Saving Grace (Hearts Haven Book 2)

Saving Grace (Hearts Haven Book 2) I really enjoyed reading this book it took me a few days to get through it because of some sort of readers block but I finally got to finish it don t let my block determine whether or not you should read it, you totally should it was a personal block anyway back to the book lol I loved the love between grace and Sterling it s a true love that came late they faced many twists and turns to get to their happiness but I m so glad they did once I got over my block I simply couldn t put it down. I was hooked on this series from the first book O Connor is a wonderful storyteller and I couldn t wait to start this second installment.Saving Grace jumped right into the emotional whirlwind when Mark Sterling met up with Grace again after years apart and immediately kissed her Learning his backstory and all that he had been through in Grace s absence really made me want him to fight for his and his daughter s happiness When he showed up at the store to confront Grace, I enjoyed watching them butt heads Grace s stubborn nature was very entertaining When she began to accept her feelings and the possibilities, I was mentally encouraging her from my side of the page They had so much past baggage to work through and accept It was clearly going to be a long road, but the attraction was always there simmering under the surface Sasha was a very well written character and I was thoroughly entertained by her and her conversations Grace was such a strong willed character, but at times I felt as if she was trying to sabotage her possible future with Sterling I wanted to shout at her to release the past and move forward toward happiness I enjoyed watching Grace and Sterling trying to build a relationship, but I also felt her frustration at his seemingly constant interference When Grace s family showed up in town and one of Sterling s biggest secrets came out, I was seething right along with Grace I knew Sterling s heart was in the right place, but it was still a big pill to swallow The ending was perfect and very truly demonstrated love and compromise This book had a constant flow of peace and purposeful drama The storyline kept me engaged and entertained throughout I am very much looking forward to from this series. Five Years Ago, Fed Up With Everyone Telling Her How To Run Her Life, Grace Winston Cut All Ties From Her Controlling Parents She Escaped To A Small Town In North Central Alberta To Build A New Life For Herself, Depending Solely On Her Own Skills And Decisions Rather, Than Her Family Name The Only Thing Missing Was Mark Sterling, The Secret Love Of Her Life She Left Behind Mark Sterling Knew He Screwed Up Big Time By Failing To Reveal The Depth Of His Feelings For Grace Before She Left Months Later, He Learned He D Mistakenly Fathered A Child With Another Woman When His Former Lover Died, His Guilty Conscience Wouldn T Let Him Abandon His Baby Now, While Vacationing With His Four Year Old Daughter, Mark Bumps Into Grace Though Sparks Fly, The Only Thing The Two Of Them Can Agree On Is That They Disagree On Just About Everything Can They Overcome The Past And Stop Interfering In Each Other S Lives Long Enough To Sustain A Permanent Relationship

Greetings Readers I m Katie O Connor and I love to write and read The I read, the I write I live in a large city in Western Canada I am a wife, mother and grandmother I believe in dragons, fairies, UFOs, ghosts, and house pixies.I have dabbled in writing since just after high school There is some part of me that drives me to create stories and write them down It is impossible for

[Reading] ➿ Saving Grace (Hearts Haven Book 2)  Author Katie O'Connor –
  • Paperback
  • 222 pages
  • Saving Grace (Hearts Haven Book 2)
  • Katie O'Connor
  • English
  • 03 March 2018

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