The New Imperatives of Educational Change

The New Imperatives of Educational Change The New Imperatives Of Educational Change Is A Clarion Call To Move Beyond The Standardized Testing And Marketplace Competition That Have Become Pervasive In School Systems To Focus Instead On Creating The Conditions That Will Encourage All Students To Become Critical And Independent Thinkers Dennis Shirley Presents Five New Imperatives To Guide Educators And Policymakers Towards A Re Thinking Of What It Means To Teach Effectively And To Learn In Depth The Evidentiary Imperative Requires Educators To Attain A Better Grasp Of What Data Actually Reveal About International Trends In Student Learning The Interpretive Imperative Encourages Mindful Deliberation Before Acting On Evidence In Order To Promote The Integrity Of A School Community The Professional Imperative Describes New International Research Findings On Promising Pedagogies And Curricula That Propel Learning In New Directions The Global Imperative Argues That We All Must Look Beyond Our National Boundaries To Improve The Flourishing Of All Young People, Wherever They May Be Found Finally, The Existential Imperative Reminds Us That Students Look To Their Teachers As Role Models Who Can Dignify Learning With Meaning And Embellish Life With Joy Visionary In Its Scope And Practical In Its Details, The New Imperatives Of Educational Change Is An Indispensable Road Map For All Teachers, Principals, And System Leaders

Dr Dennis Shirley s work in education spans from the microlevel of assisting beginning teachers to the macrolevel of designing and guiding large scale research and intervention projects for school districts, states, and nonprofit agencies Dr Shirley recently collaborated with Andy Hargreaves on a study of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Raising Achievement Transforming Learning Proje

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  • The New Imperatives of Educational Change
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  • 28 October 2019

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