A Touch of Frost (The Cowboys of Colorado, #1)

A Touch of Frost (The Cowboys of Colorado, #1) Reviewed for herding cats burning soup is one of my favorites when it comes to western historical and, oh man, I was excited for A Touch of Frost Basically Remington s dad asked him to escort his new wife s sister from New York to their ranch in Colorado Pretty simple Untilthe train she s on is robbed and his charge Kidnapped hangs head Yeah Hell of a thing, right First This cover Whoa One of my favorite for the year for sure It s gorgeous and totally fits the hero and heroine Look how fierce she is The set up was pretty fun A kidnapping, random demands, a daring rescue, the search for clues and the hunt for those who kidnapped Phoebe It was quite the start I figured out a good bit of the mystery but there were a couple little surprises along the way I liked Phoebe and Remington They had fun chemistry, nice heat and seemed to really get each other Phoebe had backbone, strength and really held herself together when things went south And Remington was sexy, sweet and solid And a lawyer You don t see that too often in historical westerns I like that they worked together to figure things out There was family drama between Phoebe and her sister, between the family housekeeper and the lady of the house, between her sister and new brother in law Some of it was really frustrating and some surprising Some pretty dang sad The ending While I liked the ending of the romance and got a little sniffly the ending for the mystery kind of ticked me off since half of the bad guys didn t really get punished So not totally satisfying on that front.Overall, while I enjoyed a lot of the elements of A Touch of Frost I did struggle with it as well For some reason it took me for freaking ever to finish this one 11 days, yall It just didn t hold my attention and I found myself finding other things to do or picking up other books to read for a while I m not sure what it was either I can t totally pin point any major thing that tripped me up It just felt really long. USA Today Bestselling Author Jo Goodman Presents A Sprawling, Lusty Recreation Of Life, Love, And Slowly Uncovered Secrets As A Rancher Rescues A Mysterious Young Woman With Trouble Of Her Trail RESCUE MEAfter His Train Is Robbed At Gunpoint, Remington Frost Awakens From A Blow To Find The Bandits Gonealong With The Woman He Was Shadowing For Protection No Stranger To Risk, Remington Will Do What It Takes To Bring Phoebe Apple To Safety And Her Kidnappers To Justice But Ransoming Phoebe Is Just The Start Of TroublePhoebe Is Shocked To Learn That Her Mysterious Rescuer Is None Other Than Remington Frost, The Son Of Her Sister S New Husband Home At Twin Star Ranch, She Falls Happily Into Western Life And Cautiously In Love With Remington But Danger Hides Close To Home, And Their Romance Illuminates A Web Of Secrets And Betrayal That May Put The Rancher And His Intended Bride Past The Point Of Rescue Publisher S Weekly A TOUCH OF FROST by Jo Goodman is the perfect example how to allow your characters to reveal themselves through their actions No overdone descriptions or backstories, just hints as the characters show the reader who they are, keeping enough secrets to make you crave As usual, Goodman had me riveted.Phoebe Apple is traveling by train to visit her sister and her new husband in Colorado when her train is stopped abruptly Phoebe is taken hostage when she shoots one of the bandits during the robbery Remington Frost was sent by his father to watch over Phoebe Injured when the train jumped the tracks, Remington is than alarmed that he was unconscious during Phoebe s abduction Lucky for Remington, Phoebe is clever enough to leave a trail of evidence leading to her rescue.Rescuing Phoebe is his duty but falling in love with her is inevitable Will either of them survive the ultimate betrayal when it s discovered Jo Goodman is my favorite historical western romance writer Her books enchant, make me laugh, and then make me sad when I turn the last page A TOUCH OF FROST ambled, then was crazy exciting, then funny until it started to mosey along again, then so stimulating that I rushed and smiled like a Cheshire cat at the end Amble and mosey may sound strange and uninteresting but that s the beauty of this book It fits westerns Goodman can write about paint drying and I d probably find a reason to laugh or keep reading It s during those fake lulls that I delighted in her characterization It s soothing and charming the way she pushes her characters in the direction of forever love, always keeping the reader entertained.By halfway through this novel, I was completely satisfied with the progression, but insanely curious how Goodman would rope me in for the rest of the story It seemed as if we d reached a semi conclusion, if you consider the path of most romances But, oh we are so