Fire Danger (Elementals Challenge, #1)

Fire Danger (Elementals Challenge, #1) All Her Life, A Faint Memory Of Her Parents And Fire Has Glowed At The Back Of Rachel Quinn S Mind With Her Parents Long Dead, There Is No One To Clarify What It MeansWhen A Gorgeous Winged Man Rescues Her From A Pack Of Werewolves, Something Flares To Life Inside Rachel Suddenly She Can See The Paranormal World Around Her, A World Unseen By Mortals And Far ComplicatedWhen Phoenix S Massive Orange And Red Wings Erupt From His Back, He Knows His Challenge An Age Old Battle Against His Demonos Counterpart Is Upon Him Heeding Rachel S Cry For Help Adds A Layer Of Complexity Never Seen In Any Previous ChallengeRachel, They Discover, Isn T Entirely Human Like Phoenix, She Commands Fire Fire Calls To Fire, And Soon They Are Succumbing To A Fierce Attraction As The Challenge Bears Down On Them, Though, Phoenix Must Discover What The Demonos Has In Store For Mankind If He Doesn T Succeed, The Entire World Will Be Swallowed Up In Darkness And Rachel Along With ItWarning When The Mortal And The Elemental Worlds Collide, The Resulting Smoke Could Cause Heart Palpitations, Teary Eyes, And A Sudden Need To Fan Yourself Keep A Cooler Of Cold Drinks Handy

Claire lives in Los Angeles, so many of her stories are set there, too But she is originally from Brookline, Massachusetts, so that location frequently pops up in her work, too Claire spends her free time writing, doing animal rescue, and enjoying the sunshine She specializes in writing romances of all kinds and never shies away from the between the sheets elements Look for the third book in

[PDF] ✍ Fire Danger (Elementals Challenge, #1)  Author Claire Davon –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Fire Danger (Elementals Challenge, #1)
  • Claire Davon
  • English
  • 04 March 2019
  • 9781619235700

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    This is a harder review to write So I like the book overall I will read the next for I want to see how the Challenges go and what will happen with Phoenix and Rachel and the other Elementals I like the characters The elementals do need to learn humanity for I think they have been who they are so long they have forgotten what that is Ondine I think is going to be the one to help there Her and Rachel I like their resolve and strength I like how they are based on myths I like how the pull of fire brings Phoenix to Rachel It isn t what keeps them together but brings them together They learn who each other is along the way I like how they have strengths and weaknesses but it is the weakness that gives them the most strength for it is that that they fight for I like the wolves and how they were in this book.I like the storyline itself The idea that Elementals get Challenged and it is these challenges that keep humanity going I like that there is some higher being trying to protect humans That myths and legends are existing and alive I like the action of the book and the romance I like the loyalty and protective nature of the characters I liked the wolves What got me was there was alot going on It took me a bit to get it all straight in my head We have the demonos which I am still figuring out the deal there The story of Rachel and who she is or isn t The prophecy which I still haven t grasped yet The elementals and who they are The Challenges The story of romance and how the challenges are involved Finding family Finding love and it s power to heal Each of these is threaded together and some nicely but some are still left in the air That is where I am not feeling it For example we know of the Challenges but why are they all at once What are the others going through What made Rachel special for the challenges what is the prophecy exactly and how is it related to the Challenges These were all mentioned but not really fleshed out And I understand this was about Phoenix and Rachel but that prophecy does deal with them and it was just hinted at So we had threads started but not really illuminated I am thinking this is to keep us wondering and they will be slowly revealed in each book as we get to see the other challenges Overall enjoyed the book Enjoyed the premise of the book Watching Phoenix deal with his feelings was fun Seeing him fight for love was heartbreaking and heartwarming Finding out who rachel is was intriguing and Kamal was one fierce and protective Ifrit We get to see this Challenge is different and other paranormals are now getting involved when in the past they wouldn t but what makes this different is still in the air and intrigues you The book is nicely paced, has characters that are strong and draw you in and a plot that is intriguing We are left with questions and wanting answers which a good book does for me We get romance that has sizzling attraction and brings the characters to their knees and fighting for one another.

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    OK, that was someething new, I guessSo, you know how I keep yapping about original plots and all that crap Well, Fire Danger sure was original, and certainly not what I expected and yet somehow kept missing something, that would have made it one of the ultimate reads.The story is about Phoenix, the Elemental of Fire, who s instantly drawn to Rachel Quinn s mental signals and Rachel herself, of course Together, they find out that Phoenix s evil counterpart, his Demonos, is about to start another World War So, as explained, it s time for the Elementals to once again rise to the test and complete their Challenges successfully, to prevent disaster from eradicating humanity from the Earth The only problem is they have no idea who or where the threat really is I enjoyed this book, I really did The concept was unique, the characters were fun, the dialogues were short and to the point, and the love scenes were, quite literally, HOT The theme of Fire draws to fire was also a nice change of romance style, since most of the time writers tend to pair fire beings with water beings or whatever else may be way too different For once, the same element was present in both the main characters, and that was awesome The only thing that bugged me was the lack of real romantic growth It happened way too fast I understand the concept of insta attraction, and fated love and all that But there HAS to be some sort of development between the two leads Jumping right to it when, the moment prior, those two were somewhat civilised, is not exactly convincing.Other than that, the story was very good And despite the three stars, I m looking forward to read about the other Elementals I m sure their Challenges will be just as thrilling to figure and snuff out I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it Read this and other reviews at

