One Call Away

One Call AwayWhen A Brutal Attack From A Jealous Competitor Leaves Noah Strauss, Darling Of The Modeling World, Physically Scarred And Emotionally Damaged, He Quits The Runway To Become A Psychologist Using His Contacts From His Time In The Spotlight, He Creates One Call Away, A Radio Show Dedicated To Gay Men Looking For Love, Advice Or Someone To Talk To But With Secrets Of His Own And A Mother Who Refuses To Understand The Career Path He S Chosen, The One Person Noah Can T Seem To Help Is HimselfOn A Drunken Dare From The Senior Partner S Grandson, Oren Leavitt Calls Noah S Radio Show, Pretending To Be Gay Only Oren Isn T Certain If He S Pretending He S Left His Strict Orthodox Jewish Upbringing Behind, But The Guilt Remains Guilt That His Actions Have Prevented His Sister From Finding A Husband And Guilt That He S Failed His Parents Talking To Dr Noah Helps, And As He Finds Himself Calling The Man Again And Again, He Knows He Must Be Honest But Oren Is Unsure If He S Lying To Noah Or HimselfFor Noah, Trust Is Paramount He S Been Deceived In His Personal And Professional Life And While He Desperately Wants To Help Oren, He Also Finds Himself Falling For The Sweet And Tortured Man Oren Is Trapped He Risks Losing His Job And Importantly The Love And Security Of His Family But Knows He Can T Hide If He Wants To Be With Noah When Unresolved Heartaches From The Past Rise Up To Control The Present, Noah And Oren Discover That Love Often Comes From The Most Unexpected Places, And Sometimes A Call For Help Not Only Saves A Life, It Can Be A New And Beautiful Beginning This book hit close to home to me Oren and Noah touched my fragile heart in a way, only Micah from Memories of the heart can do I think I always have a soft spot for people like Micah, Noah and Oren Especially Oren, I know how much he love his traditional religious family, that s why he did all he can to cope with that But still he can t stay But admitting that he s gay That s another story That s the problem with the traditional religion like Jewish Oren is Jewish Felice talked a lot about religion in this book, I think we have the same problem in the modern world, I m Muslim and there s no differences about my religion s perspective of homosexual Oren struggled with that With family and at work Then he found Noah and his radio show Noah, who has his own demon to fight I loved the chemistry and the strong attraction between the two men since their first call It s just they can t stop thinking about the call, and become addicted to each other And I can feel how much Oren need Noah as much as Noah need Oren.We also can see the guys from Through Hell and Back in this book as cameos Especially Dr Tash and Asher OMG Asher I wouldn t spoil you about this, because, well, you need to meet the guys For you who haven t read THB, don t worry, this can be read as stand alone But where have you been this time Go read the series after this and meet all my favorite guys I read this book twice already, and I think I need of Noah and Oren in the future, in Jeremy s book maybe Oh and I loved Jeremy, I NEED Jeremy in my lifeARC generously provided by the author for an honest, and unbiased review Audio disappointing 3 starsStory 2.5 stars 2.5 HeartsI came for Seth I didn t read the blurb I d never read anything by this author before So I had no idea what was what I know Ms Stevens is super popular so hopefully I m not going to get dragged for this ButWe meet the Noah and Oren during, what turns out to be, a prank phone call to Noah s radio call in show Oren is posing as a closeted gay man at the behest of his moronic, juvenile, idiotic, jackhole bosses But the joke s on them because Oren actually is a closeted, gay man I ll come back to idiots later.A connection is formed during that phone call that defies explanation and this is what I kept circling back to Insta relationships either work for me or they don t and in this case I never understood their connection, and so I couldn t let it go As a reader I need to understand on some level especially when major life decisions, drastic changes and dramatic declarations start occurring But it always falls back on this amorphous, intangible, all consuming connection that changed their lives forever.I really tried to be down with this I tried to tell that annoying voice that kept saying why, why, why, whyyyyy, WHY, WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY to shut her pie hole which worked for a minute till some other life altering decision was made due to THE CONNECTION and the face would reappear.Oren is a good Jewish boy who loves his family with all his heart, supports them with his lawyering and believes that they will shun him if they learn his secret, so he s stepped away from his religion and thrown himself into work Deeply in the closet, never been in love, so virgin, and convinced that he ll always be alone it was surprising and required reality suspension to believe the way he embraces Noah There is some token resistance and angst but he makes some significant changes with relative ease He also seems to be a seasoned veteran lickity split when it comes to all things gay sex.Noah, now a psychologist, has his fair share of baggage from an attack which seemed to be fueled by jealousy over his modeling success and, subsequently, ended his modeling career A godsend for Noah since he hated modeling but it s driven the wedge deeper between he and his mother He s never addressed the pink elephant in the room where his mother is concerned and the attack itself left him with a host of body image issues Yet again, I had to suspend reality when Oren s regard and magic peen seemed to cure Noah of those issues with a quickness.The magic peen gets whipped out a lot, so loads of sexy times They don t last very long but there are loads of them.I ve no idea how things would ve worked out had a read this rather than listened to it, but the dialogue came across as exceptionally dramatic OTT dramatic Drama llama dramatic Teenage dramatic Dramatics