Blessedly Bound (Elemental Witch Trials #1)

Blessedly Bound (Elemental Witch Trials #1) Horror has always been my 1 passion, followed closely by Dark Fantasy Romance has never been my thing and probably never will be That said, upon being introduced to this book and remaining glued to the pages all the way through, Lucretia Stanhope has shocked and surprised me She identifies herself as a Romance author, and yes, this book does have a definite romantic current running through it, but there is also a glowering darkness which permeates the atmosphere an underlying menace and horror which latches on and refuses to let you go In all of my reading experience, and with all the multitude of characters encountered, although identifying with, empathising with, cheering for and even getting choked up over many of them, none have actually been able to capture my dark heart And then this series protagonist, Gwen Hensley came along.Lucretia has created an incredibly complex world or worlds, rather, with An Elemental Witch Trials series The character development is exemplary, with very real personalities and very strong, captivating emotion She has written 11 books in it so far and is now working on a 12th, and although this is the only one released as yet Book 2 Burning Captivation is now on preorder along with 3 , after reading this, eye insisted on gaining a sneak peek into Eye have fallen in love with this series and have been given the great privilege to now have read all the way up to Book 7 Lucretia Stanhope writes with a magical and captivating ease and has me caught in her snare Eye believe she has cast a spell on me through these books and will cast a spell on you too, should you endeavour to venture into her world There is magic in her words. This is the first book that I have read by Lucretia Stanhope and I have to say it will most certainly not be the last She has a beautifully descriptive way of describing her female protagonist Gwen and her disobedient and opinionated familiar Lewis I am always drawn to witch fiction and sometimes it can be difficult to find a really good story Most run along the same thread Not this book This book pulls at your heart from the start and as it progresses you find yourself confused and torn Do y ou root for the good guys or the bad guys Who at times, doesn t seem so bad or I am just twisted, who knows.If you want a book that will hook you, pull you in, and leave you wanting this is the book for you It ticks all the boxes for me, humor, magic, a female protagonist, cheeky familiar and action What s not to like Well deserved 5 stars My rating 4.3The Blessedly Bound Book An Elemental Witch Trials Novel, 1 by Lucretia Stanhope is an interesting blend of thrillers, fantasy, and romance The book is very well written, the characters are well elaborated and the story is solid Although the book does not lead to an unknown fantasy world as the action is happening on earth, fantasy elements scroll through the entire book The main character is the young witch Gwen who investigates the death of her grandmother Lizzy During the investigation, he meets a friend of her grandmother, Sebastian Sebastian, with his figure and appearance, leaves a great impression on her but Gwen leaves a fascinating impression on him Sebastian will help her arrange things about the legacy of her grandmother, but also to discover things from her family past Meanwhile, Gwen will try to find out who killed her grandmother and is about to be in immediate danger In the book, the writer elegantly leads us through the story and brings it into the world of magic, vampire, undead, and voodoo magic, but also through the intense a thriller and love story I would recommend the book to all fantasy lovers who love stories about witches and vampires. From the moment Gwen arrived at her grandmother s estate, she became subject to another world She was met by the local law enforcement informing her of her grandmother s death There was weirdness about the investigation as the sheriff avoided any questions about the cause of death It appeared she d have to find the answers on her own Help did come from some unlikely sources, the spirit world She was an innocent with little experience in that realm and wondered who could be trusted Gwen knew she needed to read her grandmother s journals to learn the family s secrets There were too many coincidences that didn t add up She needed to know if she was blessedly bound to keep her from danger or did it bind her from protecting herself with witchcraft It s a bewitching story that ll keep you spellbound. Gwen in as elemental witch Lewis is her familiar He s always been there for her, watching over her with a love that they could never quite let flourish at the risk of their bond After the brutal death of her grandparents, Gwen goes on a search to find who did it and why The closer to answers she gets, the farther away her familiar becomes Back in the home that once belonged to her grandmother, Gwen meets Sebastian, a family friend Helping her to develop the powers that Lewis has worked to keep locked away, he battles with his feelings for Gwen just the way she battles with her feelings of what he is Caught in a desperate race to find her grandparents killer before he finds her, Blessedly Bound is a page turning addictive novel that ll keep you on the edge of your seat Best part of this series is that it s eight books long Will be reading the next one Blessedly Bound is about a young witch named Gwen who has moved into a home that she inherited from a grandmother who had tragically been burned alive Along with her familiar, Lewis, and her mysterious and alluring neighbor, Sebastian, Gwen is determined to solve the murders within a family she barely knew about.SPOILERS AHEAD READ AT YOUR OWN RISKI had a lot of mixed feelings about this book I was wavering between a two or three star rating, and I ve decided to round it up to a three because although I did come across a lot of issues, the story did managed to keep my interest until the very end To start things off, I would like to talk about the setting and the world building which was sort of non existent Gwen has moved to a small town, but we don t get a concrete image of it That part didn t bother me since I m not that big on description, but what did bother me was not knowing anything about