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    3 out of 5 StarsThis one is definitely one of the most difficult ones I ve had to review Why Because I REALLY liked the story, and the originality of the idea behind it I liked the characters, who and what they were, and their back stories The only problem was I didn t FEEL the story or the characters as much as I would ve liked to The one big question I always ask myself when I review a book is if I put this book down now at any point , would I be OK with never picking it up again Unfortunately, throughout the majority of the book, I did feel like I d be OK with it I never got that can t put it down feeling until the very end of the story.Again, the reason this is so hard to review, is because it s hard to put a finger what specifically the things were that I didn t like about it I did really like the story, and the characters worked well together, as in not feeling like there were characters that were thrown in there that didn t fit I also liked the characters, but I didn t feel invested in them There s a reason I m not an author, so I can t possible begin to say how the book could have been written to make me feel how the characters felt , care about them like I know them , and really feel their love and attraction to each other.I also really liked the originality of the story Although Phoenix was the main focus of the story, there were many different types of paranormal creatures, and many of them were very original many from mythological stories, not your overdone modern day paranormal characters you find in most books Yes, there were werewolves, shifters, and a vampire, but they fit very well with the story I was also impressed with how many paranormal characters there were, and it didn t feel crowded, like the author was just adding them in for the sake of adding them in They all had their place, and were necessary for the storyline The story was laid out well, there wasn t too much jumping around, and the parts where they were remembering back to things from the past were pleasantly short but perfectly informative When it comes down to it, I really wanted to give this book a higher rating, because I liked what the author had in mind for the story Unfortunately, I never felt connected to the characters or the story It was a very good idea all around, but I never got sucked in or felt the characters That being said, I m still curious about the next book in the series This author clearly has a talent, and maybe it just needs to grow I have a strong feeling that the books she writes the better the WAY she tells the stories will get Although I didn t give this story a high rating, I definitely wouldn t give up on this author as a whole I would definitely continue to read and watch her grow

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    Fire Danger is for sure a very original plot with the theme that Fire draws to fire That is unusual because in most paranormal books they always pair the fire element with water or air Rachel is a Djinn and is being targeted by other Supernatural beings and Phoenix hears her pleas for help.Phoenix is fixing to go to challenge and that could mean the start of WWIII and that would not be a good thing.Attraction between Rachel and Phoenix jumps off the page, the only problem is that Phoenix s counterpart is the one that is after Rachel Oh no, what will they do I enjoyed Fire Danger because it was so unique and it is always good to have some variety in what you are reading.

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    Superb fantasy story Rachel remembers some things from the past Her parents and fire seem to go together Then she s rescued by a handsome winged man from werewolves After that things seem to fit into place Once you start reading, you won t be able to stop.

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    I got this book from net gallery for an honest review.Wow this book was action packed and intense from beginning to end Phoenix is an Elemental of fire and is over a thousand years old He hears a woman s voice, she s calling him because she s in trouble The mere fact that she s seeking the help of an Elemental means she s no ordinary human He sets out to help her but is blown away by the sight of the mystery woman Rachel, suffers from fugue and loses several hours from her episodes but they are getting worse She feels vulnerable, alone and scared but her dreams are getting vivid She can still remember her nightmare where wolves chased and cornered her however, a man half bird half human rescued her Suddenly, she feels the start of an earthquake except only the things in her flat are moving whereas, everything outside looks normal and unaffected by the quake When she looks through the window she she s red, glowing, unfriendly eyes looking straight at her, she shrieks inside but managed not to show fear on the outside Phoenix hears Rachel s mental screams and is shocked that instead of wolves she s being targeted by shadow people He leaves immediately and mentally tells her to hold on and that he s coming to help her Rachel s not sure what s going on, she can hear a voice saying I m coming but can t see anyone When she sees Phoenix land from his flight, she recognises him and surprises herself that she even knows his name This time he rescues her and takes her to his house where she ll be safe Rachel doesn t understand what s going on Is she having another fugue episode because winged hybrids don t exist do they Poor Rachel is really confused and who can blame her These two are drawn together because fire attracts fire The chemistry between them is intense and hot and I liked that her inability to cover her thoughts left him knowing exactly what she thought of him, and the affect he had on her Rachel is being targeted by various paranormal beings, but why Will Phoenix help her discover the truth as to who she really is Will he help her unlock her memories This was an amazing book full of action and mystery I sympathised with Rachel, her own life is a complete mystery to her She doesn t know who or what she is and her memories are so close to being uncovered but are still out of her reach I loved the connection between Phoenix and Rachel it was passionate and intense I liked the fact that she couldn t cover her mind to hide her attraction and he wasn t very good at hiding his body s response to her close proximity The book overwhelms you with different emotions throughout My heart broke for Phoenix at the end and I literally cried The characters were nicely balanced therefore, connecting with them wasn t difficult The books covers both of their perspectives and includes a couple of other paranormals too Claire Davon has written a remarkable book, and although this is the first book I ve read by her it certainly won t be the last Im definitely checking out her other titles and will add her to my favourite author list I wouldn t hesitate to recommend this book Review posted on

