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Hero in the Highlands WILD AT HEARTScotland, He S Ferocious And Rugged To The Bone, An English Soldier At Home On The Battlefield Than In Any Society Drawing Room And When Major Gabriel Forrester Learns That He S Inherited The Massive Scottish Highlands Title And Estate Of A Distant Relation, The Last Thing He Wants To Do Is Give Up The Intensity Of The Battlefield For The Too Soft Indulgences Of Noble Life But Gabriel Forrester Does Not Shirk His Responsibilities, And When He Meets Striking, Raven Eyed Lass Fiona Blackstock, His New Circumstances Abruptly Become IntriguingLike Any Good Highlander, Fiona Despises The English And The New Duke Of Lattimer Is No Exception Firstly, He Is Far Too Attractive For Fiona S Peace Of Mind Secondly, His Right To Her Castle Is A Travesty, Since It S Been Clan Maxwell Property For Ages As The Two Enter A Heated Battle Of Wills, An Unexpected Passion Blazes Into A Love As Fierce As The Highlands Themselves Is Fiona Strong Enough To Resist Her Enemy S Advances Or Is Gabriel Actually Her Hero In Disguise It S Time To Fall In Love With Suzanne Enoch Lisa Kleypas

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  • Hardcover
  • Hero in the Highlands
  • Suzanne Enoch
  • 19 March 2018
  • 9781410499158

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    Should you follow blindly when your clan turns their back on you 3.5 Stars I enjoyed reading Hero in the Highlands I ll admit that at times I was crossing my arms and shaking my head, but mostly I was sucked into the story I have been a Suzanne Enoch fan for years and when the opportunity popped up to read this story, I jumped at it I m a sucker for a highland romance The fact that the hero is a Sassenach did not turn me off at all I was intrigued with the initial introduction to Major Gabriel Forrester seeing him in action on the battlefield Gabriel is not afraid to run into danger and does not hide behind his officers He is straightforward, brave and extremely intelligent when it comes to reading how a battle will play out Gabriel is called to meet with his superior, Wellington where he is informed that he has just been named the new Duke of Lattimer This was a complete surprise to Gabriel and not wholly welcomed He returns to England and accepts the title and responsibilities with the hope to go back to the battlefield soon.Fiona Blackstock is a very busy woman She s the Lattimer s steward and has been since her brother s disappearance Fiona can seem brash, blunt and bratty but her heart is in the right place Her main focus is seeing that her people are looked after If it means that Lattimer Castle has 100 servants, then so be it If only the blasted curse didn t make her job difficult With sheep missing and too many accidents to call them accidents , she seems to be fighting an uphill battle Well, things seem to be going from bad to worse when they finally find a lost relative to the late Duke of Lattimer The fact that he s a redcoat and doesn t plan to stay, makes it frustrating for Fiona that she s very attracted to him.From the minute Gabriel meets Fiona he s fascinated with her and is determined to have her in his bed Fiona isn t as keen to jump into bed with the Sassenach and a wee, merry chase entails.I ll be honest, Fiona s character was a little hard to take at times Her sassy and bratty behaviour did not make her a likeable heroine While I admired Gabriel, he did come across as a lust filled fool with what he was willing to put up with to get under Fiona s skirts As the story progressed we get to know the characters better and understand why they acted the way they did I struggled with Fiona being an experienced heroine Knowing this is probably going to sound strange, I actually enjoy historical romances because of the heroines naivety and inexperience Seeing the heroine learn and experiment with the hero as her teacher gives historical romance a very different feel than other genres approach to being a virgin It comes across a little too modern when the heroine is led to the bedroom and she brags of her previous experience.In the end, the story left me with a smile on my face I definitely wasn t happy the whole way through, but there were good times than bad I really liked Gabriel and his assistant Adam Fiona and her clan grew on me, but I did not like her uncle at all Seeing Gabriel and Fiona s romance bloom was an absolute pleasure and I loved that we got a sneak peak into his mind to see his feelings grow Hero in the Highlands is the first in this series and I am definitely interested in Marjorie s story.To buy Hero in the Highlands from m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons

