Lord of Chance

Lord of ChanceTender and true in the end Not quite a rags to riches story, in fact almost the opposite When two young people in a Scottish border town discover the distinct disadvantage to having a lack of knowledge about the local laws and customs, their lives change unequivocally Inveterate gambler Anthony Fairfax is trying to gain enough money to pay his vowels to a London gambling house A gentlemanly sense of duty to a damsel in distress and the looming certainty of danger to his person has him falsely declaring their marital state within the hearing of others.A young woman, Charlotte Devon, daughter of an infamous London courtesan is seeking her lordly unknown father Desperation has called for desperate measures.As these two discover each other well thrown together by chance and mischance really and each realizes their own self worth, a charming love story unfolds.Love reforms this gallant rogue and holds him to a steady path Two people with telling backgrounds find the secret to overcoming their pasts.A NetGalley ARC THANK YOU NETGALLEY AND ERICA RIDLEY for a copy of Lord of ChanceHuge Improvement Writing I liked the way this story was written I learned a few new words Always a huge plus for me I still don t think the writing style reflects the correct era, but that s okay By the way, I really dislike the cover It s kinda cheezy 3rd person narration 2 POVs.Characters I totally fell in love and out of love with Anthony throughout the book I swooned for his sarcasm, sweet words and hands Ahem I disliked him for his poor decision making Charlotte, as the saying goes couldn t see past her own nose, but with good reason These two MC s desperately need each other, but being with each other will significantly decrease their social status in different ways Storyline Charlotte and Anthony meet while they are both on a search If they find what they are searching for it will increase their status and respectability And in Anthony s case get him out of hot water To their horror, Charlotte and Anthony accidently get married and it is questionable as to who suffers the most from this accidental marriage During this time getting out of a marriage wasn t so simple They both have to work to protect the other and sometimes it was beautiful.This book was soooo much better than Romancing the Rogue The storyline was believable and I really wanted to know what was going to happen I was invested in this story I also like that Erica didn t put a pretty bow on their story Things worked out, but they weren t living in a mansion on a hill, with 2.5 kids, a dog and a white picket fence However, there were a couple of things that left me wondering or felt like a gap to me One example there should have been about Charlotte s card playing Erica made a big deal about it in the beginning, but doesn t bring it up again Erotic Scenes There was one scene that was getting real good, and then I wanted to shake Anthony because his mouth screwed it up Overall I almost didn t read this one because I was not thrilled with Romancing the Rogue, but I m so glad I read this I really enjoyed it. In The Rogues To Riches Historical Romance Series, Cinderella Stories Aren T Just For Princesses Sigh Worthy Regency Rogues Sweep Strong Willed Young Ladies Into Whirlwind Rags To Riches Romance With Rollicking AdventureDisguised As A Country Miss, Charlotte Devon Flees London, Desperate To Leave Her Tattered Reputation Behind In Scotland, Her Estranged Father S Noble Blood Will Finally Make Her A Respectable Debutante Except She Finds Herself Accidentally Wed To A Devil May Care Rogue With A Sinful Smile He S The Last Thing She Needs And Everything Her Traitorous Heart DesiresCharming Rake Anthony Fairfax Is On Holiday To Seek His Fortune And Escape His Creditors When An Irresistible Lady Luck Wins Him In A Game Of Chance And A Slight Mishap Has Them Leg Shackled By Dawn The Tables Have Finally Turned In His Favor But When Past Demons Catch Up To Them, Holding On To New Love Will Mean Destroying Their Dreams Forever I ve given this a B for narration and a C for content at AudioGalsIn Lord of Chance, the first in Erica Ridley s new Rogues to Riches series, we are introduced to the handsome, charming Anthony Fairfax, a somewhat rackety young man who supports himself and his family by means of an inveterate gambling habit Ms Ridley has already released a number of her books in audio format her Dukes of War series, narrated by Stevie Zimmermann but this is the first I ve listened to and I have to say that the result is a mixed bag The narration by Marian Hussey is good, but while Ms Ridley has a deft touch with the humour and dialogue, and she does briefly touch on a couple of darker themes, the story is a little too fluffy for my taste.In order to escape pressing debts, Anthony Fairfax has left London to try his fortunes elsewhere He is currently at a small inn on the Scottish border and things are looking up On this particular night, it seems he cannot lose, and he can t help but attribute this to the mysterious, cloaked woman he has nicknamed Lady Fortune , who is sitting quietly on the other side of the room But when Lady Fortune is encouraged to join the card game, it seems she makes her own luck, because she cleans Anthony out completely and wins everything on the table.You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals. This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Lord of Chance is a fantastic start to Ridley s new historical romance series I loved both Charlotte and Anthony, their vulnerabilities were so well hidden they hardly even noticed them any themselves.Lord of Chance showed the backside of the ton, of how it was to try to live up to the ideals of people who could change their