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Friday's ChildAlthough I think I actually like Heyer s murder mysteries better, there is no denying how fun her regency romance novels are Friday s Child centers around the slapdash and feckless Arthur Verelst, Viscount Sherington aka Sherry and his impulsive marriage to childhood friend Hero Wantage Hero has always adored Sherry, but knows she has no chance with him in the marriage mart due to his adoration of The Beauty , Isabella Milborne When Isabella turns down Sherry s proposal of marriage, he determines to marry the first woman he sees in order to gain control of his gynormous inheritance Enter Hero, sitting atop a stone wall, feeling extremely sorry for her circumstances Her cousin has decided that poor relation Hero must be put into service as a governess in far away Bath Hero doesn t want to be a governess, but knows she must do whatever her relations tell her to do.Sherry scoops up Hero and takes her to London, where they marry in haste Sherry isn t about to let marriage change his harum scarum lifestyle, and Hero renamed Kitten by Sherry adores him too much to make a fuss about his often neglectful treatment of her The silly young couple blast through Sherry s money, enjoy partying with Sherry s friends Gil, George and Ferdy and generally romp through Regency England without a care in the world Kitten gets into one scrape after another, and slowly Sherry realizes that the young girl he married on the quick and without truely loving her is becomingandimportant in his life It s only after Kitten s final, reckless scrape that the couple face their biggest crisis, and finally learn the meaning of amature, responsible love.Heyer did a fantastic job with this offering It was fun, bubbly, silly and I loved, loved all the major characters Sherry s best buds Gil, George and Ferdy were well characterized It would have been great if Heyer had afforded them books of their own, especially Ferdy perhaps she did and I just don t know it However, the last 2 pages were the icing on the cake, and sent me howling with laughter Heyer has a way of wrapping up most of her regency romances with a brilliant send off Who knew the term, Nemesis , could be so funny A definite gem in the Heyer canon, and heartedly recommended. Reviewed for queuemyreview.comAnother re release from Georgette Heyer that was first published in 1944, Friday s Child seemed to answer a public outcry forlight hearted regency fair As Ms Heyer herself wrote about this novel, I think myself I ought to be shot for writing such nonsense, but it s questionably good escapist literature and I think I should rather like it if I were sitting in an air raid shelter, or recovering from flu Its period detail is good my husband says it s witty and without going to these lengths, I will say that it is very good fun From the book The Private World of Georgette Heyer by Jane Aiken Hodge Random House, APR06 This was written during a time of deprivation and war in London and Ms Heyer s fans were looking for a way to escape from their tense situation The humor and comedic banter in her novels provided them a way to retreat at least mentally to a happier place and enjoy the antics and bumble broths of her well written characters.Friday s Child is the story of Sherry, Lord Sherington, and Kitten, Hero Wantage, who marry at what seems to be the drop of a hat Sherry needs a wife to gain control of his inheritance The orphaned Hero needs someone to help her or she s about to be sent off by her cousins to work as a governess Since Sherry s first choice refuses him, when he happens along and sees Kitten so down hearted, he coerces the story out of her and then decides if he must be married, might as well be to Kitten As she is not yet of age , they elope to London.Both characters are really not mature enough to manage themselves, much less marry but as this will solve both their problems, onward they go This is only the beginning of chapters of mayhem, scrapes, and misadventures With each problem revealed and eventually solved, the reader watches these two grow up and learn to recognize and accept responsibility They say the devil is in the details and so it is with Ms Heyer s novel Her detailed descriptions and dialogue evoke the regency period with all its attendant restrictions and limits The secondary cast will leave you in stitches as each tries to help or hinder the couple as appropriate for their motives This is an enjoyable, G rated novel as there are only a handful of passionate kisses towards the end of the novel so this would be appropriate for any age reader It would, I think, be difficult to read this book without a smile on your face The antics of the happy couple and their supporters and detractors seem delightfully silly compared with most romance fare today If you are in need of a few hours of escape, I heartily recommend