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    Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch is a 2016 St Martin s Press publication Sadly, this first book in a new series, for Enoch, just isn t all that memorable In 1821 Gabriel Forrester, a war hero known for victories and fearsome leadership on the battlefield receives word his uncle had died, making him the Duke of Lattimer Although, this is a huge nuisance for him, he insists on taking care of his inherited properties But, when the repeated request for financial papers go unheeded, Gabriel travels to Scotland to take matters into his own hands Here he meets, Fiona Blackstock, who appears to be or less in charge of things From here Gabriel and Fiona begin a comical battle of wills It s a battle for control and a battle of the sexes, a battle over the growing desire between them, but which one will win the war I wanted to like this story because of the time frame, the Scottish setting, and of course because of Enoch s dependable reputation However, the witticism felt forced, as did the romance While there was some secretive intrigue and a mystery involved in the plot, there never seemed to be much going on The characters were rather bland, I thought, and Gabriel could be a little hard to take at times It took me a lot longer to get through this one mainly because I couldn t muster up enough interest to keep reading it I admit to having stopped and started a few times, eventually forcing myself to complete it While the book isn t bad, it s just kind of bland,and unimaginative, with only a moderate amount of chemistry between Gabriel and Fiona I just wasn t feeling it with this one 2 stars

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    2.5 luke warm stars Loved the storytelling but fell flat in the love department In the end the story was good and I enjoyed reading it probably because I have a soft spot for highland romances but nothing memorable It was low on drama and the conspiracy big mystery was interesting and the pace was good if a bit drawn out at times The low rating was for lack of romance and chemistry between the main protagonists.Gabriel and Fiona are both struggling with issues outside their control that will dictate the rest of their lives At times they re strong, they are capable, and they re smart, which is all good But their first impressions never really changed Gabriel sees a pretty girl he d like in his bed when he sees Fiona and Fiona dislikes him simply because he is English and she hates all things English Long story short, H was an arrogant but commanding soldier and h was a whiny bratty and unlikable person Neither one really looks beyond that first impression up until almost the very end I really just felt that the whole romantic plot line was lukewarm at best between them This started as the classic love hate relationship then morphed into this instant blink and you d miss it epic love story But it felt like there was too much going on around them and not enough page time was devoted to really support their whirlwind love story Problem was it just never really convinced me This needed to be shown and not told to the reader I can t pinpoint one moment where I felt these two were anything than convenient bed partners to each other Not to mention the ending was a bit unbelievable, sweet, but unlikely for this time period.Three stars for the entertaining story telling, two stars for the barely there romance ARC provided for an honest review

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    ARC from Netgalley for honest review Rating 2.5 Fiona is a strong and capable heroine who cares and maintains a castle after brother went missing disappeared We have an opening scene that has the heroine mired in mud trying to rescue a cow Our hero is passing and believes Fiona needs rescuing And so the fun and feistiness begins between the two characters.Our hero Gabriel is just that, a hero who fought in the war against the French But he s called to return as he s inherited a dukedom With the dukedom came a castle that needs his attention and care So that is where Gabriel meets Fiona, knee deep in mud as she s rescuing a cow near Gabriels castle.Fiona learns that Gabriel is the owner of the castle she cares for she is not too happy and does all she can to send him back home But Gabriel is determined to stick around and find out all he can about his inheritance As some mysterious happenings and issues befall the castle the two begin to work together to solve the problems and get answers And in the process we are given front row seats to some feisty, funny and steamy scenes This was written well and pacing was good, with just a handful of areas that did seem to drag a little I liked the secondary characters But I did have an issue with the heroine being somewhat overpowering, especially for that time period Don t get me wrong, I love a heroine who s confident and intelligent, but Fiona was at times too bossy for me Gabriel was okay, but could in some instances be overbearing.There seems to be a trend where authors recently are creating heroines that do not seem to fit the time period What I mean by that is heroines in Historical romances seem almost to modern for the time period era Feels off to me and not as enjoyable a read, for me anyway.