mind on a whim Anthony had fled London for Scotland to escape his creditors An inveterate card player, he owed much than he could win back in time to escape jail Charlotte was looking for an elusive laird, the one who had left his mother behind before he knew she was with child And which has let Charlotte s mother make ends meet by being a courtesan.Both Anthony and Charlotte felt like they weren t worth much as human beings, and Lord of Chance was Anthony s nickname as he sometimes managed to keep his family in riches thanks to playing cards Now his luck was up, though, and he needed to figure out what to do so he wouldn t end up in jail To top it all, he ended up married with Charlotte due to a misunderstanding of Scottish law, and I chuckled to myself as the pair tried to make the best of it All the while falling for each other And deciding not to consummate the marriage And thinking they weren t good enough for the other.Lord of Chance is about second beginnings not necessarily when it comes to love, but when it comes to life And Anthony and Charlotte both worked hard to better themselves To earn their keep in an honest way And to be worthy of each other Charlotte was delightful, because she was fighting her attraction with everything she had lest she end up like her mother Her logical thinking got society ladies lining up for her advice, though, and Anthony managed to make a business out of that.Written in third person past tense, the narration shared than enough with the reader to let me feel like I got to know the main characters well I was rooting for them so much I wanted to cheer when they made progress.This particular posting house was a bit dear, given the unpredictable condition of Anthony s purse, but he d chosen it for that very reason Rich guests meant higher profits at the gaming tables Then again, Fate alone dealt the hands All the subtle cues in the world were useless without the capacity to win.Miss Charlotte Devon hefted the three gaming purses in her hands and hesitated Should she play another round She wasn t penniless She wasn t even risking the entire pot She could afford the wager. He is far from the typical hero and she is far from a helpless damsel in distress, together they are an adorable and endearing match made in Erica Ridley s LORD OF CHANCE Anthony Fairfax is in big financial trouble, after having a very costly run of bad luck gambling Far from the rogue he portrays, he has family obligations he must meet and as his debt increases, so do the risks he must take to stay one step ahead of his creditors Charlotte Devon s life has been one of guilt by association, being the daughter of a courtesan and now she is determined to find her father, with only some ruby jewelry and a name of the man who never wanted to claim her as his own.It is at the gaming tables that Anthony and Charlotte meet and not only did Charlotte win his money, she may have won the man in ways than one He was only trying to protect her virtue, but the words they declared that night bound them in ways they never could have imagined.As Anthony stays one step ahead of his creditors and Charlotte gets one step closer to knowing who her father is, their bond grows, as they banter and bicker across the countryside in search of her elusive father.Looking for a charming Rake with a heart of gold Want a strong willed woman who yearns for love and acceptance Erica Ridley has brought them to life in one of her best tales yet as once again, she blends personality, charm, humor and that electric attraction between two deserving characters who fit together like a hand and glove From start to finish, this tale from the past is magnetic and these characters carry a passion for life and love that will bring both tears and joys to readers faces Not too heavy, not too stiff and formal, pure reading entertainment from Erica Ridley, again I received an ARC edition from WebMotion in exchange for my honest review.Series Rogues to Riches Book 1Publisher WebMotion April 11, 2017 Publication Date April 11, 2017Genre Historical RomancePrint Length 232 pagesAvailable from Barnes Noble For Reviews More Three and a half stars.Charlotte Devon is the illegitimate daughter of a Scottish Laird and a courtesan She has fled London and her mother to try to find her father She knows little other than his surname and the fact that he gave her mother a ruby necklace and matching earrings In a Scottish Inn she stumbles across a group of gentlemen playing three card Brag.Mr Anthony Fairfax is a gentleman who has supported his family since he was 14 years old by gambling Unfortunately, his luck has run dry of late and he has fled north to Scotland to escape his creditors and hopefully recoup some of his losses His luck appears to be on the turn, something he attributes to the young woman sitting in the corner watching the game.Unfortunately, Lady Luck knows when men are desperate and a series of unfortunate coincidences result in Charlotte and Anthony being married it hinges on an ancient Scottish law which means if you state, in front of witnesses, that you are married then legally you are married Then Anthony s creditors send the bailiffs after him and there is a very real danger that Charlotte could lose her winnings AND her jewels if Anthony doesn t pay his debts within two weeks The two hatch a plan to annul their marriage whilst still trying to raise 2,000 to pay off Anthony s debts.At first this dragged a little for me It was the age old tale of married by mistake but being fiercely attracted to each other and having to resist although admittedly the reasoning was better thought out than most But then, just over halfway the book improved immeasurably, Anthony had a come to Jesus moment and realised that relying