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Manic Monday Dane Monday Deals With Weird Stuff Mad Scientists, Sorcerers, Robots, Time Travelling Cats, Cyborgs Learning The Concept Of Love, And Whether It S A Death Ray, A Doomsday Ritual, Or Simply Magic Gone Wrong, Dane Monday Is There To Stop Them He S Even Got A Rogue S Gallery Of Megalomaniacal Villains Who Want Revenge Armed Only With His Wits, Some Reluctant Allies, And A Satchel Full Of Gadgets, Dane Steps Forward To Save The City Of New AvalonWhile Investigating An Abandoned Building, Dane Encounters The Remnants Of A Magical Ritual Shortly Before The Building Explodes In Spectacular Fashion Narrowly Escaping This Destruction With His New Ally, The Aspiring Journalist Abby Connors, Dane Follows The Threads Of This Mystery While Evading A Menagerie Of Homicidal Robots, Kidnapping Thugs, And The Wrath Of A Mad Scientist At The Bottom Of It All Is A Scheme To Destroy New Avalon Involving A Century Old Architect, A Historic Hotel, And Something Not Of Our WorldCan Dane And Abby Brave The Dangers And The Strangeness To Save The City Of New Avalon Find Out In Manic Monday

Dennis Liggio is the author of sixteen books, including I KILL MONSTERS, the DAMNED LIES series, THE LOST AND THE DAMNED, and the books set in the city of New Avalon He is a veteran of the game industry, enjoys long walks on the beach while thumbing through tomes of unspeakable evil, and rumor has it that if you say his name three times in front of a mirror at midnight he will appear and give you

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    Just Plain FunI had no idea there was this much fun in discovering a new favorite author While bits sand Bob feel familiar, don t trust that feeling New Avalon has become a literary sanctuary city for me I can hardly wait for my next visit.

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    A seriously fun read This book is a mash up of various tropes from sci fi, thriller to urban fantasy all the while simultaneously maintaining a single plot and being a parody of all those genres Especially the mad genius take over destroy the world Dane Monday is on a mission from somebody something to save the city using only his wits, extreme caffeine addiction, scavenged parts, random allies and liberal usage of deus ex machina It also helps that every bad guy wants to monologue for twenty to thirty minutes about how they have won instead of just killing him If you are looking for a serious detective thriller or urban fantasy with deep backstory for the main characters and world building, then this book is not for you If you want to read a fun, fast paced irrelevant novel making fun of all the tropes used in said novels then I would recommend this book for you Pro s Fast paced, possibly crazy protagonist, pointing out all the ways magic and extreme science are indistinguishable from each other, makes fun of itself and all genres, and coffee love Warning s No explanation for how magic or science works its magical, no backstory s, once again if you want to read something serious not for you.

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    4.75 StarsIf you d like to read reviews like this, visit me at Shh, I Am ReadingI received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review.Mad scientist s hell bent on world domination Death rays A protagonist akin to Constantine the show, not the movie and the Doctor 10th and 11th Sharp tongued companions The giving of a Christmas Ham Yes Yes Yasss In the beginning of this book, I did struggle to get a feel for the novel and for the characters but as soon as Abby was introduced to Dane and she immediately didn t take any crap from him, I knew I would be fine She s the common sense, for sure I think you miss having someone to explain things to, said Abby You re like a demented Sherlock Who wouldn t love dashing off on an adventure and face down danger Isn t that what we Whovians wish for Dane Monday is similar to the Doctor He fights evil, defeats mad scientists and their murder bots and maniacs with spells to rouse demons He isn t even an alien, just coffee and a good sense for when evil is afoot Aside from Abby being a favourite character, I enjoyed the madness of Professor Honneheim He had it out for Dane, something bad Imagine Dane and Abby running driving away from needle flinging murder bots I was on a tight schedule, said Honneheim There s onlly so much time to design and construct murder bots And you keep surviving If you d just die, I would have to iterate so much This book was so much fun, and so funny I laughed until my sides hurt.I look forward to Dane Monday and Abby adventures.

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    This book was just a lot of fun If you re looking for a complicated plot or character developmentthis is not that book This is a clever, fast paced funny book, a simple concept very well executed.Dane Monday is essentially a Saturday morning cartoon hero, and his main foe similarly cartoonish all I could think was Dr Drakken from Kim Possible Based on that, the book sounds like a Young Adult novel, or maybe a spoof This isn t a YA book, though Largely because every other character is much serious It s like a couple of cartoon characters have been dropped in the real world and everyone else is very confused The dialog between Dane and Abby is probably what I enjoyed the most She s trying to figure out what s going on, and regardless of what is happening Dane is always so very excited He talks almost exclusively in exclamations.Not really a full 5 stars, but one of the fun books I ve read recently so I m rounding up If you re interested, try reading the first few sample pages on If the debate over whether there are any positive applications of a death ray seems funny, it s probably your kind of book If not move on.

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    The city of New Avalon has than its fair share of evil geniuses, from mad scientists to crazed occultists, and only Dane Monday stands between them and world domination.Dane Monday no relation to Dane Curse is over caffeinated, over enthusiastic, and fearless to the point of idiocy He makes a vocation of thwarting evil plans, whether they take the form of killer robots or demon summoning cults Explosions are often involved In this story, he teams up with wannabe reporter Abby to investigate a magic ritual conducted in an abandoned building which explodes Meanwhile, a previously thwarted mad scientist and his killer robots are bent on revenge.This book doesn t have the best formatting The font s rather small, for those like me who have really basic old Kindles The writing is a little clunky and exposition heavy in places, and there are a few editing errors, but I can forgive many faults in a story this funny The climax had me sniggering out loud at the awesome levels of absurdity.

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    This easy going read pays homage to Doctor Who and his companions and a bit of the SyFy show Eureka, with sprinklings of amazing technology and a smattering of magic Dane Monday takes upon himself the constant protection of New Avalon, a city with a quirky history and complicated present He keeps the arcane out of public view of the mundane And in the process, he finds a young, doting female sidekick to help him succeed with his missions.Bordering on the absurd, this geeky adventure runs the gambit, beginning with a mad scientist and his killer robots The reader can visualize everything like it s happening on a silver screen, an action packed plot filled with fights, explosions, and a fast talking male lead Dane Monday survives and succeeds with an uncanny amount of luck and a lot of help from his old friends around the city.3 Stars A fun, quirky, easy to read adventure, great for a brain vacation.

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    EntertainingHonestly Dennis Liggio is far from the best author I have read but I truly think he has hit on to something with New Avalon Sure the books could be better but Damon are they entertaining Can t wait to read .

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