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    Genre Romance, Sci Fi FantasyAge 18 Recommendation Oh geeze, I would pass on this one, it is a hot mess.Type Series, Fire Danger is the first book in the Elemental s Challenge series.Pages 205Summary awkward sex scenes one dimensional characters confusing plot poor writing interesting ideas skips around absolutely no chemistry between mains.Full Review I don t even know where to start I really don t like writing negative reviews because I can only imagine the way they make the author feel when reading them I really do try to make them as constructive as possible Please keep in mind when writing reviews I always try to keep them as spoiler free as possible but in cases such as this, it is hard to do and still review in a way that creates a complete picture This book has some interesting ideas behind it but I am not going to beat around the bush, it is not a pleasant read.The characters are one dimensional and flat, the plot is interesting but full of holes and quickly feels disorganized and random The writer jumps from one thought to the next and leaves very few bread crumbs to follow There is no believable chemistry between the main characters and the sex scenes are awkward and lack excitement The world building is what sealed the deal for me There is no real explanation or gratifying details about who each character is and why they are important The antagonist is poorly built and I was unable to form any attachment to any of the characters good or bad.On the positive side, the cover is lovely and drew me in from first glance Perhaps that is why I felt such strong negative feelings toward this book The cover promised something dark, dangerous and sexy I have a certain love for creatures that can blow things up and not burn in the process but that isn t what I got at all.Overall, this book was not for me so I don t know that others with similar taste will enjoy it.Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you Samhain Publishing and Claire Davon.

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    There are books that are plot driven and there are books that are character driven Fire Danger is unusual in that it sits right in the middle Davon spins a great yarn, making this book a real page turner However, the character development is even better, particularly the two protagonists Rachel is human, and as the book progresses we see her grow strong and access her hidden talents Yes, of course this this has been done before, but it s so organic to this story that it feels completely fresh Phoenix is an elemental, and as things progress, he gets touch with his human side that has gone idle in his long life Because they are so real, their relationship becomes inevitable, touching, and with than a little heat appropriate given the title The fire isn t just literal here Despite the great story and well developed characters, the real star here is the world creation The tetragrammaton Earth, Air, Fire and Water is a Jungian archetype that s deeply intrinsic to the human conscience, and exploring such a major trope is fraught with difficulty, as it can seem either to obvious or too obscure Davon masterfully threads this metaphoric needle and gives the reader a gift of a world that makes sense in both your dreams and your everyday reality No tired werewolf or vampire tropes here, the paranormal aspects are laden with imagination and discovery The villans are equally new, plucked from obscure mythologies and integrated perfectly.I hope to see from this world, and this author Bravo 5 stars.

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    Fire Danger starts with a women in trouble and somehow she is able to mentally call for help.Rachel is a woman that lives a somewhat lonely life that finds out that she is than what she thinks she is Phoenix is an elemental that commands fire who hears a call for help from Rachel that he can t ignore There are also werewolves, vampires and other paranormals that are integrated into the story.Each Elemental has their own Challenge to face and the fate of the human race is in their hands Wars and plagues have started because of their failures and the Demonos want another World War But there is a wild card in Phoenix s Challenge and that wild card is Rachel She really brings back his humanity, something he thought he had lost a long time ago.I really enjoyed this book in the way the way that all the paranormals were covered I also really liked these characters interactions Phoenix felt that he should let Rachel go but he just can t And I really thought that the book had a good ending.I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    I found this book to be sadly disappointing given the story concept It was quite disjointed at times and did not flow properly Rachel is a woman that lives a somewhat lonely life that finds out that she is than what she thinks she is , an Ifrit Phoenix is an elemental that commands fire who hears a call for help from Rachel that he can t ignore There are also werewolves, vampires and other paranormals that are integrated into the story.They are all instrumental in The Challenge , an age old fight to protect Humans and the World from the Demonos.This book appears to be the 1st in a series , I hope those that follow will be better thought out as the story itself held promise.

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