are not my gig so the face.Those dramatics coupled with the frat house, persistently drunk or hungover, bullying, jackholery of Oren s boss drove me batshit Harlan was so ridiculous I can t even.What I did like were the family dynamics of both of these men and the support that they receive from them and their friends There are sweet and heartfelt moments between them that I enjoyed Unfortunately they were usually followed by some moments That involved the face.As far as Seth s narration, he delivered a nuanced and emotive performance like I knew he would His somewhat subdued delivery matched the tone of the narrative There were moments when his performance did affect me and I still marvel at the number of different accents he can do However, even those moments and his performance weren t enough to overcome all the drawbacks, I m sorry to say.Recommend to instalove and hurt comfort fans A review copy was provided. 4 stars A moving romance with a HEA Review originally posted at Sinfully.4.5 starsAnother New York City romance from Felice Stevens and another win for me This one is a standalone, but the author manages to incorporate some very special people and places that her fans will be familiar with and happy to see Both Oren and Noah are a little bit lost, a lot closed off and living lonely lives until one phone call changes both their paths.Oren removed himself from his family s Orthodox religion and home years ago Although he is crushed with guilt over the secret he s been keeping and the disappointment he has already caused, they are a loving and close family and Oren s love for them has never changed Growing up poor, Oren has done everything he can to land a high paying job that, while crushing his spirit and soul, allows him to help support his parents and sister.As a teen, Noah was once an in demand model, a life his mother had once aspired to have for herself As much as Noah hated the life, he craved her love and felt that was the only way he could get it When his modeling career came to an end, he threw himself into helping other people as a psychologist It s the life he knows he was always meant to live, but his mother s refusal to acknowledge any success outside of modeling weighs heavily on him.When Oren calls into Noah s talk show, Noah is immediately taken by him after only hearing his voice There is something in Oren s story that tugs at him and he is desperate to make a connection and help Oren Both men seem to have completely different lives, but they have so much in common than they can imagine Noah may not be able to take his own advice and deal with his problems, but he is determined to help Oren change his life It s easy to feel for Oren from the start, but, behind his turmoil is a force of nature that throws Noah s life into an upheaval that he never expected Noah s walls are thicker and higher than Oren expected from the man who outwardly seems to have it all together, but Oren is determined to get through and give back everything that Noah has given him.There is an immediate attraction between Noah and Oren, but this is a slow burn Oren has repressed his sexuality, trying for the sake of his family to live up to expectations, but he has always known he is not attracted to women Noah ignites something in him and he finally realizes he can t go on pretending Noah tries to keep a distance under the auspice of him acting as a therapist to Oren, but he soon finds a way to work that out and then there s no stopping the passion from flaring between them Sure it s tempered by Oren s occasional feelings of guilt and shame but the men talk things out and lean on each other for support and when Oren finally starts to accept himself he is not shy about getting what he wants The two men had great chemistry and melted my heart whether it was with sweet confessions or smoking hot sex.I ve said it before that Felice Stevens always places an importance on family relationships in her books and this one is no exception The family dynamics aren t always perfect and here both men have trouble communicating with loved ones and have put themselves in a situation where they put their family first regardless of the impact on their own lives This is to me the biggest thing the men each had to overcome There was tension and some tears as both Oren and Noah eventually face their biggest fears while holding their breath that the family the love so dearly won t walk away You ll probably have a tear in your eye at least once during these moments so have a tissue handy.If you re a fan of the author or looking to try one of her stories, I can easily recommend One Call Away It has everything I ve come to expect from her books including romance, laughs, plenty of feels, and two men who just need to find that one person that understands them like nobody else ever could. It was all chaos in my head until I met you, and now nothing makes sense without you Because not being with you doesn t work for me any OrenFrom an early age, Oren sensed he might be different from the other boys he went to school with but didn t understand why.With his Jews Orthodox family and the pressures from his workplace made Oren feels caught in the middleAnd he need tobreathe Meeting Noah had changed his world Oren decided right then he could never go back into the darkness He needed Noah, though, to show him how to walk his path.But Noah has his own baggage and the ghost that haunted him from the past Oren know that Noah needed someone to fill him up again with beauty and a sense of worth after what had happened in his life And Oren wanted to be that manAnd who knew that one call he thought at first as a joke could changed his lifeforever Something about you, your voice You had me hooked from the first call NoahAfter brutally attacked that traumatized him, Noah decided to leave his modeling live behind and guarded his privacy well, behind thick walls Noah had made sure to keep everyone at arm s distance.For years he d believe that he ll spent the rest of his life alone and lonely But then