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Love & Luck Addie Is Visiting Ireland For Her Aunt S Over The Top Destination Wedding, And Hoping She Can Stop Thinking About The One Horrible Thing She Did That Left Her Miserable And Heartbroken And Threatens Her Future But Her Brother, Ian, Isn T About To Let Her Forget, And His Constant Needling Leads To Arguments And Even A Fistfight Between The Two Once Inseparable Siblings Miserable, Addie Can T Wait To Visit Her Friend In Italy And Leave Her Brother And Her Problems BehindSo When Addie Discovers An Unusual Guidebook, Ireland For The Heartbroken, Hidden In The Dusty Shelves Of The Hotel Library, She S Able To Finally Escape Her Anxious Mind And Ian S CriticismAnd Then Their Travel Plans Change Suddenly Addie Finds Herself On A Whirlwind Tour Of The Emerald Isle, Trapped In The World S Smallest Vehicle With Ian And His Admittedly Cute, Irish Accented Friend Rowan As The Trio Journeys Over Breathtaking Green Hills, Past Countless Castles, And Through A Number Of Fairy Tale Forests, Addie Hopes Her Guidebook Will Heal Not Only Her Broken Heart, But Also Her Shattered Relationship With Her BrotherThat Is If They Don T Get Completely Lost Along The Way

Jenna Evans Welch was the kind of insatiable child reader who had no choice but to grow up to become a writer She is the New York Times Bestselling author of LOVE GELATO and the upcoming LOVE LUCK When she isn t writing girl abroad stories, Jenna can be found chasing her children or making elaborate messes in the kitchen She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and two you

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  • 17 November 2017

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    after reading love and gelato last year, jenna evans welch became an auto buy author for me pretty brave to do only after her debut, but i am so happy this didnt disappoint true to her previous work, love and luck was the perfect mix of summer, adventure, growing up, and love all of the makings for a wonderful contemporary.what i really enjoyed most was how the story explored sibling relationships i loved reading about how close addie and ian were and how there were able to repair their friendship after a fall out of course, the amazing atmosphere of ireland was a wonderful environment for the two to learn and grow.but i do wish ireland had been prevelant to me, the setting was what made love and gelato such a good summer read and although the emerald isle was explored decently, i felt like there could have been so much incorporated into the story regardless, this was just what i needed sweet contemporary goodness books like this are exactly what summer is for 4 stars

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    3.5 stars.Two years ago, I read a wonderful story titled Love Gelato It introduced me to gelato, a very succulent human invention, and quite a swoon worthy Italian Ren I couldn t wait to read from this author.So when I had the opportunity to read Love Luck, I jumped with joy I kid you not, I received an e mail saying I would receive a copy of it thirty minutes before taking one of my final exams Let me tell you that I was eager than usual to sit for three hours and answer an essay question All that to say that while I had expectations, since I was familiar was the author s style I knew to read it when in need of something light and family themed.Because that was the most important theme in Love Gelato, and the same applies here Addie Lina s best friend isn t going to Ireland to get swept off her feet by a local boy, which proves that love comes in different forms.It is the love between two siblings that is explored Addie and Ian had a falling out recently, and neither is ready to do what the other person asks to move on Ian wants his sister to tell the truth about what happened between her and Cubby Addie, on the other hand, just wants to think about something else and leave the past in the past Once again, there is a mild mystery in the storyline, one that might surprise you a little, but won t shock you in any way That was alright with me I didn t much care for what happened between Addie and Cubby, but I did care about her relationship with her brother and wished for them to patch things up I adored witnessing their conversations He reminded me why having a brother can be so amazing and not just a brother, but a sibling in general I have one, by the way, and even when he and I fight, we still mean a lot to each other and know that we ll be fine the next day Granted, it takes longer for Addie and Ian to solve their problems, but that s because they don t communicate effectively, something they both need to learn.I find that, although the characters visited different parts of Ireland, I learned close to nothing about the culture I wouldn t have even batted an eye if you had told me that Rowan, Ian s Irish friend and love interest of the story, was actually American Still, I flew through this story Not simply because it is fast, but also because it is full of entertaining banter and heart warming scenes All I have left to say is Please write a story set in an Asian country next, Ms Evans Welch Please, oh, please.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I LOVE BOOKS ABOUT SIBLINGS.Books about romance Meh Who cares Every YA book and its mother not sure how the genealogy of YA literature works but still has a romance Most of them are bad A couple of them are good But it doesn t even matter because there are romance plotlines in this world than you know what to do with.Siblings, on the other handNot every book has a well done portrayal of what sibling relationships are like Which is honestly probably a good thing because it is extremely hard to do It s complex af and since truthfully most books don t even have good romantic relationships which are extraordinarily easy just have characters make eye contact with each other a bunch and you re halfway there they probably couldn t handle portraying siblings.So my favorite thing my favorite favorite favorite is the contemporary that focuses on the relationship s between siblings and or family in general, and leaves the romance by the wayside.It happened, joy of joys, with Save the Date, and I am pleased as punch to be able to inform you that it happened with this book too.Also IRELAND This book was not perfect It was sometimes boring Sometimes it was repetitive and even annoying the latter being okay because that s just realistic sibling interaction my dear boy The romance was so meh and whatever and please actually just be a friendship and not a romance that I am pretending that the ending view spoiler in which there is a hint of potential romance to come hide spoiler