Friday s Child by Georgette Heyer. Rejected By The Woman He Deeply Craves, The Incomparable Miss Milborne, For His Unsteadiness Of Character, Wild Viscount Sheringham Is Bent On Avenging Fate And Coming Into His Fortune Rebellious Young Sherry Could Not Gain His Inheritance Until He Married, He Leaves His Mother S House And On A Passionate Impulse, He Vowed To Marry The Next Woman He Saw But The Very First Woman He Sees Is His Life Long Friend Hero Wantage, A Young And Charmingly Unsophisticated Girl To Orphaned, Pixie Ish Hero, Who Has Secretly Loved Him Since Childhood, It Seemed Like A Star Studded Dream When Dashing Lord Sheringham Asked Her To Be His Bride For Although She Knew It Was A Marriage Of Convenience His Convenience , It Eliminated The Depressing Prospect Of Life As A Governess It Seems That This Marriage Might Solve All Their ProblemsBack In London, Hero Soon Discovers The Glamorous Social Scene And Strives To Make A Name For Herself Among The Right Circles But Their Marriage Soon Became A Frenetic Comedy Of Errors, As Hero Tried To Keep Up With The Fashionable And Very Unfamiliar Society In Which She Now Found Herself From Chariot Races To Gambling Tables To Exclusive Drawing Rooms, An Exasperated Sherry Followed In His Wife S Wake, Trying To Clear The Air After Her Well Intentioned But Scatterbrained Escapades But When Sherry Intervenes, Fearing She Ll Embarrass Them Both, Misunderstandings Pile Up, Friendships Are Tested And Hearts Are Pushed To Breaking Point And It Was With Great Surprise That Both Hero And Sherry Discovered That Even A Marriage Of Convenience Can Turn Into A Love Affair, Under Certain Circumstances 2.5If there weren t so many apologies the number of times someone apologizes is staggering I believe Hero missed to apologize she was born , I would love this book a bitEverything is so exaggerated that I wouldn t be able not to.I like the basic premise after his marriage offer to the Incomparable yes, capital I Miss Isabella Milborne is refused, Viscount Sheringham decides he would marry the first woman he sees Enter another childhood friend, Hero Wantage I would have loved her if not for all the damn apologies Anyway, they do marry and basically you get this comedy of errors There are so many misunderstandings, it s no wonder neither the two main characters nor their friends could do anything without making a mess of things.I hated Viscount s mother she never does redeem herself and I was both annoyed and felt sorry for Isabella She managed not to make up her mind for the whole book And it s not even her book At least her choice is the right one I loved George not only because of his loyalty to his friends, his love of Isabella, but also for the way he treated Hero.The best part is when their friends juggle between Hero and Sherry They want to help them both, but sometimes their wishes simply clash The point of the book is for the Viscount to see how much he fell in love with his wife Plus some gambling, duels, kidnapping sort of , lots of talk of tearing people s limbs off, a knife fight You know, the usual. You know, if the two main couples in this novel had both been hit upside the head within the first twenty pages and told not to be such utter twats, the remaining three hundred and fifty pages could have been avoided Both I, and the tree which died to make this book, would have been an awful lot happier. In Jane Aiken Hodge s rather hagiographic bio that one of the few fan letters Heyer ever cared about was from a woman who had been a political prisoner in Roumania She along with a number of other women were locked in a cell for some years They kept themselves sane by retelling the story of this novel over and over again I think of that every time I reread it I hear the whisper of women s voices at the back of my imagination, talking over every turn in the story, every flash of wit.The basic story is how the hero and the heroine grow up after they get married on whim Their friends are some of Heyer s best secondary characters, and there are many terrific scenes Heyer was at her best when writing this one, with one of her most engaging heroines Theconventional hero and heroine, George, Lord Wrotham, and Miss Isabella Milbanke, being secondary, opposite the inimitable Freddy Fakenham, who so strongly reminds me of Bertie Wooster I wonder if there was some influence there Heyer did admit once to stealing a plot wholesale from Ethel M Dale, so she wasn t entirely immune from borrowings. Hold onto your hats I m about to rave about a Georgette Heyer novel.This one has quite a large cast for your typical Heyer novel let s see, we ve got an alpha couple, a beta couple, three sidekicks and a villain These eight people share approximately one 1 brain cell between them all, and it s rather like the arrangement those ladies in Greek myth had, where they have to pass it around between themselves