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Awful Auntie Kas Sinul On M Ni Jube Sugulane Suurem Vend, Kes Ainult Kiusab Vanaema, Kes Sunnib S Ma J Ledat Kapsasuppi Onu, Kes R Gib Kohutavalt Igavaid Anekdoote Noh, Olgu Ta Kui Jube Tahes, Ei P Se Ta Ligil Hedalegi Stella T Dile Albertale Stella T Di Alberta On K Ige Jubedam T Di, Kes On Kunagi Elanud Temal Ja Ta Kohutaval Kullil On Kurikaval Plaan, Kuidas Stellast Vabaneda, Et Saada Enda K Tte T Drukule Kuuluv Hinnaline P Randus Nneks On Stellal Piisavalt S Dikust Ning Ks T Hus Ja Veidi K Hedusttekitav Salarelv David Walliams On Ks Inglismaa Menukamaid Lastekirjanikke Ta Raamatuid On T Lgitud K Mnetesse Keeltesse Ja Ainu Ksi Tema Kodumaal M Dud Miljoneid Eksemplare Eesti Keeles On Varem Ilmunud Walliamsi Raamatud G Ngstamemm Ja Hirmus Udne Hambaarst

David Walliams is an actor and writer best known for his work with Matt Lucas in the multi award winning sketch show Little Britain His debut children s novel, The Boy in the Dress, was published in 2008 to unanimous critical acclaim and he has since developed a reputation as a natural successor to Roald Dahl.

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  • 20 August 2019

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    It s not difficult to discern why Walliams is being compared to Roald Dahl Awful Auntie is a humorous combination of flights of fancy and macabre backstory, exaggerated villains, and an ill treated child protagonist On top of which, Tony Ross illustrations are so like Quentin Blake s, it s uncanny.This particular book was not a huge hit for me perhaps because of the inevitable comparison to Roald Dahl, who simply cannot be bested but this will definitely appeal to young readers, and Awful Auntie won t be the last Walliams book I explore.

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    Another fantastic, wonderful Walliams book This time Stella, Lady Saxby although she is but 12 befriends Soot, a ghost in Saxby Hall and they team up to defeat the truly despicable Awful Auntie Alberta Add in a wonderful huge owl named Wagner and you have another classic and hilarious children s tale Oh, and Raj is not in this book and wrote a letter of complaint included in the final pages Another must from Walliams

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    I will admit that I have been biased against David Walliams purely because he appeared to get a free pass into writing books by virtue of being a famous TV personality.However.This book was a step up from Mr Stink and I can t deny that it s very good I read it to Celyn and she asked that I give it 5 Personally I would deduct 1 and here s why Someone bought Celyn this book in hardcover It looks to be if not a fat book then at least not slender Inside along with a font large enough to be seen from space, and frequent illustrations no bad thing, though Celyn can t see them there is one tactic used over and over to pad the thing out.Walliams makes lists i these lists are only mildy amusingii and they get old fastiii each item is accompanied by an illustrationiv and it soon becomes clear they their only real purpose is to swallow up pages.Apart from that I have no complaints It s quite a brutal book in the Roald Dahl vein with multiple murders, some quite grisly It is genuinely funny, genuinely interesting, and at the last, genuinely touching.The plot is quite twisty, the setting fun, the three or four characters entertaining I have to concede that whilst Walliams s fame is undoubtedly an asset he writes a fine children s book and could very likely have got on the shelves without help Plus, let s be real here, the help he got is also dependent on his talents, just other talents The over talented bastard Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes.