by one call from a stranger on his radio show, he start to feel againLike a magnet, Oren pulled him in from the start Noah couldn t walk away from him even if he wanted And Noah didn t want toWill these two broken men finally found their happiness This beautiful journey of healing and finding love began with just one little phone call This probably the longest read I ever did in 2017 No, it s not because the story was that bad.No, it s not because its boring or else.It s purely because I DON T WANT THE STORY TO END I keep going back to the previous page or CHAPTER and read it again because I don t want the feel to end But at the same time, I want to know what happens next I have HUGE expectations when the author revealed her idea for her newest project she s about to do back then And my curiosity grew deeper since that day And when it finally out, it excited me even The chemistry between Noah Oren strongly felt right from the first call and continuously wrapped the whole story to the end.One Call Away definitely one of the sweetest read I have this year It s beautifully written, heartwarming with low angst even still there s a time I want to slapped someone face so many times Lol , full of love and made me wanna hug and cuddled with someone.Oren Noah story will forever linger in my heart There will be surprise crossover characters from Felice s others books that excited and curious me for , because I haven t read that seriesyet And now I need to read their story meet them in person Last, but not leastI NEED Jeremy s story like NOW HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ARC is kindly provided by the Author in exchange of a fair, unbiased and honest review. A TOP PICK FOR 20175 Heartwarming stars One call away by Felice Stevens is perfection I fell madly in love with Oren Noah Their stories tugged at my heart Both seem to have it all Striving careers and wonderful families, but deep down they are so lost and lonely Two people with such pure and gentle hearts They put everyone else before themselves They are truly selfless When they meet it s two souls becoming one They compliment and complete each other.What does a nonpracticing Orthodox Jewish lawyer and a formal model now therapist turned radio host have in common More then they know One drunken night, because of a dare, Oren calls Noah s radio show Little did they know one call would change their lives Oren always knew he was different, but being raised by a very religious orthodox Jewish family, he repressed his feelings Not wanting to shame or disappoint them His biggesr fear is losing their love He did however leave his oppressive and strict community in search of a freer life Even after leaving, he still hiding his true self and living a life in anguish All he does is focus on his career and put everyone else s needs before his own Then one call to Noah has him questioning everything I loved everything about Oren He is just a wonderful human being My heart hurt for him I loved his interaction with his family I felt how much he truly loved them.Noah was a successful model from an early age Living his mother s dream not his own His career ended after he was brutally attacked He was left scared on the outside, as well as the inside He now devotes his life to his patients and his radio show His show is geared towards the LGBT community and helping them with whatever issues they may have I loved Noah s empathy and compassion He cares deeply for everyone around him Between both these boys, I couldn t decide who I loved So sweet and inspiring When Oren calls into Noah s show, something about him calls to Noah An immediate connection After a few calls and eventually a meeting, they form beautiful friendship I adored the way they helped each other Trying to take it slow, but neither can deny their attraction and growing feelings Once things heated up, holy hotness They were burning up the pages, besides their electric chemistry, their relationship was build on devotion and trust.This is a story about when two halves become a whole True soul mates A MUST READ. This book isn t just about two men falling in love It s about fear and hope, friends and family, but most of all, it s about finding out who you really are.Noah is a former model, still struggeling with the aftermath of a brutal attack He now works as a psychologist and he has a radioshow called One Call Away It s a show specifically for gay men, to ask questions and seek some advice.Oren who is a lawyer, has been raised by a very orthodox Jewish family One day he decides to call the show on a dare , pretending to be a gay man.the problem is, that he s not sure he is pretendingThese men start to talking and become friends..friends with some major sexual chemistry But Noah still has a wall up because of his attack and Oren is so afraid to come out to his family, in fear that they will shut him out.It was very sweet, seeing these two opening up to one another and find what they really needed in each They were also extremely HOT together Who would have guessed one phone call, could change their lives so completely. This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession Slow going at first but I truly love how this author made everything come together I started this book because I wanted to learn about Harlen who is in the Man Up series but I enjoyed this book so much I ve gone on to listen to the next book I wanted to read about Noah s brother Jeremy and his ex boyfriend Blake who had left him I love how this author manages to intermingle her characters from other series as I m reading I get excited because I feel like it s old friends coming back for a surprise visit.

Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending just around the corner Her characters have to work for it, however Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.She lives in New York City with her husband and two children Her day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine She s

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