Cold Wars (Star Trek New Frontier: Gateways, #6)

Cold Wars (Star Trek New Frontier: Gateways, #6) Book Review Star Trek Gateways book 6 Cold WarsAs I expected this book is close to the top of my favourite books of this series With a smaller amount of the usual wit, this book had a fantastic story I have enjoyed everyone of these books that I have read, some than others I will admit but they have all still been great reads and it s been good to clear them off my TBR shelves.Now onto the conclusion book book 7 This book should have the conclusions to all 6 of the previous stories. Missing For Two Hundred Millennia, The Legendary Iconians Have Returned, Bringing With Them The Secret Of Interdimensional Teleportation Across Vast Interstellar Distances Awakened Once , Their Ancient Gateways Are Rewriting The Map Of The Galaxy, And Nowhere Than In The New Frontier A Century Ago, The Imperial Thallonians Separated Two Feuding Alien Races, Depositing Each Of Them On A New World Safely Distant From That Of Their Ancestral Enemies Now, However, The Gateways Have Made It Possible For The Long Dormant Blood Feud To Begin Anew Captain Mackenzie Calhoun Of The USS Excalibur And His Partner, Captain Elizabeth Shelby Of The USS Trident, Find Themselves Fighting A Losing Battle To Keep The Horrific Violence From Escalating, Even As They Gradually Realize The Catastrophic Danger Posed By The Gateways Themselves Peter David is my favorite writer in the realm of Star Trek Lit New Frontier is a top notch series Captain MacKenzie Calhoon is the charming lead character He s basically a violet eyed Conan the Barbarian as a Starfleet officer and yes, he does use a sword While I profess deep love for this series, I d have to say this one might be the weakest entry It s still a 5 star book. Star Trek New Frontier Gateways book 6 Cold Wars is the 15th chapter of what I like to refer to as the Star Trek the prime time soap This book is also a part of the Gateways series, in which a long lost race called the Iconians have seemed to reemerge from antiquity to sell their fantastic tech to the highest bidder Among this tech are the Gateways, a method of travel instantaneously from one point to another The range and size of these Gateways appear nearly infinite, so this tech poses a threat to the delicate balance of the galaxy Now, as for our heroes, we pick up some time after the Excalibur Trilogy both the USS Excalibur A under Capt Calhoun and the USS Trident under Capt Shelby have returned to Sector 221 G to continue to explore and give humanitarian aid to those still in need due to the collapse of the Thallonian Empire Right off the bat, Burgoyne 172 finds himself promoted to First Officer of Excalibur and we are introduced to the unfortunately named Ensign Pheytus fetus , who is subjected to a running gag on his name Then both Lt Arex and Lt M Ress, best known from the Star Trek Animated series, find themselves suddenly thrust forward from the time of Kirk and Spock to the present day, and are assigned to the Trident Arex handles the time jump better then M Ress, who suffers a crisis of confidence She also runs afoul of Lt Cmdr Gleau, a Selevian also called elves , who may or may not have psychically coerced M Ress into bed via a semi automatic telepathic power referred to as the Knack What a dude There are hints that the problems with the Iconian Gateways may be responsible for sending Arex and M Ress thru time The main thrust of the book are the Iconian Gateways, of course It seems that the Iconians have cone back and are trying to sell their Gateway tech to the highest bidder but are they really who they seem In this case, these so called Iconians are trying to sell their wares to two other races, the Aerons and the Markanians, two races locked in an ancient blood feud Peter David draws allusions between these two races and their passion for their ancient homeworld and the passion that Christians, Jews and Muslims have for Jerusalem The ultimate resolution to story is not made clear The Iconians both are killed without it ever being clear who they were and while one can assume the Gateways confiscated by Shelby and Calhoun, it is never stated Nor is the state of relations between Aeron and Markania clarified They were close to some sort of truce, but the climax of the novel interrupted the process The thing I liked best about the book was the parallel motif David seemed to employ to create interesting moments in the book For instance the newly promoted Burgoyne and Tsana, the new Zarn of Aeron have a conversation about finding themselves unexpectedly in positions of authority they each neither planned for Later Tsana and Moke, Calhoun s adopted son would bond a little over each having lost their blood families in a violent manner There is also a bittersweet scene in which Moke tries to sort of adopt Dr Selar as a mother figure because she s a stern mother with a strange son Xyon, fathered by Burgoyne , which reminds Moke of his former life before Calhoun Next we re back to the regular series with book 12 Being Human, which promises to delve into