the clumsiest heroine ever Bella Swan is in comparison a very graceful, coordinated heroine I ve read some reviews saying that this clumsiness was overdone, but that didn t bother me I m clumsy myself and the only thing preventing me from tripping a dozen times a day is that I m really familiar with my surroundings Willa finds herself in a new enviroment, the Blesswood academy for sols and this is the largest most majestic place she has ever been to Of course she s going to trip a lot I didn t find it unbelievable I would be worse.The sols are the elite group of Willa s society because they aspire to become gods and have special powers Willa belongs to the working class, the dwellers and the dwellers can only improve their harsh living conditions by being selected to serve the sols in their ultra elitist academy.Willa inner monologue was hilarious and she reminded me a lot of Usagi Serena Tsukino from Sailor moon and Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi A.K.A as TSTL characters that make me roll my eyes all the time, but who also make me laugh.When Willa arrives at Blesswood her pull for chaos and disaster pulls her to the ABCURSE brothers, a group of privileged sols They find her amusing and take her as their mascot They eventually became protective and loyal to Willa.The plot is really weak in my opinion, because nothing happens, we just follow Willa in her journey to Blesswood and her attachment to the brothers She goes from one crazy situation to another and in each situation she gets in trouble the brothers protect her and take care of her and she amuses us with her stupidity The characterization is decent and Willa doesn t show any preference toward any of the brothers The authors, however, seem to prefer writing scenes to favor the brother with the power of seduction, Aros I thought that Aros got touchy with Willa than the rest of the brothers, but Willa herself seems to be equally attached to all of them showing no preference I m very curious to see where the authors will take the story, but I ll keep my expectations low because after the first chapters which were very good the story starts to become repetitive and the editing starts to lack because the time line didn t make any sense or the characters were talking and interacting in an empty room.The strenght of the book however is that it never takes itself seriously and for that I almost gave this book 4.5 stars Fantasy books and specially Young adult fantasy books don t have to be so dark and complex Remember that this is a genre primarly for teens and I think 12 18 YO readers will have a blast reading this book, although there s some cursing here I might find it juvenile, but again, this is a Young adult novel, almost a fantasy parody and I think we need books like this one A light fantasy book that doesn t make you think, but makes you feel.I think we are in for 5 6 book in the series because the five Abcurse brothers have different powers and their nicknames refer to those powers Trickery, Persuasion, Seduction, Strenght and Pain and maybe the author will add a book called rocks which is the way the brothers call Willa I hope the authors take time to develope the brothers because by now I think they are slightly underdeveloped I know their powers, I know what they do, but I don t know who they are That s not a fault of the novel, I think the authors s intention was to present them as a group, a united group, and what they gave us from each of the brothes is enough to care for them and to understand their relationship with Willa I can see why they would find her amusing, like a pet and attracted at the same time For all her clumsiness Willa is brave in her own way and very loyal I like her enough to continue the series I rolled my eyes at her silliness at times, but overall I think she s a good protagonist.Read if you want something funny and different.

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