The Tsarina's Daughter

The Tsarina's DaughterCarolly Ericksonin Tsaarin tyt r kertoo Ven j n tsaariperheen viimeisist vuosista Kirjassa kuvaillaan tapahtumia toiseksi vanhimman tytt ren Tatjanan n k kulmasta Kirjan pohjana on faktatiedot henkil ist ja tapahtumista, mutta kirjailija on kirjoittanut kiehtovan tarinan tsaariperheelle ja heid n suvulle Tuohon aikaan eri maiden kuninkaalliset olivat toisilleen sukua, mutta siit huolimatta Saksa ja It valta Unkari julistivat sodan Ven j vastaan, joka sai rinnalle Ranskan ja Englannin Kuten kirjailija kertoo kirjan tarinassa suvut tappelivat kesken n ja kymmeni miljoonia sotilaita kuoli Sota laajeni loppujen lopuksi koskemaan koko maapalloa keskusvaltioiden siirtomaita my den.Kirja on viihteellinen tarina ja kertoo mm miten Ven j n suuriruhtinattaret ja keisarinna suorittivat hoitajatutkinnot ja tekiv t ahkerasti t it hoitamalla haavoittuneita ja ker m ll hyv ntekev isyydell rahaa ja ruokaa sairaaloille ja k yhille Kirjassa on my s romantiikkaa.Tsaariperheen kohtalo on jokaisella lukijalla tiedossa, mutta kirjailija on kirjoittanut Tatjanalle tosiel m st poikkeavan loppuel m n. This is absolutely one of the WORST books I have ever read I understand that in historical fiction, certain liberties are taken but this one distorts the truth beyond belief Tatiana, Grand Duchess, daughter of the Tsar is best friends with servants and goes beyond the Palace into the slums Dowager Empress Marie is so sinister that she smuggles in Sigmund Freud under the alias Mr Schmidt in an attempt to have Alexandra committed Tatiana has two affairs The Romanov daughters were pretty cut off from the world in fact Nicholas attends strip clubs and resumes his affair with the ballerina Mathilde Olga, Tatiana s sister, is mean and spiteful Olga, Tatiana s aunt, helps her have pre marital sex The book is completely disrespectful to the closeness of the last Romanov family Nicholas may have been a weak ruler, but he was a great family man This book is an insult to their memory What makes the book so disappointing is that I have always enjoyed Carolly Erickson s non fiction After this, I am really soured towards the author I don t know if I can pick up one of her books again. From The Bestselling Author Of The Hidden Diary Of Marie Antoinette Comes A Dramatic Novel And Powerful Love Story About The Last Russian Imperial FamilyIt Is And Daria Gradov Is An Elderly Grandmother Living In The Rural West What Neighbors And Even Her Children Don T Know, However, Is That She Is Not Who She Claims To Be The Widow Of A Russian Immigrant Of Modest Means In Actuality She Began Her Life As The Grand Duchess Tatiana, Known As Tania To Her Parents, Tsar Nicholas II And Tsarina AlexandraAnd So Begins The Latest Entrancing Historical Entertainment By Carolly Erickson At Its Center Is Young Tania, Who Lives A Life Of Incomparable Luxury In Pre Revolutionary Russia, From The Magnificence Of The Winter Palace In St Petersburg To The Family S Private Enclave Outside The Capital Tania Is One Of Four Daughters, And The Birth Of Her Younger Brother Alexei Is Both A Blessing And A Curse When He Is Diagnosed With Hemophilia And The Key To His Survival Lies In The Mysterious Power Of The Illiterate Monk Rasputin, It Is Merely An Omen Of Much Worse Things To Come Soon War Breaks Out And Revolution Sweeps The Family From Power And Into Claustrophobic Imprisonment In Siberia Into Tania S World Comes A Young Soldier Whose Life She Helps To Save And Who Becomes Her Partner In Daring Plans To Rescue The Imperial Family From Certain Death I ve just bailed at under 50 pages I know it s fiction or historical entertainment as the book jacket says but even if I was in the mood to suspend disbelief Tatiana making friends with a servant s daughter in the kitchen When she put on a peasant dress and left with food to go feed I don t even know who and I wall banged it The writing and storyline were just not compelling enough to keep me going Get it from the library first if you must, don t waste your money. This book took me longer than books usually do but I found it enjoyable nonetheless I m always fascinated to read what may have been in regards to the demise of the Romanov family Such tragedy that of course my imagination loves to read the possibility someone may have survived even fictionally.I have read many different books on this family and again, this account as told my Tatiana the second oldest daughter wrapped me right up into their history again From all historical accounts, the way the family, especially Nicholas and Alexandra, were depicted in this novel were very realistic and believable Nicholas was an uncertain leader in war, he often was at a loss for words and direction and it was hard to get him to take direct action Do I think if he had been a stronger leader his family would have survived We ll never know, but the revolution was I think inevitable regardless of what choices Nicholas did or didn t make The joy in this story comes from Tania s personality Her persistence to be intelligent on what is happening in her country, her desire to help, her compassion to those outside her palace walls and of course her ability to find love in most dire of times I liked the way Tania was written and enjoyed reading the fictional account of what may have been.It s sad that the only happy ending Tania, or any of her family can ever have is only fiction. I would like to at least say