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The Lost Order The Lost Order Continues Renowned New York Times Top Bestseller Steve Berry S Cotton Malone Series With Another Riveting, History Based Thriller The Knights Of The Golden Circle, Founded On July Was The Largest, Most Dangerous Clandestine Organization In American History It Formulated Grand Plans To Expand The United States, Change The Constitutional Landscape, And Forge A Southern Empire, Enslaving A Golden Circle Spanning Two Continents To Finance Its Goals, The Order Amassed An Amazing Trove Of Stolen Gold And Silver, Which They Buried In Hidden Caches Across The United States Treasure Hunters Have Searched For Decades, But Have Never Found Any Of The Order S Major HoardsNow, Years Later, The Knights Still Exist Two Factions Within The Order Want The Treasure One To Spend It, The Other To Preserve It Thrust Into That Civil War Is Former Justice Department Agent Cotton MaloneStarting With A Hunt For Clues Inside The Smithsonian Institution, Malone Discovers That An Ancestor Within His Own Family May Hold The Key To Everything A Confederate Spy Named Owen Cotton Payne Complicating Matters Further Are The Political Ambitions Of A Ruthless Speaker Of The House And The Widow Of A United States Senator, Who Have Plans Of Their Own Plans That Conflict In Every Way With The OrderFrom The Quiet Back Rooms Of The Smithsonian, To The Dangers Of Rural Arkansas, And Finally Into The Rugged Mountains Of Northern New Mexico, The Lost Order Is A Perilous Adventure Into Our Country S Dark Past, And A Potentially Darker Future

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  • Hardcover
  • 493 pages
  • The Lost Order
  • Steve Berry
  • English
  • 16 June 2017
  • 9781250056252

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    I practically spent my entire Sunday trying to get through Steve Berry s latest Cotton Malone historical thriller In the interest of full disclosure, I m usually Berry s biggest fan I always look forward to reading the adventures of the least retired, retired Magellan Billet recruit than the next person The Malone series is always packed full of thrills, close calls, double crosses, and pure excitement The Lost Order on the other hand, I sadly must admit, was not my favorite Berry read Where do I start Cotton Malone is roped into a mystery that dates back to the Civil War and could lead to millions in buried treasure Of course, his efforts are thwarted and he ends up coming between a secret group that s sole purpose is to protect the treasure and mercenaries who only want the gold We re introduced to all the players, good and bad, early in the The Lost Order which isn t entirely unexpected Berry s novels can get a little crowded if you re not familiar with his writing style He has multiple plots going that all seem thinly connected Where he excels is in how the individual stories come together This formula works for him I m not ragging on that.What makes this my least favorite in the Malone series is the fact that there wasn t much to the main plot to keep me invested Yes, Danny Daniels efforts to investigate his good friends death and evil widow just weren t that interesting I felt that everyone was running in circles for so long And each story was halted by some sort of inescapable moment that ended up being brief and not worth the two chapters in between that held that plot line in suspense.The problem is mostly me I expect from one of my favorite author Steve Berry Instead, I got a lackluster plot line, with even lackluster subplots as fluff I believe that fans of the Cotton Malone series will still read this one and may even enjoy it a lot than I did Cheers to those who don t want to search far and wide for a buried treasure of a better read than The Lost OrderCopy provided by St Martin s Press via Netgalley

