The Adventures of Henry Whiskers

The Adventures of Henry Whiskers I was lucky to score an advance copy and Henry Whiskers will soon be a mouse to be remembered He is brave and fair and loyal I enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed reading it out loud More Henry adventures, please An Appealing Old School Animal Adventure TaleWhen our kids were little we read them Thornton Burgess animal adventure bedtime stories There are than 150 Burgess books, but the all around favorite was The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse , which was published about 1915 I thought of those books, and I mention them here, because this Adventures of Henry Whiskers is very much in the honorable, and entertaining, tradition of those Burgess and Burgess style books.Henry is an independent, bright, fun loving, resourceful character His buddy, Jeremy, is a fine companion The setting, the Queen Mary s Dolls House at Windsor Castle, which is real and truly amazing look it up on the internet , is inspired, and lends itself to all sorts of clever and colorful adventures The narrative is nicely balanced between action and exposition and the reader develops a good feel for the characters and the setting Quite a wide range of characters are introduced, so there s a strong sense of family and community supporting and keeping an eye on Henry and Jeremy, and Henry s sister Isabel All of this, it seems to me, is in the old fashioned school, but the writing is light and lively and zippy enough that the story never falters or drifts into the bland or overwritten style of some the older children s tales.The tone and interest level is consistent Scary encounters and perils are manageable and mild, so the stories are thrilling in a bedtime story sort of way, not in an unnerving manner Henry and Jeremy are curious risk takers, so some scenes can be gripping, but again, not in a scary way There are funny bits and gently humorous descriptions of some characters, and the overall impression is one of cheerful good humor with a bit of zip I m sometimes surprised, or disappointed, by kid books that unexpectedly go wandering off into topics or issues that feel muddled or at least out of place, a divorce , money problems , intense sibling rivalry, abandonment , but this book is not in that style and stays on the light adventure path The writing is clear, direct, gentle and inviting, another hallmark, to me, of old school animal adventures The story has one or two overarching plot arcs, but the action is episodic enough to allow for reading, with appropriate breaks, over the course of a few nights And the episodes are ripping we have rats, cats, the Castle nightwatchmen, and other dangers.And Henry is a fine hero He is the twentyfifth Henry, counting from the original Dolls House Henry His Dad died saving a mouse family from a fire Henry s growing up, and growing into his family s tradition You don t usually think of mouse coming of age books, but that s what you get here as part of the overall adventure Henry s young enough to be identifiable and old enough to be an inspiration, which makes him such an excellent hero, and not just a silly adventurer This is good stuff, and the fact that it comes with a few mellow and upbeat aspirational messages, about cooperation, bravery, tolerance, and the like , is a fine bonus.So, it s ripping, touching, funny and fun, which is a heady and entertaining mix A very nice find Please note that I received a free advance will self destruct in x days Adobe Digital copy of this book without a review requirement, or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book. Cute story that will appeal to many students Henry Whiskers learns that you need to get to know someone before you label them and he also learns that he is braver than he thought.He and his dozens of family members live in a historical dollhouse at Windsor Castle When some renovations take place in the house and Henry s sister goes missing, he knows it is up to him to save her His journey take him to Ray Alley and forces him to make some snap decisions, ones that could affect his whole family s existence.DRC from Edelweiss and Aladdin 3.5 stars This is a very cute juvenile chapter book series for children who love animals and adventure stories There is action, adventure, and a little bit of danger, but all in a format that lets children know the entire time that everything will be okay due to it being a fantasy world Reminiscent of Stuart Little and Ralph S Mouse, I recommend this series to students in grades 1 3 it would be excellent as a read aloud for students on the lower end of this age range due to the readability of the text Thanks to Blue Slip Media for the review copy of this title. Some major plotholes And not as fun as I thought it would be but it would be cute for young kids Originally posted on You Have Your Hands FullI am always excited about the opportunity to read ARCs of middle grade books because my three girls are in the target demographic Not only do we get quality time together every night, but they are able to provide valuable feedback for my book