Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1)

Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1) Finally, A Realistic MC Romance Series With NO Cheating, NO Sex Outside The Relationship, And NO OM OW Drama This Series Will Change Your Mind About MC Romances For Sure Browse The Than , Star Reviews SELECTED SINNERS Making The Cut Taking The Heat Otis Winner Of Kindle All Star Award HUNG Winner Of Kindle All Star Award Money Shot Hard Corps And, As A Bonus HARD Book I Of The FFMC Romance NOTE All Books Can Be Enjoyed As True Stand Alones, And No Other Story Is Required To Enjoy Each Book Although They Can Be Enjoyed Individually, Reading The Series As A Set Will Provide The Best Entertainment Value ScottDHildreth Facebook Author Page currently at 5,000 friend limit, but Scott invites you to come enjoy his contests, giveaways, and playful book banter

[PDF / Epub] ★ Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1)  Author Scott Hildreth –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1)
  • Scott Hildreth
  • English
  • 09 October 2017

10 thoughts on “Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1)

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    I already have each of these books but if you are looking for a hot sexy MC series, then snatch this up I can t wait to reread them on audio

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    Pricing has nothing to do with my rating, but first things first EIGHT Best Selling books for 99 cents Holy shit These eight books redefine the MC Romance genre for me No cheating, no sex outside the relationship, no club whores, and a HEA in every one Wow And, they re biker books written by a man who is a biker, and has ridden in two MCs himself So, realistic biker books Now, that s a change for sure These books touched my soul in one way or another All different, all fabulous, and all HOT as absolute fuck HARD, the only book outside the Selected Sinners set, is a stand alone, and a true must read Dedicated to the woman who was raped in California by the Stanford Student, only to be raped again by the judge at sentencing, this book will certainly make you sit back and think about a lot of things, vengeance being one of them 5 stars for each individual book, 5 stars to the set, and 5 stars to the author for offering these books at 12 cents each for a limited time.Bravo

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    these books are absolutely amazing, and throw in the fact that they are on sale for pennies they are a must by for anyone who loves romance and MC stories

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    I really enjoyed this series

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    LMAO this might be the easiest review I have ever written, BUY THIS BOOK Or I should say BOOKS these EIGHT, yes I said eight, books that make up this pack of MUST READS I have never read an MC series before this one and was unsure what I would find in the pages of these novels What I discovered was page turning EXCELLENCE Each of these stories is very different, but share the common thread of brotherhood Gift yourself this wonderful box set, you will not regret it If the price does not give you enough motivation to buy this bundle then maybe I can give you eight reasons SLICE TOAD OTIS BISCUIT BIG JACK VINCE A TRAIN CRIPYou need to meet the Selected Sinners, TRUST ME

