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Never Knowing serial killer ,. Chevy Stevens doesn t mess around Like a racehorse out of the gate, her books take off like mad wildfire, simmering and sizzling along the way And, faithfully, NEVER KNOWING never lets up until its knock over, finish line ending Intense, yet simple, uncomplicated, perfectly enthralling.Like her previous best selling psychotic thriller, STILL MISSING, her new story, NEVER KNOWING, is a book of therapy sessions, this time gracing us with the voice of passionate, and a tad neurotic, 33 year old likeable Sara, adopted as a baby, yearning for an explanation of her childhood and the choices made by her biological parents, and presently a doting young mom of six year old Ally.The harrowing answers revealed and spine tingling events do not disappoint in this crazy, nonstop psychological game of cat and mouse I was joined at the hip, again, for days with this advanced readers copy until its conclusion Thank you, Kate, at Macmillan, for this great mystery escape therapy session of my own. The Second Novel By Chevy Stevens, Author Of Bestseller STILL MISSINGAt Thirty Three Sara Gallagher Is Finally Happy Her Antique Furniture Restoration Business Is Taking Off And She S Engaged To A Wonderful Man But There S One Big Question That Still Haunts Her Who Are Her Birth Parents Sara Is Finally Ready To Find Out Sara S Birth Mother Rejects Her Again Then She Discovers Her Biological Father Is An Infamous Killer Who S Been Hunting Women Every Summer For Almost Forty Years Sara Tries To Come To Terms With Her Horrifying Parentage And Her Fears That She S Inherited Than His Looks With Her Therapist, Nadine, Who We First Met In Still Missing But Soon Sara Realizes The Only Thing Worse Than Finding Out Your Father Is A Killer Is Him Finding Out About You Some Questions Are Better Left Unanswered Never Knowing Is A Complex And Compelling Portrayal Of One Woman S Quest To Understand Where She Comes From That Is, If She Can Survive This is the first time in a while that I wish I could give negative stars Because I had enjoyed the previous book Because of the staggeringly high rating Because it is just so God awful Yes.Stevens has, with this lousy waste of paper, capitalized on The Laziest Ways to Write a Novel They are 1 Use a contrived, unrealistic, and wholly ridiculous tactic, such as Sessions with an Oddly Silent Therapist I think she did this last time, and it annoyed me then too, but I was forgiving of it, I think, because the writing was good and the story interesting and now and then the frame was plausible Here No, no and NO Basically, the sessions allow Stevens to spew narrative with no thought to polish, character development, or subtlety She plunks down a chapter s worth of the day s run down, complete with several eye rolls per page musings and sarcasm, with zero plausibility as far as remembering detail or the session taking on weight so, we essentially have Hi Nadine, another crazy day in the life of a psychopath s daughter, here is precise dialogue from three days and lots of plot, and then I ll make sure to drop your name again at the end.2 Presentation of Wholly Undeveloped and Yet Still, Somehow, Really Unlikable and Not in a Good Way CharactersMain chick Sara Super Mom, adores her daughter Ally, her fiance Evan is just fan flipping tastic, then she has these brothers in law who are Bad, and then this sister Melanie who is completely nasty I am pretty sure Sara has zero friends and that makes total sense so the cast of characters are largely one dimensional, boring, or over the top fabulous and serve as mere puppets to move along the plot which is, in essence the super supportive and super everything Evan warns Sara about researching into her adopted parents, but she does anyway, and discovers that her dad is this serial killer Now, this could actually be interesting, except the writing stinks, and so all of the intense issues such as emotional DNA and baggage of being the product of a rape is either spelled out or completely neglected so that we can have 3 Sorry Excuse for a Book, ie, a Thinly Plotted and Really Tired Cat and Mouse Game with the Requisite Didn t See THAT Coming now DID You Twist that Actually, Yes, I Did, You NinnyRight, so, because the ONLY thing about this book is plot, and even that is contrived and painful, you d think at least there d be something there, but no I can appreciate a murder mystery so long as there is also substance and interesting take aways Here there was only, whoops potentially scary moment just barely evaded Wait here s another one And all the while I have the fabulously dull Sara narrating, who not only reinforces 2 of my list by making sure we know that the people she loves are perfect I cite, for example, Even has never pissed anyone off in his life this reader begs to differ but then, when Tension is introduced so as to, ha, deepen the book, we see that actually, yes Evan can be quite annoying Though for me this was always the case.But I digress.The point is this excellent premise, inexcusably bad execution Weak