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    So I am kind of sad that Welch didn t keep with the food theme like how about Love Soda bread

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    3.5 stars When Addie embarks on a family trip to Ireland for her Aunt s destination wedding, she couldn t be happier to get out of town It has been the worst summer of her life for dramatic reasons unknown to the reader for pretty much the entire book.The plan is that after the wedding, Addie and her brother Ian, will travel on to Italy to visit Addie s best friend, Lena That s right, Lena from Love Gelato, the book that completely stole my heart last month.However, things do not go exactly as planned when Addie catches Ian running away from their hotel room on the morning they are suppose to depart Ian has other plans and none of them include Lena or Italy.What happens next is a wild road trip through Ireland with their new friend, Rowan, in one of the biggest POS cars in the country.While this book did have moments of cute and quirky, it also had moments that were highly annoying and bland Ian and Addie are in a petty sibling battle pretty much for the entirety of the book that, frankly, was wearing on my last nerve.I get it, siblings fight sometimes but good grief I also wasn t crazy about the format Not knowing what Addie s drama was all about until the very end I would have rather known up front so that I could have at least had some sympathy for the girl Instead I just felt likeIt had a lovely ending which bumped it up a half a star but otherwise, I was underwhelmed I didn t feel as connected to Addie as I did with Lena and the overall plot of Love Gelato was much to my personal preference than this book Overall, I am glad I read this and I would read books by this author but I am glad to be done with this one.Original Book 3 for Contemporary A Thon Round 4 I am using this to meet two of the challenges 6 Read a book in a nontraditional format audiobook 7 Read a book with a picture on the spineI really enjoyed Love Gelato last month Looking forward to this as well as it is set in Ireland which is basically my favorite place in the world.

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    THIS WAS SUCH A HEARTWARMING BOOK IM MELTING FROM CUTENESS AND SWEETNESS v v wholesome book if this book was given an emoji equivalent it would be bc its superb so number one, I REALLY love how jenna welch writes the most cute, adorable summer vacation stories like love and gelato was just adorable and this one is wholesome and sweet and heartwarming and also adorable its quirky and funny i love guidebook lady sm i would die for her GUYS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ADDIE AND HER BROTHERS like theyre so overbearingly protective but they fight and bicker and laugh and bond together and having inside jokes jfkldjafla meeee IT WAS SO REALISTIC its so rare to see this kind of dynamics and I JUST LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART but also the romance top notch IS SO SUBTLE and written so well, that slow SLOW SLOW burn, epic my friends strangers to friends to lovers is my new favourite trope i didnt even know this you learn something new about yourself everyday BIG CAMEO TO LINA AND REN AND I SCREAMED also deals with some pretty awful stuff that happened to addie AND I LOVED THE WAY THEY CONCLUDED IT, i was tearing up yes im soft okay also the sightseeing descriptions makes me wanna visit ireland asapso, just pick it up 4.5 stars