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    This may be a huge hit with the under ten set, but I was massively disappointed I do feel terribly sorry for the author, who clearly suffers from Trying Too Hard To Be Like Roald Dahl Syndrome It s a real thing I didn t just make that up Did you catch last year s telethon The Oompa Loompas did a smashing acapella version of Don t Worry Be Happy Walliams starts out well by placing his luckless heroine in a Dahl like setting a world where grownups are either incompetent, dead, or a greedy, evil villain, but his character, Stella, never really develops a personality she just jumps through hoops, and climbs chimneys in an effort to stay one step ahead of her really awful aunt And, there are also lists, pages and pages of lists ways Aunt Alberta was mean to Stella s father, things Great Bavarian Mountain Owls can do, different types of owls, different types of pranks, etc At least I was inspired to create my own list of reasons not to read this book tedious, unfunny, predictable If you are a child, give this a go, and see how you like it Then go reread Matilda.

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    ADORABLE AND HILARIOUS I can definitely see why David Walliams is being called the next generation s Roald Dahl

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    I m glad that children love these books David Walliams is helping keep libraries and bookshops busy with children requesting his titles, just as J K Rowling has done, this generation are enjoying their books and hopefully spring boarding to other authors and titles that will fire their imaginations.But I m not going to give any author unconditional praise if it s not due But I was disappointed by lots of things in this latest Walliams offering.The good A wonderfully wordy opening scene expect KS2 teachers to use this in Literacy lessons on descriptive language , setting the snowy scene in Saxby Hall.A bright and brave female heroine in Stella, young heiress of a large country house, orphaned but determined not to let her evil aunt Alberta steal her house from her.A very amusing butler in the ancient Gibbon, muddling up everything nicely Even though he is underused.A family tree, very nice to see in a children s book.Tony Ross s fantastically sharp and complementary illustrations.Quite liked the Owl Wagner , Alberta s sidekick, but again, underused.More Dahl like moments a Mr Twit beard moment in describing Aunt Alberta, a feel of James and the Giant Peach in some of the sad Saxby family history, some Miss Trunchbull like pranks The mystery element though it does seem out of place in a children s book is good wills, deeds, blackened greenhouses, shifty policemen, secret chimney passages Some good twists Aunt Alberta at times she s funny her retellings of Fairy Tales for her niece , but she s also like the villains of Demon Dentist and Ratburger in that she s stereotype than real, though she s better characterised than either of them She seems to be based on Miss Trunchbull, even in the drawings, and does get some juicy moments.The Raj epilogue is wonderful From the moment I realised the time period I knew we wouldn t be seeing Raj And he s my favourite recurring character.Alright The not so good Well I m sorry to say it, but I didn t often find it very funny There is humour in the first few chapters, then it quickly becomes exposition, story and action and barely a funny line or thing happens exceptions for Gibbons every appearance and Stella s pranks on her aunt It s the first Walliams book that doesn t feel like he s tried to make children laugh The word play is gone, revolting foods apart from the owl s , authorial interjections and footnotes, it actually had me puzzled.Soot Yes, it s a name A chimney sweep that Stella meets when imprisoned in her house by Aunt Alberta, he is Stella s sidekick and helper, but the Cockney rhyming slang and accent are a bit tiresome that may be just me though The time period For the first time, Walliams has set his book in the past 1933 Though you d barely know it from the book I only realised from looking at the family tree dates, the book itself hardly mentions anything that sets it in a period The old car and telephone are the only clues.Death Torture I was pretty surprised at the amount of this in the book This book is intended for 7 year olds, and there s a car crash, poison, murder death by fire , and a torture wrack If I was reading this to my child, I d be worried at their reaction as it s very sad and upsetting than once It s contained than other Walliams books By this I mean, his usual zany humour just doesn t make as many appearances as it has in the past There s a lot of exposition to get through, and it does make the book serious as a result There are also fewer settings and characters it all takes place, like a stage play in Saxby Hall and the grounds, with very few characters which I felt it missed other children, other adults It s almost a two hander little girl versus evil aunt While it s definitely an improvement on Demon Dentist which for me just went off the rails , and contained emotion, it s simply not as laugh out loud funny as Gangsta Granny or as heartfelt as my favourites Billionaire Boy and The Boy in the Dress The dark aspects I ll be interested to ask our young library customers about It may wash over them But if your child was upset by the ending of Gangsta Granny, you might want to read this yourself first.This is the opinion of a mum, a library assistant and a keen reader I am sure almost every child out there will disagree with me And you know what I ll still be happy to order it for customers because I know they ll be back for .