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Major Gabriel Forrester loves having a career in the military, fighting and protecting his men He is in his element when he is in his uniform fighting for his country But then he receives the worst type of news, that he has become the last living heir to a dukedom and is now the Duke of Lattimer He is frustrated with his new role and all the responsibities and people he is responsible for But when he hears news that one of his properties in Scotland is in trouble, he heads up north to figure out the problems behind the steward who isn t trustworthy and very vindictive of anything English When he arrives he is confront by a young woman that is the reasons behind his problems with his property Fiona Blackstock, hates anything English and the last thing she needs is some war hero of a Duke coming through and ruining all of her plans Fiona hates Gabriel, but Gabriel is charming and is only intrigued by her fiery spirit But there is a mystery to be solved of missing sheep and Gabriel with Fiona s help, learns how to help those under his care and win the heart of the woman he desires most Plot and Story Line I really have struggled with Enoch lately, I never know if I will like her books or not, and at first I was really liking this one But the moment Gabriel and Fiona started bantering with each other, I started to go from liking this story to really getting frustrated with it quite a bit Fiona was too angsty of a characters and seems to be very selfish at times I felt that she went to far, but Gabriel was quite patient and understanding and he almost seemed like a saint at times because he rarely got angry with her even when she treats him so horribly at times I really struggled with the romance that developed between these two I felt quite bored with it most of the time The only thing that really kept me interested was the plot, with the mystery of the missing sheep and I did like seeing how Gabriel wins these scots over though He was a real sweetheart at times and I felt he deserved so much better than a heroine like Fiona I will say that some of their sensual moments were quite enticing and very well done but I didn t quite feel their chemistry like I wanted to It happened in moments and bits and I really wished for consistency in a romance and would have preferred not seeing so much angst in their relationship I don t mind angsty romances but they need to be done well Another reason I really struggled with this one, is that it didn t feel like a historical, it had a contemporary feel It felt quite confusing at times, because there were inconsitensies that shouldn t be found in a historical.Now don t get me wrong, I have quite a bit of love for this author, and her other highland romances I really enjoyed, but there was something that didn t feel right about this story and it didn t feel like Enoch s style I did like some other aspects of the story, and I didn t hate it or dislike it it just didn t fit for a solid historical romance I know Enoch can write But I can see how this story will appeal to certain readers The Cover Simply gorgeous, I just love the red and a really sexy pose The publishers did a great job with it Overall View Hero In The Highlands is a story that if you are looking for an angst romance.than you should pick this one up It has moments of sensuality and bantering that is appealing at times.

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    HERO IN THE HIGHLANDS is the first in a new series by Suzanne Enoch I love Enoch s stories and I can t believe it took me so long to read this one The No Ordinary Hero series is a bit of a departure from Enoch s other series because the heroes in this series are a little gruff With an emphasis on Highlanders, that s almost expected but I really fell in love with the hero of this story.Major Gabriel Forrester is suited on the battlefield than a ballroom so when he gets pulled out of battle because he has inherited a Scottish Highlands title, he sees it of an inconvenience than anything else It isn t what he has planned for himself However, things have a way of changing without his will.I loved Gabriel s character He s a little on the rough side but that s part of what makes him so appealing to me I really liked the premise of this story and how the romance kind of happens without the hero and heroine really planning on it There s something quite romantic about it, especially when Historical Romance is all about propriety and caring about what others think of them.This is definitely an enemies to lovers story and while I enjoyed the heroine, Fiona, Gabriel was the one for me that made this book shine I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing what other heroes Enoch writes next

