Loving Lindsey (The Protectors, #1)

Loving Lindsey (The Protectors, #1) Lindsey Baker And Will Claxton Had Once Been Best Friends, Until Betrayal Drove Them Apart Now Someone Is Sabotaging Lindsey S Ranch, And Will Seems The Most Likely Candidate Although Lindsey Wants To Believe He S Innocent, He S The One With The Motive Years Earlier, Her Father Had Foreclosed On A Loan That Cost Will His Family S Land Still, He Insists He Had Nothing To Do With The Accidents Plaguing Lindsey S Ranch He Wants His Property Returned, But He Plans To Buy It Fair And Square Lindsey Wants To Believe The Man She S Loved Since Childhood, But She Fears He Ll Do Almost Anything To Reclaim His Family S Ranch His Sudden Interest In Her As A Woman Is Too Convenient Can She Trust A Man Who S Never Seen Her As Anything But A Friend, When She Knows He Ll Do Anything To Regain His Family S Heritage Including Breaking Her Heart Once Again

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Loving Lindsey (The Protectors, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia Keelyn author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 240 pages
  • Loving Lindsey (The Protectors, #1)
  • Patricia Keelyn
  • English
  • 20 September 2019

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    This book is like a walk down Memory Lane, when romances were actually about falling in love instead of getting it on any way possible, complete with dirty language and actions This was a love story in its truest sense.Lindsey is a rancher who is having a rough time There has been a series of unfortunate accidents on her place that she knows aren t really accidents She is intentionally being sabotaged but she doesn t know by whom.Will, is the foreman at the Lazy W, a neighboring ranch He and Lindsey have been friends since they were children They never dated but her father somehow attained what was Will s father s ranch He d gone off to the Marines for six years after the loss of his father s ranch and wanted the ranch back.Lindsey s father had made her and her brother, Stuart, promise to never sell the ranch before he died So, when Will came back into Lindsey s life, it was hard for her to determine if he wanted her for her or if he wanted her to get back the ranch.The book is immaculately written The plot is tight and exciting The characters were believable and easy to care about.This read like a good, old fashioned Harlequin romance I thought that as the book progressed When I read the About the Author , I discovered that Harlequin published some of this author s work It was a refreshing change from the lewd romances that are written today I loved it.

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    DNF I slogged throughout the first five chapters, by which point I had figured out the rest of the plot, so I skimmed the remainder of the book Yup Got it in one No surprises and no reason to keep reading The main turn off here was the incredibly UN likeable Lindsey The woman is as prickly as a cactus, stubborn as a mule, and dumb as a post Why Will wants anything to do with her, old friendship notwithstanding, is utterly beyond me With each of her interactions with Will, with her brother Stuart another unlikeable loser , with the ranch hands I felt like I was witnessing a train wreck Combined with the lackluster writing and the predictable plot, I just couldn t make myself keep reading.

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    FREE on on iBooks today 6 8 2018 Blurb Lindsey Baker and Will Claxton had once been best friends, until betrayal drove them apart Now someone is sabotaging Lindsey s ranch, and Will seems the most likely candidate Although Lindsey wants to believe he s innocent, he s the one with the motive Years earlier, her father had foreclosed on a loan that cost Will his family s land Still, he insists he had nothing to do with the accidents plaguing Lindsey s ranch He wants his property returned, but he plans to buy it fair and square Lindsey wants to believe the man she s loved since childhood, but she fears he ll do almost anything to reclaim his family s ranch His sudden interest in her as a woman is too convenient Can she trust a man who s never seen her as anything but a friend, when she knows he ll do anything to regain his family s heritage including breaking her heart once again

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    RanchingShe was left with the controlling interest in her family ranch Her brother really isn t one Will s dad use to own the adjoining ranch until her dad bought will he was gone in the Marines Things are happening at the ranch and no one knows why With a lot of tension, love finds it way in.

