American Queen (New Camelot Trilogy, #1)

American Queen (New Camelot Trilogy, #1) It Starts With A Stolen Kiss Under An English Sky, And It Ends With A Walk Down The Aisle It Starts With The President Sending His Best Friend To Woo Me On His Behalf, And It Ends With My Heart Split In Two It Starts With Buried Secrets And Dangerous Desires And Ends With The Three Of Us Bound Together With A Hateful Love Sharper Than Any Barbed WireMy Name Is Greer Galloway, And I Serve At The Pleasure Of The President Of The United StatesThis Is The Story Of An American Queen

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the American Queen (New Camelot Trilogy, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Sierra Simone author readers around the world.

☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ American Queen (New Camelot Trilogy, #1)  By Sierra Simone ❤ –
  • Paperback
  • 392 pages
  • American Queen (New Camelot Trilogy, #1)
  • Sierra Simone
  • English
  • 07 December 2018
  • 9781533443670

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    American Queen, book 1 of 3 The behind the scenes unfolding of a controversial, extraordinary love triangle caught in political intrigue If you can t accept that, then say my name right now and we will step back and renegotiate our relationship But if you are willing to submit to the fact that I will move fucking heaven and earth to keep you from harm, then say yes, Sir Books in trilogy should be read in order Book 1 American QueenBook 2 American PrinceBook 3 American KingAmerican Queen book 1 is an unconventional epic love saga between the two most powerful men on earth and the woman who d become their American Queen.Recent college graduate and professor, Greer Galloway, Princess is political royalty Orphaned and raised by her grandfather, the former Vice President she is well versed in politics But she grew up somewhat isolated, immersed in her studies Steering clear of boys only to attract the most powerful of men Her first kiss went to the man who d one day become President Her virginity went to his best friend and Vice President One man would become her husband and master Both men would represent an extraordinary love President, former Lieutenant and war hero, Maxen Ashley Colchester, Ash and his Vice President and military comrade Embry Moore, Prince have faced world crisis, war and political discord Yet the hardest battle will come from within, impure desires and controversial thoughts Alternating between unfolding current events and flashbacks, this is the behind closed doors story about a sacred and unapologetic love that transcends time You belong to yourself and you belong to me, and I don t fucking care that it seems to be a contradiction because we both know it isn t Twelve words to describe Maxen Ashley Colchester, Ash Commanding, powerful, ruthless, devious, manipulative, focused, enigmatic, irresistible, honorable, unforgettable, heroic, and larger than life.Twelve words to describe Embry Moore, Prince Private, loyal, secretive, noble, brave, nurturing, conflicted, complex, reckless, intense, suave and aloof.Nine words to describe Greer Galloway, Princess Smart, na ve, impressionable, submissive, good hearted, resilient, trusting, confused and strong.American Queen, told from Greer s POV, will be followed by books from Maxen and Embry s POVs It s an unconventional and forbidden love triangle Center stage a commanding, devious, secretive, conflicted yet ruthless Maxen Ashley Colchester.A masterfully written tale of seduction, lust, sex, jealousy and love boosted by themes of political intrigue power, greed, deceit, scandal and danger It ends while recovering from an euphoric high leading right to book 2, American Prince for the continuation of their saga.Brilliant Spectacular All consuming A love triangle like no other The secret he keeps, the lies he tells Maxen s rating 5 stars Embry s rating 4.5 stars Greer s rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4.5 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating N A Overall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this book Yes.Would I read future books by this author Yes ARC provided to me by author Sierra Simone in exchange for an honest review.