on gambling to look after his family is a bad idea.Overall, this was an interesting story, Charlotte s experiences as the daughter of a courtesan were less rosy than other novelists would lead you to believe, less satin and uncomfortable bruises Although Anthony s family are spendthrifts they aren t blind to the problems they face and Charlotte realises some hard truths about her mother and father.After a slow start I really enjoyed this, the story focused on those struggling to survive on the fringes of society than the ton Looking forward to the next book.I received a free copy of this book from the author via NetGalley in return for an honest review. Loved it loved it loved it I absolutely adored this book It s incredibly well written and so much funnier than many historical romance novels The writing really is exceptional and the plot surrounding the story is well executed and very unique We are introduced to Charlotte Devon A young woman who desperately wishes to be become a respectable and fashionable woman in her society But as fate decided, she was born from a prostitute mother And because of that, the people never wished to know who exactly Charlotte was, a young girl, smart and bright, and shy but strong and courageous Even braver to venture to Scotland to escape the harsh words of the Londoners, but mostly to find her father All her life she has dreamed of meeting him, but with only some precious jewels that he gave to her mother, are the only clues to finding him Yet, in this journey of self discovery, she meets the acquaintance of a gambler, Anthony Fairfax And together they will encounter an unexpected tale to tell Anthony is penniless, but he tries to find good fortune at the gambling tables This is where he meets the delightful yet smart lady, Charlotte But he doesn t want to get involved with a lovely lady, especially since he has large gambling debts to pay or he will suffer the consequences But both Anthony and Charlotte are thrown into the fire eventually, and now they must suffer to pay his debts before his time is up And during this period they will learn to trust one another, to know one another, to suffer together, but maybe Could a penniless gambler, and the daughter of a prostitute find happiness in a society that will humiliate them for their status As you can see, this story has major plot ideas, which are intriguing and a delight to read Once you start reading, you can t put it down It keeps you turning the pages, wanting to know what will happen to these characters, and I loved every second I cannot wait to see what else this series has to offer Received a copy from the author herself in exchange for an honest review, thank you I ve given this a C at AAR, so 3.5 starsErica Ridley s Lord of Chance is the first in a new series from the author entitled Rogues to Riches Our rogue this time out is one Mister not Lord so what s with the title Anthony Fairfax, a charming but rather rackety young man whose appetite for gaming has seen him run up such large debts in London that he has travelled to Scotland in order to try to win enough money to enable him to repay them and return home.While enjoying a reasonable streak of luck at a small inn not far from the border, Anthony s eye is repeatedly caught by a young woman whose face is hidden behind a hood, but whose form is pleasing He nicknames her Lady Fortune in his mind, as her presence seems to have helped turn his fortunes All that changes, however, when she is invited to the table and decides to play Anthony s Lady Fortune makes her own luck, it seems, and she cleans him out, winning everything on the table, and in addition, Anthony s promise to do her bidding for the night ahead It will come as no surprise when I say that his idea of doing the lady s bidding all night is rather lascivious than hers.Anthony may be a wastrel, but he s still a gentleman, so when the lady is accosted on their way out of the public room, he steps in and tells her drunken admirer that she is his wife and he should treat her with respect The pair then proceed to her room, where Anthony proceeds to make himself useful by ironing and folding her gowns er okay and, in gentlemanly fashion, spends the night on the lumpy sofa.Charlotte Devon has travelled to Scotland in search of the father she has never met Her mother is a famous or infamous London courtesan, so when Charlotte ruefully reflects that she was ruined before she was even born, she isn t wrong Unfortunately, this is an era where the sins of the father were visited upon the children, and her illegitimacy, her mother s profession and her strong resemblance to her mother all mean that Charlotte has little chance of achieving the sort of respectability she craves.Judith Devon hinted that Charlotte s father was a wealthy man, a Scottish Laird, in fact, and Charlotte intends to find him and present herself to him as his daughter in the hope that the kind man her mother recalls will find some space for her in his life, or that at the very least, her being the daughter of a lord will help erase some of the stigma of her birth To this end, she is wearing a distinctive ruby necklace and pair of earrings that he gave to her mother, in the hope that someone will recognise them and be able to direct her to him.The flimsiness of this plot point was too much for me to swallow, I m afraid I m supposed to believe that Charlotte is reasonably intelligent, yet she travels all the way from London to Scotland an extremely difficult and possibly dangerous journey in 1817 to find a man whose name she doesn t know, whose place of abode she doesn t know and whom she has never even seen hoping that someone will recognise her jewellery The fact that someone actually does recognise it later