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    NETGALLEY ARC Received For Honest Review UNLIKABLE HERIONE NEVER WORKS Major Gabriel Forrester has just been informed by Wellington that he has inherited The Latti Dukedom from a distant uncle Who has died leaving no heir After meeting with all the solicitors paper men as he calls them he goes to check out the ducal seat at Castle Latti Something suspicious is going on there Fiona Blackstock has been managing Latti and its holding for years in secret But livestock are missing and each year and the holdings aren t making much profit Someone is stealing Something is amiss here.Gabriel goes to Latti with his aide Adam Kelgrove to investigate what s going on He meet Fiona and helps her out of a dangerous situation I hated Fiona from the beginning and couldn t understand Gabriel s attraction to her She was a light skirt spinster who lied and betrayed him at every turn She was rude and curd She acted like a 17 year old instead of a experience women of 23 She had prior lovers including the Game Keeper This is 1812 when women were modest Fiona seemed 21st century then 18th century She was contentious and wanted Gabriel gone from his own property It was noting too like about her Susanne Enoch the author has been writing HR for many years and she should know that readers need to like the H H Gabriel for his part was a honorable decent man before he became a Duke and after he became a Duke But he must have had low self esteem even though he was a war hero Why else would he fall in love with a used up shrew acting spinster There was no love or romance between the H H just lust Fiona s character was to modern day for a HR setting Sorry her entire personality caused me to dislike the story Fiona s character would have been better severed if she was much younger na ve, lets say 18 year old and if she wasn t a light skirt free with her favors If you know what I mean That would give the reader the excuse for her character Read at your own risk If you don t mine unlikable heroines and you like lots of Angst this will be an ok story to read I like to feel happy about the HR characters I read I like to feel the love and the romance, that is sexy and sensuous Not just Lust

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    Two main reasons why I found this book hard to like 1 The main characters didn t meet until past 10% of the book We read about Gabriel in Spain, his sister Marjorie, then finally he got to the Highlands We are 10% into the story, but the story hasn t really started I wonder what s the purpose of dragging things out like this With such a long winded beginning, you d think that Gabriel s character is well drawn out and his motives for detesting the title clearly defined Neither was true I thought his reasoning for not wanting the title weak and his character fuzzy 2 The feisty heroine So the main characters finally met each other and Gabriel gallantly saved the heroine from water From the first sentence the heroine was spitting out pure venom for absolutely no reasons She hated all things English and it didn t matter there were good people in England, our amoeba brained heroine concluded that all English were evil and deserved the venom she uttered even if an English man had just saved her life Now I strongly disliked this heroine Crazy woman, I thought Another case of parading stupidity as spirit and pig headedness as strong will in women Enoch s writing and her ability to build a rich scene are the only positive thing I can say about this book Unfortunately the slow pace and the crazy bitch of a heroine made it impossible for me to like this book This is a review on an ARC of the book provided by the publisher on NetGalley.

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    Also posted on afterdarkbooklovers.com Suzanne Enoch s historicals are among my favorites Every once in awhile I need a good historical to remind me of what started me on this romance journey in the first place The first romance books I ever read were historicals, and even as my tastes have shifted as I ve gotten older, I need a bit of a throwback to keep things interesting Ms Enoch certainly has a talent for setting a scene and I could easily picture the characters and surroundings Good chemistry between Fiona and Gabriel These two do not spend their time in a ballroom, but instead have lived working for their keep They re well matched and the tension between them is displayed well through their banter and builds slowly and dependably, as I would expect Pacing issues If I have any quibble, it s that the story is little slow going at first After that, there were other moments where the story dragged a bit and Fiona s feistiness rode the line between entertaining and slightly irksome Also, the one thing that distracted me and took a bit of getting used to is the Scottish brogue It had been a while since I read a historical, so reading all the ya kens and dinnaes took a bit to get into Finally, the first part is all setting up Gabriel s sudden dukedom, which was interesting, but as a result I was invested in him than in Fiona The Bottom Line 3.5 stars Overall, I enjoyed this book and I m looking forward to in this series by Ms Enoch ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review

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    Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch is book one in the No Ordinary Hero series This is the story of Gabriel Forrester and Fiona Blackstock Gabriel was a Major when he found out he had inherited a distant Uncle s Scottish Highlands title the Duke of Lattimer Gabriel wasn t excited about it and felt to move forward and settle things fast Gabriel did feel it would help his sister with a house of her own and being the sister of a Duke does add you up into higher society status When heading to the Highlands home he runs into Fiona who is stuck in the mud with a cow He quickly gets her out but finds she is upset that he did so It seems she was trying to save the cow and now she would have to go back to get it But that is just the start of them not seeing things the same way The secondary characters where fun also This was just a fun, enjoyable read that I had a hard time putting down I love Ms Enoch writing and this book did not disappoint I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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