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    Strap on your vibrators, girls Strap them on RIGHT NOW because you need to be prepared Sierra Simone has written one of the hottest Hot Romance Novels since, like, ever.I m going to try my best to not reveal anything about this book that is spoiler ish, so I beg your forgiveness for what could be a fairly vague review.The granddaughter of an American vice president, Greer Galloway knows her way around politics One of the things her grandfather values about her is her canny ability to read people She knows what a shadow on someone s face indicates, and she recognizes their tells when they re nervous She s perceptive.She also knows herself She knows what she desires, and she knows how she desires it She knows what she values.When she is only fifteen, she meets Ash, a man than a decade her senior and a man who becomes the President of the United States Six years after meeting him, she meets Embry, a man who becomes Ash s vice president.She cares for them both, albeit in slightly different ways She wants them both She realizes, though, that her wants might not be able to happen.Okay, so there is your plot ish Let s get to the good stuff, shall we The hot headboard rocking in this book will cause you to go INSANE with need for release.I am not kidding, faithful readers.In Freaking Sane.But better than that is the way Simone writes this story She has to address several elements of Greer s being, not the least of which is trust As Greer observes, Trust without truth isn t actually trust She needs to know the truth, and she needs to share the truth, even if doing so will bring her heartache.And then there is this I m nothing, I m everything, I m the light and the dark and the air and the void Strong force, weak force, gravity, electricity, magnetism are all pinning me underneath this violent, tragic soldier It s beautiful, right This romance will drive you nuts, both with Needs and with angst Simone will keep you wondering who will win and who will lose She will make you wish so dearly that no one gets hurt, and she will make you worry She also will make you suspicious of one particular character, a suspicion that bears out when this book ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER.Oh, Sierra Simone, I am not amused by that cliffhanger AT ALL.And then I get to this exchange, which fans of Simone will appreciate I ll be as chaste as a priest I promise I hear not all priests are that chaste these days And so I am willing to forgive her for making me wait for the sequel because of how she made me feel while I read this book The thing is, I want And you will, too.

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    5 stars This was supposed to be my fairy tale, with me as the princess and Ash as the prince, but there s a third person here, a person we both want and who wants both of us This book OMG this book I m not always a fan of the erotica genre, I need the feels when I read and I have to be in the mood for the excessive sexy time So I put this series on the back burner I had a persistent friend blog parter that has been raving about it and assured me it had feels and I would love it Since the final book in the trilogy is out, I figured it was time I jumped in And I ll say it again OMG I loved this book It blew me away Simone s writing is alluring and captivating and this story was nothing short of spectacular Greer Galloway has grown up in politics It s what she knows But she never imagined she would catch the eye of the President Gah What can I say about this book Not giving anything away Nope Just READ IT I am so happy these books are all out now, because I can t wait a minute longer to start the second book in this series I can t wait to get Ash, Greer, and Embry If you re looking for a sinfully sexy, emotional, and sensational read, check out American Queen We know what happens when two people fall in love It s happened between each of us We have to find out what happens when three people fall in love All together, all at once

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    Hm.Just a minuteExcuse me while I collect myself or rather my panties from the floorThis book was FIRE I m still trying to recover from it and I finished it almost five minutes ago This author has not disappointed at all I read my first story by her Priest which, if I may say so myself was a GENIUS book.And now she s knocked it out of the park again with this one American Queen didn t get a five star from me, it was a four star, but don t fret It was for two reasons and I ll tell you in a minute.But first, let me tell why I LOVED it 1 The fact that this awesome author didn t even mention the characters sexual orientations For stories like this MFM or MMF it s become a trend for authors to annoyingly insist on falsely portraying bisexuality, so in this book, I absolutely LOVED that this was just about three people who all loved each other, and gender or sexuality wasn t a factor.It was not like in most of the MFM or similar books I ve had the displeasure of reading where the authors usually feel the need to justify why one of the characters is into both gendersIt s usually something nauseating like Oh, I m bisexual, therefore I can t be satisfied with pussy alone so I need dick in my life too This is annoying and I loved that this author didn t this.2 I ADORED the heroine I appreciate heroines who unapologetically embrace and OWN their sexualities.The last time I remember loving a female MC like this was in Sylvia Day s Crossfire series That heroine was a sexual being and she owned it and was proud too and wasn t ashamed, like society tends to tell women to be when they even show a slight sign of sexual confidence.So I appreciate when a heroine knows what she wants and isn t worried what anyone thinks.3 The male MCs.I am a bisexual woman And I especially hate how bisexuality is written in books sometimes, especially when it comes to the bi men I tend to take that shit personally So this book put back my faith in authors again when it comes to those types of characters.The two men, the President and the Vice President both want each other, they are attracted to each other and they are equally that way with the heroine These men have no internal issues with their attraction to each other, they didn t make me roll my eyes and there was no annoying gay for you, or I need dick too and pussy isn t enough storylines.So, thank you, author Now let s get down to why I took out a star 1 The heroine s best friend.I saw how smart the heroine was, even when she was a little bit insecure when she was younger So I didn t like how the author just made it look like the heroine could not tell how bad of a friend her best friend was.I mean, I could tell how toxic the bitch was from the first words I read about her, why did the heroine blatantly ignore this and continue to be friends with her 2 The Presidential factor.I actually think Ash could have had any profession I mean, in America, we ve never had a president younger than 50 60 years of age, right Or am I wrong And Ash wasn t even halfway through his thirties yetAsh was already a soldier and that was the only thing that made a difference to the story, so he could have been a soldier and something else and the story won t have been any different.I was just taken out of the story a little bit every time I read or was reminded that he was the leader of the free world, as it made no difference to the story.That s it I ll go tackle the next book in the series now, since this ended in a nice little cliffhanger.And I will hopefully I love it just as much as this one Thanks for reading my review Happy reading Xoxo