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    This series is my favorite MC series out there It was this series that turned me onto the MC genre It was this series that turned me onto Scott Hildreth and his amazing stories Reviews for each book Making the Cut 4 Crazy Stars I really enjoyed reading this book I did have an issue with one part of the book but it didn t take away from my enjoyment over all I did like the dynamic between Axton and Avery I didn t like Sloan s character I wanted to slap the bitch I m eager to read from the series.Taking the Heat 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars I loved this book This is my fave of the series so far The books I read by Scott, the higher he moves up on my faves list There s just something about his writing that draws you into the story and keeps you turning pages for .Otis This is my favorite book of the Selected Sinners MC series I absolutely loved Otis Sam s story It had some moments where I busted out laughing and had me laughing so hard I was crying I m still chuckling over the transgender scene I was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath waiting for the verdict of the entrapment case Of course, those hot scenes had me all kinds of revved up and it s not easy to do Ok, ok It s so hard not to leave spoilers but this was such a great read that I just want to share it This book has catapulted Scott Hildreth to the top of my Favorite Male Authors list I m definitely going to be reading from him This series is a Crazy Ass Must Read Hung 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars This my absolute favorite book of the year Scott Hildreth freaking rocked this one I FLOVE Biscuit I was never so happy and excited to get my hands on..this book I am sitting here wondering how Scott will out do himself on the next book because this one was da bomb in my book I also loved Kat s character I did get really pissed at her at one point but that s my definition of a kick ass book, when you get so emotionally involved with the characters There were times where I was freaking laughing so hard and others when I wanted to smack the characters upside their heads And the steamy scenes were off the charts I was glad I read poolside so I could jump in the pool and cool off I better stop now before I start to leave spoilers I don t want to ruin this for anyone You must experience it for yourself Scott still maintains his spot at the top of my Favorite Male Author list I m eager to read his next book This is the epitome of a Crazy Ass Must Read Ex Con 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars MY FAVORITE BOOK OF THE YEAR You have outdone yourself with this book, Scott Big Jack Em s story is my favorite of this series I will be adding to this review soon I just finished it and have to let it marinate for a bit Update I ve stewed on it and even re read it again yesterday Loved it even the second time around Both times, I spent the whole second half of the book crying My heart was shattered for Jack Em I do hope there is a second part to their story because I d like to get of her side during their time apart and follow up their reunion It s so hard for me to pick a favorite character from this series but I will say that Big Jack has a place on my faves list Scott Hildreth writes some amazing characters and stories He s holding strong at 1 on my favorite Male Author List and is inching his way up on my all time faves list This is an epitome of a Crazy Ass Must Read Money Shot 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars Ok, I almost finished reading Money Shot last night but the little annoying thing called sleep thought other things for me I got up at 5 am and finished the last 30 minutes of reading had left all the while bawling my eyes out I was a blubbering snotty mess I still am I was crying when I dozed last night and resumed when I picked my kindle off the floor from where it must have landed when it slipped out of my hands during the night I m really needing a couple slices of cucumber right about now to help reduce the swelling around my eyes Ooh, I do have a tube of Prepartion H Ok, TMI Sorry.I laid in bed pondering over the story and decided I needed to re read the last couple of chapters and epilogue again I just finished and my only thought right now is how does Scott Hildreth make want to re read his stories I mean, really I ve never been one to re read a book but the last few releases he has released have all been re reads for me That right there, his ability to make me want to read something over and over, is why he has become my favorite author I looked forward to his releases Lowers voice I may or may not have rearranged my schedule a bit so I could make sure I could read this as soon as it hit the virtual shelves Shhh, that s just our little secret Hehehe Now, onto my main review I really enjoyed this story I had a hard time putting down my kindle So much so, I torched meatballs, overcooked pasta, and was late picking up my daughter from swim practice Yup, I was that sucked into the story Then, stupid sleep had to get in the way of my finishing the book last night I ll be sure to rest up before his next release I loved everything about this book The PP mention, the evolution of their relationship, his mother, Bradley, I even loved their breakup because it made their getting back together all the beautiful Dadgummit, there I go leaving a spoiler Well, I m not removing it If you didn t heed the spoiler warning, that s on you.I digress While this wasn t as actioned packed as previous installments of the series, this had just enough of everything else It was great that characters from previous installments made an appearance One of my favorites was Biscuit s next to Axton s My absolute favorite though, was Jackson s Tears immediately fell at his introduction Ok, I ve given too many spoilers so I m going to quit now before I go any further You have to read it for yourself If you haven t heeded the warning, this is another Crazy Ass Must Read from Mr Hildreth You must one click this now If you did, then I guess you won t be seeing this Hard Corps 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars Boy, does Scott do it again I really enjoyed reading this A Train is definitely on my faves list Who am I kidding I ve yet to meet a character of Scott s creation that I haven t loved Alec s story had me hooked from the start I held my breath during his war time stories My heart broke for the betrayal that he endured Smiles were plenty with all those sweet moments with Casey And talk about all those swoon worthy moments Awww Enough said It was great to catch glimpses of the other SS guys I can tell you that I plan to delve into Fighter Erotic Series as soon as I m done with Karter Btw, I love that little bonus that was included I m sucked into this story as well It s about time I get up close and personal with Ripp and Dekk Hard Filthy F ckers MC 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars Holy Friggin Filthy F kers Wow, just wow I m at a loss for words here Scott never ceases to amaze me with his writing and that is why he is my number one favorite This new MC series is going to another favorite and let me tell the Sinners just got bumped down my list a spot Yeah, I know Sorry guys but Crip is my new fave.Peyton is one tough chick and what she goes through had me cringing I don t get skeeved out easily but those who do must heed the warning at the beginning of the book This was a great read and had me glued to my kindle for a good part of the morning and into the afternoon I m looking forward to reading from the FFMC I am especially curious about Pee Bee He has me so intrigued.Another Crazy Ass Must Read and another kick ass book from Scott