the world I didn t know where Gwen had come from, what her life was before coming to this town, how witches functioned in this universe that the author created I was flooded with a number of questions like what she did for a living Were humans aware of the existence of magical creatures How did she get her familiar and why didn t she know any other witches Why had this council that was mentioned briefly in this story let her walk around untrained Are they not aware of how powerful she is And what is this debt that binds her family to Fannie The questions just kept growing I m aware that there are many books in the series, but I found it very frustrating as a reader that I didn t know what kind of world this was Although there were fantasy elements, they were so minor that this seemed like a genre mostly focused on Mystery and Romance rather than Paranormal I didn t even know there were vampires until Sebastian s secret was revealed I know that since this is paranormal, we can predict what sort of creatures are around, but this still needs to be established somewhere early in the story Other things I found jolting was the grammar issues Honestly, this might have been my biggest issue There were just too many typos that distracted me and the number of commas had my head spinning This book would have read a lot faster and easier for me had there not been such a plethora of commas Majority of them could have been replaced with periods easily There were some awkward phrases too and the use of the word things like dark things and magic things didn t leave much for creativity And the amount of times Gwen had been sipping her coffee throughout the story had gotten so numerous, it ended up annoying me greatly I think this is of a personal preference part though.On the bright side, even though the main character s life was full of mundane activities, the pacing went pretty quickly The best highlight for this novel, hands down, was the relationship between Sebastian and Gwen I ve been moving away from insta love lately, but these two had pulled me right back in I was fully immersed in the intimacy between them and I found myself groaning every time Sebastian had to lock himself up during the day Without a doubt, my favorite scene was when Gwen had dreamed about him and the dream had ended with her screaming at his vampire form It was a heated moment in than one way and I loved it Although I wish there were of those moments between them, I found it very realistic for Gwen to doubt and fear him after finding out he fed on people I also understood why they were fighting their attraction for each other and their relationship felt very real to me Lewis was another highlight for me I loved how flawed he was, how he kept contradicting himself and he was so lost on what to do I loved how he was young for his age and therefore immature as a familiar, so it made sense why he made so many mistakes I loved that he lost his temper and that some of the times he went to Fannie it was only to fulfill his desires Love triangles are also something I m trying to move away from, but this one worked for me I loved how Gwen mentions that she once was in love with him and he had pushed her away and yet, he s still battling with his feelings for her because unlike her, he hasn t been able to let go Basically, Lewis was the realist character for me and I honestly wished he had a heavier presence in this novel I didn t like how Fannie barely made an appearance or how quickly things were solved with Curtis, but I m willing to let it go since the story is far from over Fannie is going to be a major character eventually and she clearly wasn t needed this early in the game The novel s greatest strength right now is some of the characters, so I hope it continues to utilize that strength in the next volumes A young woman travels to Kansas to try and find out how her grandmother died, but she gets than she bargained for in this tale of witches, vampires and murder.I thought the pace of the first half of this book was a bit slow and there was a lot of background development scene setting, but the second half of the book moved much quickly and was therefore enjoyable to me The characters were all pretty well rounded and the crime element of the story saved it from being just another supernatural love story.Overall my rating would be 3.5 stars as although the story was good, I didn t feel any real connection with the characters, some of the dialogue didn t seem natural and in a few places I was a bit confused about who was speaking what was happening. Gwen Hensley Finds Herself Pulled Into Something Life Altering When She Inherits A Sprawling Manor From A Grandmother She Never Knew As A Witch, She Uses Her Gift Of Sight To Experience Her Grandmother Die In A Brutal Execution By Flames The Vision Is Only The Catalyst That Tosses Her Into A Mystery Involving A Killer With Psychopathic Tendencies And A Vitriol For WitchesSeeking Aid In Unraveling The Mystery, She Discovers Her Familiar, Lewis, Is Wrapped Up In Her Family Curse That Involves Voodoo And A Sacrifice Of The First Born Witch In Each Generation The Neighbor, Sebastian, Her Grandmother S Best Friend And A Familiar With His Own Haunted Past, Tugs Her In Intimate And Magical Ways, Which Both Puts Her In Danger And A Position To Be Powerful Than She Ever Dreamed Possible Beautiful As above, so below This book was captivating and beautiful I felt for the characters and almost cried at the ending It was intelligent, thought provoking and for those who follow paganism it twas beautiful I am seriously impressed with the author and the prose she writes down, if you haven t read it what are you waiting for get to it Blessed Be This was a beautifully crafted story that hooks you from the beginning and sends you speeding throughout the pages in anticipation for the next The author creates well rounded in depth characters that really talk to you and tell you their story with a touch of romance and magic thrown in for good measure.

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[Ebook] ➠ Blessedly Bound (Elemental Witch Trials #1)  Author Lucretia Stanhope –
  • Paperback
  • 228 pages
  • Blessedly Bound (Elemental Witch Trials #1)
  • Lucretia Stanhope
  • English
  • 11 November 2019
  • 9781540799234

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