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    Wow.Just Wow I have 5 words for this book Enchanting Spellbinding Seductive Wicked ForbiddenThis is a tightly spun love story but much than this we get an intelligent story, told with a crisp and smart narrative This book pulsated with passion and, sweet lawd, the ever present scent of the forbidden Some say this is a re imagining of Camelot, alluding to the insidious relationship between King Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere Yes, I think it s not dissimilar, except Arthur was cuckolded and Ash is anything but Keep that in mind.Honestly, I don t know how to categorize American Queen Is it Erotica Political thriller Second chance love Or a love triangle love circle I found it was none of these, yet all of it.Let s meet the Primary CharactersGreerMaxen Ash Embry Abilene Greer s CousinMerlin Wizard or Fixer Told from Greer s our female protagonist perspective, American Queen spans 18 years, with Simone cleverly transitioning past and present Greer s voice is intelligent bold even and at many instances, I wished to simply crawl inside her mind I liked her a lot and was rooting for her all through Simone quickly takes us through the early years as we meet 7 yr old Greer Galloway, who believes Merlin cursed her with these words Greer, one kiss from you would swing this world from friendship to anger From peace to war She can t help but heed Merlin s words not really believing yet unable to disbelieve So, no kisses for Greer until the age of 16 when she meets 26 yr old Ash, who gives her her first kiss Four years later she meets Embry, who gives her the second kiss, and so much . At 16, she fell in love with Ash and at 20, Embry claims half of her heart Did I forget to mention that Embry and Ash are best friends Yes.Eventually, all 3 reunite in D.C and this is where the story actually gains momentum At this stage Greer, at 25, is a lecturer at Georgetown U., Ash is the President of the United States with Embry as Vice President Nothing could have ever prepared them for the tangled web that ensues.Ash loves Greer, Greer loves Ash, Embry loves Greer But could Greer be in love with Embry as well The love and the longing between these 3 will leave you breathless, hot, and heartbroken But remember, nothing is at it seems and Merlin s words should not be disregarded Meanwhile, there are others intent on causing havoc, willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way even if it means getting rid of one part of this trio..I so can t wait for book 2 Note This is book 1 of 3

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    Before I dive into a rambling review that will no doubt turn into a mushy confession of my love for all things romantic, I have to divulge that my lovefest actually began with a graduate class on Arthurian legend This book modernizes ideals I fell in love with years ago and I enjoyed every single second of it I loved this one so hard Greer Galloway, our present day Guinevere is torn by her love of two very powerful men The President of the United States and his Vice President Talk about aiming high, right Here s what I LOVED The biggest win here for me is the storyline, but I also liked the main characters Ash is a strong dominate force, Greer is smart and brave enough to go after what she wants, but Embry stole my heart He s beautifully tortured and selfless I can t wait for book two, which will be told from his perspective I really enjoy books that manage to put a spin on the classics and retell them in a new and refreshing way My absolute favorites in YA and romance this year have both been books where authors were successful in taking something old and modernizing it American Queen excels at that it feels completely different but also remains authentic to the original storyline The idea of mixing courtly love and elements of BDSM blew my mind The passion exemplified in this book is sensual and raw It s an emotional journey that left me panting for I will refrain from discussing all the elements of the Arthurian legend that I found fascinating because no one wants to read a dissertation in book review format, right I will only say, that they are many, true to form, and very well done I ll sum up my likes by saying this book is smartly written, raw, gripping, articulate, masterly executed, and entertaining It s all the things a great love story should be.A few minor issues There were some minor editing issues, but I was so engrossed in the story they didn t detract from my enjoyment at all Also, I try to steer clear of cliffhangers, but this one was so worth it So, in all honesty, there were no major issues I loved it, completely and thoroughly Overall, American Queen is a brilliantly constructed modern day retelling of the Arthurian Legend While a love of all things Arthur heightened my experience, it is in no way a prerequisite to enjoy this gem of a book On a basic level this book will entertain any romance reader who enjoys a well written romance with elements of BDSM I was utterly engrossed from the very first page Sierra Simone has a new number ONE fan, ladies and gentleman I was on the edge of my seat, swatting at my kids and husband if they tried to speak to me, considered ditching a family outing to read, ENGROSSED Sierra Simone, much like Morgan le Fay is a sorceress willing me to read everything she s ever written And I, like a willing submissive will comply I highly recommend this book, but with a cliffy warning For of my reviews My Blog Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog

