Wild Fate

Wild Fate Caden Wells Is Finally On His Way To The Alaskan Wilderness, Fulfilling A Dream He S Had Since He Was A Boy He S Looking Forward To Solitary Hikes And Photographing Wildlife Upon Arrival, He S Drawn To His Guide S Brother, Drake Fisher, A Man Who Resembles Beast Than Man Drake S Unexpected Interest Surprises Caden, But When Drake Claims Fate Has Brought Them Together And That He S A Shapeshifter, Caden S Confusion Turns To Shock With The Help Of Drake S Brother, Dean, And Dean S Family, Caden Realizes There Must Be Some Truth To Drake S Story On His Way To Question Drake, The Knowledge In His Heart That Something Is Wrong Is Confirmed By Reports Of Poachers In The Area Caden Sets Out To Save Drake, Along With The Life And Love That Have Been Waiting For Him In Alaska All Along A Story From The Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose Package A Walk On The Wild Side

Savannah Brooks spends her days as a reporting analyst, which is extremely difficult when her imaginary friends are constantly pestering her to come out and play One of these days, she plans to leave the world of numbers and spreadsheets behind in order to write full time but for now, late evenings and weekends with the voices in her head will have to do Even then, her attempts to play in her fi

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  • ebook
  • 55 pages
  • Wild Fate
  • Savannah Brooks
  • English
  • 06 May 2017
  • 9781634775014

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    4 StarsWell hot damn That was all sorts of yummy goodness No complaints here No sireee Fated mates, mpreg, claiming branding bonding sex AND a bear A big gentle or not so gentle giant who only wants to love and be loved Hells yeah The blurb says it all It s a short story which means it s a tad bit underdeveloped, but for what it was, it was pretty darn fabulous

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    Super cute bear shifter short Very sweet, a bit underdeveloped and VERY high on the insta love but that s to be expected from 50 pages.Oh, no lube to be found in this book though..

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    Gah this is another cute shifter story in the A Walk on the Wild Side Daily Delivery Dose I am finding myself giddy with these short stories.Short story Short reviewWhat do you do when all your dreams come true For Caden, he gets to find out You see, all his life he has loved bears, loved the wilderness and dreamed of going to Alaska When he finally does, he meets the grumpily bear of a man who is the twin of his tour guide and well a true bear of a man giggles This was really cute I loved that Drake was known as Mr Grumpy until Caden showed up I am a sucker for fated mates and this has a great twist on the human and shifter component of a love story.Drake was so sweet explaining what he is to Caden and what they are to one another and Caden s reaction was understandable When you can t explain it with logic, go with your gut and what you feel For Caden, that included a bit of cuddling with a cub that was just adorable I loved that Caden was able to come to terms with not only what he was feeling but that basically, his life led him to Drake and his new life among bears sigh This was just too damn cute for me to review without gushing I just loved the heck out of it and I got a kick out of Caden being so adept at saving the day.The epilogue man, my teeth hurt from it but I will endure the pain because that type of sweetness is what I crave.

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    Read as part of the Boy Meets Boy Review Shifter Sunday Funday for Dreamspinner 2016 Daily Dose A Walk on the Wild Side Anthology 1 HeartBears are growly, and scary Except in this shifter story In this story, they re kinda sappy and apparently have no real instincts.I really wanted to like this story but there were a few problems A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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    I love stories about fated mates and Wild Fate was certainly hitting all of my triggers right from the start I ve been having so much fun with this year s Daily Dose package in part, I m sure, because it focuses on shifters and they have a special place in my heart The fact that this story is set in Alaska, a place I ve always wanted to visit, and has a grumpy bear shifter made it all that much better.I found it hilarious that the townspeople got way weirded out when Drake was nice than when he was his usual grumpy, snarly self Caden s first impression throws him for a loop and all of these unexplainable feelings start coursing through him, confusing him even When Drake explains about fated mates and being a bear shifter, Caden knows, in his heart, it s the truth Convincing his brain to stop telling him he s going crazy is a little harder.Okay, the scene with Dean, his wife, and their newborn cub had me melting I wanted to be in Caden s shoes right then holding that little bear cub Then I wanted to be racing off into the forest on an ATV to save my fated mate which is exactly what Caden does with Dean as backup Hands down this ranks right up there as one of my favorites for this year Savannah Brooks not only hit all of my shifter triggers, but than a few of my favorite tropes as well I adored every minute of this read.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    Alaska, from what little I know about it, is a fascinating place and one I have not yet managed to visit Caden, the narrator of this story, is lucky enough to make his dream of going there come true, but for him, it is a lifelong ambition What he finds when he gets there defies logic in than one way, but Caden is determined to make things work.Caden is a solitary man, in love with nature, hiking, and bears, and he intends to spend his summer in Alaska not seeing one person than he absolutely has to He s a nature and wildlife photographer, and he has plans But from the moment he arrives, Fate takes over and he is in for the adventure of a lifetime.Drake is a grumpy bear in the truest sense of the word As a shapeshifter waiting for his fated mate to finally appear, he is not happy when she still hasn t shown up years after his twin brother has found his mate To then meet Caden and to discover his intended is a man, not a woman, throws him for a loop But not for long Drake sets out to get his man, no matter what But then poachers threaten his newfound happiness and it s up to Caden to make sure their relationship doesn t end before it begins.If you like bear shifters, if fated mates are your thing, and if you re looking for a cute read with lots of angst, drama, surprises, and some hot loving, then you will probably like this novella.NOTE This book was provided by Dremaspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

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    this was a fun shifter mates story totally insta love but that s to be expected with a short story.

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    Reviewed on The Blogger GirlsWhen Caden goes to Alaska to fulfill one of his life long dreams, he meets Drake, his guide s brother, and his entire life changes He finds out he s the mate of a bear shifter and can t quite believe it but when danger strikes, Caden must either embrace their mating or let poachers hurt Drake and his family.Oh, how I loved this story I love characters like Drake who are big and burly and prefers to be alone It was interesting that Drake could feel when Caden was coming into town I also liked Caden as a character I found it interesting how he reacted to Drake being a shifter and then how deep their bond was after such a short amount of time And then that ending OMG, I about died of happiness from it All in all, a great little story I wish it had been much longer because I would have loved if this was novel length but enjoyed this little story, the characters and the overall plot Hope there s to come of these two Definitely give this a go if you enjoy bear shifters

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    all the savannah brooks books i read so far are so light easy read and very sweet not for everyone im sure but these books are such an delight to read.Cadan is drawn into the wildside not literally but he is an photographer and he goes to take pic of the wild bears and there not only he finds that but love with drake.

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    WOW this sure moves fast OK, there may not be a lot of pages in this story, but there sure was a lot of action And can I just say BEAR CUBS LOL All right, I will admit, this story won t be for everyone but, if you are looking for a fun, short read that will bring a smile to your face remember, this is FICTION not reality then this is the story for you It had all the things that I love big, burly guys that are just softies at heart a short action scene, where, strangely enough, the human is the one that gets the drop on the bad guys instead of the shifters I am equal opportunity reader and did I mention the cute, adorable BEAR CUBS

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