that this book was an entertaining read, but honestly can t I am not even sure how I finished it The second daughter of the Tsar of Russia having two lovers before the age of 18 Gallivanting all over town on her own Some whimsy in historical fiction is ok I suppose, but this went completely overboard Many parts of this book basically read like a very bad and corny romance novel I won t mention any of the other plots in case someone still wants to read this, but I am hoping that the reader won t take any of it seriously None of it has to do with history Too bad the author had to choose a historical character to run away with her imagination, she would have done better creating a completely fictional Russian girl who lived during the revolution I would not recommend this book, even for entertainment value To me it read like a trashy novel than anything else, and smacked strongly of someone just trying cash in on the current interest in the last Russian imperial family. Do NOT read this book It deviates from history so badly it is blasphemous Anyone who is familiar with Russia s last Tsar and his family will be horrified by how the author portrays them If you want to read about the last Tsar and his family, read a history book. I read this shortly before I joined Goodreads, so I really thought I d reviewed it already I can t remember specifics of why I hated it, outside of its blatant historical inaccuracies and its total disrespect for its portrayal of real people, but there are several fine reviews already on here that explain it quite nicely. Do NOT read this book It deviates from history so badly it is blasphemous Anyone who is familiar with Russia s last Tsar and his family will be horrified by how the author portrays them If you want to read about the last Tsar and his family, read a history book. A clich saying for a clich book I could not love it.Trope Check Instalove breakup due to bad sex rich girl meets poor boy hater Christians heroine s unawareness of potential pregnanciesFull rantMaybe my expectations were too high because the author was a historian, of maybe I don t get the degree of fiction she wanted to add to history This book had a lot of potential, and during the first third of the book it seemed to fit my expectations There was no clich prologue that goes to 1917 before beginning in 1914 or whenever the way all the YA Romanov books do Since Erickson used Tatiana instead of Anastasia as a narrator, the story begins earlier than most books do The voice was not to any degree kiddish or cringe worthy and it really had me hooked for a good 50 or so pages I was surprisingly not put off by the escaping the palace thing The following grievances prevented me from giving this 5 stars Forgive me if I sound snobbish I ve probably read too many books on the Romanovs for my own good.1 Stereotypes Michael is a hot exotic hunk who does everything for Tatiana and we never see what he likes in her He initially seemed too sensible to go after a girl just because she s pretty.There is a cameo appearance by a bear training gypsy who, of course, is no good and mocks are unsympathetic heroine Way to go Not only to we have cliche romance, we have racism.Not to mention there is an earlier cameo appearance by an actual historical figure, Queen Victoria s daughter Helena, being a stereotypical hater Christian and talking about how her sister Alice went to Hell Did Helena really act like that This scene makes no sense Not only are all the other characters Christian, but the main character shows no signs of weakening faith and the scene is as unnecessary as Parmesan cheese on brownies 2 Anglicization lack of understanding of the Russian language While in all the Romanov nonfiction books I read that featured them called them Kossikovskaya and Kchessinskaya, Erickson insists on calling them Kossikovsy and Kchessinksy I m a bit over zealous about this but hey, take a hint In addition, the female form of starets isstaritsa, the people callled their tsar Batyushka, not Babiushka, which resmebles the words for grandmother and butterfly The names of Tatiana s fictional commoner lovers are unrealistically anglicized The Cyrillic for Constantin is KOCTAHT H, which transliterates as Konstantin Unless he is Romanian, that s what it should be Michael is also unrealistically anglicized because if he s from the Caucasus, he likely wouldn t know English and would call himself Mikhail instead.I guess it beats Etanovich If you didn t like this book, don t read Dreaming Anastasia 3 Characters A bigger problem is that Erickson s Tatiana is basically a hypocrite She goes on and on about how terrible her father s ex mistress Mathilde Kchessinsky is but then excuses her own improbable little skirmish because everyone in her family has affairs, but still says all these things about KchessinSKAYA and how terrible she is view spoiler IF SHE SHOWS ALL THIS EDWARDIAN RESTRAINT, THEN WHY DOES SHE GO AROUND THE CITY IN DISGUISE AND MAKE LOVE TO A MEDICAL STUDENT BECAUSE THE AUTHOR WANTS HER TO BREAK UP WITH HIM AND END UP WITH A SEXY STEREOTYPICAL EXOTIC HUNK WHO DOES EVERYTHING FOR HER hide spoiler

Distinguished historian Carolly Erickson is the author of The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette, The First Elizabeth, Great Catherine, Alexandra and many other prize winning works of fiction and nonfiction She lives in Hawaii.

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