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    Are you ready for this Was I ready for this The answer is NO I was not And yet, here I am, yearning to read it ALL OVER AGAIN Once again, Sierra Simone works her magic of the sensual and forbidden and turns me into a slave of her words Nothing.and I mean NOTHING will prepare you for this passionate, intense and mind fucking ride I m not going to dive into the nitty gritty of AMERICAN QUEEN, because this is just something you have to experience all on your own, and I urge youno, I BEG you to not read any reviews that might contain spoilers If the beautiful cover and the enticing blurb doesn t reel you in, I don t know what will If you ve read any other romances by Sierra Simone, you know you are in for a sexy surprise I was expecting it I was expecting a life altering plot twist I thought I was ready I was pumped up thinking oh no, she isn t getting me this time but I was wrong She FLOORED me even then This sizzling, pulse pounding, jaw dropping, sexy as hell romance will take you on the ride of your life I know you ve stayed away from this world for a reason I know it might be asking a lot of you He looks up from where he s touching me to meet my eyes But I don t just want you at my feet I want you by my side The mundane world of politics turns into a seductive playground in AMERICAN QUEEN I m just bursting at the seams, wanting to tell you what this book is really all about, but I can t Believe me, you ll thank me in the end Sierra Simone stole my heart and ran away with it, in this first installment of The American Queen Trilogy I want and I want it now If you read this and it doesn t turn out to be one of our favorites of the year, I would be astounded, because it sure as hell was one of MINE

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    This is no fairy tale Or if it is, it s the most fucked up fairy tale I ve ever heard of.I m still confused as to which emotion should I run with here This story has vibrant colours of a rainbow of emotions it invoked in me Angst, love, submission, lust, heartbreak, seperation, sexiness.Greer Galloway meets Maxen Ashley Colchester and she is lost.So am I One kissone kiss they shared and she melts and he imprints on her heart and mind.So did mine.He goes back to war , she to Manhattan , but the pining , the yearning for unrequited love aches her heart.So did mine.They meet again 5 years later but are so stunned by the turn of events , it tears their heartsso did mine And again 5 years later , their lives are in turmoil once again This time it s tug of war between Heart and Conscience for is mine The story is fabulous No other word , except F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S There s so much Lust hot steamy , hard, rough , tender Lust There s so much Love hurting, healing, forbidden, dangerous, destroying Love There s so much ache twisting, churning, pulling, tearing, searing ache It s written so well,Sierra explores the difficult terrain of the Heart and mind with lan She delves into a very tough relationship and full marks to her to justify it so beautifully and showing us , it is acceptable to love all.I m so dying to say much much , but hate spoilers Just had one peeve tho, I wish prologue was .covert, for the lack of better word.I had figured it out then and there But it DOES NOT take away from the exquisite narration of the plot that has many pitfalls and peaks.There s the American Hero the cool headed politician, the beloved hero President , the fierce DominantThere s the American Princess Who needs a ring when you have bite marks Who needs vows when you ve literally bled for one another And then there s him What a man What a heartbroken, funny, charming, moody man And the eight inch dick and muscled stomach and war hero past didn t hurt at all.If this story had a relationship status , it d be IT S COMPLICATED

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    American QueenBy Sierra Simone5 StarsAs we are nearing the final book in this series release day, I figured now would be a great time to start this series WOW What a journey that we go on in this story From growing up, Greer has lived with her Grandfather, attended social functions with him from a young age learning the ropes of listening, becoming a spy of sorts for her grandfather and how to smile and say thank you It is at one of these events, she meets a man who at her young age, she can t stop thinking about One stolen kiss, that was all it took As with life though, sometimes love takes us on a path that is not clearly marked sometimes we must take the direct route sometimes we take the route that is best directed from someone else But in the end, true love will find each other What a descriptive journey we go on A journey of love in so many different colors that once you finish this fantastic book, you must dive into American Prince which is where I am headed NOW Follow us on FB

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    I think my Kindle just overheated after reading the last few chapters of American Queen I might even take up smoking again just to enjoy that after sex cigarette vibe The ending had me craving a smoke until the last three lines That s all I m going to say I want you to go into this one blind and ready for a binge read In American Queen, Sierra Simone spun a one of a kind forbidden second chance romance This wicked political drama is fueled by lust, love and sexy as sin secrets American Queen is not to be missed.

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