fooled by this when the plot unravels, becomes a bit clearer, then forced me to race to the end and smile like a sap with happiness I should have known better Amble and mosey meets riveting and laughter Amazing I could probably end this review here and have said enough, but I must wax on a bit about why I love this story.A TOUCH OF FROST is the perfect western for romantics It has grit, spunk, and a lawlessness you ll appreciate There is justice, but not quite the way you ll expect, which makes this story and the characters even charming Even Fiona, Phoebe s sister, who is the spoiled actress turned rancher s wife, became likable in the end.I could read Jo Goodman s books as a monthly diet, and should probably do that to I catch up on her backlist I love her style of historical western romance There s always a quirky character or two This time, I was afraid they were missing, but laughed out loud when I found them There s a harmonization to Jo Goodman s name she knows how to portray a good man Remington is quite the hero and Phoebe meets him toe to toe.Jo Goodman s books are pure entertainment I want to rush to the end to see what happens, but then I m mad at myself because I finished too soon without savoring A TOUCH OF FROST feels like a meaty book, just like historicals should be What s amazing is that it doesn t feel overly descriptive, or lacking in any way, projecting a sense that I know the setting and characters without effort It s also very sexy in places and not always behind closed doors, although there is some of that so it s not repetitive Even if sexy isn t your thing, the characters are so darn cute together that you can t resist them, even when you disagree with them.If you ve read this far, you already know I highly recommend this book Even non historical fans will find the characters and setting relatable It s the late 1800s, so it s modern enough to draw in a contemporary western romance reader Take a trip back to the wild west, round up a few outlaws and fall in love in A TOUCH OF FROST.A RECOMMENDED READ Reviewed by Dorine, courtesy of Romance Junkies Print book provided by the publisher for an honest review. Phoebe and Remington are an enchanting couple, her rescuing him then the tides turn and she s in need to a hero Jo Goodman has always been able to transport people back in time, create a magical cast of characters, and weave a plot that leaves the readers hanging on Phoebe and Remington have chemistry that is off the charts, their banter had me laughing and wanting , and then they dealt with everyday life problems Remington s dislike for Phoebe s sister, Fiona, a former actress, who carries her flare of dramatic everywhere she goes Thaddeus, Remingtons father, is clearly a role model for many, and defender of those he loves Ms Goodman threw a plot twist in that I never saw coming, the book was perfectly laid out I would love to read about Frost Falls and the lives tangled together at the Frost Ranch Jo Goodman is a creative storyteller that had me turning pages, emotionally invested and enjoying every bit of A Touch of Frost I would recommend this novel to anyone with a like of historical western romances, a future reread for sure Review copy provided for a voluntary review. While I did like this book, there were aspects of it that frustrated me a little I liked both the H, Remington, and the h, Phoebe Their relationship was lovely, and they seemed perfect for each other The scenes between them were often lightened by clever and sweet banter I also liked that the writer didn t make us wait till the end of the book to see them admitting accepting how much they meant to each other But I struggled a bit with the mystery aspect of the storyline I must say I m not normally a fan of romantic suspense as a genre anyway, and I was a bit disappointed to realise that the mystery played such a large part in this book And perhaps because I m not a big mystery reader, or perhaps because I wasn t paying enough attention, or perhaps because it was just a bit too obscure But, I found it all a little confusing, really Clearly, a criminal event occurred at the opening of the book, but readers were left in suspense as to exactly how much of it was premeditated and what the motive was It was OK not to find out whodunnit just yet, but I felt I needed a bit info than was given to really enjoy the story It all felt too muddy and unclear I felt too much in the dark.There were some further mysteries related both to Phoebe s family background, and to the uncomfortable situation in Remington s family as well Again, I found it all a little too obscure and frustrating I didn t need everything to be revealed at once, but I just felt as I read through the story that I didn t have enough to go on I don t enjoy feeling undecided abut a character and constantly wondering about their motives, good or bad That s not