reviews.The Adventures of Henry Whiskers is author Gigi Priebe s first book She transports the reader to England and introduces us to a young mouse named Henry Whiskers Henry and his family live in Windsor Castle specifically, they live in Queen Mary s dollhouse, a grand edifice with functioning appliances and real books, etc Henry is always very careful to avoid being detected by the museum staff, but when his little sister goes missing, Henry knows that he is the only one who can find her Accompanied by his cousin Jeremy, the two mice set out on a grand adventure to rescue their beloved Isabel.When I was in elementary school, I loved Beverly Cleary s books about Ralph the mouse My girls and I actually listened to Audible edition of the first Ralph book over the summer Henry Whiskers is somewhat reminiscent of the Ralph books, but Priebe makes Henry wholly original My girls loved reading Henry Whiskers, and they were always disappointed when it was time to stop for the evening.One thing that really struck me about this book is Henry s need to do the right thing This goes beyond the obvious gesture of rescuing his younger sister in her time of need Henry also goes out of his way to perform an act of kindness even though he is preoccupied with rescuing his sister Further, Henry feels compelled to return something that he has borrowed, even though doing so would place him in danger Finally, Henry sees beyond superficial characteristics and reaches out to some unlikely allies.I would absolutely recommend The Adventures of Henry Whiskers to children in elementary school Younger children might also enjoy having this book read out loud, but the book is rather short as far as chapter books go, making it accessible to children who are gaining confidence in their reading abilities and beginning to seek out longer books We are all hoping for Henry Whiskers books in the future I received a copy of this book from Netgalley the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Comment Henry Whiskers and the family and friends in the castle are a fun lot that kept the child in the house entertained every page The story was vibrant and really offered the children an active adventure to sink their teeth in It was a lovely read that I can t recommend high enough to anyone with children I was thankfully provided an ARC of this book for which I voluntarily provided my honest review. The Borrowers meets The Rescuers, all set in Queen Mary s dollhouse in Windsor Castle I should have adored this one It was okay I think that it somehow seemed a bit young, and I had just spent a week trying to get students to check out The Rescuers, to no avail, even with the far superior Garth Williams illustrations Elementary libraries will definitely want to take a look at this, but I ll pass for right now. The Adventures of Henry Whiskers is the first in a series of chapter books by Gigi Priebe set within Queen Mary s dollhouse at Windsor Castle The exhibit sounded so fascinating that I was encouraged to do a bit of exploring online of my own Everything in the dollhouse is functional, including its running hot and cold water and there s even a fully stocked wine cellar Lots of places for Henry and his friends to have an adventure and get into trouble too Not only do they have to avoid being caught by The Warden, the exhibits tour guide, there is also a mangy cat named Titus roaming the halls The Adventures of Henry Whiskers reminded me of Ralph S Mouse by Beverly Cleary, especially when Ralph finds his motorcycle There was a nice balance of perils and mishaps to keep the story entertaining and the pacing moved along well Not only would this make a wonderful classroom read out loud, it would work well for a child who likes animal stories and is ready for a bit longer of a book with advanced language There is also the added bonus of a teacher s guide of discussion questions, creative activities, and writing exercises at the author s website I especially liked how the themes of courage, family, and loyalty were incorporated into the story. Henry Whiskers Must Face His Fears And Rescue His Little Sister From The Scary Rat Alley In This Fun, Fast Paced Debut Chapter Book Set In Queen Mary S Historical Dollhouse At Windsor CastleTwenty Five Generations Of Whiskers Have Lived In Windsor Castle S Most Famous Exhibit Queen Mary S Dollhouse For Young, Book Loving Henry Whiskers And His Family, This Is The Perfect Place To Call HomeBut When The Dollhouse Undergoes Unexpected Repairs And Henry S Youngest Sister, Isabel, Goes Missing, He Risks Everything In A Whisker Whipping Race Against Time To Save Her His Rescue Mission Will Take Him To The Murky And Scary World Of Rat Alley, And Henry Will Have To Dig Deep And Find The Courage He Never Knew He Had In Order To Bring His Sister Back Home

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[Ebook] ➫ The Adventures of Henry Whiskers  ➪ Gigi Priebe –
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • The Adventures of Henry Whiskers
  • Gigi Priebe
  • 26 October 2017
  • 9781481465748

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