characters, seriously eye rolling prose I cite when Serial Murderer Dad makes a comment about wanting to protect daughter Sara, who is hiding from him now that s ironic, right Don t worry, she then says, in case we didn t catch that, how ironic that was But wait What if we STILL don t get it Fret not gentle reader The next line is, being that I was trying to hide from him, and he wanted to protect me Ah Whew THAT cleared up THAT mystery and zero charm and zero anything of worth Gaaaaaaah This book gave me a migraine equal to the ones the two main characters suffer from I was not particularly taken with the Lifetime movie plot of Stevens previous novel Still Missing and honestly picked this up without realizing it was the same author Her characters are heavy handed and extremely black and white and once again Stevens feels the need for a truly unnecessary twist ending that has no real bearing on the rest of the story A novel that actually concentrated on the relationship between the protagonist and her father would have been interesting, instead what should be the key of the entire novel gets pushed to the periphery in favor of a stereotypical controlling boyfriend, a daughter with obvious mental problems that are completely ignored by everyone, a neglectful and abusive adoptive family and a sociopathic younger sister I cared less about this woman s serial murdering father and about why all these other horrible people never got THEIR comeupance Stevens has obvious talent as a wordsmith but her characters and plot are SEVERELY lacking I d stay away from this unless you don t mind paper thin story telling and completely unbelievable characters. While this novel was good some may even call it great I couldn t help but feel like this was a repeat performance of Still Missing Had I not just read Ms Stevens s debut novel a couple months prior, I might have developed an entirely different opinion on the matter The first time out the unique structure captured my attention and had me flipping pages faster than a sugar addict working his way through a dozen doughnuts, but this time the polish had worn off, and while I still devoured NEVER KNOWING, I flipped the pages with less enthusiasm.The first half of the story, while certainly good, needed an adrenaline injection Sure, the character and story development proved entertaining, but this is supposed to be a thriller And when it comes to page turners, I want to dangle on the edge of a cliff by my fingernails while a dog is nipping at the tips and a psycho serial killer points a revolver at my shaking corpse The suspense and adrenaline came, but by then I had already pondered the existence of the universe than once.Sara Gallagher, though, proved to be an intriguing character, and one I understood a bit too well Taking the world s problems on her shoulders, she blames herself for anything remiss, prefers knowledge to a lack of awareness, and shoulders problems than are hers to bear Yeah, she may swallow the occasional white pill, but she has migraines, sister, along with a wedding to plan and a somewhat absentee fianc who likes to play in the woods.Even her relationships reminded me of my own She had her first love Derek where she was head over heels and enad and lost herself and ended up in what was ultimately an unhealthy relationship before she found Evan, her true love This scenario resembled a bit too uncannily what I had faced before At the time I had no real comparison for relationships and love and clinging to someone so tightly and losing myself so completely that I almost became two different people one when I was with her and one when I wasn t Once I was in, though, I ended up so far inside the threshold there was no easy way to get out, without one of us clinging to that cliff, so I did what made sense at the time I expunged myself from the situation.Not being able to fix that relationship or somehow make it work, despite analyzing it from every angle, bothered me a whole hell of a lot than what my ex thought of me In fact, I still feel like I failed the universe somehow But I ve come to terms with my problems without the aid of prescription medication just as I ve come to terms with my misgivings of this novel.Cross posted at Robert s Reads After a few incidents of the word rape, I read ahead and no Just no.and after a three day break from women and murder books, I m ready to try again.and now I am two chapters in and I m pretty sure the protagonist is the villain of the story I mean, she s completely self centered and emotionally manipulative has than a few megalomaniac tendencies indulges in behavior that makes her a stalker and bully Surely the reader isn t meant to sympathize with her Also Stevens writing skills are a bit less than robust.and now I am four chapters in and I hate all the characters and I hate the storyline and I am not going to read any because everything about this stupid book makes me want to throw up I would give it 7 stars if that were an option.and now it s two weeks later and I think I have to try reading this stupid thing AGAIN because for some ridiculous