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    Returning with another Cotton Malone thriller, Steve Berry never ceases to impress, embedding fact and fiction throughout a fast paced narrative Malone finds himself out in rural Arkansas on a mission, tracking down a small collection of gold Hired and sent by someone other than the president, Malone s still loosely working for the Magellan Billet, a covert part of the Justice Department While cracking a code engraved on one of the majestic trees, he is attacked and questioned by a gentleman who calls himself the Sentinel, part of the long thought defunct Knights of the Golden Circle Malone soon learns that the Knights trace their roots to the Confederacy and are charged with protecting small caches of gold and stones, which lead to a larger treasure, scattered across the South Back in Washington, the Billet s overseer, Stephanie Nelle, is meeting with a senior official with the Smithsonian Institution, only to be shot and left for dead There appears to be a connection to the Knights and the Smithsonian, though it is not entire clear at the time Former US President Danny Daniels is attending the funeral of a lifelong friend and senator, where he discovers that the widow and the Speaker of the House of Representatives might have been involved in some nefarious dealings, yet another branch of the Knights larger plans Daniels accepts a position that will permit him some inside information at the congressional level, though he must not tip his hand too soon While Malone seeks to better understand the workings of the Knights of the Golden Circle, he learns that a recent schism may have led to the recent attacks on Nelle and the kidnapping of Billet member and Malone s love interest Cassiopeia Vitt It would appear that someone wants the treasure to push forward a constitutional convention, one that could change the face of the United States while others within the group are fine keeping the riches hidden until the time is propitious While Cotton is seeking to quell the rogue branch of the Knights, Danny Daniels must rest the power held by the Speaker before major though entirely legal power changes to vest all formal congressional powers on the lower house, thereby nullifying the Senate s role in the legislative branch of the government A killer is loose, lives hang in the balance, and Cotton Malone may be the only person who can intercept those bent on causing chaos, all while learning that one of his ancestors may have played a central role in the Knights Berry weaves a wonderful story together and will not let up until the reader is fully engrossed Perfect for fans of the Cotton Malone series as well as those who love a good mystery seeped in historical significance.As with many Berry novels, there is nothing off limits in the narrative Shifting through time and working with little known facts, Berry creates a story that keeps the reader wondering The Magellan Billet has seen its usefulness wax and wane throughout the series, though Cotton Malone has never become tiresome Working through the Civil War era and the spy rings that accompanied it, Berry resurrects some ideas tied to the Confederate cause as well as diving headlong into a better understanding of the Smithsonian, which is a vast array of museums and facilities that seek to educate and impress Berry sifts throughout the historical record to teach the reader while proving to be adept at entertainment Longtime series readers will have grown fond of certain characters and it is noteworthy that Berry has found a way to keep them present and relevant, as well as finally revealing the long story behind Malone s nickname While there is little time to rest throughout the tale, Berry takes the time to point out facts and fallacies, especially to those readers who choose the writer s cut of the audiobook Certainly an advantage over the always anticipated Writer s Notes that Berry includes in his novels A wonderful addition that enriches little known pieces of US History and political developments that could be useful today.Kudos, Mr Berry for another wonderful book I love how you are able to mix history, politics, and thrilling chases all into one, while keeping a realistic balance I look forward to all you have in the works, as I praise your published books to all those who will listen Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at

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    I really love Cotton Malone This entry into the series was no exception Even though I predicted quite a few of the big twists and reveals, it was still a rollicking fun ride.

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    Great read by Berry I loved the history that gets added to the story line and the fast paced nature of Berry s books Can t wait to read the next Malone adventure

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    I have read a few books in this series After reading this most recent book, I realize that I really do need to go back and read all of the missing books I breezed through this book with great speed as I was very engaged with what I was reading The mystery regarding the Knights of the Golden Circle and the mystery surround billions in lost gold was intriguing This story may have been fiction but it is not that far unbelievable to imagine that this could be a story ripped right from the history books Cotton is on top of his game He stood toe to toe with everyone he met and if he did get knocked down he was not down for long There was plenty of drama and a few surprises to keep the story interesting as well as moving along at a good pace This book had the mix of the National Treasure and the Mummy movie The Lost Order is worth its currency in gold.

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    I ve read all of the Cotton Malone books and enjoyed all of themexcept this one I think the major reason I disliked it so much was all the US government talk Frankly it bored this non American It was also complex than previous novels and I just didn t want to bother to figure it all out There was also some inexplicable writinglike Cassiopeia wondering if she should marry Cotton while being shot at by a sniper Really The bottom line is this For most earlier Cotton Malone novels, I d get sad when I was nearing the end This one I couldn t wait for it to end quarter of the way through.