in the story is by the by that s just an overly convenient plot point and doesn t excuse such a ridiculous reason for Charlotte being in Scotland in the first place But back to the story Something both Anthony and Charlotte had failed to take into account is that by announcing they re man and wife they have become so this is Scotland and simply by declaring themselves to be married in front of a roomful of people they are, in fact, wed This creates even problems, seeing that Anthony is likely to find himself in debtor s prison unless he can find two thousand pounds with which to pay off his debts a huge sum and because Charlotte is his wife, everything that was hers is now his, and thus can be used to clear part of what he owes.Anthony is determined not to drag her down with him, however, and thinks that perhaps he can persuade his major creditor a former friend to take payment in instalments To this end, he starts doing odd jobs to earn money, and although the pull to take his earnings to the tables is strong, to his credit, he manages not to do so There s one particular passage where Ms Ridley does an excellent job of showing that Anthony really does have a serious problem, but unfortunately, it just adds to the difficulty of believing, later on, that a man in the grip of such an addiction can turn his back on it and reform practically overnight.While the overall tone of Lord of Chance is quite light and fluffy, the author does touch on some darker themes Anthony s gambling habit is not glossed over although as I ve said, he is able to break it too easily and the situation faced by someone like Charlotte, whose parentage means she is destined to be looked down on through no fault of her own draws the reader s sympathy And then there s Anthony s family, who live far beyond their means and have no clue how to make the sorts of changes to their lives to enable them to get themselves out of that cycle of being plump in the pocket and then in debt in which they are living.The author has a talent for writing light hearted, funny and sometimes innuendo laden banter, and there s no question that, but for his gambling habit, Anthony makes a charismatic and rather endearing hero He s upbeat, generous and is clearly devoted to his family, no matter that he is pretty much supporting them by whatever means he can and they don t make it easy for him by being such spendthrifts Charlotte s character is less well defined and I found her fairly dull for the most part, although I did like her pragmatism and could understand her yearning for respectability.The romance, however, is weak and underdeveloped I felt like I blinked and missed the part where we saw Anthony and Charlotte actually falling in love they trade quips and feel attracted to each other, but there is little chemistry between them, and while I ve rated the book as warm in the sensuality stakes, the principal love scene is pretty tame, and honestly, I only used that rating because subtle doesn t quite cover it From looking at and Goodreads, it s clear that Ms Ridley has a large following who appreciates her particular brand of frothy, light hearted historical romance, and I m sure there are many among them who will enjoy Lord of Chance I, however, tend to like a little substance and character romantic development in the romances I read, both of which are lacking here That said, the book is well written in spite of a few typos and if you re in the mood for a quick, low angst story, it might suit your tastes than it did mine. Review For Lord of Chance by Erica Ridley Lord of Chance by Erica Ridley is book One in the Rogues to Riches series This is the story of Charlotte Devon and Anthony Fairfax Anthony is the brother to Sarah Fairfax who was the main female character in The Brigadier s Runaway Bride which was book Five The Dukes of War series But you don t have to have read that book to enjoy this one I just wanted to point the connection out in case you have read that one and would like to read Anthony s story Anthony is in debit with the possibility of prison But Anthony is still Gambling and trying to raise money that way to pay his debits when he meets Charlotte Charlotte to is seeking something but she is trying to find her father Charlotte has build up a fantasy of sorts about her father and whats to find him Charlotte meets Anthony at a card table where they played several hands of cards When Anthony first sees Charlotte she is sitting in view of the card table There he starts to think she is his lady luck as he keeps wining his hands But after a few men leave she moves to play and wins all his hands and what money he won With one last bet Anthony loose to her he must walk her back to her room Along the way he had to claim to be her husband and then they find there is a problem with her room This sets in motion for them to join forces to try and help each other meet their goals to get Anthony out of Debit and Charlotte to find her father My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.

Ridley is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author of historical romance novels.In the new 12 Dukes of Christmas series, enjoy witty, heartwarming Regency romps nestled in a picturesque snow covered village After all, nothing heats up a winter night quite like finding oneself in the arms of a duke Her two most popular series, the Dukes of War and Rogues to Riches, feature roguish peers and dashing war heroes who find love amongst the splendor and madness of Regency England When not reading or writing romances, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, zip lining through rainforests in Costa Rica, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

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