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    OH MY GOSH Has anybody known there will be a spin off for Love and gelato about Addie So excited to read it

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    See full review and many at Ashes Books Bobs Many thanks to Simon Pulse Simon and Schuster for the chance to read and review this novel early.I m all for poor man s traveling, also known as reading about teenagers traipsing around the Irish countryside When I read Love Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch last year, I was already excited about this book, knowing it wouldn t be released for close to a year I loved Lina s adventures around Italy and essentially being able to tag along for the ride through Welch s vivid descriptions of the locations.As luck would have it, Love Luck offered the same experience I came to enjoy in the last book This time, readers are transported to Ireland with Lina s best friend, Addie, and her family After mysterious horrific events at the end of the school year, Addie is eager to put an ocean between her problems and herself Though, she can t seem to escape the drama of high school with her brother, Ian, reminding Addie of her problems every step of the way, including at their aunt s wedding at the beautiful Cliffs of Moher Even the windswept landscape can t seem to sweep Addie s thoughts of home away However, Addie hopes her trip to Italy with Ian to visit Lina will give her the peace she needs, until Addie finds herself trapped in a minuscule car with Ian and his cute Irish friend, Rowan Instead of heading toward Italy, she ends up on an unexpected Irish adventure.My favorite part of this story was the pieces of advice included in the pages from the Ireland for the Heartbroken , the fitting travel guide Addie happened upon at her hotel s library This unconventional guide gives Addie locations to visit in an attempt to cure her heartbreak, along with homework to complete, allowing her and Rowan, to face their issues head on There was never a dull moment in this cute story for ages 12 and up As readers might imagine, driving around Ireland in the likes of a clown car with a bumper sticker reading This car is powered by pure Irish luck comes with its share of mishaps and hilarity From Lina s texts to Addie to the moments of fighting between the siblings, I couldn t help but chuckle from time to time as I was swept away by the descriptions of the green landscapes and barren scenes in Burren.By the end of the story, I was still craving and wishing the book could go on a bit longer I hoped for a little explanation regarding the aftermath of Addie and Ian s decisions upon returning home, but the implication served its purpose A good writer leaves readers craving and I was by no means unsatisfied with this story I hope Jenna Evans Welch will continue the with this series in some form because I can t get enough of the adventurous stories she crafts She sparks my wanderlust while simultaneously quenching my desire for an exciting trip I m also impressed with her ability to please all ages with her writing Though this is geared for a younger audience, I can t help but love the simplicity of the stories while the author maintains my interest and enjoyment of the characters throughout This would be a book for both mothers and daughters to enjoy together I almost can t imagine anything fun than a mother daughter buddy read, except for maybe going to Ireland myself Though this is a continuation of Love Gelato, it reads perfectly as a standalone If you re looking for a light and fun read, be sure to pick up Love Luck on May 8th

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    This book serves as a reminder that not all characters from a previous novel require a story of their own the other being Leah on the Offbeat Pros 1 I enjoyed the guidebook bits in between chapters Witty Short Fast paced Cons 1 Constant Sibling Bickering This plot point went on much too long.2 Boring Characters I found them unbelievably tedious, which made my first con even annoying I would have been lenient if they were teens deserving of a following.3 Forced Attempt at Coupling 4 Miniscule, If Any, Plot Let s go to points A, B, C, while promising drama and romance But, then again, no.5 Drama Reveal Seriously Her brother s anger seems important than Addie s reaction What Uncool Overall, Welch s succeeded with Love Gelato but this one lacks its previous sister s charm It s simply boring.1.5 5

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