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    Read this review and at With a new president in office and the future of the Magellan Billet still somewhat in doubt, Cotton Malone accepts what is supposed to be an easy job from the Smithsonian that turns out to be anything but.Leaving his bookstore in Denmark, Malone, the former operator for the justice department s top secret intelligence agency, heads to Arkansas with Cassiopeia Vitt, his lover and fellow Magellan Billet agent Together they were dispatched to investigate at a location where another Smithsonian employee had been searching for treasure before being scared off by a local man named Terry Morse.On site, Cotton does, indeed, find a few gold coins before coming face to face with Morse who, along with his granddaughter, Lea, has been protecting the land and its hidden treasure for decades.Cotton learns that the treasure belonged to the Knights of the Golden Circle, a Confederate spy ring that was assembled before the Civil War And while the Knights were thought to no longer be in existence, Morse claims the Order is alive and well, though significantly smaller in numbers than in its original heyday.Morse, who only spills the secrets to stay out of jail, claims to be a sentinel charged with protecting a portion of the 100 billion in gold and silver the Knights had assembled just like his father, and his grandfather, and many others before him.Cotton knows plenty about the Knights of the Golden Circle himself, having heard stories about the Order from his father when he was a child But as he continues to learn about parties involved, he s not entirely sure who he can trust, as everyone seems to have a separate agenda and an unwillingness to tell him the truth Meanwhile, Stephanie Nelle, the Magellan Billet s acting chief, is called in to investigate after the Smithsonian is broken into It doesn t take long for her to realize that both she and Cotton are after the same people who are trying to find the Knights long lost gold by following a treasure map that s broken into five parts, some of which are hidden in plain sight.While Malone and Nelle each chase their own leads, former president Danny Daniels mourns the loss of his close friend Alex Sherwood, a sitting Tennessee senator who died under suspicious circumstances Sherwood s widow, Diane, gives Danny reason to suspect something foul is going on, prompting him to investigate on his own.Daniels ends up uncovering a huge government conspiracy one that his friend may have died to help expose that involves a plan to exploit Article I of the United States Constitution, which would give the Speaker of the House power than the president Unfortunately, aside from the notoriety that comes with being a former president, Daniels no longer has any real power to do anything about what he s learned.To get back into the game, Danny comes up with a genius way to go from ordinary citizen to someone of importance, then vows to stop Speaker Lucius Vance and Diane Sherwood from pulling off their plan.For longtime fans concerned that Daniels role will be diminished now that he s no longer the president, you don t have to worry about that While Cotton Malone remains the star of the series, Daniels has a large role in this one and he steals every scene he s in Plus, the way in which the author makes Danny relevant again is nothing short of brilliant.On top of showing readers a new side to Danny, who is reenergized by his latest political fight, Steve Berry also finally reveals the origin of Cotton s nickname, something longtime fans of his series have wondered about for years Hint it s a two part answer With multiple high tension plot threads playing out, one of which turns deeply personal for Cotton, all the characters paths eventually cross as they work together to solve century old clues in order to stop a secret shadow government and a murderous couple hellbent on finding the Knights lost treasure.Steve Berry masterfully weaves historical fiction into a present day high concept plot that moves at breakneck speeds from beginning to end While last year s The 14th Colony was good, The Lost Order, which falls somewhere between Three Days to the Condor and National Treasure, is Berry s best work yet and is sure to compete for best novel of the year.With nonstop action and a story packed full of conspiracies, assassins, power hungry politicians, murder, and lost treasure, the latest Cotton Malone thriller is impossible to put down Book DetailsAuthor Steve BerrySeries Cotton Malone 12Pages 512 Hardcover ISBN 1476799253Publisher Minotaur BooksRelease Date April 4, 2017 Order Now

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    You should know that I am a Berry fan I follow and collect Steve Berry s books so I might not be the most objective source for an evaluation of his work All of his books are high on action and adventure which is fun but that wouldn t be enough to keep me interested for very long What I love about Steve s work is that all of his adventures are premised upon some historic fact, legend, or myth that he then weaves into an action packed adventure for the reader Since there is a definite history angle to these adventures the reader is in the position of learning something as well as being entertained and this book is no exception.The adventure in Lost Order is based upon an obscure secret Southern Brotherhood started in the 1850 s Berry morphs this organization into a secret society whose purpose was to amass a great deal of wealth starting with part or all of the gold reserves of the Confederate States following the Civil War This wealth was to be hidden and protected by the Brotherhood in order to fund another rising of the South Coupled with this was an additional political plot device involving rules of procedure in the U.S House of Representatives and the process of amending the Constitution by calling a constitutional convention That might sound rather dry and dull to many but not the way Berry presents them in his adventure If you are a history buff and need a little change of reading pace but can t seem to break the history habit then Berry is an author you should try Enjoy, I did.

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    Cotton Malone is asked by the Smithonian Institution to investigate the Knights of the Golden Circle, a pre Civil War organization aimed at changing the nature of the US government They have two divergent aims change the Constitution through a constitutional convention and locate their Civil War treasure Ex president Daniel s friend, dies a mysterious death, and numerous other deaths occur.

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    this is one of the better ones in the recent series with a mixture of history and thriller as the story takes in a lost order created just before the civil war and hoarded a vast lost treasure which both sects of that modern order are searching for one to keep in hidden and the other to change the house senate congress enter cotton malone who great great grandfather is the key to the whole puzzle, fast paced and doesn t disappoint.

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