Hilarity, of course, Ensues And yet somehow, despite this ridiculous set up, this book struck me as being a bit smarter than the average Heyer story.One of the dissatisfactions I have with vintage romances like Heyer s is the way inequality and feminine immaturity is often baked hard into the plot, and this story, about a lovably idiotic teenager getting married to an older and richer man who then has to spend the entire novel running around after her to prevent her from ruining herself forever, intially looked likeof the same Marriage was never designed to be a parent and idiot child situation, amirite But this book won my respect anyway, because Heyer does two very unusual things with this whole setup First, the older and richer man who the lovably idiotic teenager marries is also a lovable idiot only slightly older and slightlyworldly wise than she is Sherry s immaturity is presented to the audience without disguise, and the whole point of the book is that Hero s immaturity only reflects his own immaturity back at himself, but withdire consequences because of the double standards entrenched in Regency society.That whole thing about double standards is my second point, which is that the book uses its comedic situation to explore all the ways in which Regency double standards penalised women for behaviour which it rewarded in men And, it criticises these double standards in the right way, that is, by driving it home in comic episode after comic episode that if something is truly foolish or immoral for a woman, then it is truly foolish and immoral for a man as well This is reinforced by the scene, which shows muchof a social conscience in Heyer than I ve ever noticed before, in which the villain is confronted by the girl he s seduced, impregnated, and condemned to ruin Because she s ignorant of the rules of Polite Society, Hero lacks double standards and thankfully is able to appeal to Sherry s sense of honesty in getting him to confront them, too And it s a beautiful thing to watch.FRIDAY S CHILD isn t completely free of problems, but I was so impressed to read a story that confronted some of the problems deeply entrenched in Regency society, that did so with honesty and clarity, and yet managed to remain frothy, light hearted, madcap fun the whole way through I usually shelve my Heyer novels firmly under Guilty Pleasure , but this book was so muchI actually highly recommend it. Every time I read one of Heyer s extremely enjoyable novels I can t help but think, Why on earth has this book not been made into a film BBC, where are you This is perfect material for your audience This book is particularly suited for film I can well imagine it as a delightful and extremely popular Masterpiece mini series I don t know how she managed to do it, but though every one of her novels is set in similar circumstances and setting, they are all quite unique in plot and character development As in the other Heyer novels I have read, I found myself frequently sighing, grinning, or laughing out loud Even though I knew all would end well, I found myself on the edge of seat, eager to find out what would happen next, never quite sure who would end up with whom, or how the author could possibly bring it all around to the inevitable happily ever after What can I say It s just pure fun None of Georgette Heyer s books contain anything offense other than an occasional mild swear word or reference to a dishonorable man who has taken advantage of some naive damsel Recommended for anyone who loves to read and be entertained I haven t read this title in a very long time I m glad I still love it,as this particular title often gets a bad rap So let s get a couple of things out of the way.It s light fluffy Well of course This is a criticism often levelled at one of GH s other romances written during WW2, I think most of GH s fans would be wanting to escape a grim reality, not be evendepressed than they were in real life It isn t a spoiler to say that the hero, Sherry is extremely selfish immature but the plot wouldn t have worked any other way Hero what a name is young silly Duh At the start of the book she is only sixteen Inmodern times she would be fangirling over or But instead, the subject of her dreams is her impetuous neighbour, Sherry Desperate to overturn the terms of his father s will for some strange reason his dad thought he wouldn t be responsible enough to manage his own affairs spurned by this season s Success he proposes to Hero What follows is a series of madcap scrapes by both characters view spoiler their eventual maturing hide spoiler Update Just finished listening to the audiobook narrated by Eve Matheson and LOVED IT She read so well and the tone of voices she chose for all the characters were simply perfect The characters sounded exactly how I imagined them Friendly warning spoilers lots of silly schoolgirl blabbing throughout P Picking