Scattered Souls

Scattered Souls Good bookActually it is collection of many short stories Mine favourite is the last one I loved Shahnaz Bashir s Scattered Souls , a collection of thirteen interlinked stories set in the Kashmir valley It is touching and powerful It might not be a tearjerker like Bashir s novel, The Half Mother , but reading Scattered Souls is still a cathartic experience because the stories are so powerful and, in some cases, even shocking The Half Mother was emotional Scattered Souls is real in a hard hitting way.Here is my review of Scattered Souls , published in on Tuesday, 02 May 2017 This book is a collection of 13 short stories with a central theme which revolves around the lives of ordinary people who just want a peaceful and happy life, which is really a distant dream in the midst of all the terrorist s and the army There is always collateral damage when people fight and when the fighters are armed sometimes the damage is of life, dignity, love, hope and all the good things in the world If you are a student of history then you will understand how complex the JK problem really is If you believe that the problem is simple, you really need to update your information about the region It might have been a simple problem in 1950 s, which could have been resolved by sitting down and talking but I don t think that is possible in our time But I am hopeful and not because of our esteemed leaders, but my belief that majority of humans don t want to harm other human being They would rather just keep on living their uneventful boring life, the problem is that none of those people are our leaders Too much digression from the main review So let me get to point I don t know if the stories are real or fiction, even if it is either or both this book is still a good read The stories deal with loss, tragedy, helplessness, hope, love, Sacrifice etc in the midst of a region of conflict All these stories could also be true of other regions of conflict like those in Nagaland, Jharkhand Orissa I have also read Mother, Where s My Country Looking for Light in the Darkness of Manipur by Anubha Bhonsle which is a work of non fiction and also along the same line with added life story of Irom Chanu Sharmila Some of the stories may also leave a lasting impact on you Stories are written in a very linear fashion and are easy to follow Some stories are emotionally draining, writer knows how to captivate his audience I believe that this writer will dole out some really good stories in years to come. I have read both books by Shanaaz Basheer, a half mother a the scattered souls.It looks, the scattered souls picks up from where Half mother left the bus Both talk about the misery of common people in the ever changing political landscape of Kashmir , with people being the biggest cost to war a conflict Now, war indeed is a cost, but we while analysing the overall impact do not sometime take the psychological impact it has and also the collateral damage in terms of resources Shahnawaz, very accurately brings the same to the foray He makes you feel mile, the story is bigger than Azadi and political tussle, but how few generations would be bearing the cost even if conflict of breed gets resolved.The only thing I have observed as a downside in his book, you somewhere lost the connect before it reaches the finale and just want to scroll through pages and be done with.Otherwise, anybody trying to understand the impact of the ongoing conflict, this is a recommended read. It Was The S The Army Descended Upon Kashmir To Quell A Massive Armed Rebellion Against Indian Rule They Entered Not Just The Land, But Also The Lives Of Its People, Fracturing Their Idea Of Home And Punctuating Their Days And Nights With CurfewsThis Extraordinary Collection Brings Together The Stories Of Some Of Those People Probing The Quandaries Of Their Precarious Existence There Is That Ex Militant Whose Past Continues To Stalk His Present The Wife Who Begins To Dress Like Her Husband After Losing Him To A Crossfire There Is The Boy Who Obsessively Follows President Obama S India Visit, Hoping To Hear Him Mention The K Word And The Man Whose Transistor Triggers Paranoia In His NeighbourhoodUnassuming Yet Hard Hitting, Scattered Souls Journeys Through A Destroyed Kashmir Swaddled In The Memories Of Its Fragile Beauty

SHAHNAZ BASHIR was born and brought up in Indian administered Kashmir His critically lauded and widely reviewed debut novel The Half Mother won the Muse India Young Writer Award 2015 His second book Scattered Souls was longlisted for Tata Lit Live Best Book Fiction 2017 and won The Citizen s Talent of the Year Award 2016 2017 In April 2018, Kashmir Observer reported Scattered Souls is the best

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