The Amazing Spider-Man: The Wedding

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Wedding Who Can Forget One Of The Greatest Milestones In Comic History The Marriage Of Peter Parker To His Long Time Love Mary Jane Watson But What Events Surrounded This Most Wondrous Of Occasions With Peteris Dangerous Existence As The Web Slinging Spider Man You Can Bet That There Were Awesome Obstacles To Overcome Before The NuptialsFortunately Marvel Has Collected All Of These Amazing Tales In One Tidy Little Volume So Find Out How Spidey Was Finally Caught In Mary Jane S Web Of LoveThis Trade Collects The Stories That Changed The Status Quo Of The Spider Man Saga Forever

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Amazing Spider-Man: The Wedding book, this is one of the most wanted David Michelinie author readers around the world.

[Ebook] ➥ The Amazing Spider-Man: The Wedding By David Michelinie –
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: The Wedding
  • David Michelinie
  • English
  • 09 March 2018
  • 9780871357700

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    The wedding between Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker was a monumental moment in comic books at the time Most people had become accustomed to a single or still dating Spider Man, so to have him marry someone was a big change for his comic books and would affect the dynamics of his character forever after Although I acknowledge the significance of The Wedding, I only felt that it was okay overall solid, but not groundbreaking in its execution or writing The writers attempted to present an inner conflict within Peter regarding the hardships he d be imposing on MJ upon marrying her thrusting her into a dangerous life alongside Spider Man was a fearful thought to the web head, and it nearly forced him to call off the wedding entirely Peter goes through a dream sequence where he sees those who have died under his watch as Spider Man, and he begins to worry that he is endangering MJ the same way if he goes through with the wedding Of course, he does go through with it otherwise the title of this graphic novel would have been something else entirely , but I think this psychological torment could have been expanded upon in much greater depth This is, after all, a major step in Spider Man s life, and it should have been treated as a much significant moment than how it actually transpired These sequences were not bad by any means, but they left something to be desired Despite some minor complaints, I enjoyed The Wedding story arc and consider it to be an essential read for any Spider Man aficionado This graphic novel also provides plenty of supplementary content regarding the wedding that makes it a worthy piece for any comic collector included are the newspaper comic strips of the marriage as well as information on the real life wedding held at Shea Stadium.

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    Felt pretty flat and quick Like the wedding took place the day after the proposal kind of a thing.

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    Not bad I didn t dislike the married Spider Man as much as many people did, but the proposal, engagement and marriage were very quick and not very interesting in and of themselves.

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    This book collects a combination of comic strips and ephemera about the 1987 wedding between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, collecting Amazing Spider 289 291 and Amazing Spider man Annual 19, along with Spider man newspaper strips leading up to the wedding.First, the comic book stuff by David Micheline is superb He strikes a fine balance of keeping superhero stuff in the book while also treating the characters of Peter and Mary Jane very seriously Issue 289 builds up to Peter popping the question as he takes a hard look at life and evaluates where he wants to be Mary Jane stalls on an answer as she has to help her sister through a crisis is Pittsburgh and come to peace with some of her own issues which is dealt with Issues 290 and 291 Micheline manages to keep the character development angle strong while also giving Spider man a tough foe to fight as Alastir Smythe and his spider slayers provide a great Spider man story along with the character piece for Peter and Mary Jane.The Annual gets the supervillain battle out of the way early as Spidey faces Electro so that he can sell some pictures to the Bugle The story then focuses solely on the wedding and it s a superb drama Micheline wrote a sensitive story that looked at the type of fears, doubts, and hopes that this couple would experience, with Peter s anguish over the death of Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane having to choose between the world of celebrity parties and married life It s realistic and very fitting Micheline was perfect The only thing you can complain about in this whole piece is the dated hair of Alistair Smythe and that would be a stretch.The second section of the book tells of the media coverage and also the wedding that took place at Shea Stadium before than 50,000 fans It s well done and detailed background information.The book also reprints 11 pages of Spidey newspaper strips building up to the wedding which occurred at the same time in comic book, newspaper, and at the Mets stadium The comic strip story written by Stan Lee is much goofier and lighter than that which appeared in comics with Spidey breaking in to Mary Jane s apartment to propose It s light, fun, and unsurprisingly has a silver age feel to it These strips are nice to read given that so few of the Spider man newspaper strips have been reprinted.A final treat is an inclusion of a story from Not Brand Echs Marvel s 1960s Comic parody magazine looking at, The Wedding of Spidey man It s a fun little strip that s probably best enjoyed if you re familiar with the 1960s stories from Spider man.Overall, the comic book stories really carry this book and make this book a great purchase for fans of the Wall Crawler and Mary Jane The other features bring a smile to fans but are really icing on the cake wedding cake that is.

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    An important moment in Spider Man history, but it got there in a fairly standard way It did remind me how well rounded a character MJ is, at least compared to other female characters in comics at this time The Spider Slayer subplot was funny in a bizarre way Alastair Jr puts a trace on Spider Man, sees that he s going to Pittsburghso he ships his giant killer robot in boxes to Pittsburgh Complete with a scene where he yells at airport employees who are moving the robot pieces into the plane Be careful with those boxes They contain important medical equipment He can t wait for Spider Man to get back to NY Is he on some kind of kill Spider Man deadline Ah, Spider Man I love how almost none of his adventures involve saving the world, and almost all of them involve fighting some random weirdo.

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    I never forget Sandman s Death showing up at Rck s wedding and bringing a brush as a gft But equally memorable is Willie Smith showing up to give MJ her dress.

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