reason I can t stop THINKING ABOUT IT It s like my brain won t rest until it has consumed every last horrible page UGHI am under no illusions that it is not bad and that I will not dislike it once I ve finished with it I feel as if the author is trying to force me to sympathize with a character who doesn t deserve it, and that sensation isn t one that dissipates easily But apparently I must soldier on.and that s two chapters down Am now starting chapter 7 It s like being stuck in an especially gross episode of Law Order SVU Now I m to chapter 8 This fucking book I can t figure out why anyone would even WANT to write a story like this It s just SO gross it makes my brain feel like it s coated in toxic sludge Also one of the very few characters I don t yet abhor is turning out to be an asshole Shocking, I know.Through chapter 11 of this fucking book, which is about halfway, which ISN T FAR ENOUGH OMG Still really gross.I don t always think of the author writing the novels I read, but with this one I m thinking the heck about Ms Stevens I want to ask her Why did you decide to write a book featuring such irredeemably awful human beings Why did you want to write a story about such a brutal, vicious crime Why are so many of the women portrayed as stereotypical bitches Why are the Bad Guys so unmitigatedly bad Why did you make it so impossible to sympathize with the protagonist Also, why does the story sort of but not really take place within the framework of a series of conversations the horrible protagonist has with her probably horrible therapist Because it seems to be completely useless, not to mention distracting WHAT WERE YOU THINKING Through chapter 15, and literally the only thing that has happened in the past four chapters is that both the protagonist s whining and Stevens writing quality have reached peak levels of awfulness I HATE THIS BOOK SO MUCH Through chapter 20 This bullshit book can t end soon enough.THANK GOD I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THIS STUPID FUCKING BOOK I wish I had a hard copy of it just so I could watch it go up in flames I had to satisfy myself with firmly deleting it from my Kindle app Also I very much dislike Chevy Stevens right now and if I ever meet her I am going to tell her to go straight to hell and flip her off probably. ,. 2.5 stars Fiction SuspenseFirst read win from GR Thank you I know that I am going to be in the minority here, but I did not care for this book.What can I say It never takes me longer than a few days to finish a book and after reading Still Missing in one day, I was sooo anxious for Chevy Stevens new book But this one It took me over a week to read and that is only because I forced myself to finish out of gratitude for the first read win.None of the characters are likeable and the plot unbelievable The storyline would give the impression that it is a page turner, but it really isn t I wanted to like it, I really did The main character, Sara, is so annoying that I had to put the book down several times out of frustration Please somebody, if I ever sound that way, punch me in the throat The only redeeming character was Sara s fiance, Evan Why he even bothered himself to have a relationship with a person like Sara is beyond me Quite a few times during the book, he would say something rational to her and she would totally blow him off But the male cop, Billy, whom she claimed was just a friend would say the same thing and she would swoon Give me a break.About a third of the way in to reading the book, I fanned through the last few pages hoping not to see Evan s name I tried to telepathically let him know to get out while he still could At a little over half way, I could care less about the story and its sure to be dramatic ending I wasn t disappointed, it was certainly unreal.I was actually relieved when the book ended and I could move on Sorry Ms Stevens, this one was a miss. Chevy stevens is fast becoming one of my favourite authors in this genre she brings substance a solid plot that gets you right into the book.All her life Sara Gallagher has wondered about her birth parents being an adopted child with two sisters Lauren Melanie who were born naturally to her parents, Sara did not have a normal ideal home life.She has always wondered about her real mother now she is engaged to Evan has a 6 year old daughter Ally she wants to find out who she really is.Sara decides to pursue looking for her real parents she researches finds her real mother Julia who works as a professor at the university but also finds that she is the only survivor of THE CAMPSITE KILLER the further she goes she unravels details of her fathers background which she finds distressing.So now Sara is determined not to believe that her father john could be a killer but the deeper she goes the John draws her into his games she decides to meet him to stop the by one people are being killed or hurt even Ally disappears which heightens the terror that Sara is feeling I felt angst for Sara thought she was a real heroine throughout this novel. 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