Sweetboy This was the first book that I ve read by this author and if it tells you anything as soon as I finished this one the other day I went back and read all her other books too I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and her take on what has come to be a rough genre I have skipped over a lot of prison romance stories lately because so much of it is too hard for me to enjoy the romance Well done characters and a fun twist at the end I can t wait to read by this author. Leave it to me to pick the fluffiest, most romantic, least realistic prison romance bookespecially when I was searching for dark and gritty Oh well.I did like how the author pulls no punches when it comes to the need for criminal justice reform Kids locked up with hardened criminals after being tried as adults, the overworked defense attorneys, the inherent unfairness of the plea bargain racket scam prosecutors using it padding their win stats I m looking at you Kamala , the prison industrial complex profit machine that exploded in size as a result of mandatory minimums and 3 strike laws which even the Dems were on board with, sadly , and how felons are treated in and out of jail with a lack of funding for education or rehabilitationAll things I am already passionate about felon disenfranchisement my fighting plank on Bernie s platform when I was a county state delegate but it was nice to see it in print elsewhere. Micah Sheridan Thinks His Life Is Over When He Is Sentenced To Twenty Five Years In Riker S Island For A Crime He Did Not Commit Not Even Out Of His Teens Yet And The Innocent Boy Is Thrust Into A World Filled With The Worst Kinds Of Human Predators Like Prey About To Be Devoured, Micah Fears For The Worst Until One Man Steps In Between Him And The Other Inmates Reid Turner Claims The Boy For His Own He Draws A Line In The Sand Around Him That None Of The Others Dare Cross, For Reid Is At The Top Of The Food Chain At Riker S But What Is The Cost Of The Powerful Man S Protection What Does He Want From Young Micah Is The Boy S Life Truly Over, Or Has It Only Just Begun Read On To Find Out This Story By Amelita Rae Will Warm Your Heart And Remind You Of The Power Of True Love To Bring Hope To Even The Darkest Places , Words I thought this would be lots of dirty talks and rough sex That s what I had in mind when it comes to prison love Hmm, guess I m a perv huh But this is actually good too It was so sweet Reid was being a gentleman taking his time to earn his place in Micah s heart.Thank you, Van Ok, so here s the skinny This could really be a five star story The writing is solid, easy to read, feel good, and sweet There is zero angst This is a curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, on a rainy day, kind of read Added to that, it is extremely educational and passionate about the corrupt, for profit US prison system, and about prison reform What derails this story is that if there was a predictable trope that was not included, it was probably because the author forgot Larger, brawnier, older protective top check, Tiny than a foot height difference , skinny, pale, pretty blonde, barely legal bottom check Feminine features, feminine ish body, prettier than a woman check I get that these are all standard Yaoi Total protection, complete with gifts and gentleness without asking for sex in return check Bottom has a tiny, baby penis again, pretty much almost a woman check Top has ridiculous power and position both inside and outside the prison check Clear path to freedom don t want to spoil check Complete cessation of all criminal activity for his boy check Hokey post prison ambitions That are easily accomplished sans obstacles check Of course one character is the head of the class valedictorian check AND to top off the corniness, it wouldn t be complete without a view spoiler cheesy marriage proposal in front of everyone check and mate the ring was a cute twist hide spoiler 3.5 Stars This is a weird book I liked it but it was a strange ride First of all, for as dark as it is, the love story is a sweet slow burn Very, very slow This is not an erotic romance It is high fantasy in terms of a super rich crime boss hero who can save and shelter his love There is some idea here of the older hero being in a Japanese Mafia but that isn t really explored in a way that makes sense Then, mixed in, is a social justice read with looks pretty deeply and carefully at the need for criminal justice reform Those parts are well written too.The younger hero hold his own with the older hero as well They talk a lot Its cool and hot So, this is a can of madly wonderfully mix of smutty without much smut prison romance with a satisfying macro thoughtfulness folded in I read this super happy fast However, I needed a bit HEA time We get a solid HEA but I want to hang out and be with them outside of prison for a few chapters So, weird good. Misterioso, divertido, y por momentos triste Me gusto mucho. Oh Gosh, how I still feel overloaded by sweetness over this book The romance is cheesy like mostly yaoi story but I really love this one I seldom consumed yaoi story nowadays but this book makes me nostalgic, back at when I first fell in love with yaoi Not to mentioned those doki doki feelings XDThe inmates couple Micah and Reid simply make me head over heel with them Can t get enough of them and definetely need sex scene, which is so lack because Reid being overly gentleman from the start.And now I m officialy become a fan of prisoner love story sigh The story is highly plausible and realistic I love how Reid started to fall in love with Micah prior to the misfortune in his family The playing of twists and turns on Micah s emotions and how he started to have feelings for Reid was incredibly and cleverly written I really really love how Reid took care of Micah even to the minute details even though he pretended like he didn t give a shit Like how he d always give Micah sweets and chocolates because he knew the boy had a serious sweet tooth That was indeed cute and sweet.This book is slow burn and about story and how two desperate souls fall in love with each other in the darkest corner of the world You won t get Miss Rae s usual work of Yaoi lusty smuts I do have to say though, although it s slow burn, it s one hell of erotic foreplays I tremendously and thoroughly enjoyed this book and the twist in the HEA made me smile.Well done Miss Rae Well deserved 5 stars This one had a few issues with it First only one sex scene I mean What the hell That is not what I read yaoi for Second not enough time in prison, they were out by 60% which wasn t why I read a prison story I did like Reid s protectiveness of Micah and that it was done in a very no strings attached kind of way but I wanted to see some action in the showers, or at least their cell.Third Reid is like this super bad super evil crime lord and he completely changes his ways and views the day he sees Micah Ah no Either give a crime lord who wants to love and protect his lover while still being a bad guy or give me a good guy who was wrongly accused or something You can t be completely amorale and then this perfect knight in the space of days Fourth weird statistic dumps throughout the story about US prisons and laws I don t know if any of it was accurate and while it would be interesting to research, I don t want that much info in my romances.

Amelita Rae took a wrong turn on the internet one day All the innocent young lass wanted to do was watch funny cat videos, but then she discovered Boy s Love and that was the end of any worthwhile contribution she might have otherwise made to the world She now spends most of her time writing filthy smut that she tries to frame with farfetched plots and deranged characters, but don t be fooled by

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