Her Alpha Twins

Her Alpha Twins Get This Complete Novel For Only C Today Normal Price When Genevieve Moved To A Small Town In Georgia She Was Hoping For A Quiet Life But She Had No Idea That The Town Was Home To A Secretive Pack Of Werewolves And Her Life Was Going To Be Anything But Quiet Intrigued By The New Arrival, Twin Alpha Wolves Asher And Sylan Made It Their Business To Investigate Genevieve And Find Out If She May Pose A Threat To Their Pack However, Upon Meeting Her The Twins Knew That They Had Met Their Future Mate Now They Must Convince Genevieve That Not Only Is She Destined To Join Them As A Mate, But That She Must Also Be Shared By The Twin Alphas Of The Wolf Pack This Is A Paranormal Menage Romance That Has The Perfect Blend Of Sensual Scenes Along With An Exciting Plot That Will Keep You Reading Write To The Final Word Scroll Up And Start Reading This Right Now

Jasmine White has a huge passion for writing romance with a Paranormal edge to it She is especially fond of shifters and is the proud co owner of the Simply Shifters blog along with her long time best friend Jade White Her paranormal romances will often feature a hunky shifter in some sort of form and lots of excitement and, of course, bedroom activity When she is not writing she loves to snac

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 394 pages
  • Her Alpha Twins
  • Jasmine White
  • English
  • 17 August 2019

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    So I was not sure what to expect as I really didn t like the first book I read of this author, but this book was not bad.Some areas of the story line were a little off, but overall I wanted to keep reading to find out what happens so that is a plus in my opinion If your looking for a book with twins, drama and werewolves this is a book for you 3.5 5

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    dnf 4% author over used the heroines name Basically every reference to the h was prefaced with her name it was said 15 times in a few pages I skimmed later in the book and it didn t get better so my annoyance just made me not able to focus on the book.

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    Were Twins AnthologyThis was just really boring I didn t care for the three main characters and it was just really bland.

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    This is a great quick read if you like alpha stories Not only are they the alphas of the pack, they are identical twins Then add in that they share their mate, one hot threesome

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    I received this story audiobook version for free for an honest review.The narrator sounded like she had a cold or scratchy throat or something a majority of the time, especially when she was just narrating telling the story Otherwise, there were times when it sounded like she was moving away from the microphone, specifically whenever she said something like Asher said, Sylvan replied, so and so acknowledged When the narrator talked as both Asher and Sylvan at the same time, she sounded like she got a lot closer to the microphone The whole moving back and forth was annoying Maybe audio books aren t for me, I only started listening to them while I exercised I get bored easily when exercising is involved so the stories are supposed to keep me focused I don t know Something I would change about audio books, in general, is having than a single narrator person I think there should be AT LEAST one man and one woman There is a definite difference between reading a story and listening to one The reader typically imagines what the character s voices sound like, but hearing the female narrator vocalizing a male character s voice definitely sounds like a woman pretending to be a man This is a big part of reading and so with the single audio book person typically , it s a negative for me So in that regard, it s not possible, at least for me, to give as good of a rating review as it would have been if I d just read the story myself I noticed with this story that the writer had a few issues, at least that s what it seemed like based on how the narrator read certain parts One example involved the word laughter I forgot what part of the story it was, but when the narrator came to it she pronounced it as though it would be misspelled She pronounced it as laughger , instead of with a t Or there s grammatical issues, for example, He s getting too big for his britches any I was also annoyed with the fact that the author never really said what Genevieve did on her own time There s mention of her going to town and having her senses improve, but that s it There s only Jenny and Sylvan time, Genevieve or V time with Asher, or all three together There s just no real backstory.Questions Comments A single werewolf would mate with a single woman The fact that both of the brothers planned on mating with her That s a first Having sex after having only known Asher for a couple hours Moving kind of fast After Sylvan and Genevieve have relations in the woods and hear the other wolves howling, instead of Sylvan going after the wolves to find them, why didn t they just leave in the vehicle they had come in If one of the bad wolves were still outside the house, and Sylvan and Asher had no real proof that Raul and his gang were the ones that started the fire, why did they not seem to care about him There was there proof.Lastly, why in the beep did the author end the story with the main characters having anal

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    This book is two of my favourite genres combined into one amazing story that will have you drooling, and ready to fight till the death to protect those you love, all at the same time When Genevieve moved into the house she inherited from her grandmother, she thought she was moving to a small town with none or little excitement, and into a nice quiet life Little did she know, but Fate had another idea of how and with who she was going to live that life When Asher and Sylvan, twin alphas of the local Turnersville pack, discover that a human female has moved into the Seaton house, they decide that they have to investigate to ensure that the pack won t be endangered by this human The grandmother had a knowledge of sorts of the pack, but made sure she kept to herself, leaving messages for the pack when she needed their help, especially with making sure the woods behind her house were clear of nuisance wildlife, such as rabbits Only one problem with their decisionas soon as they meet her, they know she s destined to be their mate, as in shared by the two of them Now, all they had to do is convince her, and the pack.Lots of excitement, disgruntled pack members, hot, steamy sex, a bit of violence and most of all, a huge serving of love, this book will keep you on the edge from page one to the end Awesome tale

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    Her Alpha Twins by Jasmine White.3 out of 5 stars.When Genevieve is left her Grandmother s house after she dies, she moves down to live in it However, she is totally unaware that a werewolf pack lives next door until they come knocking on the door.The Pack always got on well with old Mrs Seaton the grandmother before she died and even visited her in the hospital when she was taken in She knew what they were, but left them alone to just co exist with them which they appreciated and thanked her for by hunting down them vermin and scaring off dangerous stray dogs from her land It was an arrangement that suited all of them.But if someone new was going to be living in her house, the Pack needed to know what they were going to be like, would they be going into the woods and finding out about their other halves The Pack s twin Alpha s go around to say hello to their new neighbour and are surprised to find that she is a mate to not just one of them, but both But can they get her to accept them both But there is trouble in the Pack, the ex enforcer for their Uncle is inciting an uprising to oust them from power So, with all that s going on, will they be able to court their new mate or not

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    One thing I found very interesting about this book was that, while they knew from a young age that they would share a mate, they d never shared a woman in bed before This being said, there were some explicit sex scenes included I found Genevive, Sylvan, and Asher s story to be funny at times particularly the brothers antics The way they fight over Genevive can be quite ridiculous and hilarious After reading this book, I would be interested in reading books by White While there s a little bit of violence at the end, this is a HEA book without a cliffhanger.

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    I received this audio book free for an honest review This was a cute menage romance It had a complete story, with defined characters There was a bit of suspense and a whole lot of romance Always love it when a human female has to prove herself, physically The author, Jasmine, does a great job of creating the story and developing the strong characters Genevieve and her two shifters, Asher and Sylan, have figured out how to run their pack with two alphas so it should work with two men and one mate Enjoyed reading this light hearted story.

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