the secret history of Lt McHenry. The next to last installment in the Gateways series of Star Trek books in one of the better novels Like the rest, it continues the narrative established in the previous books, but unlike the others, it is also the only one, aside from Challenger, that does not have a television series Also, unlike Challenger, Star Trek New Frontier continues on with additional books Because New Frontier is a book only installment in the Trek franchise, and also not canon, it is suggested that readers become familiar with the characters by reading the previous books as Cold Wars sits in the middle of this Trek franchise This not not necessary, but it is needed to better comprehend the dynamics between everyone Like the other installments in Gateways, this one has its own take on the unfolding crisis Instead of dealing with collateral damage, Cold Wars lives up to the title with both captains working to keep a Cold War from becoming hot The Iconian twist also becomes complex with the Petraw not mentioned and the Iconians coming from other locations This opens up a bit of a mystery, if the Petraw aren t behind the gateway technology, and the Iconians are gone, who are the people called Smyt and how did they get a portable gateway As with all books in the Gateways saga, this one continues in book 7, which is, mercifully, the next installment. I read this book as part of the Gateways series It was my first New Frontier book and also my first book by Peter David, and I have to say that I really liked it I was drawn in from the very beginning and it was something about David s writing style that I just fell for I could only describe it as him writing in such a way that I felt almost as if I was right there in the middle of it all with the characters.The story was an interesting one, and I especially enjoyed reading the parts about the Aerons and the subplot with M Ress trying to find her way it certainly was a nice idea to bring her and Arex in from Star Trek The Animated Series For some reason, though, I felt as if my interest started to fail somewhat towards the end and I can t really say why that was I guess it was of a vague feeling Maybe the political conclusion wasn t what I d expected or maybe it just dragged on a little bit too long Who knows But with this said I still really liked this book and if I would have felt the same way about it in the end as I did in the beginning it most likely would have gotten five stars instead of four. I bought this because I wanted to read all the books in the New Frontier series by Peter David And, as far as the various Gateways books are concerned, this was a damned good one All that said, I don t like cliffhangers much, and hate obvious ploys to make me buy even less the book doesn t have an ending Worse, the six Gateways books all were like this and only ended with short stories in a collected hardcover volume Ouch Not a very kind thing to do Still, I nabbed this, read it, enjoyed it well enough, but hey it s Calhoun and Shelby, married, on alternate ships, very well written. From a good period in the New Frontier series, Cold Wars is a nicely written addition to the Gateways saga It doesn t necessarily mesh well with the other stories in the series, but then again, that seems to be the hallmark of this particular miniseries For example, the Petraw, the species behind this quadrant wide swindle, are nowhere to be found and are not even mentioned As far as the story itself goes, Peter David has a solid handle on his characters at this point, and Cold Wars comes across honestly and true to the characters that have been established previously.Full review I don t recommend reading this book first in the seriesDespite being unfamiliar with the surrounding story, many of the characters and locales, the book still brings the Star Trek universe into view The different authors bring subtle flavoring to each of the story lines which wrap up very neatly in the end You can t help but rank the protagonists as the story unfolds, but who was really surprised I rated it 3 5 because there were several spelling and grammatical errors and mostly that although I loved the Trek when I was a kid, I m not digging the rehashing. From a good period in the New Frontier series, Cold Wars is a nicely written addition to the Gateways saga It doesn t necessarily mesh well with the other stories in the series, but then again, that seems to be the hallmark of this particular miniseries For example, the Petraw, the species behind this quadrant wide swindle, are nowhere to be found and are not even metioned.

David PetersPeter Allen David often abbreviated PAD is an American writer, best known for his work in comic books and Star Trek novels David often jokingly describes his occupation as Writer of Stuff David is noted for his prolific writing, characterized by its mingling of real world issues with humor and references to popular culture He also uses metafiction frequently, usually to humorous effect, as in his work on the comic book Young Justice.

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