Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics

Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics Many Of The Most Important Mathematical Concepts Were Developed From Recreational Problems This Book Uses Problems, Puzzles, And Games To Teach Students How To Think Critically It Emphasizes Active Participation In Problem Solving, With Emphasis On Logic, Number And Graph Theory, Games Of Strategy, And Much Includes Answers To Selected Problems Index Edition

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics book, this is one of the most wanted Bonnie Averbach author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics
  • Bonnie Averbach
  • 23 August 2017
  • 9780486409177

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    Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics is a collection of puzzles and other mathematical problems that are solved using things like Graph Theory and other math techniques The book contains illustrations and appears to be geared toward a younger audience, but that is only because the illustrations are cartoons of a Sherlock Holmes caricature I have heard a lot of the theorems and ideas in this book, but that is only because I am familiar with a lot of different ideas and methods.The book has nine chapters, all of which utilize recreational math for examples and ideas So you might find the Cabbage Wolf Goat problem in one part and the Utility Network problem in another One chapter might have no math at all, merely logic, while another is a substitution cipher It s a fun little jaunt through a few different fields Two of the chapters are devoted to Games and optimal strategies to play them, and the final section is devoted to Appendices that talk about Algebraic Methods and Probability and other things.The book is really enjoyable, and the mathematics isn t insurmountable Therefore, this book is well deserving of this five star rating.

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    This book is the heavyweight champion of problems in recreational mathematics, containing a large number of very detailed problems in many areas The presentation strategy is to develop the topic by using problems followed by an explanation followed by a detailed solution The style is largely that of a textbook, which in fact is what it is designed to be The authors developed the material as the main text for a course they teach in applied problem solving.The chapters are largely independent, so it is possible to pick and chose the topics for a course Do not let the word recreational in the title lead you to believe that these problems are bunnies I am a co editor of Journal of Recreational Mathematics and I found myself thinking long and hard about some of these problems Granted, many are straightforward, but there are enough of the head scratching variety to satisfy every taste The general topics are logic, basic number theory, graph theory and games, with a few other topics interspersed.With hundreds of problems, detailed solutions to the demonstrations and hints for most included, this is a resource unlike all others If you teach a course in mathematical problem solving or beginning computer programming, you cannot help finding a problem in here that you can use to illustrate a topic or as a test question I have already used a couple as the seeds for some programming exercises Better yet, consider it as a textbook for your course in mathematical problem solving.Published in Journal of Recreational Mathematics, reprinted with permission and this review appears on .

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    L idea di questo libro di parlare di matematica a partire dai problemi ricreativi Nei vari capitoli si inizia a presentare alcuni di questi problemi, invitando il lettore a cercare di risolverli poi vengono man mano introdotti i concetti che sono nascosti dietro i problemi stessi e si termina con una serie di esercizi alcuni, ma non tutti, hanno un aiuto, una traccia di soluzione oppure una risposta Di per s l idea non affatto stupida, tenuto anche conto che alcuni degli argomenti trattati i grafi e le equazioni diofantine, per esempio non fanno certo parte dei programmi scolastici, penso nemmeno negli USA La sua messa in pratica per mostra parecchi difetti, primo tra tutti la ripetitivit di dover fare pi volte lo stesso tipo di ragionamento, che stufa in breve tempo anche se la formulazione dei problemi sempre piacevole Diciamo che a mio parere il libro piu utile per un insegnante che voglia proporre ai suoi studenti un esposizione un po diversa e quindi si metta a scegliere quello che ritiene pi importante.

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    Outstandng book Excellent examples Clearly written If you ever wanted to figure out card tricks, or basic probabilility, basics of games this is the book to start with Opened up many doors for me Best Math book ever

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    Most fun course I ever took in college Learned almost as much as I did in High School, which is than I can say for the rest of my College Master s Ph.D education.

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