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Illusions of Magic The Withering Of Vaudeville Was Bad Enough In Because Of The Great Depression, Bookings For Stage Magician Nick Zetner Disappeared With His Marriage Cracking Under The Strain, Nick Reluctantly Accepts A Devious Banker S Deal He Earns A Generous Reward If He Retrieves Photos Stolen During A Break In At The Bank Along The Way, A Love He Thought He D Forever Lost Reappears Despite His Skill In The Arts Of Magic, Penetrating The Realm Of The Thieves Grows Increasingly Perilous, Especially When It Endangers His Newfound Romance Illusions Of Magic Seamlessly Merges This Tale With The True Life Assassination Attempt On President Elect Franklin D Roosevelt Resulting In Chicago S Mayor, Anton Cermak, Being Shot His Lingering Death And A Lack Of Legal Means For His Replacement Causes Great Civic And Social Upheaval In The City In Modern Style, This Novel Propels The Reader Through Emotional Highs And Subterranean Lows With Knife Edged Dialogue, Easy Humor, Page Turning Action And Authentic History Praise For Illusions Of Magic Illusions Of Magic, Set In Chicago In Early , Does A Masterful Job Of Telling The Highly Entertaining Love Story Between An Out Of Work Magician And His Old Flame Rivard Creates A Historically Accurate Background For His Cast Of Fascinating Characters, Creating A Moving Novel Dr Willard Oliver, Professor At Sam Houston State University And Co Author Of Killing The President Illusions Of Magic, A Story Of Political Intrigue In S Chicago, Is Written In An Informative, Yet Entertaining Style Rivard Weaves Into His Narrative The True Story Of Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak S Murder And He Does It With Accuracy And Complete Authenticity Each Chapter Powers Along, Insisting You Read Just One Part The Taut Writing Has A Made For The Movies Tension Mel Ayton, Author Of The Forgotten Terrorist And Hunting The President

As a young child, J.B Rivard began drawing by copying newspaper comics In his teens, he drew illustrations for his high school s award winning yearbook He attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and his artworks have appeared in than fifty juried exhibitions, earning many prizes and awards He s an artist member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City The author draws on wide

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Illusions of Magic  By J.B. Rivard –
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  • 233 pages
  • Illusions of Magic
  • J.B. Rivard
  • English
  • 16 August 2017

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    Illusions of Magic Love and Intrigue in 1933 Chicago by J.B Rivard is a historical novel with the assassination attempt on then President elect Franklin Roosevelt s life as one aspect Nick Zetner is a magician who finds himself working among the criminal elements of 1933 Chicago to make money as the Depression and the film industry make the need for a magician act less desirable Little does he realize that a romance from 20 years ago will play an important role in the dangerous mess he finds himself in or that the errant bullet that missed Roosevelt and hit the mayor of Chicago instead would bring him even danger.Illusions of Magic is a fast paced read If you start it in the morning on a weekend, you ll likely finish it in one day The style is 1930s gangster movie with a touch of romance, and some historical reveals and glimpses into how politics and crime worked, sometimes hand in hand, in 1930s Chicago You ll even imagine yourself seeing images flash across a movie screen in black and white as you read the book It helps that the author also includes an occasional illustration to let you know what certain characters look like or the atmosphere of a scene is I really enjoyed the clothing styles and the cars.Instead of a one dimensional crime drama we have the inclusion of a romance with mystery attached to it from the main character, Nick Zetner s, past All things are connected in the book, which you don t realize at first and might only notice after the fact But everything from the discovery of an old bicycle bell to the assassination of the mayor of Chicago has significance At first the book seems like a lot lighter fare but turns into something with layers to it than expected.I was expecting a little to do with magic, because of the title, but you won t find it in this book Perhaps a sequel could have Zetner again delving into the underworld of Chicago and using magic to trick his way out of bad situations But you don t miss the magic here once into the story I only mention it now so you don t go into the book expecting to find tricks galore.I recommend this book for history lovers or old movie buffs who want that nostalgic feeling in an enjoyable and fast paced format.

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    This is a wonderful story I couldn t put it down and read it in less time than Kindle estimated That s the pace I hope for in a crime novel, but in addition I got a unique view into the politics, s and every day lives of Chicagoans at the height of the Great Depression in the lead up to the World s Fair.

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    Nick Zetner is The Amazing Mr Z, a magician in 1933 Chicago however with the depression and prohibition, not many venues are booking a magic act So, when Nick s brother in law offers him a different kind a job, Nick takes his chances and agrees to find and return stolen merchandise to a wealthy client A bank has been broken into and all of the contents of the safety deposit boxes stolen, Nick will be paid a generous sum if he can return a specific envelope with scandalous pictures When Nick is hot on the trail of the photos, he finds that he may be in over his head in the world of thieves and gangsters especially when he discovers that his long lost love, Iris may be mixed up in the whole mess A quick historical fiction read about 1930 s mayhem that brings the time period alive There was a great feel for the time period from jazz clubs, to bank robberies and strange guys in back offices cooking the books I loved the inclusion of the illustrations, they did a great job of helping me to envision the dress, atmosphere and people in the story, I wish there were I was very interested in the historical backdrop where all of the events took place and was covertly influencing some of the characters the attempted assassination of President elect Roosevelt that ended up actually killing Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak This event ended up causing a lot of strife for Nick s character There wasn t a lot of characterization here, but it was about the action From the title, I had envisioned Nick using ingenious sleight of hand to retrieve what he needed from the robbers, while it was attempted, it was not quite what I had thought Overall, an exciting adventure with robbers, cops, good vs evil and a touch of romance in 1933 Chicago This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

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    Illusions of Magic is written in old fashioned, gumshoe style which is appropriate given the time it takes place and the plot This does take a little getting used to for the reader The main story is about a man who is trying to make a go of it as a magician but the Great Depression is really starting to take hold and there isn t much free money around for entertainment His marriage is falling apart and his landlady is getting a little aggravated with him.Just as things seem to be at their worst our intrepid magician is offered a job It s not exactly an on the level type of employment but given the times and the state of his finances he really doesn t hesitate too much in accepting the position He gets it thanks to his brother in law who is somewhat connected to city hall which leads to the secondary plot line which just really never made any sense to me at all It involves the real life attempted assassination of Franklin Roosevelt The shooter ended up wounding and ultimately killing the mayor of Chicago Other than providing a bit of distraction from the main story I really didn t understand why it was part of the book Maybe I missed something The book was different, it was out of my usual reading box It does have a bit of romance, a touch of intrigue yet surprisingly very little magic.3.5

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    Copy received from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for an honest review Illusions of Magic was a very interesting read Rivard created a very unique character Rivard connects a fictional story and add the backdrop of a real life events of Franklin D Roosevelt Accomplishing a bigger task, we have the place taking place in Chicago Nick Zetner is The Amazing Mr Z is the main character in the story and he was just as interesting as the historical background The romantic and mystery surrounding Nick really added to the story and was at

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    I apologize for taking so long to read this book but kindle versions, I always put on the back burners while I read other books I especially enjoyed the pen and ink drawing of J B Rivard, they really add to the charm of this book It is set in my favorite large city Chicago, and he has captures the drama of the death of vaudeville, and the typical events they may have happened in the 30 s President Roosevelt and Mayor Cermak There is love and intrigue, as promised and I look forward to seeing of his works in print form I was curious enough to look up some of his bio and am even intrigue in this very talented writer and artist.

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