Saturdays at Sea (Castle Glower, #5)

Saturdays at Sea (Castle Glower, #5) This Bestselling Series Comes To A Rousing Conclusion As Celie And Her Family Set Sail On A Ship Made From Their Beloved Castle After Constructing A Grand Ship Built From Parts Of The Castle, Celie, Lilah And Rolf Are Ready To Set Sail But On Its Maiden Voyage, The Ship Steers Them Far Off Course Into Uncharted Waters Celie And Her Sister, Lilah, Hope That The Ship Is Heading To The Ancient Island Where Unicorns Once Roamed, But As The Journey Grows Longer And Supplies Run Low, They Could Be In Trouble Can Celie And Her Family Trust The Ship Just As They Ve Always Trusted The Castle Readers Will Delight In This Adventure Filled Conclusion To Jessica Day George S Bestselling Series

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[Reading] ➻ Saturdays at Sea (Castle Glower, #5)  ➱ Jessica Day George –
  • Hardcover
  • 262 pages
  • Saturdays at Sea (Castle Glower, #5)
  • Jessica Day George
  • 13 February 2019
  • 9781619639577

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    In the fifth and, as of right now, final book about Celie and Castle Glower, Celie and her family find themselves far from home as they visit the Kingdom of Grath and finish building the griffin headed ship.May 2016 Copyedits

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    What a great ending to a fun series I loved the idea of being at sea, but still being connected to the castle and I loved the new adventures and additional characters Just like the first four books in the series, I could not put this one down I love the Glower family, Lulath, Pogue and, of course, the furry members of the family, too I m sad that the series is over, but loved the way it ended.

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    Yay These books are so cute A couple years ago, I presented Tuesday s at the Castle for a book talk in my college course and presented an argument on why this book would be great to recommend keep in a classroom library for upper elementary and middle school students That was a while ago but I remember there was never a question of which book to choose for that assignment because even then I was reading everything and anything written by Jessica Day George I ve read every book in this series since then, and legitimately enjoy them even though I am not the target audience Never too old

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    This was the cutest and I ship all the ships such a cute series kind of wish it kept on going 4.5 stars

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    3.5 stars.This was one of my favourite series when I was younger, and I was really looking forward to this last book, and then I just found I didn t care any which is why it s been out for almost a year, and I still hadn t read it until today.This was a really fun read It s quick, and easy, and humorous It tied up the series nicely, and I quite enjoyed it.It lacked the spark that makes a book amazing for me, but I think this is an amazing series for a younger kid This review is probably going to have slight spoilers for the earlier books in the series I m afraid it s sort of unavoidable None from this book though PLOTThe plot of this was sweet It was fairly unrelated to the earlier books, but it tied up a few loose ends, as well as allowing them to have a whole new adventure As an older reader, I didn t find the plot particularly interesting, mostly because, it being a middle grade book, I sort of knew it would end out all right for everyone That always makes a plot less interesting If I d been a bit younger though, I know I would have been on the edge of my seat, wanting to know what was going to happen.SETTINGI love the setting in these books The earlier books take place in this wonderful, magical castle, that s almost like a character itself This book takes place on a ship that they ve made, partially from things they ve found in the castle This means that, although it s not as wonderful as the castle, it, like the castle, has a will of it s own.The setting could have been better, because you can imagine that a book taking place mostly on a ship, no matter how magical that ship is, isn t that interesting.Still, I love the setting, even if not as much as the setting in the earlier books.CHARACTERSI really like the characters in this They are so rich, and well developed And funny Very very funny Which is obviously what I really care about.I m going to give a quick list of characters I like, because why not Celie Our MC she s well developed I don t really don t know what else to say She s likeable enough, I just don t love her Rolf I swear Rolf just gets funnier and funnier He cracks me up, and he s probably my favourite character Lilah Lilah is ladylike and proper, which doesn t exactly endear her to me, but I actually really like her Lulath Lulath is great He s just about the nicest person ever, he has a love for animals, he dresses very fancily, and he likes battle tactics Yup, that s a pretty strange combination of things Pogue I really like Pogue By the end, he s probably one of the characters who s been developed the most, and he s just sort of great Celie s Mom Whatever her name is I really love that Celie has a great, supportive family They aren t perfect, but who is And her mom really is a great character She seems calm and queenly, but she s actually pretty badass OVER ALLThis is a really sweet book It s a great read for a younger kid, and still enjoyable enough for me I was just too young for it.

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    I loved this whole series Saturdays at Sea was no different It might even be my favorite of all of them Although I m sad this is the last book, it was a great ending.

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    I have now read the entire Tuesdays at the Castle series I feel that the first book was the best and I read the rest out of loyalty to the original idea I think the author erred in thinking that I would care so much about the history of the Castle and why the magic worked I really wanted magical adventure and this book had very little of that There wasn t even anything that could be considered conflict until after page 100 She simply had too many ends to tie up and I think that was probably because she hadn t originally planned the series If she had put some of the details in earlier books, we could have gotten on the boat about 75 pages sooner All that said, it was fun for the most part and Celie as a character is a young girl that I would not mind my daughter looking up to She s good at maps, intuitive and drives the story in every book Heroines like her are too hard to find I hope to find one like her again but this time in a story where things actually happen.

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    3 but 4 stars for the series as a whole I enjoyed this one, but didn t think it was a great finale It felt a little lacking I liked visiting Lulath s land and seeing the differences But I didn t like that the characters weren t all togethter at the castle I would like to get to know the King , I think he was overlooked Of course all the griffins and unicorns are fun and magical I think the Castle Glower deserves an encore One slight annoyance the artwork for the cover is different than the rest of the series This artist makes Celie glamorous and I like her better looking spunky

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    Why is this a conclusion What happens on Sundays and Mondays I want This is now one of my new favourite series of all time But I need to know what happens on those two remaining days of the week Gah

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    Oh Lulath, how delightful to read your backward language again, and meet your charming parents and their army of little dogs And then when you add in a magical ship and unicorns Well, it can t help but be a very fun read.

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