Postal Vol. 4

Postal Vol. 4 Damn this volume was super entertaining So a Ex KKK member leaves the group He doesn t want sorrow or thanks, he wants to kill every KKK member there is He single handy fucks them up and it makes me so happy It s great to see a character who does not look for forgiveness but rather use his body to amend his sins by murdering useless fucks The ending is also pretty awesome I love the character growth of a lot of characters This story started off little wonky but as you get to know these characters they keep getting better and better Also the new colorist is great and gives this really grim feeling The only negative it doesn t feel like it s moving the main plot forward too much It kind of feels almost like a side story Still that s the only negative Art, character growth, and epic moments all come together in this title. Postal has been my book of the year It s constantly surprising, has kept up the gripping story and the characters have grown The art is always so good too My fav comic series this year Such an intense opening sequence.And the overall tone here is a whole lot different from the previous three volumes No one avenges the expendable I personally love this quote from the Mayor issue 14.Best of all, that final showdown at the post office rocks Here we have the first proper threat from outside Eden Laura is determined to protect Eden with everything at her disposal, mainly Mark who is the brains behind their strategy and Molly who is acting and like a female Hannibal Lecter.A neo nazi looking Rowan gets a package in the mail with his brother s severed head The one responsible is Abner from Rowan s past in the Aryan Brotherhood Abner s first attempt to kill Rowan fails, in part thanks to Laura They are getting ready to face Abner himself view spoiler Mark gets Molly s help and Laura gets Schultz s, together with information regarding Bremble Laura gets Schultz to hit one of Abner s bases where he has over 1 million worth of drugs Mark sends him the invitation to get the drugs back personally Abner and his right hand man Carpenter barely ever stood a chance hide spoiler Postal just so happens to be the series that I can t wait to read the next installment of Each volume literally gets better and drives the story in a different, inclining direction Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill are genius as far as I am concerned In this issue you see a rise of white supremacy but there are heroes and anti heroes you wouldn t expect They come out of the wood work and completely dominate the storyline, showing you that unity and overcoming mental obstacles is possible even in the reddest of hate The art is still superb and dark just like the material in the pages This is a very character driven volume that utilizes the growth you d expect but don t necessarily need to have at this point However, this growth works to the story s advantage because it shows Mark in a new light he definitely has the potential to be as strong as his mother, if not stronger He has taken small strides on the strength scale since the very first chapter and in this volume he truly steps into his own The concentration on the Aryan Brotherhood fits well with the overall premise of Postal so this storyline is perfect it s action packed with plenty of violence that will leave you satisfied with entertainment Things wrap up and come together in the end in such a way that you think Postal could be starting to switch hands in terms of power but then you get a cliffhanger in the end Mark has professed his love for one in previous volumes but that affection seems to be switching to someone else just when that professed love of his starts to return his feelings It s dramatic elements like this that help the story feel real It s like a really great show that I can t stop binging and I am going POSTAL waiting for the next episode or volume My God Postal gets better and the depiction of white supremacy is so incisive and engrossing. This volume deals with white supremacists There s a fine line that needs to be walked, and this book doesn t quite pull it off perfectly, but definitely should get recognized for trying to be nuanced about it A former white supremacist is tracked down by his former allies And Eden decides to fight back The logic behind why they do this isn t particularly well thought out, but the actions they take once the initial decision is made are fairly logical Mark is the strategizer, while Maggie and another citizen join the defense All the build up is let down by a fairly disappointing climax that, while strategically well played, belies the importance of the story And one of Mark s decisions is strange and seems to further the next volume s story than to really build the current one.If you re enjoying Postal, this volume serves the narrative well But it doesn t play out quite as well as I would have hoped. 5 stars Edit This was originally 4.5 stars, but after a straight week of not being able to get it out of my head and reliving those final pages over and over, I m officially bumping it up Absolutely my favourite of the series so far This is so well written and well illustrated The story was told freaking perfectly So powerful Seriously, Postal just completely caught me by surprise in the best possible way and now I m just binge reading them all with a vigor I haven t had in awhile Such an epic and messed up and bloody tale and community Damn Onto the next, I suppose Slightly terrified how they re going to up the level of intensity in the next volume I am officially on the edge of my seat. Does Everyone Deserve Redemption As The FBI Tightens Its Noose Around Eden, Mark And His Mother Laura Must Either Choose To Let One Of Their Own Suffer At The Hands Of Revenge, Or Help Him Take A Stand Against His Enemiesthe Aryan Brotherhood Collects POSTAL This was an interesting side story in the overarching mythos of Eden involving a former white nationalist and him getting revenge on the man that killed his brother, of course with the help of Mark and Maggie While I liked the main story, I can t help but find Mark s draw to Molly particularly interestingly Can t wait to see where it goes in vol 5

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