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    He s Her Ride BOOK 1 Making The Cut Avery, tall, skinny college student , works part time at a bar in Wichita, KS.Axton , aka Slice, is President of the Selected Sinners, MC club from Winfield, KS, about 20 miles south of Wichita They stay out of the federal eye by not crossing state lines or committing federal crimes Axton also helps out local law enforcement in the small town when needed.He s a committed single man, about 35 years old No time for women , women cause trouble, women get in the way Women cause confusion and are needy He will never get involved He has a long history of one night stands He s devastatingly handsome , tall, well built, muscular and hung He knows the effect he has on women.Until the whole MC rides to the bar where Avery and her friend are bartenders Avery has been branded a firecracker by a friend of Axtons Axton doesn t drink because his father was an alcoholic, but he pays for the two cases of beer his members drink He s kind of a funny guy, he s a rubber band snapper on his wrist when he gets nervous or upset.Avery wants Axton to take her for a ride on his Harley.Axton just wants to take her for a ride YEHAW Ride em Bareback , Cowgirl This book is probably one of the most authentic MC books I have read because it actually gets into the nitty gritty of how this MC functioned.I m going to read the rest of the included books but not put them into this review, because it would end up being pages and pages long The books are all extremely well written from a man s point of view There was a lot of violence in THE CUT, but this is how many MCs stay tight, and how most of them make money They are like a military force, all for one, one for all Highly recommend

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    Magnificent 7All I can think to say right now is appreciate ya to this author, because I m still in a bookgasm head space I need some after care cuddling Talented writer I will never look at Saran Wrap or half moon ice cubes the same way again I now want to go for a ride on a real motorcycle not the crotch rocket kind I don t want to ask some random dude tho Lol I love when an author writes what he knows and researches what he doesn t I was totally transported into this book community and swore I could feel the breeze in my face when they rode Amazing doesn t even cover it My favorite thing about this very descriptive writer is his lack of using the C word referring to female anatomy It s an adjective for me not a noun and should only be used to describe a very heinous woman Otherwise, it s like a punch in the vagina and a fast way to dry up any moisture accumulating from the story for me I can t wait to read the next series

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    All of the books I love Scott Hildreth s books Saw the box set and thought let s read them again In one of the books In my opinion, if an author of a book didn t know the difference between two, to, too, four, fore, for, or their, they re and there, they had no business publishing a book without the assistance of a professional editor This is so true I go I sane reading books like this Thank goodness my fav writer Scott Hildreth does.Another great saying The book is full of them Show, don t tell , is good advice to all authors Scott does just that His descriptions come to life on my kindle Okay okay I didn t want to point this out but this is the first time I have found a editing mistake As he again began to stumble, trying to keep his footingI continued right after footing Can you imagine Enjoy the book as much as I.

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    For the most part, I really liked this series It did get a little frustrating reading some of the same events over and over from different view points If I had read these books at different times, I don t think this would have been too big of an issue, but since I read them back to back, it got irritating Also, the last book, Hard Corp, was a little pointless and felt like a filler book The author did warn that this was not a typical MC Romance read and he was correct It didn t focus so much on the romance between the characters as is did the growth of the characters as individuals and as a couple Each book did have a different level of romance and sexual intensities.That being said, I would recommend this series if you wanted to take a break from the usual OTT romance books and read something that mimics a realistic life Definitely a nice change of pace.

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