a favourite Georgette Heyer novel often feels like trying to pick a favourite star in the sky There are so many to choose from and they are all wonderful I don t know how she was ever able to decide which story she liked best, but apparently Heyer s personal favourite was this one, Friday s Child I don t doubt for a second that she must have had a tremendous amount of fun writing it, because it is one of the funniest, most hilarious and light hearted books I have ever read In addition, it was incredibly cute and I have lost count of all the utterly adorable moments between the hero and heroine This is Regency romance at its best a big screw ball comedy of fun and hilarity, complete with shopping in London, fancy dinners, unexpected callers, evenings at Almack s, jealous lovers and Heyer s signature abrupt but funny ending Meet the characters Anthony Vereslt, Viscount Sheringham Sherry Young, impetuous and irresponsible, Sherry has lived all his life squandering money left and right and pleasing himself only He shall come into his inheritance when he reaches 25, or if he marries before that date The opening chapter of the book finds him proposing to his childhood friend Isabella, and being quite dramatically rejected Beneath his wild ways though, the Viscount is truly a kind hearted man who takes his friends s best interests at heart, and who would never consciously let harm come to those he loves Expressions said most often Dash it Kitten No Not the thing at all , Oh God Kitten You can t do that , Stop copying me Kitten Argh Don t repeat what I said , I ll be damned if I have to go through another stuffy evening at Almack s , My wife did WHAT , SHUT UP, annoying canary Mr Gilbert Ringwood Gil Gil is the reliable, loyal friend that people turn to for help and a sympathetic ear He s kind, helpful and just happy to hang out and help his friends Gil is also single free and not interested in marriage, and when Sherry and George keep having relationship problems, he s all If you re having girl problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a b tch ain t one woo Expression said most often Shh Quiet you guys I m thinking , Ok, wait, sowhat happened , I know, I know, I m thinking , Sherry, do you love your wife , Of course I ll help you The Honourable Ferdinand Fakenham Ferdy Also super kind, nice and wanting to help his friends, only Ferdy is a bitslow and not as helpful as George P He s not the most intelligent man, and often doesn t know what to do, but his intentions are always good, and he is a really good friend Ferdy is also a Pink of the Ton, and always well dressed and bowing impeccably Expressions said most often But Sherry is my cousin , Dashed if I m not going to help him friend of mine , It s probably that fellow creeping up behind you again , Not the thing at all , I ll think about the name in a minute, but you know, that Greek thing Creeps up behind people George, Lord Wrotham George Best buds with Sherry, Gil and Ferdy, George is the romantic, passionate man who is always looking extremely handsome in his dishevelled state, with his brilliant brown eyes and black locks falling on his brow He can usually be found pining away for the Incomparable Isabella, with whom he is madly in love, or trying to call someone out Quick tempered and very moody, George is nevertheless a most faithful friend who would readily bring back the moon for them if he could Expressions said most often Isabella I MUST SEE ISABELLA , Isabella was not there , DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT , Isabella would never do this to me, right , What, Kitten, WHAT Tell me again, WHAT happened with Sherry , Dashed if I don t call him out , What s the point of living if Isabella is not there Miss Hero Wantage Kitten One of my absolute favourite heroines Kitten is adorable, very young, and very sweet She doesn t really know how to go on about in the fashionable world, and with only Sherry to rely upon, it s no wonder she makes mistakes Kitten is desperately in love with Sherry and has been so all her life He is her Idol, and she would never ever do anything she knew he wouldn t like, but unfortunately she keeps getting into one scrape after another She is not silly or dumb, simply ignorant and kind hearted She quickly becomes really good friends with Sherry s buddies, but lacking female companionship and guidance, doesn t not appear quite up to snuff.Expressions most often said But Sherry said that , Oh really THANK YOU, Sherry , But Sherry did it , Sherry, you said you would , I didn t know I wasn t supposed to do that , I will never do it again if you don t want me to, Sherry , This was all my fault The Incomparable Miss Isabella Milborne Bella The spoiled Beauty who can t make up her mind who she means to marry because she enjoys having all the attention all the time She s not wicked at heart, but she was a major eye