the kind of story I normally enjoy, although others may.So, overall, 3 stars for a book that I liked but didn t love. Cute, pace a little slow at times Review to come 3.5 5 I love Jo Goodman s wonderful prose, but sometimes her plot gets a bit stagnant after the intimacy has been reached between the MCs This is again the case in this book The hero and heroine settled into comfortable friendship soon after meeting Her older actress sister and his father had married recently, and Phoebe has been invited to visit at their range Remington has been sent along to ensure her safe arrival, which is fortunate, given that she gets caught up in a train robbery and subsequently kidnapped Remington was unceremoniously knocked out during these events, but he eventually comes to and sets out to save the day After the initial action packed start, the plot eases into a a case of much ado about nothingitis, saved by nice characters and Goodman s superior way with words There was no romantic tension whatsoever between the main characters with the plot focusing on solving the crimes of the robbery and two subsequent murders The only romantic crisis was between Remington s father and his new wife and the revelation of hers and Phoebe s true relationship Once again, I just crave for a pure romance from Goodman without distractions from side plots that end up infringing majorly on the main romantic plot Nice narration. 3.5 5 4 stars B I always enjoy Jo Goodman s books Her characters pull me in and won t let me go. Really well done The things that were unspoken was what you needed to pay attention to in this gem of a book Once I figured out the secret which was a little than halfway through the book, I wanted to start back over so I could understand all the references and nuances that I knew I was missing Remington and Phoebe made a great power couple and worked very well JG is my go to author for historical western romances. B or 3.5 stars I enjoyed the first half of this book quite a bit but felt that the second half really lost steam It lost so much steam for me, in fact, that it took me weeks to read what should have been days, hence the lower grade That is unusual for a Jo Goodman book.In the first half, Phoebe is a likeable young woman traveling on a train from New York City to Colorado to visit her sister who is newly married to a much older man Phoebe realizes en route that a very attractive man on the train appears to be watching her, but she is intrigued than worried However, before readers can wonder if the story is about a man stalking a single woman traveling alone, everything abruptly switches gear as the train comes to a screeching halt and is hijacked by bandits I like that Goodman keeps throwing the readers off balance and this is a novel where in medias res works well to keep us guessing about the plot By the end of the first half, it would seem almost as if Act I had been wrapped up Remington Frost what a name , the incognito man, is a hero rather than stalker, and he manages to save the heroine, who did, alas, need saving despite her resourcefulness The two banter their way to Phoebe s sister s ranch, where Remington is coincidentally also heading It turns out that Remington is the son of the older man and had been on an appointed mission to see Phoebe to safety The second half of the novel felt far less coherent The bandits are still on the loose, but who are they and why did they want to kidnap Phoebe The answer was surprisingly disappointing and even a bit uninteresting Fiona and Thaddeus present a potentially interesting secondary romance though I would have liked to have seen from them to explain how they ended up together Ffiona is withholding a huge secret that also did not satisfy me and felt distracting My biggest disappointment with the second half though is due largely to the lack of a deep romance between Phoebe and Remington Their banter is fun but I felt that they jumped from banter to love far too quickly Too much of the novel is mired in the bandits back story, Fiona s secrets, the housekeeper s secrets, and then Phoebe s secret past life.I will add too that the theme of rape felt so odd in this book Phoebe reveals early in the novel to Remington that she is a surviving rape victim And she was not raped just once but multiple times from different men The situations that led to her rape are never really explained or relevant to the current plot, and this plot is quickly discarded after Remington expresses horror and sadness and they hug it out Then Phoebe moves on to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship with her new lover That did not ring true for me, and it surprised me in a Goodman book as she is an author who does not shy away from exploring trauma in depth Why was it even here Overall, a fairly mediocre read for me.

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