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My True Type Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BLKRXHE It Is Hard To Overstate The Value And Importance Of Knowing Who You Are After All, Who You Understand Yourself To Be, Your Sense Of Self And Identity, Influences Everything It Is The Compass We Use To Navigate Life Your Personality Type Is An Integral Part Of Who You Are Knowing And Understanding Your Type Eg INFP Can Bring Confidence And Direction In Your Life S Path But Like Countless Others, You May Be Unsure Of Your True Type, Perhaps Feeling Stuck In The Middle Between Two Or Three TypesMy True Type Was Carefully Researched And Written To Address These Issues It Will Equip You With The Knowledge And Skills Required To Clarify And Better Understand Your Personality Type, Preferences, And Functions If You Really Want To Know Yourself Better And Gain Clarity In Your Life, This Book Is For You Some Of Its Main Features Include Type Clarifier Assessment This Brand New Personality Inventory Is Composed Of Two Parts Part I Is Designed To Clarify Your Personality Preferences E, I, S, N, T, F, J, P , While Part II Focuses On Clarifying Your Functions Se, Si, Ne, Ni, Te, Ti, Fe, Fi Instructions Are Then Provided For Integrating These Results In Order To Identify Your True Type Numerous Tips And Strategies For Identifying And Clarifying Your Type In Depth Analyses Of Each Of The Personality Preferences And Functions Identification Of And Explanations For Common Mistypings Eg Introverts Mistyping As Extraverts, Etc Clear Explanations Of Type Theory, Including The Nuts And Bolts Of The Functional Stack And How The Preferences Link Up With The FunctionsThe Book Also Addresses A Number Of Frequently Asked Questions Such As Can My Personality Type Change Over Time Is It Possible To Be An X Type, To Have No True Preference At All Eg ExFP Are Some Types Or Functions Right Brained Or Left Brained How Does Gender Affect Personality Type, Especially T F Differences

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My True Type book, this is one of the most wanted A.J. Drenth author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➿ My True Type  Author A.J. Drenth –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 175 pages
  • My True Type
  • A.J. Drenth
  • English
  • 10 October 2019

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    This is the most helpful book I ve read about personality types, with clear, accessible explanations of each letter of the MBTI It also helped me understand the functional stack for the first time.

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    It took me a long time to read this book, but you have to be in a certain frame of mind to absorb information it s a difficult place to get to than novel reading, at least for me.I ve always loved Myers Briggs, objections be damned, and wrote a 30 page paper for my undergrad History of Psych class on Jungian personality typing I can t begin to say I ve memorized all the info from this book even in a broad format, but I took a lot of notes and hopefully can look over things again sometime the book, I got from the library It was nice to examine the functions which is something I hadn t really looked into before It was also fun to do the clarifier quizzes at the back though I ve known my type for years and years and always get the same result ISTJ , I love doing questionnaires and examining myself for the questions they ask.

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    This is an excellently written book.Main stream media has picked up personality typing and unfortunately, has oversimplified it I, for one, did not know about the orientation of functions How, for example, feelers can differ greatly in how they experience feeling based on the stack position and orientation Perhaps this is why I always have been uncomfortable about typing This book has made it easy to understand MBTI without compromising its nuances.Great book for people who have little prior knowledge about typing like me.

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    Excellent summary of MBTI and the functional stack Easy to read and sheds light on lots of nuances around personality typing Must read if you want to understand yourself and or others better.