roller She loves George but doesn t want to admit it to herself or to anyone, and consequently, theirs is a relationship of misunderstanding upon misunderstanding Oh and obviously, Bella is suuuuuuper beautiful Expressions said most often George, I do not wish to see you , Wait, that guy wants to marry me , Kitten is stealing all my beaux , I would NEVER marry HIM , Where is George.The Friday s Child crew is overall just brilliant These guys are SO.MUCH.FUN So After Sherry is spurned by Bella, he vows to marry to marry the next female he encounters thus obviously demonstrating that he didn t really love Bella It happens to be Miss Hero Wantage, the poor penniless orphan who lives with her mean cousins the Bagshots, and who plan on having her become a governess or marry the local curate Sherry and Hero are childhood friends, and as kids, Hero was always the one doing Sherry s every bidding, and was even a little bullied by him She is madly in love with him nevertheless and would do anything for him Thus, when he impetuously proposes to marry her almost immediately, she is d e l I g h t e d and off they go in his curricle in direction of London But wait a minute there, my darlings Hero can t be seen driving with Sherry if they mean to keep their eloped marriage a secret until they are actually married, right So Sherry, thinking it over, commands Hero to spend the journey on the floor of the vehicle with a rug covering her And what s her reaction She s never been accustomed to luxury, and she gets to hug Sherry s legs during the whole journey Aw, she s only to happy to comply D When Sherry finally deems they are safe enough, he tells her to stop giving him cramps in his legs, and then gets out a comb, brushes her hair and ties her bonnet It s those little things like that throughout the book that really brought out a silly grin on my face and in fact I m smiling right now while writing this and made me want to just hug my copy of the book They are SO CUTE And then, as if that hadn t been cute enough, Sherry, while looking Hero over, makes a discoveryYou look just like a kittenJust spontaneous like that You look like a kitten AWWWWWWWW 3 3I think it s your silly little nose, said the Viscount flicking it with a careless forefinger That, or the trick you have of staring at a fellow with your eyes wide open I think I shall call you KittenKitten He is going to call her Kitten Here is a book where the hero nicknames the heroine kitten If you don t think that is cute, I don t know what to tell you, but me, I find it most adorable Arrived in London, the young couple set about arranging their marriage and by that I mean a hilarious scene where Sherry consults his friends as to how to get a special license, what do to with Hero in the meantime, etc , all the while attracting as little attention as possible Thencuteness happens when Sherry has to give Kitten his signet ring as a marriage ring since he forgot to buy one, and Kitten being in ecstasy and hugging Sherry in public when he buys her a beautiful gown she really wanted, and then gives her beautiful diamond earrings as a wedding present, which he attaches with silk for her since her ears aren t pierced Thus begins life as a married couple for Sherry and Kitten Being both young, rich and inexperienced, then spend money as if it grew on trees, getting a new house, furniture, horses, and plenty of new things for Kitten Sherry doesn t want to give up his old mode of free care for nothing bachelor life, and so naturally Kitten is considerably neglected, and because she is so innocent and doesn t know how to behave like a fashionable lady of quality, she makes a lot of mistakes Further, Sherry doesn t guard his vocabulary or certain actions in front of his new wife, and Kitten, lacking feminine guidance, thinks it s ok to behave like Sherry because it s Sherry and Sherry is awesome and she loves him When he gets mad, she thinks it s her fault for being so troublesome, and once his anger has abated, it s his turn to say it s all his fault, and then they make up and start being completely adorable again Meanwhile, Sherry s friends are being priceless as they all try to help now Sherry, now Kitten, and their different approaches just make it all hilarious Gil eventually even gives Kitten a canary she had wanted and which drives Sherry nuts , and George solicits her advice on a love note he wants to write to Isabella Little by little, Sherry becomes aware of all the male attention Kitten is getting, and while he is undeniably falling for her, he doesn t realize it even though his temper gets the better of him when he sees George casually kissing his Hero, and agrees to meet him in a duel a grave mistake since George is deadly with the pistols George, who has been greatly suffering the pangs of disappointed love because Isabella keeps on behaving like a blithering fool, isthan ready to