Louder Than Hearts

Louder Than Hearts A Contemporary Woman Makes Complex Negotiations With History And Culture In A Voice Equally Strong, Discerning, God Soaked, And Edgy Creating Music Out Of Personal Longing And Cultural Tragedy Hashem Beck S Poems Offer A Lens Through Which To See Life In The Middle East They Are Timeless Explorations Of Love, Loss, And The Poet S Attempt To Understand Her Own Experience In The Context Of World Events And The Spiritual Realities That Permeate Them

Zeina Hashem Beck is a Lebanese poet with a BA and an MA in English Literature from the American University of Beirut Her first poetry collection, To Live in Autumn The Backwaters Press, 2014 , won the 2013 Backwaters Prize, judged by esteemed poet Lola Haskins It was also a runner up for the Julie Suk Award, a category finalist for the 2015 Eric Hoffer Awards, and has been included on Split Th

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  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Louder Than Hearts
  • Zeina Hashem Beck
  • English
  • 15 August 2019
  • 9780872332348

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    My longingwas ruby colored I wore itaround my neck, and everythingwas drunkenness and dance, every daya kind of drowning and if your sorrow hardened you fixed itby dipping it in seawater, and if your countryhardened, if your country hardened you fixed itby dipping it in song Time tortureseveryone Let s heal a little Ask me if I could everlove again Let s exaggerate Ask me if there will ever bearms like mine Warda is singing she d be missing youlong before she d met you I missed you before I met you too.And now, habibi, even , even .