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    Finally know my type I have taken the MBTI at least 10 times over the past 30 years I have received results as diverse as INFP and ENFJ None of the explanations and descriptions have ever rung true with me Until now After studying the functions, I understand myself I took a comprehensive test to confirm what I discovered while studying I am an ENFP Thank you

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    Some people collect kitschy religious objects and use them to connect to a spiritual realm Some people read self help books and use them to convince themselves that they re going to turn their lives around I read about personality type What can I say it s a sickness But in all seriousness, for some of us the Jungian MBTI concept of personality is a revelation that on some level explains pretty much all of human behavior I used to puzzled by why I loved to spend hours walking or doing simple manual labor in order to daydream I mean develop my ideas or why I could read literature and understand or excel at college testing it but fall apart at the DMV my personal idea of hell, right up there with filling out forms will sitting at the hospital But no All has been revealed to me, and it could be to you if you would just accept the True Teachings.Funnily enough, those of us who feel that way seem to be of the same personality types as the people who created the idea, namely, INFPs, INFJs, and the occasional but influential INTP Which suggests that the tests and the concepts behind them are describing something real, however skeptical those who are of the types who are predicted not to believe in the idea and who often don t might be.Anyway, My True Type is aimed at people who already have a basic concept of the MBTI types, and want to dig a little deeper into the functions Like a lot of books of its type haha , namely, the popular non fiction self help genre, it s short and simple and easy to read Jung was a thinker of astonishing depth and erudition who synthesized massive amounts of information to create a theory that is almost as impenetrable to the casual reader as it is enlightening to the determined reader who wishes to wade through it Those who have followed in his footsteps in order to create and refine the MBTI have taken his complex theories and adapted them for popular consumption, and this book is no different As an introduction and discussion to the functions it s simple yet comprehensive, although it may seem a little light for the reader hungering for meatier fare.However, it s a very enjoyable read if you like that kind of thing , and it includes what for me were some genuinely fascinating insights It focuses a lot on the dominant inferior function struggle, something that interests me greatly and that once again I am using to gain a greater understanding of my authors and the inherent tensions in their works Are they Fi types struggling to resolve the conflict between Fi internal, personal morals and values and Te external, impersonal systems and rules , like, I would argue, Politkovskaya and Alexievich Or are they Ni symbolic vision and deep insights types trying to embody their visions in an Se physical reality medium, like, I submit, Prilepin My True Type goes into a fair amount of detail about those kinds of conflicts, which is helpful if you are struggling to grasp your real type Because let s face it, the critics of the MBTI are absolutely in saying that a yes no questionnaire is not an infallible instrument for capturing who YOU really are But thinking about the central conflicts and tensions of your inner self probably is.The book also contains some interesting insights about the work processes and behaviors of some of the different basic divisions, dividing them into EJ and IP, who much as they might hate to admit it have much in common, and EP and IJ ditto There s a short but interesting discussion about how EJ IP types, as dominant Judging types, tend to not have a problem starting projects, but then have to work in a diffuse, seemingly random style as they take their basic idea through their Perceiving functions, which can derail them, while EP and IJ types can have trouble sorting through all their dominant Perceiving options and getting started on projects I know that s a problem for me , but then once they begin, they tend to finish their projects swiftly and decisively also true for me A very helpful thing to know when trying to do projects either on your own or with other people, and important to keep in mind when giving other people suggestions or directions on how to work I know my IP colleagues, who are legion universities are full of them are always in a sweat to get started on projects and have badgered me in the past about my foot dragging to get started, while I as an IJ struggle to keep from screaming, JUST FINISH THE DANG THING JUST FINISH IT WHY DID YOU START IF YOU WEREN T READY TO FINISH IT AGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH Okay, venting session over But you see my point a knowledge of type can be very useful for starting and completing projects All the advice about working creatively that is obviously generated by and for NP and EF types brainstorming, outlining, collaboration, reworking and revising, etc etc seems anathema to me, while my IJ work process think, think, think, worry, stress, feel like a failure, think some , then JUST DO IT is apparently not as universally applicable as I used to think.So in short, if you re interested in personality type and especially in the functions, this is a nice, readable, interesting addition to the genre.

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    Very helpful in helping me understand some things about the MBTI I was uncertain about.

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    The sections explaining common mistyping errors are particularly useful.

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    Nice read to dig deeper beyond the basic 16 personalities according to Meyer Briggs, understanding yourself even by digging into the functional stacks.

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    This book was absolutely excellent Really drills down into detailed explanations and helps you better clarify your MBTI type and your cognitive functions.

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