comply and meet him out A frantic and concerned Hero begs him not to, since he is sure to kill Sherry, and that scene ends up being just another one of many that really show you how united the characters all are, and how they all want what s best for one another, as well as just how hilarious the book really is, when during the meeting George delopes and Sherry aims for a tree, and they both wish the other wasn t so noble Hahaha By the way, just a note I wouldn t call this book violent at all, but there was quite a lot of talking of tearing people limb from limb and frying their livers or some such things All usually due to Sherry and George s tempers P But for Sherry to realize just how important Kitten is in his life and how much he loves her, she will have to leave him, sweet disposition, loving attitude, shocking scrapes, tears of repentance, canary and all After they have a big argument, poor heartbroken Kitten turns to his friends, and literally bursts in on them all one evening, arriving with her wedding presents and her canary and crying her heart and it is just all SO SAD and you just want to cry along with her, and like Sherry s friends, feel an overwhelming urge to call him out for his tyranny and tell him to wake up already and start treasuring his poor little adorable kitten Isn t his just so Kitten Hahaha 33 The last half of the book is full of misunderstandings, assumptions, exhausting chases, failed elopements and there is this hilarious scene about Ferdy trying to explain karma to his friends, and when I tell you it s hilarious, I mean it was so funny that I laughed until I had tears rolling down my cheeks, and my brothers threatening to throw me out of the room if I didn t stop Yes, it was that funny.Georgette Heyer must have been so fun at parties And it comes back again and Ferdy tries to tell an exasperated Sherry about it, but he claims that he doesn t know any Greeks nor has any wish to Ok I know Karma and Nemesis aren t exactly the same, but it comes back to the same idea P Sherry s quest brings him all the way to Bath, a place he swears he will never set foot in again, and he even has to go through a tea at the Pump Rooms, which is apparently even stuffier than an evening at Almack s, and he s all Dammit this is so boring and I just want my Kitten, why can t I just snag her off and be gone Ah And there is only this curst tea to drink and it s just sooo funny and it s one of those scenes where the reader is technically supposed to be worrying all, hoping everything will be better, and it s not a time to laugh but it s funny nevertheless because Heyer makes everything funny, and just aaaahhhhh it s so enjoyable Finally, just before things get in a sure way of ending catastrophically, Mr Ringwood, Lady Saltash, Mr Tarleton and last but not least, Fate, join forces to bring back together the separated and misguided lovers, and the ending is both so heart warming and funny that you just want to go back to the beginning and start reading it again which is what I would have done if my TBR weren t so huge Yes, yes, yes Sherry, she is coming home with you, and will never leave your side again, and neither will you desert her, and there s a carriage waiting for you outside, so take your Cinderella to her well deserved HEA and I am going to MISS YOU ALL INSANELY I can t wait to do a re read and laugh and cry with you guys all over again, it was so much fun meeting youHow could I dislike you I have loved you all my life Kitten, Kitten he said, folding her in his arms again I wish I could say the same But it wasn t until after I had married you that I grew to love you so What a fellow I am But I found out when you ran away from me how dearly I loved you3 3 Awwwwwww And by the way Kitten wants a dog now, in addition to her canary, since she enjoys dog sitting Lady Saltash s dog And also, Kitten would like to have a baby, but let s discuss that later without any third parties present, shall we Guys, I know my review is ridiculously long, silly, all over the place and probably doesn t make much sense, but just do yourself a huge favour and pick up Friday s Child if ever you are feeling down, because it will cheer you up like no other book could This novel is all fun, cuteness, laughter, warmness, goodness and awesomeness Definitely a top favourite DNo man who had lived with Kitten would look twice at the Beautyhappy tears Buddy read with Becca I ll never thank you enough

The Black Moth.In 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer Rougier later became a barrister and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932, Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each year.Heyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She wrote one novel using the pseudonym Stella Martin.Her Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by

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