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    Louder than Hearts by Lebanese, Dubai based poet Zeina Hashem Beck is a book about the bi lingual life, articulated in meditation like poems, the complexity of the Arabic language, the Arabic culture and History in ways that go far beyond and beneath war, violence, terrorism, corruption and politics.Zeina, a contemporary, aficionado of words, and seamstress of longing, has put together in this poetry collection a rhythmical manifestation of our deeply hidden grieves With a sense of urgency and personal pain, she speaks for our homesickness she writes giving into no limitation of translation, of what could be language religion barriers, or freedoms, if we choose it to be.She writes for all of us, the broken hearted, the beloved, the in love the homesick, the anxious, the lost, the wanderers, she writes a prayer for our spirits, for all of us Zeina writes of the limitless bonding powers of poetry We may be of different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, from different towns and cities, divided by imaginary borders, rivers, lakes oceans, and tongues, but we are all human, and we love all the same And poetry is how we all can see the similarities, see our humanity, and know we are one When it is beautiful, well written, masterfully articulated poetry, we all can relate and if your sorrow hardened you fixed itby dipping it in seawater, and if your countryhardened, you fixed itby dipping it in song Reality is where poets draw in their inspiration, their poems is merely a painting of what is in their environment and what influences and stirs their emotions Zeina s poetry is about hearts broken not only by love, but by war, bullets, politics, religion, and displacement, hearts to be cared for, regardless, by beauty, love and kisses Always Bahr is how we were taught to measure poetry,bahr is how we ve stopped trying to measure sorrow, back home Stop writing about war, he said Stopwriting about borders and blood Stop writingabout revolutions and revolvers, about cities,rooftops with antennas and snipers For God s sake stopwriting about religion, I m tiredof minarets and crosses, even the prayersare tired and want to sleep Just writesome shade for me to sit in They would have done it in a cafe in Paris.They would have done it in a shelter in BaghdadI could have kissed you a Thousand years ago.It is the same scene everywhere and always,give or take the sound of bullets Did they have to bomb your bodyopen, to behold Allahin your artery does poetry matter, does dance is there a bridge where the displaced go after they re gone The never ending yearning for home new or old, just somewhere someone something to belong to, that would never leave, and how that yearning seems sounds insignificant in comparison to the status of a refugee Here Nina Simone sings Got my liver, got my blood,so here despite the children sleepingon the floor, the tends, the sea, much much ,kiss me, for where elsedo we carry home now, habibi,if not on our lips Women and War, Poetry and song, songs of freedom, Woman and love, women in love. I prefer Umm Kukthum no one has ever screamedabout freedom the way she did,except, perhaps, for Piaf who has handsthe size of continents, eyebrowslike distant bird wings , and DAlida who has killed herself The wine is in the fridge, habibi,the ants are on the floor.Pour me a glass and stay.Pour me a glass and leave For the love and passion we carry in our souls for our mother tongue, the beauty it is saturated with, the depth of its poetic soul, the history of it, the poetry, the poets, the singers, the artists, the all time lovers of the Arabic language Call me magnum, Layla.I freed gazelles from my trapbecause they reminded me of your.What food for those already deadof hunger Tell me, did hekiss you in the morning Let me, then, dive into the darkflame of this night, this Layla In the garden of our language, a beggaris he who waits to reap a kissat my door The struggle and never ending inner conflict of having Arabic as your mother tongue, as what you re expected to speak in, communicate in, yet your mind speaks in a different language, and so does your heart, but your soul forever yearns to master the art of this impeccable ocean deep language 3awda ahh ya babaI have fallen in lovewith Beckett, I stumbleon my Arabic inflections, confusesubject object,but I have promised Al MutannabbiI will come back In a poetry book about the Arabic language and the flustered lives of those who against their will grow distant and from it, and without realizing, detaching themselves from a language may also bring detachment from everything else, it may subconsciously represent the love of a country homeland , or memories of songs that embodies our history and culture of love and passion, it could have not missed having a poem or two for and about our language country lovers, including Umm Kulthum and Abdel Halim Hafez I traced a line from the Qur an in the air the last time I left for the hospitain London Girls threwthemselves off balconies the day I died She has beautiful ways of keening,this country I haven t been called a planet for nothing My voice soursaround the theatre, the sun, and comes back to this streetat midnight, than half a century later, asking,Has love ever seen such drunkness Everything about me orbits Even my coffinhas sailed the streets of Cairo for hours And in the end, Zeina in her poem Ode to my non Arabic Lover , threaded flawlessly every sentiment and notion that storm within my conflicted bilingual heart, for it holds a significant place for the Arabic language, yet aches for not being able to use its incomparable profoundness in communicating with my own significant other And that is when Zeina, and her poetry won my heart, again, perpetually Walak off off ooffdo not call me cruel,say I love my language than my love,my love I don t You see I m already tired and you alreadymistranslate I love and adore Zeina s poetry for every verse is a world of its own. If you ask what my favorite dance is,go to the temple Listen.Now slowly lift your arms.

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    I fell in love with Zeina Hashem Beck s poetry in her chapbook 3arabi Song when her full length collection Louder than Hearts came out this year, I devoured it Beck faces head on the type of horrific news that is so often reported these days bombs, death, ruins In the same breath, however, Beck s poems sing to us of hope, of family, of the love that must survive in trying times and be the light 2017 has been a hard year around the world let Louder than Hearts lift you with its songs Some favorites of mine in this collection Ya aburnee Message from My Aunt on Her Son s Death Anniversary and Naming Things

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    I first read Beck s work in her winning chapbook, 3arabi Song Some of the poems from that chapbook are in this longer collection, and they were wonderful to read again.There is much beyond my knowledge and experience here, but the magic of poetry of languages shared, is that it bridges us by emotions and the music of the sounds You ll need the glossary You ll need to go a little slower and listen for the tastes and smells that are new to you It s like stepping into a stranger s home, and feeling a little awkward until you see that they also have a record you love or a book you ve worn to tatters, and then you can start the conversation over and relax.

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    I ve been to Hashem Beck s poetry readings in Beirut, and bought a copy of this book after having heard her perform her poems Her perception of the world resonates with me deeply as a Lebanese woman I fell in love with Louder Than Hearts and am deeply grateful for it.

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    I love Zeina Hashem Beck, and this collection does not disappoint.

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