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    I was drawn into this book from the first page, it s got everything from a mystery to a beautiful love story.Lindsey is left the ranch when her father dies and her brother resents this so starts gambling and drinking, but she has other things to worry about She s a woman in a man s world and even though the ranch hands respect her the main man and her second in command doesn t, he can t see why she was left the ranch Her father left it to her because she had shown interest in it than her brother who has always wanted to leave but feels he now has to stay to help her which he resents Lindsey is fierce and makes a great horseman and is as capable as any man but has to work twice as hard to prove herself and she knows in some eyes she ll never be worthy Someone is sabotaging her ranch and it could be a number of people.Then Will shows up, he was once her best friend but he walked away from her after an argument about her father talking back his families ranch that his father had taken a loan out on but missed payments, her father had always wanted it because it was next to his and he wanted to be the biggest around even if it made his to big to in reality to run Will had joined the army but never said goodbye and Lindsey had never forgiven him, 8 years later he returned but hasn t gone to see her Deep down she had feelings for him that she ll never show as has he, but he wants to show her how sorry he is and he also wants his family ranch back He s been back for a while and is running a nearby ranch, but he shows up to help out when Lindsey turns up at a bar to get her drunken brother who s got himself into trouble gambling on games of pool which he ll never win when the others are cheating He then offers to help out on the ranch, everyone jumps to conclusions that he s the one trying to ruin Lindsey s future and livelihood, but no one knows just how badly this sabotage is hitting the ranch and her I loved this book and couldn t put it down I love the way you are lead to think it s someone and then the next think it s someone else, but then never finding out who it is until the very end I loved the way Will never gives up on Lindsey although she tries everything to drive him away I would recommend it to anyone that likes a good love story or even a mystery It s a great book full of everything and even though it s in a series of books its a stand alone book I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for my honest review But I really did love it.

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    Lindsey is running her family ranch It has been left to her and her brother Stuart after her father s death He brother has never been much of a rancher but for Lindsey is was in her blood She had always been the tomboy More likely to be at a rodeo than a school dance Now, she may fail to keep the ranch afloat because of all the strange accidents mishaps that are happening She s having a problem keeping help and cash is getting tight.Stuart thinks they should sell Clayton Ranch back to Will It belonged to Will s family but Will s father had defaulted on a loan and Lindsey s father collected the debt by claiming the ranch Lindsey s problem is that she made a death bed promise to her father she wouldn t break up the ranch Lindsey and Will have been friends almost all of their lives but late in their youth Will left in the middle of the night and joined the Marines He left without so much as a good bye to anyone Now he s back and he wants the family ranch back but he s also discovering that he wants something He wants Lindsey too He s confused because they have always been friends, he s never noticed her as than a best friends Now, it s like a magnet has flipped or someone has taken the blinders off He s suddenly not so sure what s important, his family s ranch and heritage or having Lindsey.Lindsey doesn t trust Will He left her once and now he is trying to charm her Is it real or is it just to get the ranch back And the stress of all the accidents and cash flow problems are continuing to escalate, who can she trust Maybe Will is the only one she can trust Can she let go of her independent stubborn ways to accept the help or will it all come tumbling down around her

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    Disclaimer I received a free copy of the book in exchange of an honest review First read of the author Patricia Keelyn The story revolves around cowboys and a ranch The lead of the story Lindsey and Will were best friends and could not live without each other untill things took turn for the bad There is a hint of betrayal shown in the story regarding the ranch that Will believes is taken by Lindsey s father in a wrong way.Overall, it is a good read if one wants to pass time and have nothing much to do I m not a fan of cowboys and ranch, so I wasn t really impressed by the entire story.

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    This was an OK read Spoiler alert The sabotage to the ranch and its investigation seemed rather glossed over no mention of Will providing the sheriff with the evidence he had taken from the rock fall incident and in the love scenes, neither seem to worry about the lack of protection and its consequences I found the ending rushed and far from romantic I received this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for an honest review.

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    I like a nice romance with a good mystery Unfortunately, the mystery was pretty solvable from the beginning Kind of like watching an old Roy Roger s sitcom on Sunday mornings growing up Yet, the interactions of the 2 lovebirds was enough to keep the story going The characters are developed to the point where the hero, an ex marine, is fallible and beatable when he gets in a fight with the villains Not all testosterone and raw muscles combined with slick hand to hand combat moves learned in the military Just an ordinary guy trying to do right by the people he cares about Well written, clean editing, and a nice easy read on a rainy night.

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    This is a sweet romance with a twist of mystery Lindsey and Will were best friends until he left for the military without saying goodbye They ve been avoiding each other until a series of mysterious accidents start happening on Lindsey s ranch Will offers his help and sparks start to fly between them I really enjoyed this book The characters are well developed and there are a few good plot twists in there My favorite character in the book is Eric, the bartender I had a hard time putting this down and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet and mildly spicy cowboy romance.

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