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    This was excruciating Five endless hours on audiobook in the car It actually hurt.I have no issue with celeb writers if they do a good job and I ve long defended Walliams as a thoroughly talented children s author in his own right But we have a problem when an author gets too big to edit, and it s really clear that for whatever reason no half way decent editor went anywhere near this The repetitions are agonising, with the plot summarised for us again and again and again the repeated use of the girl and the woman instead of names stick out like rusty nails in the audio version, as does the gross overuse of speech tags It s full of glaring mistakes that just show how little anyone bothered one minute a key has been lost for decades, the next it s in the door it s specifically dated to the 1930s, with a child murdered at the age of ten some thirty years earlier, but that child was a chimney sweep and child sweeps were banned in 1875 the narration appears to think that Lady Saxby and Lady Stella are interchangeable names the ghost s powers are bewilderingly inconsistent to serve the plot needs the crashed car in which Stella s parents died has been returned to the family home in a wrecked state but with, we must assume, the blood cleaned up so the heroine can drive itand on and on None of it makes any sense, and not in a surrealist amusing way, just in a nobody bothered to make this hold water way.Don t tell me that stuff is okay because it s a kid s book or a funny book It s not okay to present children with sloppy crap and bad writing And to call the plot rambling and tissue thin is to overpraise wildly If you removed the blether, repetition and scenes that have no impact on the plot, it would be maybe 40pp long I also found the whole premise gratingly nasty in a way that reminded me of Roald Dahl at his most misanthropic, and it was packed with the endless lists that Walliams relies on for his word count, but the kids seemed alright with those so whatever It s sold a truckload of copies so clearly the publisher is correct in their belief that anything he does will sell and they needn t bother But what a shame to do such a poor job for child readers when the author is so capable of excelling.

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    While we have enjoyed other David Walliams books such as Gangsta Granny, Mr Stink and The Midnight Gang we found that Awful Auntie along with Demon Dentist are our favourites It is packed with great descriptions like Stella s scream in terror when Stella met Soot David Walliam s character descriptions are awesome and we really like Soot and all of the other characters In this book Stella had to solve the mystery of her parents death as well escaping from Awful Auntie Tony Ross pictures looked old fashioned and added to the story We love the way that David Walliams added Gibbon to the story to make it funnier Saxby Hall was a great setting for the story because it s a mansion with lots of rooms and grounds This book is suitable for boys and girls aged 8 and upwards Younger children might get scared or not understand.

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    I can t get enough of David s books

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    Awful auntie, or awful story An over long, trying to be funny story about a little girl, whose parents have been murdered by her owl obsessed eponymous awful auntie, now imprisoned in her parents large country house while her aunt tries to ascertain the whereabouts of the deeds to the house before she kills her This book tries to be as clever and witty as a Roald Dahl but fails The characters A one dimensional, violent, evil aunt who overuses baby language in an attempt to portray patronizing malevolence aunty waunty, deedsy weedsies, belly welly , has a gambling addiction and a large savage owl a bumbling old butler with memory loss who does a few vaguely funny things a ghost who rather irritatingly speaks in cockney rhyming slang and vernacular, is tangible and can be hurt surely that is a ghost no no the previously mentioned savage owl and Stella the heroine of the story attempting to escape the abuse of her aunt The story, which takes place over a couple of days, is set in the 1930 s but could have been set in any time as the era hardly enters into the plot There is an attempt to insert jokes into the plot through the use of illustration of evil antics owl descriptions the best thing about the book is the illustrations by Tony Ross but for me this was a disappointing read I am not sure that abuse, torture, murder and bland sterotypes are the stuff of a good Key Stage 2 read especially when it s not even well written Nonetheless my 8 and 9 year old children think it s great, funny, creepy and cool, and let s face it, it wasn t written for me was it

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